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Best Dinnerware Ikea

Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
• 8 min read

From quick weekday breakfasts to candlelit dinners, we’ve got you covered. Our dinnerware combines practicality with a range of styles, so you can set the table just the way you like.

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Colorful drink ware will look cool behind its sliding doors, or you could treat it as an artful installation and fill it with found objects, flora, and quirky statues, in the vein of Roman and Williams. This is one flame you can burn all night long: As the taper melts down, it ends up at the bottom of the metal can and extinguishes.

Whether you’re up for chatting and want to sit face-to-face or would rather lie solo on a chaise, this sofa, which features modular backrests, adjusts to your mood. Like all the pieces from the Nikkei collection, it’s a total workhorse: It can hold belts and display blazers, folded pants, and shoes.

This jug features two different-size spouts (that is, if you’re not including the concave handle), and you can use it to serve everything from iced tea to gravy without spilling. IKEA is such a great resource for budget-friendly furniture and decor.

I’ve relied on pieces from the brand to fill my apartments, and just ordered a few new things for the house. I found myself clicking through the site looking for clothing racks, baskets, and outdoor chairs for our porch, and couldn’t stop.

Here’s a list of 24 of my favorite IKEA finds, just for you, and almost every single one is available online! And so it’s clear, this post is not sponsored by IKEA and I did not use affiliate links.

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Written by Tonya Lee IKEA has filled a significant void in the lives of hip, budget-conscious, do-it-yourselfer across the globe. Never has a company catered so well to its audience since Walt Disney built the Magic Kingdom, and though a first-time visitor to IKEA may feel like they just walked into the most magical place on earth, it’s also bound to feel like the most overwhelming.

Since IKEA ’s low prices depend on a help-yourself environment, unless you know where to go and what to do, that über-sleek and ultra-cheap couch so beautifully displayed in the window may seem like it pulled a disappearing act. When you come through the door, you’ll need to grab a couple of things to aid you in your shopping experience.

An IKEA notepad and pencil, to write down the location numbers of items that you might want to purchase. IKEA is separated into four areas: showroom, marketplace, self-serve warehouse, and checkout.

The showroom, located on the top level, is your own private, grown-up playhouse, so if you don’t know exactly what you are shopping for, plan to spend some time here. The marketplace is where you will find IKEA decor accessories such as vases, pillows, curtains, fabric, dishes, and rugs.

They can usually be found at the blue and yellow information booths scattered throughout the showroom and at the desk located in the center aisle of the warehouse. Many IKEA stores offer a consultant service if you wish to furnish an entire room or home.

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If you live too many miles away from the closest store, IKEA does offer online shopping on many of their items. Sign up to be a member of the IKEA family program to score discounts and more.

Bring your own bags to check out unless you don’t mind paying the small charge for IKEA ’s. To purchase kitchen cabinetry, IKEA requires that you design your space first.

After purchase, proceed to IKEA's Furniture Pick-Up to receive your cabinets and installation hardware. Your dishes and dinnerware are important parts of your kitchen and essential components for your home.

Fortunately for today’s shoppers, Amazon has many high-quality dinnerware sets that aren’t only eco-friendly and chemical free, but are also made by companies that make their products using sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. This means they are easy to shop for and feature plenty of reviews from other customers who have purchased these pieces in the past.

Gibson Elite Bella Soho 16 Piece Square Reactive Glaze Dinnerware Set This set comes with four bowls, four large plates and four mugs, all made out of durable stoneware and finished with a high-sheen glaze.

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This bold and colorful Corell dinnerware set has all of your everyday basics for casual eating. They also make most of their products, including these plates, saucers and bowls right in the United States.

We included this Midas review because we love that this china is both dishwasher and microwave safe as well. This set features everything you need for a table of six people to enjoy a meal and since it is made of bone china, you know it will last.

Having a great set of bowls is perfect for anyone who likes to make soups, chilies and all types of fun warm concoctions then this Leno review is for you. This entire set is dishwasher and microwave safe, making it perfect for everyday use and it comes in a bold red color with lace detailing.

We added The Pioneer Woman Review because the dishware set is made right here in the USA and abides by the US’s strict health and safety guidelines. It is also constructed out of durable stoneware and made without any harsh or harmful chemicals or toxins, meaning you never have to worry about what might be getting to your food when you put dinner on the table.

This Melamine Dinnerware set is a must-have if you like to camp, grill outside or make dishes on-the-go. We love that this dinnerware set looks like fine china, but it is lightweight and durable enough to use for camping.

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The dinnerware set by Gianna’s House features a rustic-inspired hue that is sure to compliment your kitchen. This large set from Pfaltzgraff features 32 individual pieces, and enough for service for eight people.

We love this Pfaltzgraff review because the durable dinnerware set is dishwasher and microwave safe an is made with real porcelain. The Cuisinart brand is known by many for its quality, which is why it is one of the most recognizable dinnerware names out there today.

This 16-piece set from Cuisinart is no exception and is the primary reasons we included this Cuisinart Review. It comes with a lifetime warranty, is dishwasher and microwave safe and is crafted out of high-quality, durable glazed porcelain.

Royal Moulton Pacific Dots 16-Piece Dinner Set This means you will not only be able to enjoy beautiful, cheery Royal Moulton dinner plates, but rest easy knowing that these dinner plates will never put chemicals or additives into your food.

Hear 12 PCs Melamine Break-Resistant Indoor Outdoor Dinnerware Set Many home cooks love Rachael Ray’s line of products because she makes professional-grade pots and pans that are not only durable, but chemical-free as well.

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This stoneware set comes with the brand’s Quality Assurance Guarantee and is made without harmful chemicals or toxins, so you can feel good about what you are putting your family’s food on. Buying new plates, dishware and dinnerware sets for your home can be a big purchase, and it is one that you should take seriously.

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