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Best Deep Fryer Cuisinart

David Lawrence
• Wednesday, 28 October, 2020
• 9 min read

Here, you’ll find options from customer-loved brands such as Cuisinart, Total, Seville, Hamilton Beach, and De’Longhi. Read on to learn what to look for before making your purchase, along with more details about each deep fryer we’ve selected.

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Most options also come with clear windows on their lids so you can peek inside and ensure your food is browning correctly, eliminating the need to open the lid and risk getting splashed with sizzling hot oil. There are also deep fryers that fit numerous baskets, compact options that are easy to store, and of course, luxury versus budget picks.

We’ve balanced all of these considerations and scoured thousands of reviews from real customers, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll have no trouble finding the right fit from our list of the best deep fryers. Named for its special tilt-basket rotating system, the Root comes with an anti-odor filter and the brand’s signature easy-clean pour spout that makes discarding or transferring oil a breeze.

“I have always been intimidated by deep fat fryers, so I've used a fry pan,” said a reviewer, who used the Root for chicken strips. The best option for one-serving meals or small portions, Total’s stainless steel deep fryer is no bigger than a three-quart Instant Pot.

What’s more, it’s equipped with indicator lights that tell you when the oil is hot enough to start cooking, along with a smart, understated safety feature: its magnetic cord easily breaks away, so you won’t have to worry about tipping the entire fryer over if you accidentally snag the cord. While it doesn’t come with an oil container or pour spout, it does include a removable frying basket and handles that allow for easy maneuvering.

You’ll also get the most bang for your buck; this multi-use cooking tool combines a few appliances into one and costs just $40. “Everyone should have one of these,” wrote a reviewer, who added, “This is like an electric frying pan in the shape of a pot.

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We’ve had one for years; great for making chili, soup, can be used as a deep fryer, and is the ultimate appliance for campers in RV or centers who like to use hook-ups.” Presto’s multi-cooker has a 4.5-star rating with nearly 1,000 five-star reviews, and since it’s on sale right now, you can grab it for even less. Sometimes basic is best, and this stainless steel deep fryer from Cuisinart does its job without extra bells and whistles.

“The depth is perfect, heats to the right temperature pretty quickly, cooks evenly, and the basket which may be lifted out and hung on the side to drain the grease from food minimizes waste,” said one reviewer. Hamilton Beach’s 4.5-liter deep fryer isn’t exactly ideal if your kitchen lacks storage space, but it is the best choice for frying up big portions for large families or dinner parties.

Like other good deep fryers, it comes with a viewing window on the lid and a removable oil container that makes cleanup easy. Plus, the oil tank, lid, and frying baskets are all dishwasher-safe, and the appliance comes with a magnetic break-away cord for added safety.

Seville is the brand behind some of the best juicers, espresso machines, and other kitchen appliances on the market, so it’s no surprise that it also makes a great luxury deep fryer. Seville’s Smart Fryer comes with one-touch programs that have predetermined settings for certain foods, including one for twice-fried fries (because honestly, the crispier the better).

You can also choose “fresh” or “frozen” functions and the Smart Fryer will automatically adjust its frying time and temperature accordingly. What’s more, the high-tech appliance uses a signature cool-zone technology to push the heat upwards, creating a protective “cool zone” at the bottom of the fryer that traps food debris.

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Total’s deep fryer is specially designed to avoid this problem with a unique activated charcoal filtration system that reduces odors by 74 percent, according to the brand. While most large fryers can be a hassle to store, Presto’s dual fryer eliminates this problem with a space-saving design that allows you to store the frying baskets and heating conduit within the main compartment.

My husband was sitting just a few feet away while I was using it, and he didn't even realize I was frying food until I handed him a plate. Carl Synthesizer, who pioneered and popularized the use of food processors in North America, also went on to introduce a variety of versatile kitchen appliances, including deep fryers.

The innovative and resourceful Cuisinart deep fryers are highly sought after by chefs, homemakers, and foodies with an insatiable lust for deep -fried treats. The deep fryers of Cuisinart come equipped with advanced and practical features like a thermostat, indicator lights, and digital timers, which make them immensely handy.

At the same time, the deep fryers boast of solid stainless steel construction, which makes them incredibly hardy and also very performance-oriented. A commercial or domestic deep fryer comes in perfectly handy for submerging and frying a wide range of foods at temperatures varying between 350 °F (177 °C) and 375 °F (191 °C).

The most noticeable benefit of using a deep fryer is that the appliance does not make French fries or corn dogs overly greasy or oily. Once you’ve decided on the fryer type, your next task would be to select a unit equipped with basic and advanced features.

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On the other hand, floor deep fryers are ideal for restaurants that prepare fried foods in bulk regularly. Floor deep fryers use electricity or gas for heating the oil and come with a single or multiple frying baskets.

These models are constructed from industrial grade stainless steel and come with robust fryer baskets, lids, and toughened rubber feet. A light-duty deep-frying unit is most suitable for catering businesses and delicatessens retailing foods and handling home deliveries in low quantities.

Source of power Electric deep fryers are by far more popular with users compared to units that run on gas. The Cuisinart CDF-100 1.1L Deeper is an ergonomically designed compact fryer implying that the unit occupies minimal countertop space.

Cons The unit heats up to a maximum of 340 °F instead of the stated 375 °F Inferior build quality as it is made of a thin layer of sheet metal and there are numerous pointed edges The CDF-130 Stainless Steel Deeper comes in perfectly handy for couples looking to savor small servings of fried treats.

The stainless steel CDF-170 deep fryer from Cuisinart allows you to effortlessly cook crispy, mouthwatering fried treats that do not leave you with a greasy feeling. The unit has a medium 3.4-quart oil capacity letting you fry up to 1.7lbs of prawns, chicken wings, calamari, and fish.

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The CDF-170 features an interactive control panel that facilitates the accurate setting of temperature for a range of fried foods. The control panel also comes with a built-in digital timer that lets you set the time for cooking a variety of delicious goodies.

The premium quality brushed stainless steel built guarantees that the unit will stay functional for many years to come. However, the CDF-200P1’s USP is its hard wearing 1800W immersion-style heating element that helps fry foods within minutes and also quickly recovers oil temperature.

And, one of the best makers of small kitchen appliances today makes several deep fryers. This post may contain affiliate links that could result in payment of a commission to our website at no additional cost to you.

If you are looking for a small fryer for your home, the Cuisinart Compact is a good option. It has a stainless steel finish, with black accents on the top, bottom, and side handle.

You can cook up to ¾ pounds of food at one given time, which is great for couples and small families. It will help to maintain the cooking oil’s temperature and creates fried food that is restaurant quality.

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The Cuisinart Compact has a charcoal filter that helps to remove any unwanted smells. It has a cover that can be closed when in used to protect you from hot oil splatters.

The temperature can be easily adjusted using the thermostat on the front of the deep fryer. If you are looking for a deep fryer with a slightly larger capacity, the 2 Quart is a good option.

Even with the larger capacity, it is still fairly small and compact and will not take up much countertop space. The food is cooked in a metal mesh basket that is easy to remove and clean.

The handle of the basket has a cool touch and will not become affected by the heat while cooking. In addition to this, this deep fryer has a lid to protect you from hot oils as you are cooking.

It also has a pouring spout so you can safely dispose of the oil when it is no longer needed. Many of the removable parts are dishwasher safe which also makes cleaning easier.

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It is great if you want something a little bigger than the first two fryers, but still want to create fairly small meals. This fryer is stainless steel and has black accents on the handles, control panel, and bottom.

It has fast heat recovery and will help to cook food evenly. It has a food capacity of 1.7 pounds and holds 3.4 quarts of oil in the container.

It will accommodate a wide range of items such as fries, chicken wings, donuts, and vegetables. The basket, oil container, and lids are all removable, which helps with cleaning.

The timer is digital and it has LED indicator lights that let you know when the machine is powered on. This deep fryer is a step up in comparison to the first three Cuisinart ’s we have reviewed, both in its size and price.

It would be great for occasions such as the Super Bowl, where you are making a lot of different snacks, or any backyard outing. It is quick, efficient, and effective, helping to cook your food evenly.

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It also has a pouring spout to help you easily dispose of the leftover oil (once cooled). The frying basket is made out of durable stainless steel and its handle remains cool.

This fryer is slightly different from the other four we have reviewed as it also contains a rotisserie option. With the rotisserie feature, the bird continually spins resulting in even cooking without chef intervention.

It has a simple stainless steel design, with a few black accents. It has a timer that can be set up to 120 minutes, and an adjustable heat thermometer that can reach 375 degrees.

This is one of the more expensive CuisinartDeep Fryers, but given that you can also use it as a rotisserie and steamer, it is good value for money. With its five different models, Cuisinart offers a deep fryer sized to fit whatever quantity of cooking you desire.

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