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Best Dinnerware No Chip

James Lee
• Wednesday, 04 November, 2020
• 15 min read

Finding dinnerware that can withstand the bumps and bruises of a dishwasher, the heat of a microwave, and even the occasional drop can feel like mission impossible. While we’d love to break out our guest-only porcelain china more often, it’s not practical dinnerware for everyday use.

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Made of a durable break-resistant material, this dinnerware set is a colorful alternative to your porcelain China. This restaurant grade vitrified ceramic dinnerware is designed to last you for years to come.

Corell Living ware Winter Frost Michelle 16pc Dinnerware Set Corell is known for making lightweight, break-resistant dinnerware sets that are made of durable Michelle glass.

If you're like most of us, the answer is at least a few times. In a busy household with lots of activities and meals being served, durable dinnerware is a must-have.

That's why Williams Sonoma stocks an essential collection of chip resistant dinnerware for your kitchen table. Keep reading to learn more about all the great styles available to you today.

What Kinds of Chip Resistant Dinnerware Can I Buy? A cracked plate or a bowl with a broken edge doesn't look too good on your dinner table.

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Even worse, it could get in your food or cut your hands when you're working on your place setting. Ditch the old stuff and replace it with high-quality chip resistant dinnerware from Williams Sonoma.

When you're trying to make your food the star of the show you really can't beat a white dinner plate. With our selection of appetizer, bread, salad and dinner plates, you can get the right size for everything you serve.

Shop individual plates or go for sets of four to stock up. You can even mix-and-match your classic white plates with more colorful options to make a bold statement.

Magnificent melamine. Melamine is commonly used for stylish outdoor dinnerware, but it is just as at home on your dinner table inside the house.

Crafted in rich, vibrant colors and special prints, melamine also offers a vivid look you don't see on most tables. Shop individual pieces or go for a set so everybody's got the same style.

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Enamel dinnerware. Made from rugged enamel, dinnerware sets from top brands like Le Crest make it easy to serve up meals in a hurry without fear of broken china.

Best of all, you can find tons of colors and styles in sets big enough for the whole family. Shop Williams Sonoma now to find a range of durable plates, dinnerware and serve ware for your next meal.

Find family-friendly options and stylish pieces sophisticated for any fancy dinner party you're planning to throw. You'll love the look, feel and security of dinnerware that's made to last through many meals.

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