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Best Deep Fryer For Turkey

Earl Hamilton
• Tuesday, 22 December, 2020
• 12 min read

TurkeyFryer Bayou Classic amazon.this outdoor cooker is made of stainless steel for optimal durability. To use, place it upside down on the poultry rack and carefully lower it into the hot oil.

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It features a grab hook, for easy retrieval, and the set comes with a 12-inch thermometer. The hinged lid is removable for easy cleaning and a drain valve to empty used oil in a snap.

When you're done, you can toss all the accessories (pot, basket, lid, and drain valve) right into the dishwasher safe and get back to enjoying your meal. It can handle up to a 16-pound turkey, and can also be used for other large pieces of meat like chicken or beef roasts.

Position your 14-pound bird in the rotisserie basket and let it do its thing for the most even cooking and coloring in one hour! The dials are easy to use, the thermostat monitors the temperature and the timer shuts off the heating element when done.

Safety is the most important feature that should be considered when purchasing a turkey fryer. A poultry rack with a lifting hook is a must-have to pull the turkey in and out of the hot oil safely with a strong grip to prevent seriously dangerous splattering.

When frying, it's important for the turkey to be fully submerged in oil, so if you're used to buying a 20-pounder, an outdoor cooker is probably your best bet; indoor turkey fryers tend to be a bit smaller and can usually only handle 15 pounds max. BTU's: BTU is an acronym for British thermal unit, and it's defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by 1 °F.

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The higher the BTU, the more powerful and the quicker the oil will come to temperature, and the faster your turkey will cook. Convenience : When handling such a massive task, you want to make the process as easy as possible with handy accessories and features like a built-in timer and auto-shut off.

Set up your fryer on a flat surface away from all foot traffic, and especially far from kids and animals. Hair should be tied back and you should not wear any dangling jewelry or loose clothing.

The turkey must be completely submerged in the fryer, with five to six inches of clearance between the water and the top of the pot. Remove the turkey and mark the water level: This will help determine the right amount of oil and prevent spills when it's time for frying.

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If you've decided to take the plunge to deep -fried turkey this Thanksgiving, you'll need a turkey fryer that's up to the task. Frying a turkey is no small feat, and things can go really wrong in an instant.

But never fear, here you'll learn all you need to know when choosing a turkey fryer, including information on propane vs. electric fryers, indoor vs. outdoor frying, and what size fryer to go for. Here are the six best turkey fryers, according to the most trusted source: Online reviewers.

For consumers that don't have the ability to fry outdoors, countertop (i.e. electric) turkey fryers are going to be the safest option, and they can still give a good result. The burner heats the oil in a large stock pot, which is used to fry the turkey.

One major pro of using an electric fryer is that they feature a thermostat control so you can keep a steady temperature. BTU's, or British thermal unit, refers to the amount of heat that is required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by 1 degree F. In essence, the higher the BTU, the more powerful the fryer, and the less time it will take for the oil to come to temperature.

In order for a turkey to cook evenly, it will need to be fully submerged in oil. To kick off our list, we have two of the most highly rated turkey frying products on the market.

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“ Deep frying a turkey has been on my bucket list for a long time. I opted for this stainless steel model for the durability as compared to similar setups with aluminum pots.

Stainless steel is inherently more durable than aluminum and by far easier to clean. As the above review states, you'll need a propane burner to complete this set.

For a truly all-in-one turkey fryer kit, this set from Backyard Pro is priced at just over $100. Ordered a deep fryer cookbook, and this will be used quite often, with the extra fryer /steamer attachments, we plan to deep-fry a lot.

The light-weight aluminum, though less durable than stainless steel, makes for easy transport. It works similarly to a deep fryer, by lowering the turkey into the hot oil with the use of a chrome-wire basket.

It's easy to use and doesn't make any mess and the turkey tastes great,” says one reviewer. Another reviewer made the switch from propane to electric, and did not regret it: “I was skeptical about an electric unit being able to keep the oil hot like my propane unit does, but the sheer terror I go through every time I cook, wondering if this is going to be the time this thing is going to blow up, made me have to try it.

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The temperature got where it needed to be and showed us when it was ready and stayed hot throughout. “ This oil-less fryer from Char-Broil uses infrared technology to prepare turkeys up to 16 pounds, no oil necessary.

Best turkey I've ever cooked, my family and guests were effusive in praise,” says one five-star reviewer. Every year, it seems like more and more folks decide to deep-fry their bird for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Amazon Customer Reviews An absolutely huge turkey fryer handling 25+ pound birds. The heavy-duty cover ensure that nothing with harm your Char-Broil fryer, even when the elements are at their most wicked.

The magnetic breakaway cord is another safety feature that sets this model apart. Auto shutoff regulator and hose provides data and prevents gas leaks.

Includes marinade injector, lift hook, thermometer, and 10-quart steamer basket. Pros: An absolutely huge turkey fryer handling 25+ pound birds.

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Some concern of the poultry rack not being able strong enough to handle larger sized birds. It’s pretty massive with its 20 gauge 44-quart stainless steel cooking pot.

Also included in the package is a thermometer, stainless seasoning injector, and an insulated glove for safe handling while cooking. All the included accessories are dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze.

Bayou Classic touts that it can also serve as a boiler, a fryer, a steamer, and even the basis of a home brewing kit. Cons: Doesn't include as many accessories as the Bayou Classic Big Bird 44-Quart Turkey Frying Kit does.

The 14-inch wide cooking surface heats the fryer ’s pot up quickly. The lid comes included, as does Bayou Classic’s patented poultry rack, lift hook, flavor injector, and thermometer.

The Grand Gobbler is a great investment for those looking to fry a turkey this holiday season. It can fry, boil, and steam, making it one of the most versatile additions to your cooking arsenal.

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Cons: Cooking sizes are limited to what can fit in the 14-inch diameter pot. As long as they can fit into the pot’s 14 diameter cooking surface, you’re good to get frying.

With the included 48-inch braided hose, you should have no issues reaching your propane tank. Cons: Aluminum pot isn't as strong as stainless steel options.

The large aluminum pot allows you to easily fry the largest of turkeys this holiday season. The set comes with everything you need to cook in the sturdy steel stand, CSA certified regulator and hose, aluminum pot, and steamer basket.

The outdoor turkey fryer also comes with a thermometer which measures your cooking oil temperature up to 500-degrees. And there’s a poultry rack included too so that your turkey fryer always fries up a perfect meal.

Pros: Lack of oil means a healthier and safer cook with little to no mess. The heavy-duty cover ensure that nothing with harm your Char-Broil fryer, even when the elements are at their most wicked.

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Everything mentioned comprises easy to clean and dishwasher safe stainless steel. It consists of heavy-duty gray PVC and is fantastic at repelling water, snow, wind, and debris.

There’s a vent to prevent condensation, and it wipes clean super easily with a damp cloth. The magnetic breakaway cord is another safety feature that sets this model apart.

The fryer gives off a lot of steam and will require a well ventilated area if used indoors. Because it’s electric-powered instead of propane, Master built was able to concoct a design that proves to be safe resting upon your kitchen countertop.

The Butterball XL Electric Fryer can cook a turkey up to 20-pounds in size, and it does so with a 1/3 less oil. You could also use it to fry up to 5-pounds of wings, handle a large seafood boil, and even steam your veggies.

And the included basket drain clips and dual thermostat controls allow you safe and easy access to your bird while cooking without having to worry about any flames that propane could potentially bring. The rear of the fryer sports an oil drain valve for super easy clean-up.

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The CreoleFeast 30-Quart Turkey Fryer is super impressive at its list price for all that it offers. The set includes an aluminum 30-quart pot, an aluminum 10-quart pot, a lid that fits both, a fryer basket, a steamer basket, a perforated turkey rake, a lifting hook, a long thermometer, and a marinade injector.

The impressive four-leg steel stand ensures the entire cooking operation remains safe and stable. Auto shutoff regulator and hose provides data and prevents gas leaks.

It’s the cheapest turkey fryer on our list, yet it is still more than capable of cooking you a delicious dinner. With it’s 50,000 BTU cast-iron gas burner to heat it up, the Chard stockpot can handle turkeys up to 18-pounds in size.

The burner’s steel tripod design helps to ensure safety and stability. And the included auto-shutoff regulator and hose maintain accurate temperate control while making sure that your propane doesn’t leak.

And there’s also a poultry rack and safety hanger so that you can easily get your turkey in and out of the fryer when it’s ready. Includes marinade injector, lift hook, thermometer, and 10-quart steamer basket.

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Cons: 20-pound size restriction eliminates cooking of big birds. Taltintoo20’s 30-Quart Turkey Deep Fryer Kit is a powerful no-frills 6-piece set that gets dinner done efficiently thanks to its 55,000 BTU burner.

The setup includes the 30-quart pot, a 10-quart pot and steamer basket, a 100-750-degree thermometer, a perforated poultry rack with a lift hook, and a 1-ounce marinade injector to ensure your bird is filled with deliciousness. It sports a set of metallic arms that raise from its stand and extend around the 30-quart pot to keep it in place.

And the 5 PSI adjustable regulator and hose are CSA approved for safety. The pots are made of aluminum which isn't quite as strong as the stainless steel options on our list.

If you’re cooking up something that you don’t want to fry, you can instead fill your pot up with water to make a delicious seafood boil. The set also can serve as a steamer for your lobsters, shrimp, crabs, and veggies.

The cast burner reaches up to 33,000 BTU, so the propane cooker certainly has some strength to it. The turkey rack and lifting hook make pulling your poultry out a breeze.

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And the propane regulator has a battery-operated timer to make sure it doesn’t run unnecessarily. King Booker’s turkey fryer kit really is a strong offering on our list.

So following a simple set of tips to ensure a safe cooking process is a must. You'll want to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants, as well as closed-toed shoes to make sure oil can't easily access and burn your skin.

Overfilling your pot with oil can cause it to overflow which leads to a slew of very dangerous problems. You always want to be sure that your turkey is completely thawed out and dry before lowering slowly into your cooker.

And you should always make sure to turn off your fryer's gas line before placing a turkey inside the pot to cook. Following these instructions will lead you to a safe cooking environment that will surely deliver a scrumptious bird to the dinner table.

So if you're choosing one of these indoor options this year, figure out what size bird you'll be cooking up so you can save a bit of cash if possible. It comes with a 22-piece accessory kit that makes cooking up your bird incredibly easy.

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