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Best Deep Frying Potatoes

Elaine Sutton
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
• 8 min read

5 of 31 French Fried Potatoes The trick to french fries that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside is to first soak then in cold water.

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This should give the desired results. 09/05/2006 Out of curiosity, I divided my potatoes into two batches and soaked one batch in cold water only, and the other in cold water with the sugar added.

I must say that the one soaked in sugar water did come out crispier. The difference in the taste was discernible at best, but you can totally tell that one was crispier than the other, so I would suggest that you use sugar as listed in the recipe.

12/29/2006 Planned on fries tonight and decided to experiment. Per Martha S. I've been soaking my potatoes in cold water for at least 2 hours before cooking.

There was definitely a difference with the sugar water which my son noticed as well. Will be doing the cold sugar method from now on as these were good.

At first, I didn't think it would work because the potatoes were crisp in the plain cold water and interestingly, the sugar water made the potatoes softer before cooking. 08/21/2006 This is the way to make homemade fries as in a restaurant.

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However... if you want them a bit crispier, here's a trick: first blanch the fries in hot oil for 2 min. Return and fry till golden brown.

02/20/2008 Okay gang for those who think it's odd to soak them in warm water...well the warm water is merely to dissolve the sugar. After the sugar is dissolved I add some ice and then do the soaking.

Had been looking for a “perfect” french fries recipe for a long time and this one is the closest to perfect yet! The only change I made was that I drained my fries on a paper bag rather than paper towels; doing this makes them not as greasy.

01/18/2007 I was surprised by how well these fries tasted. I only ate a few (need to lose weight)but my husband inhaled the rest.

I followed directions, and they came out great but instead of seasoning the fries with salt I used McCormick Grill Mates Roasted Garlic and Herb seasoning. It tasted great on the french fries.

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So I would suggest instead of just using plain salt on your fries, go to your spice rack and pick out a nice spice mix to put on your french fries. Seasoning salt tastes good too.

Today I experimented with different temperatures and thickness of potatoes. If I kept my temperature at 365 they would burn before the cooked inside.

Fried potatoes can be made more exciting with amazing toppings. So, fried whole potatoes sound perfect as a delicious, crunchy snack.

It is super easy to make deep-fried potatoes at home. You can make these potatoes quickly for breakfast, dinner, or as an afternoon snack for kids.

This vegan and vegetarian dish is so kid-friendly and delicious that can be made simply at home. How healthful potatoes are in the diet depends upon how they are cooked or what is added to some extent.

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It helps to enhance vasodilation, control blood sugar levels, prevent retinopathy in diabetics, and preserve nerve and brain tissue. Flavonoids are a type of organic, phytonutrient compounds, which help in protecting against diseases.

Fried potatoes feature a salty and crispy exterior that encloses a meaty and fluffy interior. To deep-fry a whole potato, you approximately need half an hour.

In case, you like to fry multiple potatoes, then work in a batch of four or five for ensuring they evenly cook. Rinse a large potato under running warm water for about 60 seconds.

While rinsing the potato, rub your hands over its skin for removing dirt. Place the boiled potato carefully into the oil and let it fry for about four minutes.

Pat it dry and serve your deep-fried whole potato when it’s hot. Refrigerate the leftover fried potatoes and consume them within two days.

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So, don’t skip this step because it ensures your potatoes do not explode in the oil. Now, pat the cubes using paper towels for removing excess moisture.

Now, add the cubes to the fryer and fry for around 15 minutes or until they turn tender or deep golden. Toss the potatoes with reserved spice mix and butter.

Check out this video to see the best deep fried potatoes' recipe! You have to store potatoes between 45- and 50-degrees Fahrenheit (or 7 and 10 degrees Celsius) in a dry, dark environment, like a pantry or cellar.

If potatoes get exposure to sunlight, it can form solacing, which causes them to become green. When you store potatoes in the fridge, it causes the starch content to convert to sugar.

Also, it is better to purchase potatoes that are unwashed and unpack aged for avoiding bacterial buildup. If you wash them early, it removes the protective coating from their skins.

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Otherwise, try out the second recipe to make your fried potatoes a bit spicy. You can also add toppings to your fried potatoes like sour cream or mayonnaise.

Regional favorites are fried and seasoned with chili, cheese, garlic, rosemary or malt vinegar. The oval shape of the russet is good for making long french or steak fries.

Potatoes do better with cool nights and warm days for the plants to develop starch in the tubers. High moisture content and a sandy loam soil allow the tuber to grow at a steady rate.

Potatoes are easy to harvest and clean when the soil is light and does not stick to the mature vegetable. The versatile potato is inexpensive and comes in a variety of sizes, colors and textures, and you can store it year-round.

Refrigerator storage is not recommended as this can cause potato starch to turn into sugar. Discard potatoes with green spots or greenish skin or remove these discolorations before cooking.

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Glycoalkaloids are natural toxic compounds that protect the potato against disease and insects. The levels of glycoalkaloids may increase when the potatoes age, are damaged or exposed to light.

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