"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Best Cooking Utensils For Chefs

Christina Perez
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
• 10 min read

The same goes if you prefer baking to cooking, or make pretty much everything in a cast iron skillet. Using the wrong utensils doesn't just make your life harder, it could even ruin some of your cookware.

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So to help you out, we rounded up some of the best kitchen utensil sets you can buy online for all you're cooking and baking needs. This all-in-one cooking utensil set comes from Cuisinart, one of the most well-known and highly respected kitchen supply brands, so you can trust that the tools will be high-quality and reliable.

Everything you could possibly need for cooking while camping, hiking, or Ring comes wrapped up in this handy zipper carrying case. The set contains knives, a spatula, tongs, a serving spoon and fork, a small cutting board, scissors with a built-in bottle opener, and more, all made of durable stainless steel.

When you're out in the woods, you never want to find yourself without the tools you need, and this set will make sure you're prepared for any cooking scenario. Throw in a slim, reusable silverware set, like this budget-friendly option from Anthropologist, and you're in business.

The bright and colorful 9-piece set uses BPA-free, food-grade silicone that’s heat-resistant and includes multiple different-sized spatulas (a must for baking) along with a whisk, brush, and more. Shoppers say the silicone material is soft while still being durable, and that they don’t retain food smells.

I love that there are different lengths as well, so I can reach into the bottom of jars and bottle with ease.” Another called them “sturdy and colorful.” Available in brown, gray, and black, this non-stick nylon cooking set is designed to be sturdier than silicone but just as safe to use on non-stick pans.

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Reviewers say the pieces are made with genuine, top-quality olive wood and that the set is super functional and just plain beautiful. A number one best -seller on Amazon, this set is made from durable, rust-resistant stainless steel and contains pretty much anything a home cook could need.

Plus, they come with ergonomic handles that make the tools easy to hold for long periods of time. More than 400 shoppers left a positive review for this no-frills set, with many adding that they’re a great value for the budget-friendly price.

With three spoons (one slotted) and two spatulas, this sleek bamboo set can do a lot in the kitchen. Bamboo is gentle enough to keep from scratching your cookware but can still be used to flip hefty pancakes, stir clumpy pasta, and more.

Walking down the cooking aisle at a store, specialty tools like avocado peelers, strawberry hullers or a teensy-tiny wooden spoon always call my name. Unfortunately, because I don’t have the space or the budget to indulge in these semi-impractical kitchen tools, I have to streamline my batteries DE cuisine to just the essentials.

Whether you’re looking to minimize your kitchen clutter or start stocking your space from scratch, here are the tools every home cook needs. Carbon-plated stainless steel will stay sharp over time, but go to a specialty store to find the best match for you.

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It should feel balanced in your hand, easy to hold and control, not too heavy, but definitely not flimsy. Joshua Re snick/Shutterstock A sturdy metal (or high-quality plastic) spatula is vital for flipping, tossing, and serving all kinds of foods.

Think eggs over easy, puffy pancakes, roasted veggies, sautéed meats, baked salmon…we could go on. Shutterstock / New Kitting A silicone spatula is crucial for scraping out the food processor or the sides of the mixing bowl, swirling frosting onto a cake or folding egg whites into cake batter.

Make sure your spatula is silicone and not rubber, or else it may risk melting under high heat. If you make lots of garlicky things, you may want to have a separate spatula for sweet baking only.

Every day, you’ll reach for shears to open up packaging, snips away herb stems, or trim fat from meats. Shutterstock / Pixel-Shot For a few bucks you can buy a cheap pair of metal tongs that’ll last you a lifetime.

I’m always finding new uses for mine, from turning chicken breasts in the pan to reaching into the oven to check on my roast. Shutterstock / v74 Easy to clean, lightweight nonstick pans are ideal for scrambling eggs or wilting greens.

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Look for ceramic coating, as some nonstick pans are made with PFO As, chemicals that may be harmful to your health and the environment. Agnes Kangaroo/Shutterstock A large saucepan is essential for making pasta, boiling potatoes or corn, and simmering big batches of soups and broths.

Shutterstock / Arena P Habit Ah, the classic Dutch oven, another cast iron essential. Taste of Home Sheet pans are fab for baking cookies, but I use mine for dinner all the time.

Taste of Home Bake up a hearty casserole or sweet sheet cake with this versatile dish. This handheld tool makes it so easy to blend soups, smoothies, and pesos with the push of a button.

I find much easier to handle than a traditional blender, and it’s great because it takes up much less space, too. Shutterstock / Yale Wash fruits and drain pasta, veggies and other boiled foods.

If you’re making multiple items at once, it’s crucial to keep track individual cooking times. A wooden cutting board will help protect your knife from dulling quickly, as well as make cleanup a breeze.

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If Jamie Oliver’s mantra to ‘keep cooking and carry on’ with whatever you find in the cupboard fails to inspire you, then perhaps one of these clever kitchen gadgets just might. We’ve compiled a round up of the best kitchen gadgets to hone in your cooking and baking skills this week and reinvent dinnertime.

We’ve also included the versatile Sage smoking gun that’s great for use on cocktails and cheese nibbles and best enjoyed over a Zoom quiz with friends. Buy from Amazon now It may seem simple, but a good, sharp knife is essential for any aspiring chef.

This Hairy Bikers Double Deep Fill Pie Maker takes out all the hard prep work too. Simply cut your pastry (shop bought or homemade will do) using the template that comes included in the box, then fill it with whatever you find in the cupboard.

Cooked mince, creamy chicken and leak and potato are all great fillings that will work well, but you can get as creative as you like. The decorative crimping edge will seal the pie for an authentic finish you can pass off as your own.

Buy now from Amazon The Sage Smoking Gun is the kind of gadget that once you own it, you won’t know how you ever lived without it. Using cold smoke, it lets you infuse a range of food and drinks with a natural smoky flavor.

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As well as being able to bake bread with it, you can use it for pasta and cake dough and even make jam should you feel particularly adventurous. It comes with 37 bake and dough programs including a gluten free pasta and cake setting and an easy-to-access yeast and raisin/not dispenser.

Buy now from Amazon Want to make that treasured vintage bottle of wine last longer? There are a number of systems you can by depending on your budget, but a great all-rounder is the Caravan Model Two, which simply clamps onto the bottle and uses a special wine needle that gently pulls out the cork so you can pour your wine smoothly.

Buy now from Amazon Clever and attractive, the Kitchen Food Processor in Empire Red has got ‘both the looks’ and the books’. The latched lid and feeding tube and paddle means its easy to top up with foods during use, while two high and low speeds, plus a pulse control keeps its simple yet effective to use.

While we love this punchy Empire Red finish, you can also find it online in Matte Black, Grey and Almond Cream. Buy now from Amazon If you hark for the perfect blender for whizzing up soups and smoothies and the ideal juicer for fresh drinks, but simply don’t have much room on your kitchen worktop, the unique Sage 3X Blooper Pro is a great option.

A space-saving design, the Blooper Pro is a juicer and blender in one and comes with an ergonomic body that lets you switch between both settings. It has a wide chute for inserting ingredients and a ‘Kinetic’ bowl and blade system that will crush and chop ice, as well as fold and aerate soups and smoothies.

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Built in ‘cold spin technology’ meanwhile, will juice fresh ingredients direct into a roomy 1.5L jug. Buy from Blenheim Forge No kitchen is complete without a decent set of chef knives.

The worst kept secret of all Michelin-star chefs, sous vide works by cooking food inside a sealed pouch in a water bath at an accurately regulated temperature. Buy now from Amazon Baking is all about precision they say and once you’ve got the ideal quantities sorted, you’ll be closer to creating muffins that would give Mary Berry a run for her money.

It is one of the pricier ice cream makers on the market, at £222 but it's fun to use and much-needed on a hot, sunny day. In the end, our expert looked at a total of 50 different products and put in 50 plus hours of testing.

In our in-depth best juicer test we tried our 18 products, went through pretty much a whole orange tree and spent more than 25 hours juicing. At around £150, the blender beat all others in every category, offering a number of different blending patterns thanks to its Auto IQ technology.

The Author Classic Cook's Knife is currently top of our best kitchen knives list. We are big fans of its high carbon surgical steel blade which makes it super sharp.

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