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Best Dinnerware Made In Usa

James Lee
• Friday, 16 October, 2020
• 8 min read

We set out to help you with this decision and find the American companies who are making the best dinnerware for your table. After our research, we found a handful of great manufacturers who are producing high quality dinnerware right here in the USA.

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Looking at all the different style options, there are way more American pottery makers than domestic companies making finer china. “We recognize the value to restaurants and consumers of having a product that is made in the USA,” said HF Coors President Dirk Chou.

The Pickard China Cosmopolitan set is a simple and modern design with black color bands around the edges of each piece, and it comes with a ton of options. We love that Pickard gives you 37 different options for purchasing sets or individual pieces.

Bauer Pottery’s dinnerware comes in a ton of different color and size options, perfect for anyone to mix and match pieces you want for your home. Dinner plates, bowls, and other items come in up to 18 different color options ranging from earthy tones to bright greens and blues.

The two color tones you see in the plate are actually merged together during the creation process, resulting in a unique look. “We may be old-fashioned but we still answer the phones and provide customer service with that same personal touch… People come from all over the country to take a tour of our studio and watch us make our glassware.

Fire & Light plates are also dishwasher safe, so you don’t need to worry about the fuss of cleaning everything by hand. If you like glass dinner plates, Fire & Light is an elegant and fun choice for your home.

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Made with recycled glass Multiple color options (fun to mix and match!) We looked for products that were best in class in their category for simple style that can appeal to many people.

Our winners ranged from fine china with a simple white ivory body and gold band to stoneware with an earthy feel, which gives you a variety of options for whatever type of home you need to buy dinnerware for. It is incredibly frustrating when you buy new plates, bowls, or other tableware (like flatware) and then find out that it chips or fades easily.

We looked for manufacturers who have a meticulous eye for quality and don’t skimp on materials that help make their products more durable. We also looked for products that have an extensive warranty in the event that something unexpected happens and your dinnerware chips or breaks.

That’s why we liked manufacturers who had sets that are well put together and purchasing options that make it easy for you to buy the combinations of pieces that you need. That’s why we eliminated several dinnerware options where we felt the quality just didn’t live up to the price.

Consider buying dinnerware from the brands below for dishes, glasses and silverware made in the USA : Pickard China is a family owned company, that is currently made in Illinois, and handcrafted by skilled artisans.

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In fact, they intentionally maintain the same design so that if you break a bowl or plate you can quickly re-order one without having a mismatching set. This chip resistant bone china dinner set is made by American artisans in Kingston, North Carolina.

Backed by a lifetime breakage replacement program from Leno, you can’t go wrong with this set! HF Coors is a great brand for those wanting simple pain white dishes.

This company goes above and beyond to make safety a top priority surpassing California Prop 65 and FDA standards. Andrew Hocking dishware is manufactured in both Lancaster, Ohio and Monica, Pennsylvania.

The brand offers many classic cookware pieces including this set of 12 tumblers. The glass is very thick and durable, with heavy bottoms which provides excellent stability.

The silverware is made in Sherrill, New York in a family owned and operated business. The silverware is made of 18-10 chromium/nickel stainless steel which provides incredible shine and a strong resistance to staining.

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The steel is carefully tested for lead and other toxic elements to ensure its safety. It’s always great to support local companies and jobs, so we decided to take a look at the best dinnerware sets made in the USA.

That tradition has carried forward over the years and many Presidents have had Leno china during their time in office. They offer a huge range of dinnerware with a massive variety of styles and patterns to choose from.

It is made from classic ivory fine china with 24-karat gold banding. Is id dishwasher safe and covered by Leno’s lifetime replacement policy.

Designed to reflect the beauty of their evening gowns this is a truly stunning dinnerware set. This set features white bone china with a platinum banding.

It is also available in a navy and gold banding, but we much prefer the clean color of the platinum. It’s all dishwasher safe although with all fine china sets we would recommend hand washing.

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They are delicate and not cheap so if you want them to stay at their best for a long time hand washing is the way to go. This set comes in white bone china with a delicate Sonora Knot banding design.

Fiesta ware is produced by Homer Loughlin China Company out of Newell in West Virginia. What’s great about Fiesta ware is the huge range of vibrant colors the sets come in.

For an everyday set that looks great and is really hard-wearing you will struggle to find better than Fiesta ware. Corell is another huge company manufacturing high quality dinner and glassware.

These are glass plates but extremely strong with a triple layered build, they are also really lightweight. Ideal for everyday use, and they stack away very neatly so you don’t need to worry about having loads of space to store this great set.

Another option from Corell is these sleek square shaped plates that give a more contemporary look and feel. Like the previous set these are lightweight, triple-layered glass plates that are designed to resist chips and cracks.

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Depending on whether you are choosing for everyday use or special occasion will ultimately determine your choice but there are a few nice sets that fall somewhere in between. The Corell sets offer the best value for money, with sharp modern designs and all the toughness you need from daily dinnerware.

It is made from unrefined clay and then fired at low temperatures to produce a hard wearing result. Extremely affordable and more durable than earthenware, Stoneware is one of the most popular choices for a dinnerware set.

Made from refined clay and fired at a high temperature makes it strong and resistant to chipping. It is freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe so ideal for a family kitchen.

Despite its reputation for being easily broken bone china is perhaps the strongest material used for making dinnerware. Generally more expensive and still considered for best only but these days a lot of bone china is safe even for the dishwasher so don’t be scared to use it.

For everyday use, you may wish to purchase additional items like matching mugs, pasta plates/bowls, serving dishes and cutlery. Buying antique sets is great but if you break something there is usually no chance of a replacement.

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Most modern households will want this at some point so an everyday set will probably need to be microwave safe. It’s usually a good idea to handwash your dinnerware if it is expensive to stop it getting faded or chipped.

This comes down to your personal preferences but you should consider the occasion and if you already have place settings, table cloths, cutlery and glassware that will need to match up to your chosen dinnerware. We hope this guide has helped to identify some great sets that are worth considering.

You really can’t go wrong when there are companies like Leno and Corell making amazing dinnerware sets right here in America. For everyday family sets Corell is a great option as is the Fiesta ware.

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