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Best Deep Fat Fryer Uk 2019

Ava Flores
• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
• 9 min read

The bestdeepfatfryer gives you everything you need to create mouth-watering chips, onion rings, succulent southern-fried chicken, and so much more. If you’re trying to save some money by making your favorite deep -fried meals at home, then you’re going to need something that’s up to the task.

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The good news is that if you’re happy to invest in plenty of oil, there are countless deep fat fryers out there to choose from. From models with a large enough capacity to suit the whole family to those that are specifically designed for couples and individuals, there’s something out there for everyone.

We’ve browsed through the latest deepfatfryer reviews and tested the most-loved models to bring you this list of competitors to choose from. Features You can cook up to 1 kg of food at a time, and enjoy everything from crispy fish to chicken, chips, and more.

The cool-touch handle helps to keep you safe while you fry, and like many of the deep fat fryers on the market, there’s a viewing window too. Despite its large capacity, this fryer is also quite compact, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a space for you in your kitchen.

Features With a massive 3270 watts of maximum power, the Clean Fry enables you to create the perfect meals a lot faster than you would expect. Additionally, the oil cleaner tank, frying basket, and filter are all dishwasher friendly.

Whether you want the deliciousness of takeaway-style food at home, or you’re opening up your own private venture, you can get the best professional deepfatfryer for cheaper than you’d think. This amazing Reason model comes with impressive stainless steel construction for longevity, and adjustable thermostat so that you can set the perfect temperature for whatever you’re trying to fry.

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Features There are residue plates built into the bottom so that you can filter any debris or pieces of food from your oil. Speaking of which, the tank holds up to 10 liters at a time, but the recommended max is 6L oil capacity.

Features Whatever you’re interested in creating for your family, from delicious doughnuts to amazing chips, this Swan fryer will give you a wonderful experience. The fryer is wonderful for creating crispy items like onion rings and spring rolls.

This 1.2 kg capacity fryer creates beautifully fried foods in no time, with a compact and stylish design that fits well into your kitchen. When your food is ready, the automatic lid release button will give you quick access to your items.

Handy compact design with clear viewing window Automatic release button for the lid Easy to clean from top to bottom Adjustable thermostat included Anticodon filter and cool-touch walls If you don’t have a huge family to feed, or you just want to cook treats for you and your partner, then you’re not going to need the largest fryer on the market.

Features The easy Pro fryer is dishwasher safe, simple to use and comes with a 3-litre oil capacity basket capable of holding up to 1.2 kilos of food. There’s also an adjustable thermostat and viewing window included to give you more control over your frying process.

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If you’re looking for an effective deepfatfryer that is easily cleaned and has a stainless steel design, you’ll love the Monster. Features This 3-litre oil capacity stainless steel fryer comes complete with a viewing window so you can keep an eye on your food as it cooks, and an adjustable thermostat control dial.

The detachable cool-touch handle is designed to make home cooking easier and safer. What’s more, if you hate having wires all over the place when you cook, then you’ll appreciate the built-in compartment for cable storage.

This small deepfatfryer from Teal definitely gets the job done, and it doesn’t fill up your entire kitchen either. Features The control settings for the temperature are excellent and easy to manage with a dial on the front of the fryer.

Designed by the Recross group for home and kitchen appliances, this fantastic fryer gives you everything you need for an amazing cooking experience. The easy-to-hold cool-touch handles on the Quest fryer make it wonderful for safe use, and the cool zone technology also filters debris from your oil so that you can reuse the same dose multiple times.

Plenty of room to cook food for the whole family Delicious results with multiple temperature options Viewing window for convenience Detachable parts for cleaning Whether you want to buy a 1.5-litre fat fryer for you and your partner, or you need something bigger, considering a wide variety of factors will help you to be sure that you’re making the right investment for your individual needs.

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One of the most important considerations for any cooking appliances like air fryers, soup makers, slow cookers, microwaves and mini oven, including a new fat fryer, is how big it needs to be. Most standard deep fryers that you can buy will cook between 1 kg and 1.5 kg of food at a time, and you’ll need about 3 liters of oil capacity to fry your meals.

A viewing window allows you to keep an eye on your food without opening the lid and risking splashes A lockable lid that prevents the spillage of hot oil and splashes while you deep-fry Cool walls that stop you from accidentally burning yourself when you touch the deep fryer Cool-touch handles to keep you safe when you’re collecting your food With a viewing window, as well as a cool-touch handle, you will be able to keep an eye on your food, and make sure your fingers and hands stay safe from injury.

Additionally, the Swan model features a safety cut-out and overheat protection for your convenience. The premise is simple: you submerge a foodstuff in a large container of oil, then cook it at a very high temperature.

Always read the instruction manual and follow the safety advice carefully. Use an oil that has a smoke point lower than your intended cooking temperature.

The Swan SD6040N is a classic-style fryer made to perfection, combining excellent heating performance with handy features, including a viewing window and air vent. In terms of taste and texture, they were perfectly balanced, with crispy skins that had just a hint of chewiness, and dense, fluffy insides.

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Read our full Swan stainless steel fryer review. This is the only fryer we’ve tested that has the capacity to make enough chips for a large family in one go.

This fryer gets up to temperature rapidly and reliably, and the chips come out evenly cooked and delicious. We found that it cooked chips and other foods beautifully, and it’s impressively easy to use.

Best for small kitchens Minuscule it may be, but the Coopers of Stratford compact mini fryer cooks a mean chip. The Cook works DF5318-GS has its quirks and foibles, but once you’ve learned its ins and outs, it will make you some of the finest chips you could hope to deep -fry.

During our testing, this fryer proved itself capable of heating oil impressively quickly. Perhaps our favorite selling point of this fryer is its ratio of cooking capacity to oil required.

This brilliantly finished, impressively precise fryer is a typically accomplished offering from Spanish brand Ions. The fryer is particularly robust, and it seems less prone to spitting oil than most other models we’ve tested.

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It cooks delicious chips in portions large enough to generously feed two or three people. This fryer does seem to heat oil to a higher temperature towards the middle of its frying bowl, and this does result in a slight unevenness among batches of chips.

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