"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Best Cooking Utensils For Health In Hindi

Ava Flores
• Saturday, 07 November, 2020
• 7 min read

While cooking is a very subjective thing, the process of choosing the right cookware is something that calls for knowledge and information about how the metals react to heat and food. While we may be buying fancy looking cookware or the convenient non-stick ones, the truth is, most modern utensils are dangerous as they emit toxic, cancer causing fumes.

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Traditionally, clay pots, iron, brass and bronze utensils were used for cooking food. The clay content allows moisture and heat to circulate through the food that further helps in retaining nutrients.

In early times, it was used by the royal families to cook and eat and it retains nearly 97 percent nutrients. With the change in time, new-age restaurants and cafés have started serving food in bronze utensils.

While buying bronze you have to ensure it does not have unhealthy amounts of nickel and tin and doing this is tricky. Considered as one of the safest cooking wares, cast iron calls for extra care, as they are prone to rust.

The thickness of iron makes it easy to retain all the nutrients; however, cooking in rusted cookware is purely dangerous for the body. The below-mentioned cookware use harmful chemicals and when heated, they get mixed with food making it partially toxic.

You will be surprised to know that they are coated with poly tetra floor ethylene or Teflon that contains elements like mercury and cadmium that are known to cause heart problems and all sorts of cancer. In case you think that granite cookware is safer than non-stick, you need to know that they are also coated with poly tetra floor ethylene and are equally bad for you.

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When I moved in to a new home along with my husband, I bought all non-stick utensils without being aware that it could be detrimental to our health. Good sense prevailed a few years later and I changed all my pots and pans to healthier alternatives.

Most non-stick utensils are made of a carcinogenic chemical called Pas(perfluorooctanoic acid) which emits harmful fumes. Overheating these pans and scratches make it even more prone to leaching Pass.

Below, we explain the benefits of each type of cookware, tips to maintain them and some of the best picks you could choose from. On the flip side, it requires a little more maintenance than mere washing with soap.

It is heavier compared to the regular utensils you use in a kitchen and as it retains a lot of heat, if careless, you could burn yourself with it or worse break your leg if you drop it. If you are a first-time user, then it is better to buy pre-season cast iron cookware as seasoning might not be easy for novices.

The main thing you have to take care of while using cast iron cookware is never leaved it wet as it may rust. If you find food starting to get stuck on to it while preparation, then apply a thin layer of oil and heat it on a low flame for about 10-15 minutes to enhance seasoning.

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It is decades old and honestly, I don’t apply oil or give any extra care than a regular utensil because after years of usage, it has been so well seasoned and become practically maintenance free. My mother always says that fish and meat prepared in clay cookware (hand) are more nutritious and tastes a lot better.

Due to slow heating property of clay pot, minimal nutrients are lost during cooking too. On the flip side, you will have to be extra careful while using clay pots as they are quite prone to breakage.

While buying clay pot ensure they are unglazed as the coating in the glazed ones are found to contain harmful elements like lead, mercury etc. Even if you buy unglazed clay pots, soak it in water for 2-3 hours so that impurities, if any, gets washed away.

No matter what kind of stainless steel cookware you buy, it is not completely pure. Stainless steel cookware with copper core is considered superior as they conduct heat far more evenly.

Most of the brands in India sell stainless steel cookware with aluminum core. Before first use, fill the stainless-steel utensil with water and keep it overnight so that any excess metal on the surface gets washed away.

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So, you can even cook acidic food with tomato and tamarind without worry of damaging the utensil or ruining the dish. Hence, it is important to buy 304 grade stainless steel from reputed manufacturers who have a long-standing.

Stahl, VINOD Stainless Steel, Bergner, Meyer and Alma are some reputed brands available online in India. If you haven’t bought any kitchen tools for a while, that drawer may be filled with toxic plastic items that need to be replaced.

The FDA doesn’t regulate many of the ingredients used in common kitchen tools, so it’s time for you to do your own investigation. Aluminum foil, which is classified as a heavy metal in the cooking sphere, is a common cookware material in most kitchens.

What this means is that they are designed with a layer of a seal to prevent aluminum from leaching into foods. However, exposing aluminum foil to high temps can increase its risk of leaching into foods.

The risk is even higher when it comes to cooking acidic foods, such as tomatoes because they accelerate the leaching process. According to a recent research finding, consuming aluminum can lead to Alzheimer’s disease among many other side effects.

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The chemical has been shown to cause several negative effects, including infertility, impaired learning, and weight gain. Instead of using nonstick spoons, spatulas, and ladles, stick to more natural materials, which we’ll discuss in a bit.

You are about to kick plastics out of the kitchen because they can cause cancer, affect brain health, lead to infertility, and damage your heart. Nonetheless, BPA isn’t just found in water bottles but in lots of cookwares as well.

From steel to bamboo, the following materials have been proven and certified safe for kitchenware, helping you cook up a wholesome meal that’s free from chemicals and toxins. Most stainless steel products consist of recycled material, which makes them a great choice for your kitchen and the environment.

If you’ve shopped for stainless steel cooking gadgets before, you probably saw lots of numbers that were confusing. Chromium helps bind oxygen to the surface, hence protecting the iron found in stainless steel against rust, while nickel boosts corrosion resistance.

Because it’s a non-reactive metal, stainless steel won’t rust or get pitted even after long contact with acidic foods such as tomato sauce and orange juice. Besides that, they come in elegant designs, feature easy to grip handles, and don’t conduct heat.

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In fact, it has been proven that germs & bacteria grow much quicker on plastic and metal than on wooden cookware surfaces. Being an organic material, it is naturally free from the chemicals, toxins, and byproducts found in conventional cookware.

The product is designed meticulously to adhere to the industry’s high standards and eco-friendly principles. Pros Ergonomic and Durable 100% organic bamboo Elegant design No stains or pesticides Ideal for occasions that require class such as Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.

Écorché 4-Piece Eco-friendly Utensil Set is an authentic bamboo kitchen tool set that’s stylish, eco-friendly, and durable. With a lifetime guarantee, you have a kitchen utensil that you can use to scoop that favorite casserole of yours and flip your eggs knowing that you are free from toxins.

That is one of their downsides for sure, but the few minutes it takes to hand wash is well worth the protection against toxins found in other dishwasher safe utensils. Also, keep in mind that many wooden and bamboo utensils are naturally antimicrobial, which means they resist bacteria without the need for sealants or toxic additives.

You’ll be cooking with your new kitchen utensils for years to come, so look for convenient, ergonomic grips that feel good in the hand. Plus, multiple parts equals more opportunities for food to get trapped and bacteria to grow.

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