"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Best Deep Fryer Ideas

Ava Flores
• Monday, 19 October, 2020
• 8 min read

When I was growing up, my parents had a farm, and every year, Dad would hire teenage boys to help by haying time. They looked forward to coming because they knew they would be treated to some of Mom's deep fryer recipes, including this delicious fried chicken.

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I serve the beer battered fish with a ranch dressing and hot sauce mixture as a dip. You can frost them with maple or chocolate glaze, then top with chopped nuts, jimmies, toasted coconut or sprinkles.

And though you can get these foods at any restaurant stocked with a frying station, a deep fryer makes it easy to create your favorite crunchy dishes at home. Here, you’ll find options from customer-loved brands such as Cuisinart, Total, Seville, Hamilton Beach, and De’Longhi.

Hot oil is no laughing matter and can cause severe burns if it comes in contact with skin. Most options also come with clear windows on their lids so you can peek inside and ensure your food is browning correctly, eliminating the need to open the lid and risk getting splashed with sizzling hot oil.

There are also deep fryers that fit numerous baskets, compact options that are easy to store, and of course, luxury versus budget picks. We’ve balanced all of these considerations and scoured thousands of reviews from real customers, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll have no trouble finding the right fit from our list of the best deep fryers.

Named for its special tilt-basket rotating system, the Root comes with an anti-odor filter and the brand’s signature easy-clean pour spout that makes discarding or transferring oil a breeze. “I have always been intimidated by deep fat fryers, so I've used a fry pan,” said a reviewer, who used the Root for chicken strips.

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The best option for one-serving meals or small portions, Total’s stainless steel deep fryer is no bigger than a three-quart Instant Pot. What’s more, it’s equipped with indicator lights that tell you when the oil is hot enough to start cooking, along with a smart, understated safety feature: its magnetic cord easily breaks away, so you won’t have to worry about tipping the entire fryer over if you accidentally snag the cord.

While it doesn’t come with an oil container or pour spout, it does include a removable frying basket and handles that allow for easy maneuvering. You’ll also get the most bang for your buck; this multi-use cooking tool combines a few appliances into one and costs just $40.

“Everyone should have one of these,” wrote a reviewer, who added, “This is like an electric frying pan in the shape of a pot. We’ve had one for years; great for making chili, soup, can be used as a deep fryer, and is the ultimate appliance for campers in RV or centers who like to use hook-ups.” Presto’s multi-cooker has a 4.5-star rating with nearly 1,000 five-star reviews, and since it’s on sale right now, you can grab it for even less.

Sometimes basic is best, and this stainless steel deep fryer from Cuisinart does its job without extra bells and whistles. It comes from a trusted appliance brand and has everything you need in a good deep fryer : A lid with a viewing window, indicator lights that tell you when the oil has reached its optimal temperature, a large cooking basket, temperature and time control knobs, and a removable oil container with an indented pour spout.

Hamilton Beach’s 4.5-liter deep fryer isn’t exactly ideal if your kitchen lacks storage space, but it is the best choice for frying up big portions for large families or dinner parties. Like other good deep fryers, it comes with a viewing window on the lid and a removable oil container that makes cleanup easy.

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Plus, the oil tank, lid, and frying baskets are all dishwasher-safe, and the appliance comes with a magnetic break-away cord for added safety. Seville is the brand behind some of the best juicers, espresso machines, and other kitchen appliances on the market, so it’s no surprise that it also makes a great luxury deep fryer.

Seville’s Smart Fryer comes with one-touch programs that have predetermined settings for certain foods, including one for twice-fried fries (because honestly, the crispier the better). You can also choose “fresh” or “frozen” functions and the Smart Fryer will automatically adjust its frying time and temperature accordingly.

What’s more, the high-tech appliance uses a signature cool-zone technology to push the heat upwards, creating a protective “cool zone” at the bottom of the fryer that traps food debris. Total’s deep fryer is specially designed to avoid this problem with a unique activated charcoal filtration system that reduces odors by 74 percent, according to the brand.

While most large fryers can be a hassle to store, Presto’s dual fryer eliminates this problem with a space-saving design that allows you to store the frying baskets and heating conduit within the main compartment. The double-basket fryer can conveniently cook up to five pounds of food at once, and the stainless steel walls and dishwasher-safe frying baskets make cleanup a breeze.

This handy appliance has earned nearly 1,200 reviews from customers who say it’s a “must-have,” a “nice large fryer,” and the best fryer for the price.” “This deep fryer works extremely well! My husband was sitting just a few feet away while I was using it, and he didn't even realize I was frying food until I handed him a plate.

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You have to love a holiday devoted to fried foods, and Hanukkah is all about those fried, crispy, crunchy treats. . So here are some tips for choosing and using a deep fryer to produce those golden delicious delicacies:. When it comes to buying a deep fryer, always select one with large capacity versus small. Yes, you will use more oil to fill it, but it is so much easier to not have to do foods in tiny batches. Always use an oil with a high-smoke-point, like canola or peanut oil. You should never fry in extra virgin olive oil or other expensive oils. You can reuse oil a couple of times as long as you strain it and store it properly in a sealed container. But be aware that foods like fish will leave flavors in your oil that will transfer.

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