"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Best Deep Fryer Chips

Elaine Sutton
• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
• 8 min read

Another note about our process: In the Before Times, we conducted these taste tests in our Food Lab at The Washington Post’s headquarters. We would gather around the central counter, nibbling on numbered samples and scribbling notes.

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“These are the box of Rice Kris pies that got lost in the back of your pantry for a year and you decide to dig into it because you’re just that hungry one day,” one wrote. Again, a lackluster (“meh”) flavor and faint salt notes left some tasters feeling ghosted.

And more off flavors: “weird, cardboard, slightly sour aftertaste” and “smells playdough-ish.” Still, one taster found redemption in its “light but sturdy texture.” And once they did, several feared for their chompers, deeming the sample “not dentist recommended” and requiring “more molar power than the rest.” While one declared the “featherless makes me want to diet,” a few others noted that the beefy structure of these “certified all-day dippers” was optimal as a delivery vehicle for even the heftiest of condiments.

It seems the shape was the deal breaker for this popular brand, because otherwise it won praise for a pleasantly “shattering” and “snappy” crispiness. You wouldn’t offend anyone if you served them these chips, which had two tasters thinking alike (if not enthusiastically), who dubbed them “middle of the road.” Perhaps a touch more salt could elevate them, a few suggested.

Several tasters raved about the crispy specimen, and it earned one of only two perfect scores of the entire sweepstakes. Some loved the bubbles on the surface that made them look fresh from the fryer at a neighborhood taquería.

They “add some more delicate crispiness,” according to one, but another said the air pockets made them appear “fried and tired and sad … basically, they are Quarantine Us.” This best -selling chip is so ubiquitous, one taster even correctly identified it out of the crowded lineup, and its uniformly high marks prove that 50 million Elvis fans can’t be wrong.

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It earned the tasting’s other perfect score from a judge who raved about the chip’s “great crunch!” It hit marks for crispiness, ability to convey salsa from bowl to maw, and decent salt levels, all of which earned it plaudits like “well-balanced” and the prescient “all-around winner.” A nice bonus: With a price point typically in the $2 range per 11-ounce bag, these might be the best bargain on this list, too.

They are a good option for home cooking chips, doughnuts or other fried treats. And while we're completely aware they're not the most healthy option for cooking, if you're an infrequent user of your home deep fryer then we don't see a problem.

Like all appliances, there's a few factors to consider before parting with the cash such as size, ease of use and how it looks on the countertop. Alternatively you may want to cook food quickly, but have it a little healthier, so take a look at our best microwaves guide for more of our top picks.

The Andrew James model is our pick of the best deep fat fryers. Features Not only does it have a very decent capacity of 3 liters, enough to feed a family, it also has a dishwasher safe basket and lid, and an ultra-useful viewing window so you can see when food is good and golden.

Non-stick The removable non-stick pan combined with an adjustable thermostat makes sure you can fry foods, so they are perfectly golden. For those evenings where you fancy treating yourself to something naughty, the Seville 3 L Pro Fryer holds just enough for a two-person portion.

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If the idea of a deep fat fryer fills you with guilt, then there is a healthy alternative which will still allow you to indulge in your favorite crispy treats. It's one of our small deep fryers, and admittedly it doesn’t taste quite the same, but it is close enough to the real deal for those who are really looking to count calories.

The Swan SD6060N offers no fuss and no mess whenever you fancy some crispy chips. Feature Thanks to its adjustable thermostat, you can control the temperature how you like, and the indicator light will let you know when you’re good to go.

The detachable basket is key in terms of safety and is designed for anything from frying chips to fruit fritters and even onion rings. Size The machine itself is pretty compact, so it'll easily slot into a kitchen cupboard if you don't want it on display all the time.

SpecificationsReasons to reasons to avoid Complete with a cooking time guide, the Cook works 1.5L Deep Fat Fryer can squeeze in enough food for two portions, and because it's so compact, it's easy to store. Features It has a safe-lock lid for peace of mind and an adjustable thermostat for cooking different foods, as well as a cool zone to keep your oil fresh for longer.

Now that you've read our deep fat fryer reviews, it's time to help make your decision a little easier. There are plenty of well-known brands on the market that all offer some great home deep fryer options.

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Safety features, such as a lockable lid to stop spills, and dishwasher safe parts for easy cleaning and maintenance are worth looking out for. It has a medium-size capacity, it's easy to clean and store, and it features a viewing window so you can see when your food is cooked.

Our favorite model by far is the superb Teal Oleo clean Pro which filters the oil after each use, removing crumbs and other debris in the process. Second place goes to the excellent De’Longhi Traditional FS6055, an admittedly large appliance but one that is easy to clean when the oil has past its prime.

A specialized deep fat fryer, by contrast, comes with an integral thermostat that ensures the oil never reaches a temperature hot enough to catch fire. Instead, invest in a packet of Quick shine Deep -Fat Fixer from Lakeland which turns the oil into a solid lump for completely fuss-free disposal.

Or, as a messier alternative, find a sealed plastic box (not entirely environmentally friendly it has to be said), pour in the oil, seal it and put it in your refuse bin or, better still, take it to your local recycling depot where it might one day help power a biofuel power plant or even car. Most professional chefs like Jamie Oliver and Michelin-starred restaurant owner Pascal Assigned will extol the virtues of beef dripping and duck fat, and if you’ve ever had chips cooked in lard you’ll know what an incredible flavor it produces.

For the purposes of this roundup I used Crisp ’n’ Dry rapeseed oil and it produced some damn fine chips. Again, according to Jamie Oliver and Pascal Assigned, there is no better potato for chips than the Maris Piper, though King Edwards are also popular.

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The problem is that every time you fry something, it leaves behind a load of burnt crumbs that sit there waiting to be added to the next fry-up. The situation is even worse when you fry chips one day and bread crumbed Chinese butterfly prawns the next.

This large 3.5-litre Teal model features a unique cleaning system that rids the used oil of crumbs and other post-fry detritus after every meal. This model has one of the largest footprints of those tested and is capable of accommodating up to 1.2kgs of food: its basket is deep and wide enough to swallow a whole fish and its size also provides more space for chips, prawns and calamari to receive a right proper frying.

Its large basket meanwhile has the capacity for a substantial 1.5 kg of chips, fish, battered Mars Bars, what have you. Reasons to avoid The design of this 4-litre Sage model is along the same commercial-style lines as the Teal only it doesn’t come with a filter system.

I say theoretically because the partner and I had to refer to the manual a number of times when using its ‘twice cooked’ chips mode. Nevertheless, for those who haven’t the first clue about frying, I can certainly see the value of a one-touch system like this and, to be fair, twice-fried chips do require two different temperatures and time scales.

For the record, other presets include fish, nuggets, calamari and doughnuts, so if you’re keen on any of those ingredients then this could be the fryer for you. Mind, the basket is much narrower and deeper than the Teal’s so the food is a bit more cramped, meaning a little gentle stirring with a wooden spoon may be required during the frying process to prevent ingredients from sticking together.

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