"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Best Dinnerware For Vacation Rental

Christina Perez
• Friday, 25 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Last week, I received the following email from subscriber, Deborah Leslie, and thought I’d share it with our community because it’s a good discussion topic: My husband David and I just bought a furnished vacation rental in Atlanta and are slowly going through what needs replacing and what doesn’t.

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Frankly, most people don’t put much emphasis on it at home so logically, they’re not going to care too much about it on vacation either, right? Furthermore, it’s not like guests are going to write “great spoons, knives and forks!” in their 5-star review.

The pleasure of eating is immensely amplified on vacation so guests notice the heft and beauty of forks, knives, and spoons and appreciate them more than owners imagine. Handling forks, spoons, and knives that feel good in the hand contributes to an overall wonderful guest experience; that same wonderful experience (in which your flatware played a solid, supporting role) could lead them to write a glowing 5-star review or a re-booking down the road.

Think about the hundreds of times your guests handle your vacation rental flatware, from stirring cream into coffee, to cutting a fish fillet, to eating pasta with a fork and spoon. While I don’t advocate spending a fortune on spoons, knives, and forks, you can invest a little more on them than other amenities because, quite simply, they will likely outlive the vacation rental itself.

For a more traditional look, try this dishwasher safe “silver” flatware from Pottery Barn. Urban Flatware from Crate and Barrel is a smart statement place setting with an industrial edge.

For those of us who don’t have ready cash to buy good flatware, I recommend looking at estate sales, who often list top quality pieces at their weekend events. Here’s a nice assortment I saw last weekend at a Los Angeles estate sale.

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A cheap, plastic cutlery tray makes even the choicest flatware look unappetizing. Plastic silverware trays are low-rent and should never be put in vacation rentals.

This bamboo tray expands to fit most drawer sizes. Here’s what one buyer said: “Bought this tray a month ago and it’s perfect.

It sounds odd to say I’ve received compliments on my flatware tray, but I actually have!” $29.95 from Crate and Barrel. This wicker tray is chic enough to display on a countertop or dining table; otherwise, an extra wide drawer will do just fine.

Is it beautiful enough to display openly on a countertop or dining table? I’d love to know what kind of flatware and storage tray you have in your vacation rental.

Renter’s book vacation rental properties because of the ability to cook their own meals. If your kitchen is too small to have a full stove/oven, consider buying a microwave and toaster oven.

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Keurig’s can produce a variety of drinks, without wasting product. Dishwashers simplify a renter’s responsibility if they host a party or have a large family dinner.

Blenders Food processors Pancake griddle and waffle iron Gourmet machines Like ice cream, popcorn, or cappuccino machines While renters could survive without a dishwasher, it’s difficult to cook a meal without a plate or pan.

If your rental is designed for larger parties, consider kitchenware for large groups. Parents won’t want their toddlers carrying a glass cup.

The adults can use your normal set of kitchenware while the children use disposable or plastic ware. It is dangerous and difficult to clean up broken glass around the pool.

It is safer to have outdoor heavy plastic, ceramic, or “unbreakable” kitchenware. Items like tongs, grill brushes, thermometers, and lighters can assist with outdoor cooking.

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Garlic powder, chopped onion Salt and pepper Sugar, cinnamon, vanilla extract Oregano, rosemary, parsley, paprika Baking soda and baking powder Added to the list of items you never think about are graters, peelers, spatulas, and cookie sheets.

Stock your kitchen with two cutting boards, one for meats and one for vegetables. Investing in disinfectant wipes is an added level of sanitation for your kitchen’s surfaces.

You’ve provided all the items needed for your renters to create a fantastic meal. While we plan for the meal, it is also helpful to have a few storage containers on hand.

Instead, you can buy large and small Ziploc bags for renters to use as storage. A large package of tin foil and saran wrap can last through many renters.

Having a “Welcome” basket full of treats is a great first impression for your renters. Or, if you have a local market, stock the basket with fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Provide them with the market’s location, and this can be their first stop in town. As we’ve discussed, the number of occupants in your rental property will influence what items you need to stock.

Finding dinnerware that can withstand the bumps and bruises of a dishwasher, the heat of a microwave, and even the occasional drop can feel like mission impossible. While we’d love to break out our guest-only porcelain china more often, it’s not practical dinnerware for everyday use.

Made of a durable break-resistant material, this dinnerware set is a colorful alternative to your porcelain China. This restaurant grade vitrified ceramic dinnerware is designed to last you for years to come.

Corell Living ware Winter Frost Michelle 16pc Dinnerware Set Corell is known for making lightweight, break-resistant dinnerware sets that are made of durable Michelle glass.

Travel Tips & Tricks How to Cook on Vacation In my own game of this roulette over the years I’ve experienced kitchens that have lowered my self-esteem by having sharper knives than my culinary school training suggests mine should be, whose available tools are plentiful and as niche as even a settle maker ; but then I’ve also experienced those whose available heat sources for cooking top out at a toaster oven. Rather than rent a U-Haul to basically transport your entire kitchen beach side, keep it simple with balanced, low-maintenance meals that adhere to a few rental kitchen-friendly principles.

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Regardless of whether I’m on vacation, pasta salad is one of my top summer meals: starch, protein, and veggies come together in endless combinations for a cool and hearty dinner that’s as easy to make for two as it is for 20. My favorite part of this robust pasta salad is that dry salami is easy to transport even without much refrigeration, while bringing I-mean-business flavor.

Here’s a lesson in letting prepared foods do some heavy lifting for you, but still allowing you to come off as a vacation chef deity. If civilization is dozens of miles away, no problem: pack some bagged, refrigerated rotisserie chicken already pulled from the bones.

There’s no end to what can be built with this flavorful base: soup for a rainy or cool day, hearty salads or sandwiches for lunchtime, dips for happy hour, or these intensely flavored enchiladas made additionally easy with dolled-up, prepared tomatillo salsa. The benefits of kebabs or skewers for vacation dining are many: you can enlist the entire brigade to help with chopping and assembly, you can cater to everyone from meat-and-potatoes types, to vegetarians, to paleo participants, and you can even transfer them from the skewer to a tortilla for something resembling fajitas, or to a bun for a tasty hot hero.

Out there somewhere is a vacation rental or two (or dozens) whose “fully stocked kitchen” literally includes one solitary sauté pan. Admittedly, sheet pan dinners rely on either a cool enough evening or at least a strong enough air conditioning unit for you to want to turn the oven on in the rental kitchen in the summer, but if all systems are go, sheet pan dinners are absolutely maximum impact for absolutely minimal fuss, and can accommodate just about any protein you can imagine from seafood, to large cuts, to ground meat, to eggs, and everyone’s favorite: sausage.

Or really swing for the fences with homemade breakfast pop tarts utilizing store-bought pie crust and a little strawberry jam. And if your power goes out, electrically or metaphorically speaking, sometimes it’s easiest to just give the kitchen itself a vacation, chop up a load of greens, and call it dinner.

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