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Best Deep Fryer Cleaner

Earl Hamilton
• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Although deep fryers are one of the commonly used items in commercial as well as home kitchens, most deep fryer owners tend to neglect the fact that they need to regularly clean them. Contrary to the common misconception which states that dishwashers can spotless deep fryers, it is worth noting that a dishwasher’s mechanical process of moving water during cleaning lacks the pressure required to remove the thick, oily, grime crusts that deep fryers are continuously unprotected from when one fries various foods.

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Not only will thoroughly clean a deep fryer reduce the safety and fire risks associated with the cooking method, but it will also ensure that one’s fryer stays in good working condition. When grease stains on the outer and inner surfaces of a deep fryer are ignored for a long period of time, they become very sticky and difficult to clean using ordinary soap and water.

As such, individuals are advised to spray WD-40 on these surfaces to loosen and dissolve this sticky oil grime before wiping them off with any type of cleaning agent. To make a great cleaning agent, one should moisten a soft scrubber with a mixture of vinegar and hot water.

The fryer ’s power cord should then be wrapped with a dry cloth in order to protect the wire from the water and debris that may be splashed during the cleaning process. Re-using old, rancid oil counteracts the cleaning process as it works to increase the likelihood of the deep fryer getting grimy faster.

As a general rule, individuals must never attempt to pour out hot oil from their deep fryer as it increases the risk of one getting burned or scalded. Once the frying oil has been poured out, the next step one should make is that of removing the deep fryer ’s filter or basket and wiping the inside area of the fryer.

In addition to the high-pressure water, one should use a brush with soft bristles and a cleaning solution to remove any sticky oil grime from the filter. However, in order to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the deep fryer, individuals are advised to avoid using abrasive brushes or cleaning products as they easily cause permanent outer surface damages.

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Therefore, one should use a commercial degreased to remove this accumulated oily filth and thereafter rinse and dry the surface using paper towels. I will review the bestdeepfryer easy to clean models you can purchase on the market.

Read also some things about the easy clean deep fryer which might be helpful for you before buying. Most easy-clean deep fryers have nonsticking surface and are safe for the dishwasher.

The easy-clean deep fryers don’t require a lot of energy for dishwashing. It doesn’t require any special program while washing in the dishwasher.

It’s good to rinse the oily surface before washing to be sure you’d removed stuck pieces of food. The 30-minute dishwasher program should be good to make the deep fryer parts clean.

The price doesn’t depend on how easy you can clean the deep fryer but on the size of the container, the frying options, material, and so on. The most profitable is to buy on Amazon or similar web shops because you can get a discount and free shipping.

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No matter if the lid is closed, the basket handle protrudes and you can hold it. There is the temperature regulation button so you can adjust the heat level according to the type of food.

DeLonghi easy clean deep fryer has the capacity of 3 lbs of food approximately. There is a tray on the front side and you need to pull it and remove the rest of the oil.

The remains of food don’t stick on the bottom of the pot where the cool zone is. The cool zone means the place beneath the heating element.

It’s called cool because there the oil temperature is lower than in other parts of the container. The cool zone has the purpose to prevent burns of food and also bad odors.

Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Deeper Long Handle Basket Included The Cuisinart easy clean deep fryer has the capacity of 4 quarts which is almost the 4 liters.

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This electric Cuisinart deep fryer heats with the power of 1800 Watts. The pot includes the pouring spout which makes your cleaning even easier.

The cleaning is easy and fast and you don’t have to be afraid of the mess no matter which food you fry. Except for the french fries, you can make also onion rings, chicken, vegetables, fish and more.

Specifications: 30-minute timer immersion heating system the capacity for almost 4 liters of the oil It’s the smallest model between the easy clean deep fryers in this post.

You will see the marks of the temperatures and food which is suitable for frying on each heat level. This Outer deep fryer has a glass lid so you can watch through it during the frying.

The pot is made of stainless steel and has a nonsticking surface ideal for cleaning. This Outer easy clean deep fryer is practical for carrying.

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The machine doesn’t require a lot of space in your home or in your luggage bag. This easy clean deep fryer is made for a couple of servings.

Specifications: made of stainless steel large lid window practical for carrying and storing nonsticking coating 1,5-liter capacity The control panel includes also the timer you can use to regulate the frying time.

You can place the pot, lid, and basket in the dishwasher when you finish frying. The lid includes the filtration system so the food won’t be full of bad odors.

You can remove their parts and put them in the dishwasher for easy and fast cleaning. Clean FryerCleaner lifts and removes the toughest baked on grease, food and other soil particles.

Clean FryerCleaner Concentrate is a proprietary heavy-duty cleaner made with bio-based ingredients and the power of organic nanotechnology. Clean FryerCleaner lifts and removes the toughest baked on grease, food and other soil particles.

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Ultimate Biodegradable and environmentally safe Clean Free FryerCleaner Concentrate is the GREEN SOLUTION when deep cleaning fryers and other cooking surfaces … satisfaction guaranteed. Tum fryer heaters to high and bring the solution to a full boil.

Turn the heat down to a low boil arid allow cleaning solution to “boil-out” for 15 minutes. This cleaner also eliminates the potential for flavor crossover so you can be sure your food is made with the rich, full taste customers will love.

Designed for powerful cleaning potential and versatility, deepfryercleaner can also be used on ovens and other high-temperature food prep equipment for outstanding results. Our selection of commercial deepfryercleaner includes powerful cleaning agents from popular brands so you can buy from a name you trust.

Perfect for keeping your cooking equipment up to code after it's used, fryer cleaner plays a fundamental role in the sanitation and cleanliness of any commercial kitchen. If fryers are not cleaned regularly then you not only run the risk of compromising the quality of your oil but also the taste of your food.

Maintaining clean deep fat fryers also has the added benefit of keeping your energy costs low. Keeping them clean with a regular fryer “boil out” will therefore save you time, energy and a significant amount of money in the process.

fryer deep cleaner fat chemical tempest noble lb
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In this post, we’ll provide you with a simple yet effective guide on how to clean your commercial deep fryer. While there are a wide variety of cleaning tools on the market, there are some essentials that will be needed for every commercial fryer boil out.

Fill the deep fryer with cool water up to the level line and add the deep fat fryer cleaner (follow the specific instructions of your chosen cleaner to ensure you create the correct solution). Turn your deep fryer back on and slowly boil the water and cleaner solution for 10-15 minutes.

Clean the interior of the deep fryer again and wipe down with a lint free cloth to ensure all oil, food and other remnants are removed. Use clean lint free cloths to dry all interior parts of the deep fryer.

If a fryer is correctly filtering their oil and cleaning their commercial deep fryer after use, then a boil out will only be necessary every 3 to 6 months. Fry max is the deep -frying vegetable oil of choice in the frying trade for a reason: it’s incredibly stable, free of additives and preservatives, and 100% sustainable.

Get in touch with our team today to learn how Fry max can help you provide the best quality fried food for years to come.

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