"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Best Dinnerware Nz

David Lawrence
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
• 7 min read

We feature many of the best brands of tableware in styles both traditional or modern because delicious meals deserve to be presented on lovely crockery that will sit proudly on your table. Here at Kitchenware Australia & NZ you are sure to find crockery dinner sets to suit.

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For a really modern style, the Wedgwood Ashlar 5 Piece Place Setting Octagonal is a great choice, while the Heritage Braid wood Dinner Set 20 Piece will satisfy all of those with a traditional frame of mind. Take some time to choose dinner sets and you will always love your selection.

NZ's largest range of quality stainless steel and silver cutlery. Quality brands, timeless elegance and modern designs.

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All Thomas dinnerware items are dishwasher safe and can be used in the microwave. One of the auxiliary pleasures of drinking tea is selecting accouterments: utensils, cups, kettles, storage tins, and, of course, teapots.

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The choices are legion with a dazzling array of shapes, sizes, decorative touches. A gigantic Majolica pot, festooned with monkeys and in a brilliant highly-glazed green, may warm your heart; but if when filled with tea it weighs five pounds and holds more than your family can drink, it will probably be better suited for the collector’s shelf than the tea table.

Clear glass teapots (yes, there are colored ones) are a fabulous choice if you’re fascinated with the “agony of the leaves” the way they unfurl and release the nectar we so enjoy. Using a glass teapot will often lead you to know both by the color and the texture of the leaves when it is done even when you choose not to use a timer.

The only downside to glass infusers is they require tongs or insulated cloth to remove as they get very hot. Probably one of the best things about some glass teapots is the manufacturer’s ability to make a slight indentation in the tip of the spout.

Well-made glass teapots also have insulated handles; if not, a terrycloth towel or potholder will certainly protect your hands. Glass pots can stain and a little elbow grease, with or without mild soap, will clean them up easily and completely.

Ceramic teapots were commonly fired in open pits, and originated 11,000 years ago in Asia and the Middle East for everyday use. Clay and earthenware pots then, and now, have natural heat-retention properties, low seepage, and brew the leaves quickly.

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Like ancient times, ceramic and earthenware clay pots are fired at low temperatures. Then came quinoa (made in Logan) which first appeared during the 7th century and used wood ash and iron in the clay fired in an oxygen-reduced atmosphere.

Since the late 17th century, potters in the US, and more abundantly in England, France, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Russia and Austria have copied and sustained the best of the original chinaware. For cleanup, if the exterior and interior are both glazed, wash as usual; if the interior is unglazed, only rinse the tea leaves out and rinse with hot water before each used to warm up the pot and make it more receptive to the brewing process.

Hard paste porcelain uses kaolin and patents or other clays, ground glassy substances, soapstone, bone ash and other elements that give it its glossy appearance and glass-like composition and are fired at higher temperatures. It is stronger than hard-paste porcelain and easier and less expensive to manufacture, and contains bone ash into the typical clay ingredients.

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