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Best Deep Fryer Au

James Smith
• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
• 10 min read

A good deep fryer will not only take the hard work out of frying up food in a shallow pan but also do so safely. Like most appliances, there are so many options on the market, big and small fryers, all with a range of different cooking features that it can be slightly overwhelming to work out which deep fryer you should purchase, and when you go to buy deep fryer options online, it can be hard to know what to look for or where to start.

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In this deep fryer buying guide, we help you buy deep fat fryer that’s right for you by highlighting the main features to consider when looking for a deep fryer to purchase as well as reviewing the top 10 deep fryers currently on the market perfect for home use. The bestdeepfryer for sale for home use consists of a deep container which holds one or two wire baskets.

If you are more the set and forget type cook, timers are perfect as your deep fryer will let you know when your food is ready. Check out my top 5 deep fryers and more options bellowing the reviews to see just some additional features on offer.

Other features include oil filters (built in filters to drain away excess oil) and built-in safety features such as cool to touch sides, lids that cover the food while cooking, magnetic breakaway cords and rubber feet to prevent movement. In this Teal deep fryer review, we’ll see that this handy little appliance can do it all, from frying potato chips to making your own tempting tempura dishes.

With its sleek stainless-steel design and compact size, it makes a stylish addition to your kitchen collection. The Teal Filter Pro features a patented filtering mesh, which is designed to keep the fryer clean.

The secure cooking lid prevents oil splatters and reduces the risk of burns. Features of this model include adjustable temperature control for cooking a variety of foods perfectly, included fry basket with handle, hinged lid with integrated filter to help reduce oil splatter, and large viewing window in the lid so you can check on your food.

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At 1600 watts, it’s powerful enough to fry quickly, and it also features a variable temperature control like all good deep frier options. You will love the Cool Zone technology which creates a consistent oil temperature for even cooking.

Other features of this deep fryer include a viewing window, thermostatically controlled temperature and safety reset button. Offering many excellent features and a convenient compact design, it can add value to your kitchen collection.

The Teal Oleo clean can be used to make a wide selection of foods, such as French fries, egg rolls, battered tempura, onion rings, hash browns, and more. The patented filtration system automatically drains the filtered oil into a collection pan where it can be stored for later use.

The Saybrook deep fryer comes with a stylish stainless steel exterior and with a non-stick, removable bowl for easy cleaning. Other great features of this Saybrook deep fryer review include cool touch handles, large viewing window and a removable anticodon charcoal filter.

This 4l deep fryer (17 cup capacity) has plenty of features making it perfect for regular use for the family at home. Other features of this Secure deep fryer include adjustable heat control with a great range (250 – 275 degrees Fahrenheit), an odor filter, and a see-through lid so you can easily check on how your frying is coming along.

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There’s a 12-month warranty and all the features you’d expect such as anti-grease filter, tempered glass lid, removable enamel oil tank for easier cleaning and versatile adjustable temperature setting. If you want the biggest and best chip fryer, then you will love the 5-Star Chef Commercial Electric Deeper.

We all know one of the best things to deep-fry are hot chips and this certified commercial use deep fryer will make a stack with its massive capacity for 7 liters of oil. There are so many great features in this 5-Star Chef deep fryer review including power saving auto thermostat, hinged removable oil heating plate, timer and quick heat function.

Safety features include heatproof handle on the frying basket and non-slip rubber feet which ensures the deep dryer stays in place. The Yes com is a heavy duty stainless steel deep fryer and another great option if you are looking for a commercial fryer for sale.

According to various deep fat fryer reviews, the Yes com is a great appliance and well worth the investment for commercial uses such as smaller restaurants, cafés and fast food stands or even for large parties at home. Features of the Yes com include a 20 liter oil capacity, a powerful 2500 watts, thermostat for accurate temperature setting, a lid cover for preventing oil splash, fryer basket with plastic handle for safe operation and a reside plate for filtering out the debris.

The Yes com Electric Deeper offers a durable cooking appliance at a great price. This oil fryer pan is perfect for tempura style deep-frying and is made from premium iron, coated with a non-stick layer which makes cleaning easy.

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The thermometer on the lid makes it easy to monitor the temperature you’re frying at for perfect results every time. There’s a detachable drainage rack inside the lid to keep oil fall in the pot and avoid mess.

One of the biggest draw points of the Russell Hobbs over other deep fryers Australia offers is the huge capacity. Speaking of fumes, this particular model is anticodon too, and with a sleek design is a great addition for anyone looking for the best kitchen deep fryer.

It comes with the standard features such as temperature control, top viewing window, and removable pot for cleaning. If you’re looking to create crispy, delicious fried food in your own home, then purchasing a high-quality deep fryer is a great idea.

This attractive brushed stainless steel deep fryer from Seville has an LCD digital screen, a large 1.2 kg food capacity, and holds 4 liters of oil. You’ll love the fresh and frozen settings and 6 preset functions on the fryer enabling you to easily make twice-fried chips, fries, fish, wings, calamari and donuts.

There’s even a seventh custom preset option for you to set yourself for ultimate convenience for your favorite fried dish. The Cuisinart CDF 200 is ideal for families who want to be able to easily create a large capacity of fried food with ease.

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The stainless steel deep fryer quickly heats up with a 1800 watt immersion system, and even has a cool-touch handle for safe removal of the food basket when it’s fully cooked. Customers will appreciate the easy-clean features of the deep fryer including a pouring spout, dishwasher safe frying basket and removable enamel-coated oil container.

Using a 3,000 watt heating element and adjustable electric thermostat, you can fry food quickly and precisely with ease. Customers who love gadget innovation will appreciate the automatic oil filtration and handy digital timer.

However, aesthetics aren’t the only draw of this deep fryer as it also has some great cooking features families will love. Customers who appreciate economical design will like that the Rotary uses a special angled basket which enables you to use a massive 50% less oil when cooking.

The large capacity doesn’t mean you need longer for cleaning though, as the electric deep fryer has an easy to sanitize non-stick removable bowl. Customers wanting to fry food regularly will appreciate this deep fryer ’s safe cool-touch handles, large viewing windows and anticodon filter.

The product also has an attractive stainless steel aesthetic to suit most modern kitchen decors. If you don’t mind watching your food and checking it to see if it is cooked every now and again then basic deep fryers will work fine for your needs.

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An adjustable temperature feature is extremely handy when it comes to trying out how hot you need the oil and experimenting with different fried food cooking. Those features are more economical than healthy and when you are shopping for deep fryers it makes sense to see less oil use in that way, rather than expecting the food produced to be healthier in general.

When it comes to deep fryers, it can be easy to be seduced by a great rating, large capacity and various cooking features. Soon enough you’ll be enjoying delicious, crisp fried food with your family all cooked in your own kitchen at home.

For full family cooking, or regular large fried meals, a 4 liter fryer capacity or more is ideal. The bestdeepfryer oil is thought to be peanut or canola as they remain the most stable during the process of cooking.

The market in Australia crowded with many brands claiming to offer the best models. The first thing you’ll need to decide is whether you’re going to opt for an air fryer vs deep fryer.

Once you’ve decided to stick with deep-frying, you can read through our extensive buyers guide and list of five of the best in the Aussie market. That deep fryers are hard to clean, expensive and take up too much space for the use they get.

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That deep-frying is not something one should do very often as it’s an unhealthy way to cook your food and that therefore the purchase of a deep fryer is an unwise expense. But a different, and perhaps better, view is that a dedicated deep fryer is a preferred option because it is designed to deep-fry safely, effectively and efficiently.

It may take up a bit of extra bench or cupboard space but it’s worth it if you like to deep-fry as part of your menu at home. Another factor is that frying from frozen (which is very common) is tricky without a deep fryer as the oil temperature drops instantly and the food is ruined.

A deep fryer is designed to cope with all these conditions and produce properly fried foods without the guesswork. Deep-frying can become dangerous if done in a makeshift way using pots and other equipment not fit for purpose.

It is a personal decision but at the end of the day, safety is a very serious consideration, as is the quality of the food that you consistently get to eat. Seville’s Smart Deeper BDF500 comes in a smart brushed steel and black to steal the deep fryer limelight with its impressive super crispy double fried French fries feature.

With a large 1.2 kg capacity, it has a 7-function LCD menu for automatically setting the time and temperature for particular foods (twice-fried chips, fish, wings, donuts and so on). It has a powerful immersed 2200W element for super-fast temperature recovery and adjusting for frozen or fresh foods.

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For easier cleaning, the fryer has a ‘cool zone’ underneath the element which traps debris and oil and prevents the hot cooking zone from burning and extends oil life. The lid and frying vessel are designed to reduce splatter and are dishwasher safe.

Large basket, 4L oil box 30-Minute mechanical timer Cool-touch handle Rapid heat-up & recovery. The removable stainless- steel oil container has a 4L capacity and an easy to empty pouring spout.

The lid, basket and oil bowl are all detachable and removable and dishwasher safe for easy clean. For safety, the basket has a cool touch handle and the unit has an overload auto shutoff protection function.

The Cuisinart DF-250A may not have all the bells and whistles of some of its competitors but it is a simple yet extremely effective deep fryer. Sleek looking design Patented cleaning system 1.5 kg basket, 2.4L of oil Adjustable temperature control Mixed reviews online.

Coming in crisp white, black and chrome the DeLonghi FS6055 Traditional Deeper is an affordable appliance which is perfect for the family with a large 1.5 kg capacity and easy maintenance. A modern deep fryer which doesn’t smell due to a washable and replaceable Anticodon Filter and a specially designed Easy Clean System, this fryer is a dream to use.

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The adjustable thermostat means you can preset the oil temperature between 150-190 degrees Celsius, depending on the food you’re cooking. The fryer has an auto lid release button with a ready to cook indicator light to let you know when the oil has reached the pre-set temperature.

It’s safe, with cool to touch walls, and a transparent viewing window to easily monitor the progress of the cooking process. The interior walls are non-stick and the bowl, lid, basket and timer are all dishwasher safe.

The easy clean aspects, and the odorless factor, are winners for the person in charge of the dishes in the household. Sleek circular design Small 0.9L basket, 2L oil box Lower voltage Suitable for 1-2 persons.

It’s barely 1L oil capacity means that you can lash out and use duck fat if that takes your fancy on a special occasion. The unit has an 840W element and an adjustable thermostat dial for temperature settings between 80-190 degrees Celsius.

The KDF560BSS deep fryer from Saybrook is another large family sized 4-litre deep fryer with a generous 1 kg mesh food basket to feed several people their favorite fried chicken, tempura prawns or plain old French fries! Finished in a stylish stainless steel and black exterior, this suits any kitchen and perhaps even a commercial setting.

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Safe and efficient, this fryer has cool touch handles and a large viewing window in the safety lid to avoid lifting the basket during the cooking time. The quick heat adjustable temperature control (up to a maximum of 190 degrees Celsius) provides versatility for a wide range of foods.

So it’s very important to read the instructions that came with your deep fryer because they all operate slightly differently and need to be assembled properly. Put the basket to one side and then pour the required amount of oil into the fryer before turning the power on but only up to the maximum fill line.

Check your recipe for cooking times (15 minutes is a general guide) and monitor to make sure the food isn’t burning. Once cooked, remove basket and place food onto a rack or paper towels with tongs to cool and soak up excess oil.

Thankfully there are still many models of deep fryer you can purchase and I'd recommend getting the Seville Bdf500Bss for its useful smart features, affordable price and large capacity and oil box.

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