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Best Cooking Utensils To Use With Cast Iron

Ava Flores
• Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
• 7 min read

If you don’t own a cast iron pan, I can confidently say that you’re missing a lot! It’s a very practical non-slip pan to cook steak, fish, veggies, eggs, you name it.

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Di Or Chef Series Standard Flexible Silicone Turner Spatula The shaft is angled, making it easier to rest the spatula inside the cast iron skillet without slippage.

The beveled edges on the blade are more pronounced than Ox’s Good Grips. That’s why it doesn’t melt or even indent if it touches the cast iron skillet.

Angled shaft Hardened stainless steel construction Well-pronounced bevel Hardwood handle Ox claims that it’s sturdy enough to handle heavy food, but I advise against that.

Wooden spatulas can break easily at the shaft, which is their thinnest part. Due to its wooden nature, it doesn’t feature a beveled margin.

If you want to make a perfect omelet, then a flexible silicone spatula is definitely your best bet. This spatula from Di Or is constructed with flexible stainless steel.

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Before buying a spatula, there are 3 factors that you have to bear in mind: Material, shape, and flexibility. Some people think that wood and silicon are better than metal to protect the cast iron seasoning.

When you season it, the hardened oil will fill these pores and build an additional layer. Using a metal spatula will carve from this extra layer until the surface of the pan becomes level.

Therefore, you’ll have a uniform cooking surface that equally distributes the heat. Moreover, some silicons may melt inside the pan unless they have high heat resistance.

To correctly level the seasoning on a cast iron pan, use a square spatula with edged surfaces. Using a round spatula won’t scrape the seasoning uniformly, which will worsen the cooking surface.

For everyday use, the spatula should be made from hardened inflexible stainless steel. However, for delicate dishes, like an omelet, it’s better to use flexible spatulas to avoid the possible tear.

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Last update on 2021-01-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API But once you start using different spatulas to cook on it, you come across multiple problems, from melting to not being sturdy enough to make a smashed burger.

We have collected 5 of the top utensils that meet the standards: Mann kitchen, Marko, HIC Harold Import Co., Saboteur, and Early wood. Whether you want a metal spatula set or a wooden utensil to work for your cast iron, there is an option for you.

Unhardened steel is softer than cast iron, which means that the surface of your pan will not benefit from it. When you are cooking with a spatula that has a rounded edge, the touching point of the utensil and pan is minimal.

If you are not concerned about doing a very precise job with scraping and flipping, you can opt for spatulas with non-beveled edges. Some people think that using metal utensils on cast iron cookware may damage the seasoned surface of the pan.

They believe that the seasoning is too delicate and can be easily removed and ‘flake off’ if pressure is put on the surface of the pan using a metal utensil. The truth is that the seasoning of the pan is not just a layer of hardened oil sitting on top of the cast iron material.

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One of the best things about this spatula is that it is made of hardened stainless steel, which makes it perfect for scraping. The sharp non-flexible edge of the Mann kitchen spatula ensures the evenly distributed force which makes it easy to flip food, especially such heavy ones as big pieces of meat.

The griddle turner has beveled edges, which helps not only to easily flip but also quickly cut food while you are cooking. The larger pancake flipper, on the other hand, has rounded edges to make it easy to flip delicate food like eggs.

One major advantage of the Marko kit is that this spatula set is safe to be put in the dishwasher. The Dexter-Russel pancake turner by HIC Harold Import Co. will pair well with your cast iron skillets.

Made of stainless steel this spatula is sturdy enough to be used for much heavier tasks than flipping pancakes. The square shape of the spatula allows you to level your cast iron pan over time.

Perhaps the only downside of this spatula is that the edge is not beveled which would have made the turning process more precise. The rounded angles will prevent you from making any scratches in your pans when flipping pancakes.

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The edges are rounded and slightly beveled, which allows you to slide the spatula under the food you are cooking. With slightly sharpened edges, you can easily scrape off all the good parts left from cooking meat or vegetables in your cast iron skillet.

The handle is made of durable plastic, attached to the head with three stainless steel rivets. Your plastic-handled spatula may not suffer greatly but it may get distorted once it is left on the heated side of the pan.

Perhaps the best part about the Saboteur spatulas is that they come with a lifetime warranty, which tells a lot about the quality of the item. As the name implies, the Early wood cooking utensil is a wooden spatula suitable for cast iron pans.

It is 0.5 inches thick and has a rounded tale to ensure you have a nice grip on it when cooking. However, this is compensated by the fact that you can slide half of this wooden utensil under your pancake or omelet and flip it much easier.

It is simple yet unique and suitable for both left and right-handed people due to the symmetric design. Early wood is also a sustainable brand and offers a lifetime warranty which can be a major point for many amateur and professional cooks.

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The 3 Best Spatulas For Cast Iron While investing in cast iron cookware is a great move for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Most insist that the best spatulas have at least one flat edge to scrape up food and seasoning easily without damaging your cookware.

Another must-have is a strong, yet semi-flexible handle that won't snap as you flip and fry, particularly if you go with a wooden option. It also features three straight edges and no sharp points so you can easily scrape up all the good bits at the bottom of the pan without worrying about scratching up your cookware.

If you prefer to cook with a gentler material, this natural bamboo spatula is the perfect addition to your utensils. This bamboo spatula offers both strength and flexibility without any sharp edges that could scratch your cast iron.

It also features a slightly concave working end to help corral ingredients, and the soft point allows you to easily gather food and seasoning around the edges of the skillet without scratching the surface. Not only is this silicone spatula extremely gentle on cast iron, but you can also use it with just about any cookware without worrying about scratches.

The flexible corners easily slip around the edges of the skillet, and it can take on high heat without any wear or tear. Plus, the sturdy silicone and stainless steel handle ensures you can flip and fry without ever losing your grip.

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