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Best Cookware For Camping

Ava Flores
• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
• 64 min read

Heading to the backcountry for an overnight or extended camping trip usually means foregoing most of the creature comforts we enjoy at home. To help you get your hands on just that kind of cookware, in this article we’ll introduce you to our selection of the top five camping cookware sets out there in 2020.

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We examined a range of factors, including type, capacity, number of components, materials, weight, cooking performance, cost, and average customer reviews. Each cooking component is made with highly durable, hard-anodized aluminum with non-stick coatings and can be shifted to and from your stove with a detachable handle that can be used with each pot and pan individually.

While it would have been nice if GSI had thrown in some utensils and a spork or two, it’s hard to begrudge them this minor oversight given the overall quality, performance, and value for money this set provides otherwise. While a little too heavy for backcountry camping and a touch on the pricey side, for foodies who like to do their cooking with only the best equipment available and plan on establishing their campsite kitchen within the vicinity of their vehicle, the Outdoor Gourmet Cast Iron Cookware Set is a great choice.

The kit comprises a total of ten pieces that include a 2-quart pot and lid, a 1-quart frying pan, a 1-quart tea kettle, a serving ladle, 2 bowls, a serving spoon-cum-spatula, a cleaning sponge, a plate-cum-cutting board, and a handy carry bag, all of which makes it an ideal starter kit and suitable for cooking for groups of up to six people. All the components in this set are made of lightweight aluminum oxide and have a non-stick Teflon coating that makes the cooking surfaces non-stick and post-dinner cleanups a cinch.

This all-inclusive set boasts a total of 19 pieces, including a 3.7-quart pot, a large, three-layer frying pan, four plates, four sporks, a serving spoon, and a spatula, four place mats, and even an after-wash drying rack. This cookware set’s strengths are, without question, its peerless durability, ruggedness, and the convenience that derives from it including everything you could possibly need (except ingredients, that is) for a group of four campers.

19 pieces 3.7-quart pot, frying pan, four plates, four sporks, a serving spoon and spatula, four place mats, drying rack Weighs 4.8 lbs. Gold Armour CampingCookware Mess Kit This 17-piece set is made with tough, anti-stick anodized aluminum, weighs just 14 ounces, and offers simply outstanding value for money.

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If practicality, convenience, and great value for money are high on your list of priorities, there are few more suitable options out there than the Gold Armour CampingCookware Mess Kit. It’s made with hard-wearing, scratch-resistant anodized aluminum materials that are non-stick, easy to clean, and robust enough to deal with the odd bump or bang inside your pack or around the campsite.

In addition to a 5.70 × 3.14-inch pot and a 6-inch-diameter frying pan, this set also includes a folding stainless steel spork, a spoon, fork, and knife, a pan cover, 2 BPA-free bowls, a BPA-free soup spoon, a rice ladle, a loofah sponge, a carabiner, a fire starter, and a nylon carry bag. And, as if that wasn’t enough, makers Gold Armour throw in a bonus mini-stove with Piero ignition, saving you not only the hassle of hunting down a stove for yourself but also a healthy handful of $.

If you’re headed into the backcountry or even to an established campsite with facilities, bringing along a camping cookware set is likely to be the only way of avoiding a dinner of sandwiches, jerky, trail mix, or any other uncooked eats you may be able to squeeze into Tupperware boxes for the trip. At the end of a long day on the trail, cold foodstuffs such as those mentioned above are unlikely to “fill a hole” in a way that’s anything even approaching satisfying and, most likely, will only leave you cursing your decision not to invest in the cookware that would have allowed you to enjoy a hearty, cooked meal to reward your day’s efforts.

Additionally, a cooking kit will allow you to eat freshly prepared food even several days into longer-duration trips and help cut down on pack weight by allowing you to pack dried foods like pasta, soups, or freeze-dried meals that can be transformed into just-like-home eats by simply adding water sourced from a stream or creek and then boiled on your stove. While highly portable, convenient, and ideal for solo-campers or couples, however, most models have a lower cooking capacity and aren’t the best bet for larger groups.

The materials most commonly used in the construction of camping cookware are aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. On the downside, it’s not the most durable material out there and is unlikely to get through too many backcountry outings without accumulating multiple dings, dents, and scratches unless you take extra care when handling and packing your kits.

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In order to enjoy those benefits, you’ll have to fork out significantly more than you would for a comparably sized steel or aluminum set. Teflon or ceramic coatings are used in many cookware kits to provide a nonstick cooking surface and are highly recommended if you’re averse to lengthy post-cook cleanups.

As with most camping gear, getting the best option for your needs often comes down to finding a balance between a lightweight design and a number of other features. The drawbacks to both of these options, however, might make you willing to opt for a more robust and cheaper stainless steel alternative, even if it means carrying an extra few ounces: while incredibly light and durable, titanium kits typically cost a small fortune; aluminum kits, on the other hand, are usually light and very affordable, but are far less durable are very easily dented and scratched.

Whether your car camping or loading up a backpack with everything you’ll need for an overnight or multi-day trip in the backcountry, the amount of space your cookware takes up is a critical consideration. Generally speaking, the best cookware sets in terms of space-saving capacity are those that use a Russian-doll-style design in which all components fit inside one another and leave adequate space in the center of the last item to squeeze in your fuel canister.

Will largely determine what size of cookware set you’ll need for your backcountry cooking sessions. Though mess kits can vary widely in format, they are, generally speaking, self-contained units that include a skillet, a kettle or pot, a plate, a cup, and a spork or standard cutlery.

Even though they didn’t make our 5 bestcampingcookware sets list, they’re the best of the rest and each is still a great option for your camping adventures. This 15-piece, lightweight, anodized aluminum set contains a 1.15-liter pot, a small kettle, a 7-inch frying pan, 3 bowls, as well as all the cutlery and utensils needed for up to three people.

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This 12-piece set would be well worth the money for its practical design, lightweight and small dimensions alone but, to make it even more of a bargain, makers Bis gear throw in a bonus mini stove with Piero ignition to seal the deal. Made with tough, non-stick, anodized aluminum, weighing just 1.1 pounds, and costing less than 2 dollars per piece, this highly practical little cookware set for one or two campers takes value for money to a whole new level.

This wonderfully practical, lightweight, and packable little 10-piece mess kit is made with tough anodized aluminum, weighs just 1.2 pounds, and is absolutely ideal for solo campers or couples. 10-piece set 1-liter pot, frying pan, two bowls, ladle, spatula, and carry bag included Weighs 1.2 lbs.

This simple, three-piece set includes an anodized aluminum pot and frying pan and a mini stove with Piero ignition. It weighs in at less than a pound and has a tiny pack size but boasts a large enough capacity to make a meal for two campers in a single cook.

As with all things old-school, it’s a fraction on the heavy side and a little bulky, but makes up for these shortcomings with outstanding durability, a practical design, and is also one of the most reasonably priced stainless steel kits out there. This very elegant and remarkably well-made set of pots and pans might be a touch on the heavy and pricey side but offers a huge upgrade in terms of quality and durability compared to the vast majority of aluminum competitors.

4-piece set Tote transportation bag Compact (pots stack vertically inside one another) Weighs 7 lbs. This superbly sleek, well-designed pot is made with durable stainless steel, boasts a hinged, easy-lift handle that flips over the fitted lid to lock it in place, and leaves plenty of storage space inside for fuel canisters or mini stoves.

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This 8-piece cookware set includes 2 pots, 1 frying pan, 2 plates, 2 lids, 2 mugs, and a carry bag. It also weighs in at a reasonably lightweight 1.8 lbs, making it one of the most portable stainless steel sets out there and a great choice for solo campers or couples.

This four-person cookware set includes two high-capacity cooking pots, a frying pan, and an assortment of plates, mugs, and bowls. This 6-piece set is made with superbly robust 18/8 stainless steel with rolled rims and is the ideal choice for backpackers or car campers who place ruggedness and durability higher on their list of priorities than weight savings.

This lightweight, all-in-one 17-piece set is made with rugged, durable anodized aluminum and weighs in at a very portable 3.3 pounds, making it ideal for backpacking or overnight trips in the backcountry. Lightweight, highly packable, and big enough to cook up a feast for 2 or 3 campers, this 15-piece, all-in-one mess kit is one of the most convenient and functional options out there for backcountry adventurers.

This incredibly compact, lightweight little kit combines gourmet-like performance with impressive ruggedness to provide the ideal solution for gram-counting backcountry minimalists. Weighing in at just 0.57 pounds and containing everything a solo camper could need to cook up basic backcountry meals, this highly functional, compact little kit is ideal for those who like to keep pack weight and bulk to a minimum.

As with all things GSI, this 10-piece kit is outstandingly well-made and is designed with the backcountry minimalist in mind, using ultralight materials, packing down to a tiny bundle, and providing storage space inside the pot to “nest” a 230g fuel canister for further space savings in your pack. Coated with conduction-enhancing, scratch- and abrasion-resistant, non-stick Teflon Radiance Technology for fast, even cooking and easy cleaning Includes 1.8-liter pot, strainer lid, 2 × 20 fl.

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Whether you’re looking for an ultra lightweight cook set for solo backcountry missions, or something that will allow you to cook for your whole family on your next camping vacation, there’s something for every type of camper here. Disclaimer: We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

Weighing in at 3.63lbs (1.65 kg), this 3-piece Prius Campfire Cook set is the second heaviest option on our list behind the Stanley Adventure Base Camp Cook Set. Though it doesn’t offer a full cook set with plates and cutlery etc, its campfire compatibility adds a whole new element to your camp cooking experience.

Made with durable stainless steel with reinforced bases, the heavy-duty pots and frying pan are ideal for cooking up your favorite camping meals over the fire. The set features folding metal handles on the small pot and frying pan, and a bail handle on the large pot for suspending your bubbling stew from a tripod.

New in 2019, the GSI Glacier Base Camper Cook set is a superb choice for car camping with families, van life or even multi-day canoeing trips. Made from tough stainless steel the 5-piece set will last a lifetime of culinary creativity at camp, and is a no-brainer for those that love to cook over coals or a campfire.

For trips when weight isn’t a problem, such as car or RV camping, the Alpine 4 cook set is hard to beat for versatility and price. If storage capability is a top priority, the Bugaboo Base Camper from GSI Outdoors is a great choice.

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Requires special brushes and utensils Cutting board is very small An all-inclusive cook set like the Base Camp Cook Set from Stanley Adventure includes service for four and an extra large pot and frying pan.

Too large for one or two campers Accessories take up more space than a simpler set This is a similar set to the MSR Quick 2 System, but at 765g (1.7lbs) it is a fraction lighter and also a little cheaper.

The whole set it ideal for two people on backpacking trips who want to eat more than boil-in-the-nag meals. When saving time and space are your top priority, consider the Optimum Terra HE Cook Set, which contains fewer pieces than most but makes up for it in size and quality.

When cookware that can multitask as more than one thing is a top priority, Snow Peak’s Multi Compact Cook Set offers pot lids that double as plates. Each piece is made of pure titanium with no coating you need to worry about scratching.

Collapses down for storage Silicone handles stay cool when the cookware is hot The pans can also double as pot lids if you are making anything that must be covered during cooking such as rice or rehydrated meals.

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This 11 piece cook set has everything a solo backpacker needs for cooking up great meals in the backcountry. The non-stick pot, frying pan and kettle are accompanied by a bowl, spoon, label and sponge, and the lot packs neatly together inside a carry bag.

The Internal Camping Cook set pots also have fold away handles and the aluminum is both hard wearing and lightweight. Volume marks inside the pots make measuring a simple process without any extra gear.

Before you delve into the details of what to look for when choosing the bestcampingcookware, it might help if you answer the following questions: The more people you are cooking for, the larger your pots will need to be to accommodate a greater volume of food.

Multi-burner gas stoves can accommodate cooking pots and pans made from a variety of materials, including cast iron. If you want to have a versatile set that can be used on both, then consider stainless steel or cast iron.

Opt for pots and pans made from hard-anodized aluminum that distribute heat evenly and often have non-stick coating. Good handles and extra features like strainer holes, will also make your cooking experience easier and more enjoyable.

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If you’ll mostly be cooking over fire then it’s worth looking a cast iron cook sets. If you’re starting out, and don’t want to invest in camping specific stuff, just take your pots and pans from home.

A basic cook set includes one or two pots, both with lids, and a frying pan of some kind. Some campers compile individual items of camping cookware over the years.

To me, a mess kit contains everything you need to cook and eat a meal when camping : pots, pans, plates, bowls, mugs, cutlery and utensils. Many car campers prefer to cook over fire instead of a gas stove.

Whilst some regular cooking pots and pans will deal with this well, cast iron cookware excels at being used over a campfire. It’s heavy and needs treating, and you’ll need to learn a new set of culinary skills.

But it’s a very satisfying way to create great tasting camping food. Their closed design means that water boils more quickly in them than in a pot and heat is retained for longer.

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Cups that nest inside cooking pots are another appealing option in terms of pack ability. Look for plastic cups with insulating sleeves, or opt for a separate camping mug.

Finally, consider opting for handles with a heatproof coating to protect your hands when picking up a hot pan. Look for lids that have a lifter on top (preferable heatproof), and strainer holes or vents.

Some lids also have silicone thumb pads to aid with straining and lifting. This means that all the components of one set store inside the largest pan.

Ideally, there should also be space inside the smallest pan for storing some other camp cooking items such as dishcloth, portable stove, firelighter, salt and pepper etc. A good storage bag should also help to prevent the set from rattling around.

The result is faster cooking times and great fuel efficiency. It is not a good option for lightweight campers and it doesn’t distribute heat as well as aluminum.

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Aluminum is lightweight, relatively inexpensive and conducts heat well making it a good option for creative camp cooks. Regular aluminum is hardened by an electrochemical process to create a material that doesn’t react to food, lightweight and is excellent to cook on.

It tends to be more pricey than stainless steel and regular aluminum and it still needs to be looked after. Cast iron is only suited to car camping due to the weight, and can be used for cooking over fire, charcoal or gas.

Conversely, the best cookware for backpacking should be as lightweight as possible, especially on long distance missions. When looking at the different cook sets and cookware available, you will need to choose pots and pans that are an appropriate size for the number of people you are cooking for.

Here’s a quick guide to which size pot is suitable for the number of people you are cooking for: The entire kit nests together, offering enough volume to easily cook and serve four people while only taking up as much space as a bicycle helmet.

Each of the pots and pan is coated with Teflon's top of the line non-stick material, and this choice shows in cooking performance. If you plan on a solo outing, you can pick and choose the components to bring along, making it exceptionally versatile for any small group.

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If you seek a camp cookware set with a 2L pot and many other accessories, this is our top recommendation. It features a clever lid to optimize efficiency while the heat exchanger at the base makes boiling time seem like a flash.

Prius augments the bottom with fins that increase surface area for more heat exchange capacity. It also features a non-stick coating that easily releases food and offers a quick and easy clean-up on the trail.

Plus, the interior volume is large enough to fit the tools of your entire backcountry kitchen with a small gas canister. While you get unparalleled efficiency and performance from the main pot, you will still have to complement it with your own choice of frying pan, cups, and bowls (if you feel you need them).

If you prefer to pick and choose your own components, or don't need all the bells and whistles, this fuel saver that boils water quickly is awesome. The GSI Glacier 1-Person is a simple cook set that's best for the solo backpacker looking for simplicity and reliability at a low cost.

Far from a full kitchen, it features one pot (one liter capacity), pan, bowl, and cup. This is the set to buy if you're about to embark on a long mission and require confidence on your trek.

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Weight : 4.8 lbs | Material : Stainless Stellar pot with rigid handles and great lid This frees the Stanley set to optimize cooking performance further while maintaining pack ability.

It easily services four people and nests together perfectly for easy packing in the corner of your car trunk or canoe Duffel. The price is hard to beat, and its durability, stainless steel construction adds to its value.

This Stanley set is wonderful for budget-conscious folks who are traveling by boat, plane, or car and want a functional kitchen in one nested package that's great for larger groups. The MSR Trail Mini is one of the lightest cook sets we've tested, and it makes for a great solo backpacking partner.

The Trail Mini Duo, at its simplest, is just one small pot, cup, and lid. The whole package fits into the light mesh stuff sack that MSR includes with the set.

For any sort of “proper” cooking (basically, anything that isn't freeze-dried or pasta), the MSR Trail Mini Duo will struggle. The anodized coating works okay as a non-stick treatment, but it isn't perfect; this is a specialized piece of kit for limited applications.

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This is the set we always reach for when heading out on a solo mission for its ease of cleaning, pack ability, and cooking performance. Also, available separately is an MSR frying pan with the same coating, that is non-stick in nature and easy to clean.

To fully assemble a camp kitchen at this level of performance and health consideration is an expensive proposition that requires quite a bit of attention. Boil water, make rice or a sumptuous soup; or, put it right into the fire.

Second, it also gets very hot, which forces the user to wait for coffee or tea to cool and to use a cloth on the handle. However, as a low weight, high functioning cookware option, this one is hard to beat.

Weight : 1.9 lbs | Material : Aluminum & Silicon SidewallsHandles are flimsy and hard to use This set uses silicon collapsible sidings to squish down into a super slim package for carry.

Most camp sets are bulkier, take up space in a pack, and lack a slim profile. Our lead camping cookware testers, Jedi ah Porter and Amber King are backcountry enthusiasts, cooking up meals in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Jedi ah Porter is an internationally certified American Mountain Guide, and avid outdoor adventurer. Amber King is a fast packer that embarks on ultralight missions in remote places like the Fare Islands, with simple cookware set in tow.

She's a climber, runner, and outdoor adventurer that base camps out of her truck every weekend and spends the summer running and hiking long trails. These cookware sets have been all over the world, from the beaches of Hawaii to the high tundra of Iceland.

We made backcountry “Michelin Star” meals, simple veggie plops, and so much more. We measure boiling speed, testing all the components, and even add them to a fire to see how they fare.

Subjecting each to the same tests in a controlled (and field) environment, we can compare each objectively and without bias, ensuring excellent recommendations for your purchase. We eat some delicious breakfast on a remote beach in Hawaii while testing out the Sea to Summit cookware set.

While there are several types of camping cookware out there, there are some inherent patterns that we noted, which will help you find a well-priced set for your needs. One of the lowest priced contenders, the GSI Glacier 1-person, is another that stands out for its simplistic design and stainless steel construction, which is once again durable and high value.

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We want a set that doesn't burn food, boils water efficiently, and minimizes heat loss so precious drops of fuel are not lost. Second, we test to see which will make the best scrambled eggs without producing a sticky or burnt mess.

Whether you're making hot drinks on your bumper in the morning or trying to force down another freeze-dried meal in the backcountry, you'll be boiling water frequently and consistently. To test this, we timed how long it took to bring two cups of water to a boil with the main pot from each set.

Our results varied considerably, as several factors can drastically affect boiling time. The “control” pot from our home kitchen is cast from hard-anodized aluminum, which is the same metal used for the MSR Quick 2 System and the Optimum Terra HE Cook set with a non-stick Teflon coating (similar to the three GSI Outdoors models).

The type of metal the pot is cast from is an essential factor, as well as the diameter, depth, and thickness. Those that use thicker materials with better conductivity distribute heat more efficiently, thus leading to better cooking performance.

Even more than these variables, we found that the presence or absence of heat exchanging rings on the bottom of the pot informs the efficiency in our boil test. For the pots with heat exchange rings, such as the Prius Prime Tech 2.3, the average boil time is faster.

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This difference is significant, especially if you find yourself boiling snow on Denali for both gas conservation and logistics. We are surprised by the Sea to Summit X Set 32, as the main pot had a boiling time of a mere two minutes and 15 seconds.

The kettle in this set boiled water is a little more time, taking about two minutes and 45 seconds. The unique kettle included with the Internal 11 Piece CampingCookware Set is another “flat-bottomed” pot with a quick boiling time.

We attribute the fast boil time of the Internal kettle to its shape, proportions, and tight-sealing lid over a small opening. Pictured here is a collapsible kettle that boils water quite quickly, even in cold, wet conditions.

The MSR Ceramic set is a tiny bit faster, as a result of material that offers better conductivity and a tight-fitting pot lid. The heat exchanger on the Prius Perimeter boils water faster than pots with a similar capacity and size.

For example, the Snow peak Personal Cooker is tiny, and will boil one liter of water in three minutes and five seconds. Both have a thinner stainless steel construction, with an aluminum core that conducts heat quite quickly.

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Our best performer is the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper model, which has a Teflon non-stick coating on a thick-bottomed, dedicated frying pan. Although prepared in a pot, the MSR Quick 2 System is also an excellent performer during this test and had a natural clean up afterward.

The results of conducting our scrambled egg test in the larger pot of the Sea to Summit Alpha 2.2 set. If a pot set does these two things well, our anecdotal evidence suggests that pretty much all other cooking performance attributes will fall in line.

Nonstick aluminum nor even cast-iron exceeds the performance of laminated stainless for browning meat. We want a set with nestled construction that will allow you to fit a fuel canister and won't jostle around while hiking or driving your van.

Keep in mind that you can also buy a set with more features and parse out individual components to make it more packable. You can also parse out the set and take fewer items to optimize for space and weight on ultralight missions.

These backpacking-specific designs scored high marks for being the smallest and most compact sets tested. The MSR Trail Mini Duo is shaped such that the user can fit a fuel can and stove inside.

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We choose the Snow Peak Trek 700 as best amongst these simply because it has the smallest dimensions and takes up the least amount of room in a backpack. The large volume of the Prius set offers lots of room for storage.

The Stanley Adventure Series closes with an elastic strap that holds the lid on the main pot, containing all its parts. The casings for each of the GSI Outdoors sets all double as washbasins or water storage.

The carry bag of the Prius Perimeter is also insulated, which we like for colder hiking adventures. When purchasing a backpacking specific set, consider looking for a unit that can fit your stove and gas canister inside it.

Ideally, we'd like for our pots and pans to last a lifetime; however, it's easy to be hard on our camping sets, even if it's unintentional. Titanium is similarly inert and therefore loses little to no cooking performance with wear and age.

The stainless steel construction of the GSI Glacier Base Camper, GSI Glacier 1 person, Snow peak Personal Cooker 3, MSR Alpine, and Stanley Adventure Series Cook set will last virtually forever. We had no issues with the plastic parts of the Stanley set and found that the chosen polymer strikes the right balance of flexibility and strength.

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The Alpine set is also constructed of durable components, unlike the GSI Glacier, that has flimsy lid holders, but well-crafted pots and pan. Specifically, the Snow Peak Trek 700 Titanium cup didn't scratch or dent when cleaned with steel wool or banged (hard) against rocks.

While we didn't see any real durability issues in our testing, we did notice that the Teflon coating in the skillet of the GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper scratched when cleaning it among other contenders. The anodized aluminum construction prefers plastic utensils as the metal can scratch easily.

If you are worried about scratching, look for stainless steel construction at is quite a bit more durable. The MSR Ceramic 2 Pot Set brings an interesting alternative to the market.

The ceramic cookware scratches and degrades just as quickly, but the health effects are minimal or nonexistent. Weight is a key consideration if you plan to carry your cookware for any length of time on your back.

If you plan on solely car camping, you can largely disregard this category, but people who enjoy car camping and backpacking (and only want to purchase one set of cookware), will want to consider the weight of the model they purchase carefully. Deluxe backcountry base camps, like those supplied by canoe, airplane, or even short backpack missions, deserve comfy cookware, and weight is less of an issue.

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Even among backpackers there are different degrees of weight concern and gourmet cooking. The second-largest and second heaviest set we tested is the GSI Pinnacle Camper Cook set, which weighs in at 3.7 pounds.

The amenities are great if you're looking to set up your car camping kitchen entirely, but this also adds a considerable amount of weight overall. Even when we weighed just one pot, lid, and handle and normalized for volume, it is slightly heavier than average.

The GSI Bugaboo Camper comes fully loaded with some great amenities, but also makes it the largest, and heaviest cookware we tested. While the pots might be heavier than the most ultralight options out there, they can cook more food at once, decreasing the amount of fuel required on the trip.

Those that will choose this set will be looking not for minimum weight but cooking performance in a clever packing combination. On the other end of the spectrum are the lightest sets, intended for backpacking, fast packing, and those that appreciate minimalism at its best.

The Trek 700 is just a simple and durable cup while the Trail Mini Duo comes with a pot, eating bowl, and has better cooking performance overall. The GSI Glacier 1 person is stainless steel and a touch bit heavier.

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As opposed to the Trail Mini Duo, it also comes with a frying pan, pot, bowl, and cup. We used this super collapsible and lightweight component while fast packing in Iceland and camping on a beach in Hawaii.

The MSR Ceramic 2-Pot is another super lightweight option, only weighing 1lb, with amazing cooking performance. It's larger than the Glacier 1 person but has a much higher capacity, suited for two to three people, as opposed to just one.

Somewhere in the middle of those two extremes is where we found the sweet spot for the weight that didn't sacrifice too many amenities or cooking performance. Also in this middleweight range (1.2 – 1.8 pounds), the sets were great for car camping, or when scaled down a bit, even for backpacking.

Another tremendous mid-weight solution, with a few extra amenities included, is the MSR Quick 2 System. The Sea to Summit kettle offers a packable way to make coffee on this remote beach in Hawaii.

We went alpine climbing in the Tetons, picnicking in New York's Catskills, and even took some on an expedition to Chile. We even boiled water for ten days straight while fast packing in the high latitudes of the world, exploring Iceland and areas beyond.

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We looked at the different features, the handles, and simply how easy it is to use while cooking and serving food. Often, we find a skillet unnecessary for overnight backpacking trips, and due to how well the Quick 2 System scrambled an egg without one, we felt like anyone could do without a pan on short car camping excursions.

We like the insulated cover of the Prius set as well as the universal, locking pot gripper. The Internal CampingCookware and Pot Set receives a high score for its versatility.

You can easily shed some pounds from this set by leaving several pieces behind and slip this model into your backpack. It has a dedicated frying pan, but the thin, anodized aluminum construction doesn't lend itself very well to egg cooking.

Here, Ryan prepares a Mac and Cheese meal while Great Dane, Page, supervises on the Avalanche Lake trail in Western Colorado near Carbondale. The lowest competitors in this category are the MSR Alpine 2 Pot Set and the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Backpacker Cook set.

The GSI Outdoors Bugaboo camper set scores a little higher than the Pinnacle in this category for being easy to use while car camping. It comes with the most pieces of all the cookware we tested, and the two pots and skillet are a great size to use when cooking for four.

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For aluminum and titanium sets, green scrubbing pads are the best way to go, but if your pan has a non-stick coating, then you'll want to be even more gentle and use a spatula or soft dishcloth to loosen and remove leftover food. The pot is equipped with a removable rubber band around the upper portion as another grip option.

This set of features, plus your stove and fuel, is all that a team of two needs on an ultralight backpacking trip, provided their food is correspondingly simple and light. For even slightly more elaborate culinary pursuits, you will need to supplement every one of the products with at least a sharp knife.

In order for the cups to nest together and fit inside the smaller pot, these printed insulating covers must be removed. A lightweight backpacking cook kit is a pot for boiling water for every 2-4 people and a spoon for each person.

Assuming a cooking group of 2-3 people, you need a couple of pots around 1.5-2 liters, with lids and handles. Each camper then needs a bowl or deep plate, a cup for hot and cold liquids, a spoon, and a fork.

You can choose your pot set and then add the rest on your own, or you can pick a kit that includes at least some additional accessories. The Prius Perimeter 2.3L or the MSR Ceramic are great examples of this type of set.

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Two GSI products, including the Pinnacle Camper Cook set, offer dedicated lids, insulated coffee cups, narrow “bowls”, and the carry bag doubles as water storage and a bathroom sink. The MSR Quick 2 System and Sea to Summit Alpha 2.2 have similar feature sets.

For backpacking, even when preparing relatively nice food, this is a great start, if not all, you will need. Ryan prepares a yummy, and colorful, meal of pork fajitas on one of our many testing expeditions.

For your purposes, you can count that our information is up to date and relevant, with unbiased recommendations that'll you get on the trail without concern for how your camping cookware will perform. Instead, we have full cookware sets just like these to give us the familiarity of being at home in our kitchen, but the flavor and simplicity of cooking outdoors on a camping trip.

Not well suited for cooking over campfire Made from aluminum which some campers don’t prefer With this camping cookware set, you get everything you need to cook a delicious meal without having to bring your whole kitchen with you.

The Internal Cookware Set is both practical and effective and is an absolute essential when you’re out in the woods. The pot and a frying pan along with nine other pieces store within each other and then tuck into a small carry pouch.

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Boil water rapidly with the large pot and cook a delicious and nourishing meal with the frying pan. With the Internal 11 piece CampingCookware and Pot Set you will be ready to take on any camping or backpacking adventure.

Dimensions : 6.8 × 6.8 × 3.5 inches Weight : 1.5lbs Material : Aluminum No of pieces in a set : 11 Dishwasher Safe : Yes This MSR set allows you to cook like a master chef so you and friends can eat like kings.

A combination of uncoated and nonstick hard-anodized aluminum pots allows you to pick the right tool for your particular culinary style. The included bowls, plates, and mugs give you all the tools needed to enjoy your spread.

Plates scratch easily Can’t use over the campfire It was a pain transferring the one handle between 3 different pieces of cookware These durable, non-stick coated, hard anodized aluminum pots are perfect for family meals.

The pot and lid combo are perfect solution for stove cooking and the compact, nesting design is reconfigurable for two to four people. Bowls, four 7.5 plates, 4 sips through lids, a folding pot handle, and a stuff sack/welded sink.

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Looking for lightweight products to carry on your next camping, hiking trekking trip that will withstand the cruelty of nature? This 3-piece cook set is very lightweight, made of 100% titanium and is dishwasher safe after you get back home.

Whether you’re mountain biking, backpacking or sightseeing in the city it doesn’t matter, this set is perfect anywhere. Finally, enjoy preparing the evening meal without second guessing if you packed everything to cook with.

The lightweight, compact, and portable design of the Malone cookware set conducts heat rapidly and includes everything you need and is built to last. The Malone 10 piece camping mess kit includes a 10 recipe Book, 1 anodized aluminum non-stick pot (1 liter capacity), a pot cover, a non-stick pan, 2 BPA free bowls, a folding stainless steel spork, a soup spoon, a wooden spatula, a cleaning sponge and a nylon travel pouch with drawstring.

The entire 10-piece kit collapses into a small bundle for easy transport and storage This kit makes for a perfect gift for anyone looking for a high quality, all-in-one cookware set for camping or to throw in a bug out bag.

Dimensions : 3.25in, D: 6.25in, 1 liter volume Weight : 14.5lbs Material : Non-toxic anodized aluminum, wood and BPA free plastic No of pieces in a set : 10 Dishwasher Safe : Yes Thoughts of relaxing, curled up next to the campfire with a tasty meal settling in my belly is one of the fondest memories from my last camping trip.

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It is apparent that eating delicious food is a priority when camping, but first it must be prepared and cooked using the proper cookware. Not necessarily due to lack of cooking skills but from using the wrong equipment or inferior products.

We decided to put our mouths, bellies and culinary skills to the test with cookware of all kinds to answer some unknown questions. Specifically, what types of camping cookware are available on the market today that are practical to use, dependable, and still reasonably priced.

Do remember though, aluminum is a pretty soft metal, and while it’s lightweight, it has a tendency to dent easily. It is a bit on the heavy side, so it’s a good option if you aren’t hauling your stuff in a backpack.

Stainless steel is prone to getting hot and scorching, so it isn’t the best option for cooking directly over the fire. Coatings provide a non-stick surface that helps you avoid scorching and makes clean-up a breeze.

Plastic cookware is great for backpacking if you are going to be relying on freeze-dried foods that only require a bit of hot water. If ease of use means getting something lightweight and highly portable, you’re going to want to consider aluminum or titanium.

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Buying the right gear for your camping needs and skill, will make your experience much more enjoyable. If you don’t have tons of cash, you can still get a great product, and with proper care, it should last you for many years.

With higher quality products, you have less risk of uneven heating, scorched food, or cookware that can’t handle the paces of outdoor cooking. If you’re ready to “wow” your friends and family with your camp cooking skills, make sure your pots and pans match your ambitions.

Another important factor you should consider when selecting camp cookware is the distance you’re going to have to haul your gear, and how long you are staying. If you’re going a longer distance, but won’t be staying too long, plastic cookware might be your best bet.

If your idea of camping means a comfy camper with a kitchen inside, you shouldn’t be concerned about buying a good quality cast iron cook set. If you’re camping is somewhere in the middle, you might want a durable cook set that isn’t too heavy, making aluminum your choice.

If you are still not sure about the right camping cookware for you, here are some frequently asked questions, and answers that might help you make the best choice for your camping adventures. However, after many years of research, scientists have found no evidence that aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease are related.

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In general, camping cookware can easily be cleaned using warm soapy water. For proper cleaning and seasoning of cast iron, wipe down your pots with a paper towel, and maybe a little warm water.

Washing cast iron with soap and water will pull out the oils and cause food to stick to the surface. This is a task best done at home, so you may want to wait until the end of the camping season before you undertake this job.

The simplest way to do this is to soak your pots for at least 5-minutes in warm soapy water, and then scrub the soot off using a bit of fine steel wool. The acid in the vinegar will break down thick layers of soot and food, allowing you to easily scrub it off using a nylon sponge or steel wool.

If you have space, and are mostly car camping, you probably want to invest in some storage bins that can hold utensils, pots and pans and even other cooking supplies. If the bulk of your camping is done from a backpack, we would suggest that you invest in cook sets that allow you to stack and pack all of your gear in one small unit.

A good cast iron pot or pan will last you for years, and will easily stand up to the higher temperatures of open fire cooking. If you want the best option on the market, and you’re willing to spend the money, titanium cookware is also great over the fire.

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Part of successful cooking while camping are the cookware and utensils that you’ve brought along to make the meals everyone is craving. Our objective was to determine the bestcampingcookware suitable for a wide range of situations and needs of campers.

We want to hear about what products our customers are choosing and why, so let us know, in the comments below, which camping cookware you chose for your next outdoor dining experience. With that in mind, we have picked the bestcampingcookware sets available on the market today so you can choose the one that suits your camping needs most.

If you prefer to eat smart and healthy, then this kitchenware set from Malone will be right up your alley. With a pot and a frying pan that both have a non-stick coating, you will be able to cook a variety of different meals with minimum effort on your side.

The handles of the cookware are made of durable stainless steel that is robust enough to withstand quite some beating. Even though this package is designed for use in the wilderness or at campsites, it can come in handy for regular picnics in the city and even for the use in a home kitchen.

The cookware boasts high capacity while anodized aluminum is distinguished by quick and even heating. The camping stove that is included in the kit is compatible with all standard gas tanks.

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All the items in the package are quite easy to clean, which makes maintenance as simple as it can possibly get. Likewise, the stainless steel parts are resistant to corrosion making the set wear-resistant and long-lasting.

This particular kit is designed to accommodate a big family or a larger group of friends. Thanks to high-capacity pots with lids and a handy frying pan, you will be able to cook several meals in one go.

In addition, the camp stove and grill compatibility make it truly universal for outdoor use. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors.

Please be advised that the operator of this site accepts advertising compensation from certain companies that appear on the site, and such compensation impacts the location and order in which the companies (and/or their products) are presented, and in some cases may also impact the scoring that is assigned to them. Except as expressly set forth in our Terms of Use, all representations and warranties regarding the information presented on this page are disclaimed.

Despite the number of pieces included, the package is exceptionally compact and when put together, it takes only 2 quarts of space inside the backpack, bag, or a trunk of your car. For added convenience, every piece of the kit features handy plastic handles that enable effortless transportation.

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To be precise, you'll get a 1-quart pot with a lid, a frying pan, two bowls, a spork, as well as serving and spatula spoons. To add even more convenience, this compact kit is equipped with a cleaning sponge for hassle-free washing and a handy carry bag that fits every piece of the set inside without too much of a problem.

Likewise, the non-stick coating of the pan and the pot set contributes to the overall usability of the kitchenware and makes it easier to cook various dishes using both camp stoves and grills. On top of that, the washing process won’t be a hassle even if you don’t have a cleaning solution at hand.

Additional Info Last updated price$19.99Stock In stock ASINB01743BX1A Malone 10 Piece Cook set Everything You Need for a Perfect Trip This particular package from Terra Hiker is, perhaps, the best example of a family cookware set and not solely because it features a lot of cooking gear.

To start off, the kit will perfectly meet backpacking and camping trip needs due to the easy-to-carry-around lightweight design and simply because it won’t take a lot of space in your bag. Furthermore, just like other similar camp cook sets, this one features a high capacity 2.1-quart pot with an additional lid that will help you prepare foods faster.

Likewise, the package is equipped with a frying pan and a set of two bowls for serving. Besides, in contrast to other similar products, this one features an ample dedicated teapot with a capacity of 0.8 quarts.

Our only gripe is that the cookware might appear a bit difficult to clean, especially when access to the running water is limited. All in all, despite some minor drawbacks, this package from Terra Kicker will be an ideal pick for the whole family or a group of friends who are planning a weekend backpacking or camping trip.

Lightweight and Compact In case you seek an affordable and functional cooking set for camping purposes, your options are quite limited. Fortunately, this package from G4Free includes pretty much everything you need to accommodate multiple campers or a whole family on a picnic and comes at a fairly attractive price tag.

Thus, for the price, you'll get as many as 13 items including a pot, pan, bowls, spoons, a knife, and even a small stove to cook on. Meanwhile, the stove is compatible with almost any gas tank and features a Piero ignition mechanism to be lit up without a hassle.

More than that, it has a convenient nesting that you can use for cooking meals quickly and without too much of an effort, as long as you have dry fuel. For convenient storage and space-wise handling, all pieces can be stowed together and carried in a single mesh bag.

Another good thing is that packing all the items is a really quick and no-hassle process, which is handy for moments when you need to move from one camping spot to another. Due to the reduced size, they make handling full pots a bit harder than compared to regular models.

In contrast to other models with aluminum items, each piece here is made of high-quality steel, which is wear-proof, heat-resistant, and hygienic. Similarly to other sets on our list, the stainless steel cookware from Stanley Adventure is compatible with both camp stoves and grills.

The core package includes a 0.75-quart pot with two 1.25-quart cups that are ideal for making hot brews, drinks, and soups. Furthermore, the non-stick coating of the pots and the frying pan makes it easier to cook a wide variety of meals without the risk of spoiling the food in the end.

And to top that all, the steel is quite simple in cleaning, which makes maintenance of the cookware set almost effortless. In the end, if you are looking for a simple and convenient way to cook foods while camping, backpacking, hunting, or fishing, then this set from Stanley Adventure will be the prime pick for that purpose.

Sturdily built, the aluminum kitchenware that comes complete with plastic bowls are great for use on gas stoves that utilize dry or gas fuel, which simplifies the process of cooking quite a bit. The bowls themselves, on the other hand, are made of BPA-free food-grade plastic containing no harmful additives and, thus, suitable for serving hot dishes.

Additionally, the package also offers a 1.05-quart teapot, two plates as well as a full set of serving spoons and a single spatula. To further enhance convenience, the kit is also fitted with a durable carry bag that can accommodate most of the equipment included in the package.

Light, compact, comprehensive, and extremely convenient to use for cooking while camping, this set of cookware is ideal for family use, especially if you are quite far from civilization. The campsite is not really your kitchen in terms of comfort and, hence, using regular kitchenware while on a picnic or camping can be a challenging task.

So, getting a kit that includes all the necessary kitchenware that is both light and portable is a must for a camping trip. Although each package is different, the standard set almost always includes a cooking pot of some kind, a frying pan, a couple (or just one) serving bowl, as well as some spoons or a spatula for added convenience and.

Though most of the camping cookware sets are fairly small in order to take less space in your backpack, some of them are more compact than others. This is achieved by implementing space-saving designs that allow packing the whole kit either inside your bag or carrying it on top of it using special straps.

If you are looking for the best backpacking and camping gear, we also recommend taking a look at our 4-person tent reviews. Alternatively, you might also be interested in folding camping chairs that will provide great outdoor comfort.

These include a stainless steel pot and pan, which can be used over wood fire, as well as four sets of eating utensils and a drying rack. Both pieces are seasoned, meaning you won’t be scrubbing away blackened food when you could be enjoying the sunset.

High-temperature and friction-resistant Durable Easy cleaning Compact and lightweight Dishwasher safe Handles don’t get too hot This Oaks pot is made from Grade 1 or 2 titanium and is super light, making it perfect for ultralight backpacking.

The Lodge Dutch Oven kit is extremely heavy, although if you prefer cast iron over any other material then it might be the one for you. The Transport set is the heaviest, but can feed the most people and might be a better option, if you’re making more advanced meals that need lots of pots.

The Malone and Bis gear sets come in at a lower price, but if you’re buying for the long run then we’d suggest spending a bit more money and get kits that will last longer. If your car or RV camping, then weight isn’t such an issue, and you can buy thicker, more durable pots and pans.

You can also include a few extra items, like a cutting board, drying rack and some cleaning equipment to make the whole experience nicer. However, if you love the outdoors and plan to use your cookware for a long time, you’ll want to spend those extra bucks on getting something sturdy and of higher quality.

Camping costs can add up pretty easily, and we understand that spending over $100 on cookware can seem ridiculous. If you’re really into gear, there are many additions you can purchase for your cookware set, like various grip handles, collapsible sinks or gas stove regulators.

There's also a genuine sense of self-sufficiency that comes from knocking up a hot meal outdoors on a stove, and even making a quick cup of tea in a remote car park can deliver magical moments and rich rewards all out of proportion to the actual cup contents. While you might be able to make do with an old, spare pan and plastic mug, the bestcampingcookware sets are designed to save space, reduce weight, and meet all your outdoor nourishment needs.

As you'd also expect, there is a perfect camping cookware set for almost every situation and use, from solo mountain divvy in extreme winter conditions through to family car camping with all the mod cons of home. As ever, the key to picking the right cook set for you will depend on where on that scale you plan to be operating, as well as budget and usual trip duration.

While it's theoretically possible to cook all sorts of impressive meals in a tiny, cup-sized pan (with YouTube videos to prove it), attempting to do this several days in a row after big days out just isn't any fun, and you'll yearn for a proper roomy pot or pan to just bung things in. Just like cooking at home, the smaller the pan the more effort needs to go into stirring and regulating the heat to get a good result, which can also be a drag when tired.

Constructing your own out of tin foil will seem fine at home, and be completely useless outdoors, so don't be tempted to rely on improvisations. Although there are some startlingly cheap unbranded pans (and the inevitable army-surplus mess tin) out there, picking from the reliable brands will give you a much better experience overall, and much longer life to your camping cookware.

Prius, MSR, Snow Peak and Sea to Summit are key brands here, all offering a wide range of camp cooking hardware that will suit most tastes at varying price points, sizes and weights. If you're looking for the 'ultimate' flexibility, then a lightweight pan set with various sized-pans is ideal, allowing you to pack whatever suits the trip in hand, although family and van camping scenarios are the exception.

Key elements to look for include decent handles (a fully-loaded 2 liter pots of pasta is quite a weighty beast), proper surface coatings to save hours scrubbing in the stream with a Brillo pad, and good quality materials. The latter can be a balancing act (the difference between good aluminum pans and bad ones is night and day), but generally titanium is the premium material, conducting heat astonishingly well, leaving no metallic flavor on food, and being as light as possible.

There are more specialist options to follow, but this set offers a lot of practicality, a mid-range price and a mid-range weight to boot. Both lids have drain holes too, again simplifying the mechanics of cheating over a gas stove in a wood, and the handles lock into place too.

The bowls are deep enough to contain food neatly, and the 'insult' mugs are lidded to keep heat in and protect against casual spillage. Reasons to avoid The Japanese minimalist outdoor folk at Snowpack have been making tiny yet well-formed titanium goodies for years, and the Solo Combo 2.0 is no exception.

The smaller pot doubles up as a cup, and the lid's silicone tab allows it to be lifted without gloves while hot. When you need everything but the kitchen sink, Quechua's Hikers camping SS cooking set is a compact yet generous option.

In super-durable and easy clean stainless steel, this level of build quality will literally last for centuries, and comes with a host of handy design tweaks too. In conjunction with the Prius Campfire Prep set, this is a well-designed and beautifully engineered solution to outdoor cooking.

Reasons to avoid The Alp kit Batista is the slightly more expensive version of the Easy camp (at #10), with a boatload of small but significant design tweaks that are well worth the extra cash. Firstly, it's made of titanium, not only light but very strong, and also leaving less of a metallic tang to food than plain aluminum.

In addition, the frying pan is teflon-coated, making bacon butties a genuinely practical option, while the handles are rubber coated to avoid burns. A final trick is that the rims are curled to accept an optional titanium hanging chain kit, allowing use over an open fire.

The MSR Trail Lite Duo packs a lot into a pretty lightweight and compact package, essentially nesting two bowls and two double-wall cups into a large pot easily capable of feeding two. The 2 liter pot is not only pretty huge, but also hard anodized to allow easy cleaning, and also sports a locking handle and a clear lid with strainer holes to shift that pasta water.

There is unused space still inside the cups when packed down, which will fit folding cutlery or a small stove too, according to MSR. Overall, it's a practical choice for two people doing relatively civilized car-type camping, and the deep dish, BPA-free bowls will be particularly handy for everything from muesli to couscous, but there are lighter options around.

This Mango Hard Anodized 1 Person Cook Kit might be small, but it is mightily wallet friendly, and not too heavy on the trail either. As a solo starter kit for Done trips and the like this offers great bang for buck, and you get a carry bag thrown in too.

The handles are silicone covered to protect your hands from hot metal, and a mesh storage bag is included. Reasons to avoid The Outsell Feast Family Cook set nests neatly into a corner or small Winnebago cupboard, but with an enormous non-stick 3 liter casserole pots, 1.5 liter saucepan and a frying pan, this is perfectly capable of turning out most home cooking with aplomb.

Three pans, made from plain lightweight aluminum add up to a mere 160grams, which is pretty light for the set. The downsides will inevitably involve difficulties cleaning burnt food off, as well as the need to treat the handles relatively carefully as they're plain aluminum and lightly riveted.

A camping trip always comes with lots of fun and excitement, especially when it is well-prepared with the best gear and tools. Just like the everyday little essentials, camping utensils are an integral part of your gear, and it is important to always have the bestcampingcookware to not only give you a comfortable easy camping experience but save you loads of time and inconvenience.

Given that camping is usually far from home, and in some cases from civilization, you may want to get the best camping utensils so you're cooking and eating can be easier. Our list of the best camping utensils details the very best to give your camp out experience the lift it deserves.

Camping can be fun when you are geared up and have every needed item on the checklist crossed. One of such items to complete your list is this Or blue 4-in-1 Camping Utensil Pack.

Cute yet versatile, this simple pocket knife shaped cutlery pack would give your camping experience the boost it so deserves. With a simple and handy design, this multipurpose set can be a spoon, fork, bottle opener, and a knife all in one pack.

Mistakenly leave something as basic as a spook, bottle opener or a fork out of your camping pack and you would be setting yourself up for a not-so-good experience. Here’s the almighty spork from Light my Fire, one of life’s little essentials that would do your camping trip a world of good.

With a well-textured mid-section giving it an assured slip-resistant grip, you can enjoy your meals with ease using this cool buddy, as it is well-built to guarantee no metallic taste whilst in use. Packing a separate spoon, fork, knife and bottle opener for your next camping trip can be a real bother, particularly when you have limited space for essentials like those.

Thanks to CRT, this eats’N Tool is built to save you time and space so you can focus on more important details for your adventure. It comes in an attractive chrome finish and a cutie hole for hanging on backpacks or as a keychain.

Brand Columbia River Knife & Tool Model 9100KC Weight 1.44 ounces FinessCity takes camping cookware to a whole new level with their Titanium Utility Cutlery Set, which comes in 3, 4 and 5 packs with handy utensils you will absolutely love.

With a standard 3 packs containing a fork, spoon, and knife, the titanium built tools are easy to use and lightweight and come with a screw to hold them together in one place. It also features a little pouch for keeping the items safe and clean, and with a combined weight of just over 1 oz, this is one of the most lightweight and professionally made utensils out there.

Whether for home or outdoor use, you will find this super durable cutlery set very useful, as it is built with your ultimate satisfaction in mind. Made with BFA free Titan plastic, this special spork is heat-resistant and can be washed easily.

With a serrated knife edge to make cutting meat, fruits and vegetables easily, this spork is really cool and would be a great fit for your next family camping trip. The 3-piece set with a fork, spoon, and knife is made of premium titanium, is heat-resistant and non-magnetic.

Thanks to technology and innovation, you can get a complete cutlery set in a simple pack, one that comes in handy and can be used both at home and for any camping trip. The Adventure 4-in-1 Camping Utensil Set is one of such innovations and is the boss when it comes to convenience and suitability.

The set comes with a spoon, a detachable fork, and a bottle opener, with a cute pouch for storage. Made of non-corrosive and anti-rust stainless steel, this utensil pack is just what you need for your camping trip, with the sturdiness of the cookware making it ideal for cooking and eating.

For pleasant outdoor cooking experience, pick one of the best mess kits from our list. Unlike similar products, this does not leave metallic taste while in use and come highly recommended by hikers and campers alike.

Each set comes with a knife, spoon, and fork, and has a small clip to hold the utensils together in one place. This Glacier Stainless 3 Pieces Ring Cutlery is not just a simple and lightweight too, it is also built with sturdy material guaranteed to make your outdoor eating experience as unique as you want it to be.

Featuring a spoon, fork, and knife, the Glacier Stainless Steel pack is uniquely designed for your ultimate satisfaction, and with a lanyard to hold the utensils firmly together. Made from quality Glacier stainless steel, this camping cookware is rust and fire-resistant as well, adding to its other great features to make it a complete camping utensil set you can trust.

Brand GSI Outdoors Model Glacier Stainless 3 Pieces Ring Cutlery Weight 3.36 Ounces You would enjoy eating outdoors with friends and family having this camper’s favorite camping buddy right with you.

The 5 sporks together fit in a cool case, making the entire set a compact and simple utensil pack for your outdoor adventure. Unlike similar products, this set of sporks are made of premium quality stainless steel and are strong, durable and reliable.

The set itself boasts of a sturdy stainless steel material build, with a simple nylon pouch to store the pack with ease. Whether for quick dining or to slice beef jerky, fruits or vegetables, this simple yet strong and efficient tool is all you need.

It features an ergonomically designed spoon, fork, and knife for traveling and outdoor use. Each utensil is made to deliver absolute satisfaction for the customer, with the knife particularly able to slice meat, fruits, and bread with ease.

The smooth and shiny finish on the utensils is an absolute beauty, and with stainless steel being the material they are made of, you are sure to get your money’s worth using this set of boss camping cookware for your next trip! Every serious camper needs a proper camping knife, so be sure to pick your favorite from our list.

Having a spork, a set containing a spoon, fork, knife and an optional pair of chopsticks can be great, but not all brands have sturdy and highly reliable utensils like Bright. The compact case they come in is something you would love, as it can fit easily into any bag pack you intend to use for your camping trip.

A set contains a knife, spoon, fork, chopsticks and a portable screw to hold them together. Get this Sea to Summit Alpha Knife, Fork and Spoon Set for your next camping trip and you will be glad you did.

It features a simple set containing a fork, knife and spoon, and a mini carabiner to hold them together. The utensils are made of aircraft aluminum alloy and are strong, durable and a great choice for simple, lightweight camping cookware for any occasion.

We guarantee you’ll find your ideal set or individual pot! Just like regular cookware, camping cookware varies in features, like capacity or heat resistance.

Stainless steel is affordable, lightweight, and durable, but doesn’t spread heat evenly. On the other hand, silicone is the most lightweight material and provides compact designs, but it might not resist heat as well as the other.

Depending on your preferences, choose the material that works best for you and your traveling plans. There’s an option to buy either a cookware set or single pots and pans.

You’ll have at least your backpacking tent and sleeping bags, not to mention clothing and other camping accessories. As silicone is ultra-lightweight and compact, it’s the best option if you’re planning to carry everything in a hiking backpack.

That being said, other materials aren’t super heavy, but they will make a significant weight difference. If you want to buy several cooking essentials, such as pots, sporks, plates, cups, and frying pans, look for a cookware set.

Now, if you’re a light packer and want to buy only one or two cooking utensils, a single pot or pan that has a multifunctional design is your best option. Cup and a 16-ounces pot with a lid, great for cooking soup and boiling water.

For your convenience, all the utensils can be packed together, providing you quick and easy storage. The compact design and number of pieces make this set ideal for camping solo or with your partner.

Includes 5 pieces Aluminum Easy cleaning Nest design for practical storage Lightweight Despite being silicone-made, it resists high temperatures up to 300 °F (148 °C), ideal for cooking in low heat.

The pot’s base is made of hard-anodized aluminum that also enhances its heat resistance. When collapsed, it measures only 1-5 inches, which makes it easy to pack and carry.

The pot’s handles feature a folding design that makes packing easier. Both the frying pan and the two pots have a high heat-resistance that enhances their quality of life.

If you’re looking for camping pots to keep your food warm, you’ll love this set. Linda Camping Titanium Cookware Set features three practical cooking utensils.

The handles collapse, where both the cup and spork fit inside the bigger pot, which makes it a portable set. For your convenience, it also includes a carrying bag that easily attaches to your hiking backpack and will keep your cookware protected.

Lightweight 3-piece set Excellent heat retention Collapsible handle design Corrosion-resistant Snow Peak Personal Cooker 3 is the perfect cookware set for solo travelers.

Also, to enhance your comfort, it comes with a nylon carrying case that you can attach to your backpack. Snow Peak’s Personal Cooker 2 has a compact design where the utensils stack and fold in one piece.

All the items are made of polished stainless steel that enhances their durability. Also, Snow Peak ensures the quality of its products and guarantees that they’ll endure heavy use.

This cookware set contains three utensils, which makes it ideal for short camping trips. It includes a boiling pot with lid, a frying pan, and one plate that provides you with all the essentials you need.

The cookware features a stainless-steel body with copper bottoms for even heat distribution. It also includes a nylon mesh carrying bag that makes packing easier.

It includes a pot with lid, frying pan, cutting board, spatula, serving spoon, and a trivet. Also, you’ll find four plates, bowls, and sporks, perfect for a nice family dinner.

Therefore, it also comes with a dish drying rack, and the spoon and spatula have extending handles to fit different users. The frying pan and pot feature a multi-layer base that provides even heating and fast cooking.

Scratch-resistant 19-piece set Large-capacity pots BPA free Even heat distribution Prius Perimeter Stove Set is probably the most functional and practical cookware on this list.

The set conveniently folds into one piece, and the lid locks everything in place. To ensure easy carrying, it also includes a storage bag that fits all the items.

Two pots sizes available Lightweight Includes carrying bag BPA free 2-piece set G4Free CampingCookware Mess Kit is a cookware set that provides everything you need when cooking outdoors.

The set also comes with two non-sticky small bowls, a wooden serving spoon, and a spork. It features a compact design where all the utensils fit inside the large pot.

And for your convenience, it includes a mesh bag, which you can attach to your backpack and easily carry it. All the items are lightweight, and both the pot and frying pan are made of anodized aluminum that makes them durable.

The utensils, made of non-toxic anodized aluminum, are durable and won’t retain odor. The handles of the pot and pan are heat-resistant, protecting your hands at all times.

HONEST OUTFITTERS Portable Camping Mess Kit has an unbeatable price of less than 22 USD. It includes ten pieces that provide you with all the utensils needed to cook a full meal.

All the utensils feature an anodized aluminum body that provides even and fast heat distribution. It has a compact design, and all the items perfectly fit into one piece and inside the nylon bag included.

Poland CampingCookware Mess Kit is a ten-piece set, perfect when camping alone or with a partner. The set also includes a pot, frying pan, serving spoon, fork, knife, and two stainless steel cups.

Redcap CampingCookware Mess Kit provides you with 13 essential cooks utensils that’ll make you camping experience better. The handles are heat-resistant to protect your fingers while being foldable and sturdy.

The set also includes a polyester cloth bag that easily fits everything and makes packing easier. Also, you can attach the bag to your backpack, and since it’s a lightweight set, it will fit nicely.

Lightweight Includes storage bag 13-piece set High-capacity pot 1-year limited warranty Mostly because we list different types of gear and ranking varies- so we compiled 14 of the best camp cooking tools and some pointers of what to consider.

It's very possible to make your outdoor experience unique and authentic while having a proper meal. There are a bunch of other things we surround ourselves with to stay comfortable i.e. sleeping bags, air mattresses, huge tents (with rooms and dividers), radios, and host of other wireless appliances.

Reminder: Although we love our comfort, especially in the woods, you don’t want travel with too many bulky items. How much you move will determine how much you want to carry and take notice to the weight of the bigger cooking items.

You want to make sure you bring a good amount of lightweight cooking equipment if you plan on doing lots of moving, you are traveling in a small car, or you’re with a group who have a bunch of miscellaneous items. You can buy a one-stop-shop camping cookware set/grill (which we mention later in this post) or a 50-piece cookware set.

There will always be one utensil missing, one extra pot, one pan, an adjustable grate, etc. Many of the pots handles are made to detach or break apart to allow more pack space.

Like the classic Coleman Camping Stove, you’ll want to make sure you bring along matches/lighter to start the fire. Unlike the 2 camping stoves above, there is no need for matches, but you will have to purchase the gas cartridges separately.

Its so cheap could buy one for each person in your group and let everyone in charge of their own cooking (just a thought) Maybe you more of the grilling type, which is the closet thing to cooking over a camp fire you can get.

We also get a thermostat on the lid of the Lax, which is pretty cool if you recipe or cooking style calls for constant temp checks. Just like the Lee, you get matchless lighting, portability and a high quality product.

If you want to invest in a nice camping utensil set, go with the GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen. Pivoting high temperature Nylon 66 Spatula and Spoon with graduations tools rotate from stored to working position.

Waterproof Ultralight Salt + Pepper shaker modules screw together to keep spices dry and flavorful. In general, thin pots and pans develop hot spots.

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