"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
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Best Deep Fryer Turkey Recipe

Carole Stephens
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
• 9 min read

I have looked at other recipes, and they do not recommend a bird over twelve pounds. I tried it with a twenty founder and ended up with no left overs.

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To cut down on the danger of flare-ups (grease fire) I kill the fire when I'm lowering the bird in. We used about 5 gallons of corn oil for a 12 pound bird.

I injected a bottle of strained Bernstein's Italian dressing and rubbed the bird with a mixture of 3/4 Email's Rustic Rub and 1/4 powdered bay leaves. Use two people and a broomstick to lower the turkey.

No soggy skin from where the turkey rests on the roasting pan, the bird was beautifully golden all over. Also, we didn't miss gravy as much as I thought we would because the meat was so moist.

Not greasy at all if you have the oil very hot and pat the turkey with paper towels before and after frying. Before pouring the oil in, we put our raw turkey in the pot and cover it with water.

Then, we pull our turkey out and mark the side of the pot with a marker of some sort to know exactly how much oil needs to go in. That way, you don't waste EXPENSIVE peanut oil and you always know you have enough.

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Try making Belgian Fries along with the turkey !! 07/22/2005 As a first timer turkey fryer we decided to fry 3 turkeys for the neighborhood block party...our first turkey was a bit dry since we allowed the heat to get to 375-400 degrees...definitely too hot at 3.5 minutes per pound.

When I lived where the premade injection juice was not available as it is here in Louisiana I used 1 stick melted butter 1 bottle garlic juice 1 bottle onion juice and strained lite Italian Salad dressing and hot sauce to taste. If you have problems finding an injector visit the Vet.

The needles used on horses work wonderful. Peanut oil is not necessary unless you are frying more than one in succession.

My only suggestion is that when you go to inject your bird (this is not an option in my mind) make sure you have the biggest gauge needle you can find. Many of the readily available turkey injectors will clog with a speck of pepper.

Turkey Breast with Cranberry Brown Rice This deep -fried turkey recipe will score you many oohs and AHS this Thanksgiving.

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It perfectly balances a crispy exterior while keeping the meat juicy and flavorful. With fingers, carefully loosen skin from Turkey ; rub salt mixture under skin, inside cavity and over outside of Turkey.

Turn burner off; carefully lower turkey into oil. Cook turkey until a thermometer inserted in the thickest part of thigh reads 170°-175°, (about 35-45 minutes total time in fryer).

Remove turkey from oil; tent with foil. Nutrition Facts 6 ounces cooked turkey : 589 calories, 44g fat (7g saturated fat), 154 mg cholesterol, 589 mg sodium, 2g carbohydrate (1g sugars, 0 fiber), 45g protein.

Place the hot water, kosher salt and brown sugar into a 5-gallon upright drink cooler and stir until the salt and sugar dissolve completely. Allow sitting at room temperature for at least 30 minutes prior to cooking.

Place the oil into a 28 to 30-quart pot and set over high heat on an outside propane burner with a sturdy structure. Once the breast reaches 151 degrees F, gently remove from the oil and allow resting for a minimum of 30 minutes prior to carving.

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The bird will reach an internal temperature of 161 degrees F due to carry over cooking. *In order to determine the correct amount of oil, place the turkey into the pot that you will be frying it in, add water just until it barely covers the top of the turkey and is at least 4 to 5 inches below the top of the pot.

Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. **Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients.

If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. The pot should not be more than 3/4 full or the oil could overflow when the turkey is added.

Heat peanut oil in a turkey fryer or a very, very large stockpot to 350 °F. Lower turkey into hot oil, very carefully, making sure it is fully submerged.

Follow these safety tips and use common sense and your turkey frying experience will be safe and successful. This is a game changer when it comes to cooking deep-fried turkey.

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Is it even possible to cook whole turkey with deep-fried texture without oil? Hot circulating air inside the chamber cooks the turkey super juicy and delicious for your next big dinner or Thanksgiving holiday dinner.

This large capacity oil less deep fryer hooks up to a propane tank outside and helps free up your oven during big feasts and dinners. The more intense heat is by the legs and lessens by the time it gets to the breasts, helping keep the breast meat from overcooking and becoming dry by the time the leg meat is perfect and juicy.

Master built also makes an electric version which is very similar to the Char-Broil propane oil-less deep fryer. This type of oil less air fryer is fueled by a propane tank.

Step-by-Step easy photos to guide you through the oil less fried turkey cooking process. Energy Efficient and uses less power than traditional full sized oven.

Cooks quicker than traditional oven and the skin is super crispy. All the turkey juices drop into a dip pan for you to make delicious homemade gravy.

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The large oil less deep fryer size allows you to cook larger portions of food for more people. The manufacture suggests cooking the stuffing separately, not inside the turkey.

Print Recipe Make sure your turkey is fully thawed on the inside. Whole, thawed turkey usually cooks at a rate of 10 min./lb in the Char-Broil Oil Less Deeper.

(6.35 kg) raw Whole Turkey 6 Tablespoons (90 g) butter, cut into slices 4 cloves (4 cloves) garlic, sliced thin 1 Tablespoon (15 ml) kosher salt, or to taste black pepper, to taste Tuck the butter slices and garlic in-between the skin and the turkey breasts.

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