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Best Deep Fryer Philippines

Danielle Fletcher
• Friday, 18 December, 2020
• 9 min read

Deep fryers have revolutionized the frying method of fast-food chains and other food stalls by putting a premium on the safety of its use. Not only has it placed safety first, but it also significantly lowers the preparation time and gives you more control over the texture or color of the food you want to be served.

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This type of home appliance leans toward the hefty price ranges, so we are here to lead you to your deep fryer of choice by factoring in these variables. No kitchen sizes and households are the same so you might want to think of how much food you intend to prepare for your number of family members.

The smaller the fryer, the higher the tendency for overcrowding of food and overlapping pieces within the frying oil. An open pot burner is popular for cooking lots of fries, onion rings, chicken tenders, and other pre-breaded items.

It evenly cooks these food items and just lightly browns the sediment without burning it, which might lead to a change in taste. People who love to funnel cakes, doughnuts, shrimp, and tortilla chips will find that an evenly based fryer is ideal for low-density items that float.

Mostly, people resort to what is available to them as of cooking time but having both these fryer types is highly-encouraged for a start-up fried-food business. If the LPG gas price is significantly higher in your area, then an electricity-powered fryer is deemed more practical.

Compared with the electric counterpart, these heat up faster and maintain higher maximum temperatures. Gas-powered deep fryer allows for mass cooking due to this capability and is wonderful when operating a small catering business.

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This is especially practical for mass cooking or a small catering business due to its heating speed. For frying large quantities of food of the same kind in one go, a single basket fryer will do.

A viewing window lets you peek into the cooking without touching the lid. Just be sure to clear this area from water, moist, or oil smudges before turning the fryer on.

The point of having added this feature is to protect you from splashes of oil, which leads to skin burns. Timers of this type have proved to be more precise in cooking the food to your liking.

There are still manual timers on most deep fryers available today, with high, medium, and low settings. Indicator lights are also helpful in letting you know when the oil is ready for frying.

Price3,3001,609.552,1901,5997,4772,1111,763.021,899.752,50010,240Dimensions3.81 kg 31 cm x 18.5 cm x 17 cm Not Specified29x44×30cm 64×30*54 cm 12x 8×12.5 inches Not SpecifiedL51 x W21 x H22cm Not Specified415 mm x 290 mm x 260 mm Power SourceElectricity Electricity Electricity Electricity Gas operated Electricity Electricity Accessories Variable Temperature ControlCool touch handles for safe usage Heat and power light indicator, Variable temperature control Detachable handle, rubber installed at the handle position Oil Drain Support SpecifiedTemperature Control Maximum and minimum level markings inside tank Viewing Window, boil dry protection with Reset Switch LED Minutes Counter, Removable Bowl, Viewing Window Capacity4 Liters 1.2 liters 4 Liters 5.5 liters 12 Liters 2.5 liters6 liters 2 Liters 3.0 L 1.5 kilograms BodyStainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless SteelPlastic Warranty1 Year1 Year 1 Year 7 days 6 Months 1 Month 7 days 1 Year1 Year 1 Year Link Begin cleaning the frying basket by placing it in the sink to soak with a water and dish soap solution.

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Using a plastic spatula, gently scrape the sides and bottom of the fryer to remove food particles. Soak the insides with hot water and let it sit for half an hour.

Careful consideration of the item and your needs must be factored in when choosing this new addition to your kitchen. Deep fryers are commonly available for commercial purposes where household use will undoubtedly also become popular anytime soon.

Deep fryers have several features which include a timer that sounds an alarm when the frying time is over. The risk of getting burnt food when frying is also minimal because the process of raising and lowering the baskets is automated.

Could you just continue wasting money on gas, electricity, or oil that you could have used three or four more times if should have used a deep fryer ? A deep fryer is a solution that can also help you perform the work faster so you won’t have to keep your customers or family waiting for long.

The quality of frying is top-notch having your foods get as crispy as you want them, with almost zero chance of burning or overcooking. Commercial deep fryers are more expensive since they are bigger and can handle a larger workload.

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These prices also vary depending on whether the deep fryer uses gas or electricity, or if it has a floor or a counter-top design. In this segment, we’re going to introduce the essential factors when you’re choosing the right pot for deep -frying foods.

While you’re browsing the Internet or walking around a department store for the right pot, you should imagine the scene where you’re going to use the cookware. Also, some small-sized pots are at risk of catching fire, especially if it’s too small to fit the surface of a gas stove.

Deep -frying requires oil to be at an appropriate temperature level to achieve that crispy finish. Still, it does depend on the material of the deep -frying pot, along with its heat retention capacity, cleanliness, and durability when we’re talking about its ability to help you cook delicious food.

Out of all the materials for deep -frying pots, copper has the most excellent regarding heat retention ability. Many household cooks also use copper deep -frying pots because of the significant utility it brings to the kitchen.

Even though it has great heat retention, copper also has the fastest ability to degrade or oxidize oil. Users should quickly remove the oil, and let the pot dry thoroughly after washing and cleaning.

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Also, make sure to use a soft sponge with a neutral detergent so that the material won’t discolor fast. Stainless steel deep -frying pans aren’t good at retaining heat.

It might be a very long time before you’re going to replace a stainless steel pot because of its high durability. Thick pots are heavier than their thinner counterparts, but it also means that heat properly accumulates within the cookware.

Small to medium-sized pots tend to have a long handle for easy carry with one hand. Long handles also allow you to easily change the angle and position of the pot during cooking.

If a pot has short handles, then you may want to use gloves or mittens every time you take the cookware out of your cooker. In this segment, we’re going to introduce our top pots for deep-frying in a ranking format.

We’ve considered our choices by looking at their features like heat retention, ease of use, and durability. Different deep -frying pots have varying sizes, shapes, features, and other factors.

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In fact, when it comes down to it, the type of deep fryer used plays a major role in the final outcome. In fact, we have made a list of ten of the best deep fryers with oil filtration to make it easier for you to decide.

Proctor Side Deeper with Pour Spout, 21 Cups / 5 Liters Oil Capacity, XL Frying Basket, Lid with View Window, Professional Grade, Electric, 1800 Watts, Stainless Steel (35044) 21 cups/ 5. 2 quarts oil capacity cooks up to 13 cups of favorite fried foods at one time.

Fast at-home restaurant quality cooking make restaurant-style foods in minutes right in your own kitchen. The powerful 1800-watt immersed heating element fries your favorite foods quickly and evenly.

It features a sleek brushed stainless steel exterior that blends well with industrial environments and minimalist home decor. The deep fryer features a commercial grade build that makes it well-suited for use at eateries such as restaurants.

Oil temperatures can reach a maximum high of 392F to ensure a crisp, thorough fry. This mechanism helps to clean and drain the oil, allowing it to be used for longer periods of time.

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Email’s 3-basket system feels a lot more generous than what traditional one basket fryers have to offer. Other features of this deep fryer include a digital control panel and hand wash attachments that make the components easier to clean.

Deep fryers with huge oil capacity (this one can hold up to 5L) often have this feature to facilitate shorter cooking periods. The windowed lid lets you keep track of your food as it cooks while the spouted oil container and power and ready indicator lights make it safer to use.

Thanks to its premium stainless steel finish, the Ad craft Single Tank deep fryer is capable of blending with most kitchen decor schemes. To improve on safety, the manufacturers have included heat-resistant handles on the basket and a nickel-plated wire mesh grate over the heating coil.

The Master built Indoor Electric Fish Fryer comes in a compact countertop design that makes it easy to install. Variable temperature control for up to 375F allows you to select the right heat for cooking your food.

It has a stainless steel mesh filter inside the lid which prevents oil vapor and cooking odors from leaking into the room. This is one of the more economically sound fryers in the market simply because it comes with Cool Zone technology.

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Despite boasting a compact design that is more adapted to residential kitchens, the Elite Platinum EDF-4080 lacks nothing in terms of features. All the components of the fryer, including the lid, the non-stick oil pan, and the fry baskets, are dishwasher safe and therefore easy to clean.

Compact countertop design is easy to set up Immersion-style heating elements reduce cooking and reheating times Its unique oblong-shaped baskets make it ideal for frying long pieces of fish and chicken.

Its fry basket holds 2.3lbs of food and is made of the same dishwasher-safe material as its oil bowl and lid. These selected products are the best -selling items in the market this year, and they will offer the greatest value for your money.

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