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Best Dinnerware For Toddlers

Carole Stephens
• Monday, 28 December, 2020
• 11 min read

Mealtime can be a real struggle in many households and parents may find themselves feeling like short-order cooks after the day is done. Mealtime burnout is real, and it can affect kids and parents a lot.

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“Nonchalance is the ideal dinner-table vibe,” writes dietician Sally Kuzemchak in an article for Parents. I don’t let food trigger power struggles because I know I’ll lose every time.

However, your family does food, we know that these adorable dinnerware sets for kids will make it more fun. Melamine is a great choice for kids’ dinnerware as it’s easy to clean and hard to break.

This set is fit for royalty and includes a plate, bowl, and tumbler that feature six of our favorite Disney princesses This adorable set is perfect for the baby who is ready to transition to solid foods and a “big kid” cup.

Picky eaters will have a hard time turning down any meal served on this fun dinosaur plate. The plate features three separate compartments, a suction base, and high walls for a mess-free meal.

This five-piece set includes a plate, hippy cup, bowl, fork, and spoon: everything your kid needs for a multi-course meal. This dishwasher-safe set is so much fun and kids can choose from one of four farm animals or mix and match.

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Take some inspiration from the sloth on this dinnerware set and enjoy your family meals at a leisurely pace. The five-piece set includes a bowl, plate, cup, fork, and spoon all adorned with a cute sloth.

From creating organic, reduced salt, vegetable mush, to scraping it from every tile on your floor. There are so many products on the market now to assist with your mealtime mess makers.

All geared for little hands to grip and explore, your toddler will be able to eat and drink more efficiently and with less mess. Making mealtimes fun and engaging aids your child’s development.

Make Meal Time Easy & Fun With The Best Baby Food Makers Split into different sections, so food items can be separated, which is perfect for fussy eaters or simply to encourage choosing what to eat first.

Suction cup design underneath to prevent knocking over. Multi-purpose: Some place mat varieties have a raised section in the middle, which doubles as a bowl or plate.

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This plate doubles up as a place mat too, so you're dining table/surface has a little extra protection from surrounding mess. It may not be the best for using on an uneven surface, but the soft silicone mold should still give ample protection.

FDA approved, heat-proof and portable, this plate is one to stick with (perfect puns as always!) This toddler plate gives moms the option of environmentally-friendly dinnerware.

Made from ash trees and treated with linseed oil, it is literally bringing nature inside for mealtimes. Entirely toxin and BPA free, the plates are available in different animal shapes, making them safe for your little one, and playful.

Whether you are going for a day trip or off to the park, this toddler plate has plenty of room for snacks. The plate is shaped like a bus, for extra child appeal, and is made from food-grade stainless steel.

It’s a little heavy when filled with food, so it’s best to take a strong bag to transport it. Inside, there are various compartments, efficiently separating items for little feeding fingers.

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The small compartments are great for introducing new foods, one section at a time. They also help any picky eaters, by preventing foods from touching.

This product is non-toxic, BPA free, and rust resistant, therefore great for any eco-warriors, and it can be recycled too. If you are looking for dining products that come in a set and simply do the job, this one is worth a look.

Vibrant colors create table appeal for your little one, and cutlery is even included with the plates and cups. Assurance is provided for your child’s safety, as the materials are BPA free.

This set is made from strong plastic making the cups, cutlery, and plates microwave and dishwasher safe, as well as recyclable. Although the plates have high edges, there are no suction cups or gripped material on their bases, so do be wary that your cleaning days may not quite be over yet.

Recommended age 3+ years, however, customers, including myself, have successfully used for younger children. Some users reported the plastic coating peeling off after dishwashing or microwave use.

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I used these with my youngest and although they are dishwasher safe over time they do in fact begin to peel. Mom Loves Best earns a commission through the following hand-picked links at no extra cost to you.

The bowls are all FDA approved and BPA-free, so plenty of reassurance for your child’s safety. These bowls are stackable for easy storage, and have snap-tight lids, so they’re great for transportation.

You can even buy cups to match if you don’t like odd tableware. Buying a set that includes matching cutlery is always a bonus. The spoons are soft-tipped, so they are ideal for weaning little ones.

The size of these bowls fit well in your hand, and the lids make them spill-proof and leak-proof. Pre-prepared meals can be put in these bowls, popped in the freezer, then into the microwave to defrost when needed.

Finally, they won’t take too much storage space, which means more cupboard room for snacks to fill them with! Organic options are everywhere, and us moms want to make sure our little humans are protected from any unnecessary pasties as much as possible.

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So, unfortunately, you will need to hand wash them and heat food separately before use. Mom Loves Best earns a commission through the following hand-picked links at no extra cost to you.

The divided part in the center is shaped like a duck, making it fun for mealtimes, and keeping food separate. The compartments aid the integration of new foods into their diet, one small section at a time.

Do take note, the sections are compact, so it may actually be better suited to smaller appetites. This, however, makes its age range variable as it can be used during weaning also.

Dishwasher safe and stain resistance makes cleaning easy too. Choosing this place mat will hopefully end your days of scraping cold, dropped food from every crease in the highchair.

It has been specifically designed to fit most high chair trays, or it can be put on a flat surface with the non-slip silicone base. The tray has raised edges to prevent spills onto the floor too.

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Taking it with you in a diaper bag for use in restaurants is a great feature, especially if you need to use a high chair. It can cut down on the germs your child is exposed to while using community high chairs.

Some customers have remarked that the ‘non-slip’ is not sufficient, and the mat is easily removed by a child. Precision packing is a skill for us moms in planning a day out with children.

Manufactured using FDA-approved silicone makes this mat easy to clean, and heat and dishwasher safe. The non-slip and toxin-free place mat lets you place it on a flat surface and be directly eaten from.

Giving your child an array of food sitting on the cloud design will encourage self-feeding and is fun. Unless you are happy to put food directly on the mat, you may wish to carry additional items, such as bowls, for mealtimes.

The designs are aimed at engaging children, with bright, educational animal scenes. Your child may become more interested in moving their meal to one side to see the safari, instead of eating.

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These disposables have four sticky-back strips to adhere them to surfaces, protecting your toddler’s meal from any bacteria left on a table. The similarities with many of these products are the anti-slip base and suction cup options.

In recent years, you will likely have seen the negative press surrounding a substance called BPA. BPA is a synthetic chemical component that can be found in everyday items made from hard plastics.

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