"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Best Cookware For Frying

Bob Roberts
• Thursday, 22 October, 2020
• 26 min read

“In boxed sets, manufacturers count a lid as a piece,” explains Marion Wilson-Spencer, CR's market analyst for cookware. We buy and test cookware sets ranging from less than $100 to $600 or more, from well-known brands such as All-Clad, Anglo, Clifton, Cuisinart, and Willing J.A.

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Heckles, as well as sets sold under the names of celebrity cooks like Ayesha Curry, Rachel Ray, and the Pioneer Woman. We cook pancakes, fry eggs, boil water, and simmer tomato sauce.

We were able to easily maintain sauce at a low simmer, and the 6-quart Dutch oven quickly brings water to a near-boil. With Excellent ratings on both our cooking evenness and speed of heating tests, the Greenspan stands up to the competition.

The coating appears pebbly, but that doesn’t affect its nonstick properties, and we effortlessly cooked pancakes and eggs. Cooking evenness is superb, and this 8-piece set aces our speed of heating test by quickly bringing 4 quarts of water to a near-boil in the 5-quart stockpot.

The surface stands up to our durability test, in which we rub steel wool over the coating 2,000 times, earning a Very Good rating. Simmering a sauce produces impressive results, and this set earns a Very Good rating for cooking evenness.

Heckles Motion Grey is made of anodized aluminum and works with any type of range. Simmering in the saucepan, however, is only so-so, and the eggs needed nudging out of the pan in our food release test.

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Clifton designed this set so that it stacks and nests, which frees up precious cabinet space. The Clifton Premier Space Saving 8-piece stainless set earns a Very Good rating in our evenness tests, like our other top performers in this category.

The stainless handles are long and sturdy, and you can use these dishwasher-safe pots and pans on any type of range, including induction. It earns an Excellent rating on our cooking evenness test, and when we brought 4 quarts of water to a near-boil in the 6-quart stockpot, speed of heating was also impressive.

A good set of cookware is an essential component of any Southern kitchen. They’ll be the pots, pans, and skillets you used to cook dinner for your family on busy weeknights and the trusty cookware that you'll use to try your hand at Mother’s famous recipes during the holiday season.

Whether you're looking to replace a well-loved set that you received as a wedding gift or are ready to once and for all replace your mismatched collection with one of the coordinating variety, we're here to help you find the best cookware set for the job. When the time comes to purchase a new cookware set, the amount of options can be overwhelming.

And to ensure that you get the most life out of your new pots and pans, be sure to read the care instructions before using them for the first time. From stainless steel to ceramic to cast iron, here are the top-rated cookware sets in each category, starting at just $59.

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It's a great option to outfit kitchens for dorms, apartments, and first homes. Cuisinart’s Heat Surround technology helps the temperature spread evenly through each piece of cookware to eliminate hot spots while cooking.

Now just one, but two nonstick layers prevents food from sticking to this Clifton cookware set. Made from hard-anodized aluminum, the durable pieces resist corrosion, warping, and are also oven safe up to 400 degrees.

Cast iron offers unmatched heat retention when compared to other cookware materials. This cookware set includes four basic pieces to fit all of your cast-iron cooking needs: 10.25-inch skillet, 10.5-inch round griddle, 5-quart Dutch oven, and a lid that fits both the skillet and the Dutch oven.

Pots and pans are available in a wide array of materials, with and without nonstick finishes, and there are distinct differences between the various offerings when it comes to how they cook and their ease of use. While sets are sold at a huge range of prices, you don’t have to spend top dollar to get a dependable one that you’ll find a pleasure to cook with.

Copper cookware heats the most evenly and is the most responsive (meaning, take your pan of hollandaise off the burner and it stops cooking immediately so there’s no danger it will curdle). But copper is super pricey and requires a lot of upkeep if you want to maintain its bright, shiny finish.

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The vast majority of aluminum cookware has some kind of finish, either enamel or nonstick, to prevent this from happening and also make it easier to clean. Some aluminum pans are hard-anodized, which means they’ve undergone an electrochemical process that strengthens and darkens the metal, protecting if from denting and stopping it from interacting with whatever you’re cooking.

There’s no argument with the fact that nonstick coatings keep food from sticking and make cleanup easier. That might not bother you if you bought an inexpensive omelet pan but can be upsetting if you’ve invested in an expensive set.

Keep in mind that some items are lids and sometimes the manufacturer throws in a few plastic utensils and adds them to the piece count. Every set will also include one or two saucepans and again, larger ones are more useful as you can warm a cup of soup in a 3-quart pot but might not be able to make enough rice for the whole family in a 1-quart.

To select our best cookware sets, we relied on our years of rustling pots and pan both in our test kitchens and on our own home stoves. Before becoming a cooking tools expert, she spent seven years working as a professional chef in New York City restaurants.

And while they may depend on fancy brands like Marvel in their work kitchen, at home, they’re cooking with decidedly more hardy (and affordable) hardware. So we asked a handful of chefs from some of our favorite restaurants to share their tips on the very best pots and pans for daily cooking.

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In the incredibly wide world of cast-iron skillets, only one is consistently touted over Lodge, and that’s Joan from Butter Pat Industries. Spending $200 plus on a skillet may seem a bit extreme, but the Joan comes with a 100-year warranty, so there’s no doubt that, in the long run, it’ll pay for itself and then some.

“Bacon, eggs, hash browns, handmade tortillas, pressed sandwiches, searing meat and fish. If you’re the kind of person who likes a quick, no-fuss breakfast that you can clean up in a jiffy, you’re going to need a dependable nonstick frying pan.

“This is my most important building block for developing flavor.” At $225, it isn’t cheap, but if you’re looking for a pot with pedigree, you can’t do better than Marvel. “I use the All-Clad three-quart because it’s perfect to cook one or two portions of risotto,” says chef Jamie Knot of the Saddle River Inn & Cellar.

Chef Brandon Jew of Mister Jim’s and Mamahuhu loves the Camacho, which has been produced in Japan by Tuamotu Pottery since 1864. “The pot can go over a low flame on the stove, but recently I took it camping with me and was able to cook rice over an indirect campfire.

Contrary to what many people believe, you don’t need a professional deep fryer to achieve the crispy fried goodness at home. However, a pan for deep-frying always needs to be wide and have a thick bottom to prevent the food from burning.

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Last update on 2020-10-13 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API Besides the fact that you will use less energy to keep a cast iron pan hot, this also means that it will allow you to maintain a stable temperature while deep-frying various foods.

Overall, this Dutch oven is a great choice for deep-frying, but it can also perform many other tasks. Joyce Chen Flat Bottom Wok, Standard, Metal Flat bottom wok with a 14-inch diameter; ideal for electric or gas ranges Constructed of heavy gauge carbon steel; 2.

Last update on 2020-10-25 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API The sloping side, the wide opening and the flat bottom allow for consistent results when deep-frying.

This wok is made of carbon steel, a material that is becoming quite popular for frying pans and skillets. The wok has a flat bottom, sloping sides, and a wide diameter at the top of 14 inches.

If you don’t like heavy pans, the Simply Clifton Nonstick Jumbo Deep Fry Pan and the Joyce Chen 22-0060, Pro Chef Flat Bottom Wok Uncoated Carbon Steel are the lighter options. On the other hand, the Lodge L10CF3 Cast Iron Covered Deep Skillet is quite heavy but it also retains heat really well which allows for consistent results.

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The dishwasher-safe pieces with stay-cool handles and lids stack easily to free up storage space. We were blown away by the pieces’ outstanding heat distribution, quick boiling and even searing.

Their handles stay cool to the touch, so they’re comfortable to use when cooking with a finger grip for extra control. Whether you hand-wash or use the dishwasher, these pieces clean up beautifully thanks to their dark nonstick finish inside and out.

Their pots and pans are durable enough to handle a steak, but light enough to move around and use for the simplest of tasks, like frying an egg or boiling water. Their nonstick coating is applied at a very high temperature to help avoid chipping and scratching and is oven-safe up to 500ºF.

With the Scan pan CTV line, you can have the beauty of stainless steel and the convenience of a nonstick finish without the use of Teflon. In our tests, they won top scores for cleaning and maintaining cool handles during cooking.

Unlike traditional nonstick pans, they’re designed to withstand high temperatures in order to achieve a good sear. The two small pots are great for boiling eggs and heating soups, and the silicone-grip handles make moving them around easy.

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They’re a popular seller on Amazon, with red, light blue, teal and burgundy being the new colors for 2019. Aluminum Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware SetKitchenAidwalmart.Comte red finish on these Kitchen pans will add a pop of color to your kitchen.

On top of stellar cooking results, these induction-safe pieces clean up beautifully, thanks to nonstick interiors and exteriors. In our tests, they scored high in cooking eggs with no oil and for having good heat distribution.

Betty Gold, Good Housekeeping Institute Senior Editor & Product Analyst, Kitchen Appliances & Technology Lab Betty Gold earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Studies and Nutrition from New York University, and prior to joining Good Housekeeping, she worked with the James Beard Foundation and other leading food media brands like Bon Appétit, Food Network Magazine, and The Martha Stewart Show. Nicole Papantoniou, Good Housekeeping Institute Senior Testing Editor & Producer Nicole is a recipe developer trained in classic culinary arts and culinary nutrition who specializes in testing and developing kitchen appliances; she currently runs the Good Housekeeping Kitchen Appliances Lab.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. In the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab, we fried 165 eggs, seared 50 steaks, and more to rate more than 35 new cookware lines.

We tested how evenly skillets distributed heat on gas and electric ranges, how well they browned meat, and how well saucepans maintained a steady simmer and resisted scorching sauce. We evaluated how well nonstick surfaces released eggs and pancakes and how easy they were to clean.

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Finally, we checked how easy all cookware items were to use, including whether handles became hot to the touch and whether each piece was oven- and/or dishwasher-safe. Our favorite nonstick pans were the ones that could do it all, from cooking an egg with no oil, to searing a steak and being able to pop it in the dishwasher after.

For easy, efficient storage, we love sets that nest neatly within each other to save space. These cookware sets usually include sauce pots, saucepans, skillet, sauté pan, and more.

Save time, money, and kitchen space by buying a cookware set. Tramontina is a stainless-steel type cookware set that can accommodate a wide range of cooking surfaces; from gas, electronic, ceramic, to induction.

Swiss Diamond is sold for a king’s ransom, but it is worth its weight in gold. Swiss diamond has immensely reinforced handles and can take a fantastic amount of heat (up to 600 Fahrenheit).

Uniform heat conductivity Cool Oven safe and limited lifetime warranty Easy to clean and glass lids come with it Rivet-free interior Copper Chef may not seem like much on the first look until you realize the frying pan replaces the need for multiple pots in the kitchen.

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Whenever you find cookware, you always try to seek the one that can make cooking and cleaning tasks more comfortable. Please read my best ceramic frying pans reviews to make sure you spend money on the right product.

Lightweight: Since the product is made of aluminum with ceramic coating, it is very light, and it can be an excellent replacement for the heavy cookware in your kitchen Ease of cleaning: The ceramic frying pan has a smooth non-stick surface. So you just need to add a little oil or butter, and there will be no food sticking on the pan surface.

You will find it easier to choose the best ceramic frying pan by consulting the comparison table below. To make sure that you can own the worthiest product within your budget range, the reviews of 15 best ceramic frying pans below is ready and waits for you to read.

With this set, you can effortlessly make delicious and healthy food for your family. The Greene ceramic frying pan is non-stick, and its coating is free of Pas, FOA, lead, and cadmium.

Cons You should use wood or nylon utensils to prevent scratching The coating begins to wear off in several small areas after 4 weeks It is healthier to use Willing nonstick frying pan because you don’t need to add much oil.

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The Terra China manufacturer always cares about customer’s health first so the ceramic frying pan of this brand is made of non-harmful material like Teflon, PTFE, Cadmium, and Lead. Thanks to the revolutionary 4-layer nonstick coating, the Terra China frying pan can heat up rapidly up to 450 degrees.

This frying pan is suitable to use for glass top, propane, natural gas, and electric stoves. Coming with the product is an air-tight silicone lid for you to make perfect dishes.

The Wherever ceramic frying pan has a comfortable soft-touch silicone handle that helps you grip easily and securely. The product is made of heavy gauge aluminum so it is very durable with excellent heat distribution for you to cook perfectly.

The Harmonica ceramic frying pan is made of heavy-gauge aluminum for sturdy and durable construction. This product attracts people easily with eye-catching design and trendy color.

Moreover, the boned stainless steel base makes the product ideal for all cook tops, including induction, and oven safe up to 500 °F. Thanks to thee Hard-Anodized aluminum construction, this frying pan can heat up quickly and evenly.

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This frying pan is a perfect gift for health since it doesn’t contain any toxic material or pollutants. The ceramic interior is free of Pas, FOA, lead, and cadmium.

With this method of making, the product will not easily peel, blister or release harmful fumes. The manufacture claims that the pan is coated with the most superior grade of Thermal.

The Chantal ceramic frying pan is made of strong Japanese stainless steel with superior quality. The product has a dripless pouring rim to prevent spillage along the side of the pan.

Pros Perfect for all stove tops Oven safe up to 500 °F Dripless pouring rim Premium non-stick ceramic coating An easy-clean cooking surface Superior durability The ceramic frying pan of Tolerate is easy to clean and you can prevent harmful bacteria.

The cool handle sleeve helps protect your hand from burning. Moreover, this comfortable handle also allows you to release the food quickly and move the pan easily from the stove to the dining table.

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The Greenspan Lima #D ceramic frying pan looks rather simple but it has a lot of features to offer you. The non-stick ceramic surface is super smooth and flat, which is suitable for making eggs and pancakes.

Pros Manufactured without FOA Contain no Lead or Cadmium No toxic fumes release Strong stainless steel handle Safe for oven The Dialect nonstick frying pan has a medium size of 8-inch diameter.

With the elegant design and smooth surface, this product is perfect for frying omelets or scrambled eggs. This set is made of hard-anodized pressed aluminum alloy with a honeycomb texture to ensure the product’s durability.

Cons The product gets stain easily The large pan doesn’t work well on some kinds of induction cook top The Carole nonstick frying pan is made of natural stone from Switzerland.

The Total ceramic frying pan has a nonstick surface that is free of PTFE FOA and Cadmium. Moreover, if you do not have much time to wash the product by hand, feel free to let the dishwasher do the cleaning task.

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This is a kind of stone coating pan with 100% FOA, PTFE, lead and cadmium free. The retro style of the pan makes your kitchen atmosphere warmer and it also helps boost the taste of the food.

With the ergonomic wood grain handle, you can freely move the pan without fear of burning. This stone coating pan is suitable for almost every kind of stoves such as induction, gas, ceramic, electric, halogen & solid fuel cookers.

Healthier and easier to use Attractive retro design Quick heat transfer Weight2.34 poundsDimensions19 x 3.1 × 2 inches Pan materialAluminumQuantity1Diameter11 inches There are some tips you should take note to choose the most suitable product for your family size as well as for your cooking purpose.

In my view, a wood handle is a good choice because it is easy to grip and it is safe to touch. However, some stainless steel handle has a soft coating which is comfortable to hold and stay-cool.

Through my answers to the frequently asked questions on the market, you can find out some new and useful information. Moreover, the ceramic frying pan is often oven safe and it just needs low and medium heat.

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This product has a reasonable price, so I bought three of them to cook tasty meals for my family. You make smoothies for the kids to encourage them to eat their fruits and veggies and you drink kombucha for crying out loud.

So, sit back on the couch with that heavy wine pour, Mom, and scroll through the best sustainable cookware sets you can get for both you and your family. If you’re shopping for a cookie sheet or baking tray, you may notice buzzwords like “non-stick” and coating.

With this double-handled enameled cast iron pan, you can bring all the delicious, savory flavors of summer grilling indoors. This cast iron pan features two large handles for easy maneuvering on the stove top or oven.

Anyway, playing a role and looking the part isn’t the only reason why you should get the 3 Quart Sustainable Saucier Pan from Made In Cookware. Sure, you will sound like a five-star Michelin chef crooning, “Let me get my saucier,” but there are actual like, practical reasons why this pan is worth the price point.

Made in Italy, it’s also got a stay-cool long handle designed to protect your hands while cooking with materials notoriously known to cause burns (we’re looking at you, pasta sauce). Featuring stainless steel handles that are comfortable to hold and even prevent you from dropping it (à la stainless-steel rivets that help you better grip), the 11-inch All-Clad Griddle is made in its flagship mill in Canonsburg, PA from American-made metals.

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It’s oven-safe up to 500 degrees F, dishwasher safe (although handwash recommended), and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Whether you’re roasting veggies or perfecting a Sunday morning omelet, the wide flat bottom and high straight sides of the All-Clad Griddle will make sure your cooking turns out great (and doesn’t go to total sh×t).

Not gonna lie, we’re low key obsessed with the non-toxic Dutch Oven from Caraway. First, Caraway’s Dutch Oven comes in five muted colors that will brighten up any kitchen (we’re drooling over the sage green, but the navy and terracotta hues are stand-outs in a sea of classic stainless steel).

), FOA, and other harmful sh×t, we really recommend using the Dutch for cooking up stews, baking bread, and making everything from Panetta and pasta to your favorite pot roast recipe. All of Caraway’s products are designed in New York, then produced in world-class factories in either China or India, where they must hold a candle up to strict ethical manufacturing standards as per Business Social Compliance Initiative, FedEx Members Ethical Trade Audit, and Fair Trade.

The Stainless Steel Slow Cooker by 360 Cookwares is so much more than your standard crackpot. Made of surgical grade stainless steel, this ultimate skillet-slash-slow cooker has a multicore that provides rapid and (most importantly) evenly distributed heat.

It’s dishwasher safe and oven-safe up to 500 degrees F. It also features ergonomic handles that give you better control. If you’re not sure where to start with your slow cooker, check out their website for free access to recipes, videos, cooking tips, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Now that your cookware is sustainable, nontoxic, and made in the USA, check out more favorite mom-approved home & kitchen products! Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

If you've ever picked up the molten plastic handle of a frying pan or cleaned a range top after making a marinara in a wobbly pot, you're ready to learn about good cookware. A deeper pot should hold heat all the way up its sides; a weighty one will also be more durable and withstand frequent use and washing.

The three basic pots you need to start your collection: a two-quart saucepan, a 10-inch sauté pan, and an eight-quart stockpot. Something in mid weight anodized aluminum is a good choice, since you may also want to use your stockpot to make large quantities of soup, stock, or stews.

Anodized aluminum is treated with a strengthening protective coating and will perform well without costing a fortune. Not only can you sear anything to a golden brown but you will also be able to make a quick sauce with pan drippings.

The three-quart sauté pan is the right size to make risotto and homemade pasta sauce, or even do some deep- frying. A thin pan may buckle, making it hard to cook food evenly.

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Most good-quality stainless-steel pans have an inner core of aluminum or copper to enhance steel's relatively poor heat conductivity. A pan with a steel handle, then, gives you the advantage of being able to finish the cooking in the oven.

Lids should fit snugly (a tight-fitting cover helps keep moisture in the food), with a secure knob that is heatproof. It will look warm and inviting hanging from a rack in a country kitchen, but it has more going for it than mere beauty.

Copper is extremely responsive to temperature changes, so it heats up and cools down immediately as you turn the stove dial. This means it's especially good for making delicate sauces and candies or melting sugar.

Copper cookware is usually lined with stainless steel or tin (exceptions being preserves pans and bowls for beating egg whites).

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