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Best Deep Fryer For Outdoor Kitchen

Maria Garcia
• Friday, 09 October, 2020
• 8 min read

Deep-frying indoors might be convenient, but the aftermath is a totally different kettle of fish. There’s the cleanup work, the unpleasant smell that could leave your kitchen repulsive for days and the safety hazard linked to deep-frying indoors.

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Having your deep-frying done outside the vicinity of your kitchen is a pleasant twist, and an outdoordeepfryer can help you make the most of your time outside. An outdoordeepfryer still has all the positives you liked about your indoor option. And you don’t have to worry about leaving any stench in your home, because nature has got you covered.

It might interest you to know that outdoor deep fryers can be categorized based on where the heat used in deep-frying your food comes from. Models in this category depend on gaseous hydrocarbons like natural gas or propane to generate the heat required for an outdoor deep frying expedition.

With this type of deep fryers, an outdoor deep frying is done quickly without a compromise in the overall process. Also, the propane tank is easily accessible and be moved farther from your kitchen, which is one of the pitfalls of the electric models.

This explains why many electric models aren’t capable of handling heavy-duty outdoor deep frying activities. Also, they are generally safer compared to using flammable hydrocarbons in proximity with naked flames.

Apparently, your choice of either type of outdoor deep fryers will be dependent on your intentions regarding the appliance. If you don’t have the time for a blow-by-blow review of the bestoutdoordeep fryers, just check out the list of recommendations and the comparison table and you should be okay.

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Follow me as I take the time to review 12 of the bestoutdoordeep fryers you can purchase today. This review will be concise and hopefully, instrumental in shaping your decision-making regarding the choice of an outdoordeepfryer to purchase this year.

This outdoor fryer is an embodiment of impressive features, geared towards an efficient frying of your food items. At the extreme end of this dip, a drain valve makes removal of the oil possible.

Oil capacity4 gallonsDimensions38.5 × 14.5x 11.5 inchesCooker typeGas-poweredWeight45 poundsBrandBayou Classic Pros Design helps in keeping the oil clean Large capacity stainless steel fry baskets Drain valve makes it easy to clean the appliance Heats up quickly and stays hot for a long time Sturdy build Has an inbuilt thermometer for a seamless temperature control Sometimes, you just want a big stockpot in an outdoor setting, and that’s precisely what this turkey fryer is offering.

You can steam, cook and boil food using the steamer kit and other items. It has a stand, which is made using rolled steel, and its powder coated to improve its durability.

The propane burner supplies a 55,000 BTU flame, so your turkey gets cooked quickly. With the lightweight aluminum pots and other items, heat radiates permeates your food more quickly.

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Cooking time3 minutes a poundCooker typeGas-poweredCapacity20 poundsBrandBackyard Pro Pros Several accessories included Multipurpose deep fryer Comes with a rigid box steel stand Easily heated aluminum utensils This deep fryer consists of an aluminum pot and basket; you can immerse your turkey into the heated oil and retrieve same easily.

This fryer uses a propane burner with a 55,000 BTU capacity; it will get your turkey fried in no time. But you don’t have to overheat the oil as the long probe thermometer can be easily inserted and kept inside the pot using the clip provided.

Cooking time3 minutes a poundDimensions15.5 × 15.5 × 19.7inchesCooker typeGas-poweredWeight23 poundsBrandStark Pros Supportive stand holds the pots in place over the burner Aluminum pot heats up quickly Oil doesn’t get to overheat since you can monitor the temperature using the thermometer The pair of poultry rack and lift hook makes it easy to withdraw your turkey from the pot Easy to setup Food items to be fried are placed in the basket and suspended in the pan using the heat-resistant handle.

Like the 700-701, this fryer has 2 pairs of extended legs with an adjustable height, so frying at different levels is possible. The basket has a single heat-resistant handle, so it’s easy to retrieve fried food from the oil without making a mess.

Cons Fragile frying compartment Low capacity Design flaws The Bio excel taco chart deep fryer contains two tanks for dual frying.

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It makes use of propane tank to provide the required energy to heat up food items. Due to its sheer size, it works great for commercial use and large outdoor frying needs.

The oil tank of the Bio excel outdoordeepfryer is removable, ensuring easy cleanup. It’s a bang for the buck when you compare the results you’ll obtain with the amount spent on procuring this outdoordeepfryer.

But it justifies it price point by packing features you won’t see with regular countertops or even large outdoor deep fryers. Some other worthy mentions are the drain valve, a thermometer and of course its stand with 8-inch wheels for mobility.

Material buildStainless steeliest sourcePropane gasDimensions24 x 29 × 51 inchesWeight116 poundsBrandR&V Works Pros It’s a made in the USA product Sturdily built Comes with two fryer baskets and removable stay cool handles Has a unique design that prevents frying oil from burning It has a large capacity to feed up to 30 people per hour It has wheels for easy movement There’s a perforated aluminum basket, Dutch oven lid, and even a 29” LPG rubber hose attached to its high pressure burner.

Welded steel frame Windshield protection Perforated aluminum basket Material broadcast prophet sourcePropane gasDimensions18.3 × 19.2 × 22.8 inchesWeight36.3 poundsBrandBayou Pros Great for frying lots of food items from fish to fries and hush puppies Solid cast iron that holds oil temperature Its legs/steel frames are stable and tall so you don’t have to bend to use it.

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The Alone is a high heat outdoor all-in-one cooker that uses a single propane burner to cook, fry, grill and boil. This sturdy propane outdoor cooker has aluminum steamer and stockpot which are the needed items to get your cooking underway.

This cooker consists of a tripod stand, which made of steel, giving it a highly sought stability. You should only get an outdoordeepfryer after being armed with sufficient information on the subject and this section remains a worthwhile source for such.

With a guide, understanding the inner workings of outdoor deep fryers achieves clarity. Putting these differences into consideration, when opting for an outdoordeepfryer, is bound to influence your choice of appliance.

The higher the number of cups stipulated for the outdoordeepfryer, the more capable the unit is able to handle oil-gobbling food items. This is handy when deep-frying for more than a single serving or different food items.

Both differ in how they deal with the heating intensity of the fryer, and their resilience in the face of oil vary as well. As tasty as certain deep-fried delicacies might be, they tend to make you work when cleaning the outdoordeepfryer.

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Fortunately, certain models have their interior coated with the widely sort non-stick material which makes cleaning a lot easier. This coating also affects the quality of the food as it doesn’t stick to the inside of the appliance.

Situations like this could be avoided by selecting an electrical model with a high wattage. While having an extinguisher around isn’t bad idea, your appliance is capable of rendering such efforts redundant with the right features.

There’s also the auto-shutdown feature that kills the power source once the temperature of the oil reaches a certain point. Gas powered models would often have a lid that prevents the notorious oil splatter, which is capable of resulting in a fatal accident.

Yes, you can, but it’s important that you always confirm the state of the oil before you start deep-frying. Frankly, if it’s possible, you might want to store your oil in an airtight container and place such in the refrigerating unit.

Every outdoordeepfryer considered in this piece has specific attributes that gives credence to their functionality. Its long probe thermometer ensures accurate temperature reading without putting you in harm’s way.

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