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Best Dinnerware Uk

Ellen Grant
• Thursday, 03 December, 2020
• 7 min read

We think great design should be part of everyday life and our favorite plates deserve to be used and enjoyed to the full. We tested our top plate sets by looking for great design, durability, product range, and of course, bang for our buck.

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This heavyweight set with its deep coupe shaping is perfect for serving up a substantial Sunday roast with plenty of gravy. The plates are hand-crafted using Deny Pottery’s locally sourced clay, and as they are safe to use in the oven, dishwasher, microwave and even freezer, they’re as tough and durable as they are immediately attractive.

We’re seeing decorative glass as an emerging trend in dinnerware, and this Parisian inspired plate set hits all the right notes. Ideal for easy breezy outdoor dining when you want something a little more fancy than melamine, these dishwasher-safe dinner plates offer instant chic.

Made from clear glass, and with an ornate circular design, the plates are deceptively smooth on the top and bumpy on the underside. The solid cream stoneware plates are overlaid with a vivid mint crackle glaze, which both accentuates the patterning and glistens in the sunlight.

These matte-glazed porcelain plates from the famed Dutch brand brings a colorful, craft driven aesthetic to the dining table. Delicately hand-painted with a swirling repeat sunflower seed motif, and in summery shades of yellow, blue, orange and pink, this set is perfect for a cheery, laid back look.

Made from fine stoneware, they feature a crackle glaze in the richest emerald green with realistic leaf vein detailing. We love this brand for its subversive, punky take on furniture and homeward, and its tableware offering is perfectly to type.

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Each of the eight 16 cm porcelain pieces features a swirling dip glaze in its own summery hue, but we loved the way the tonal colors come together with a contrasting curved white stripe. While you may have doubled the number of dishes on the table with your Spanish-inspired feast, these are thankfully dishwasher safe, making clearing up a doddle.

Everyday dinner sets come in a range of different patterns, shapes and styles, so you’ll be sure to find something that matches your kitchen. If you’re looking for classic dinnerware for special occasions, there are plenty of stunning vintage and hand painted dinner sets to choose from.

Modern dinnerware sets typically accommodate four to eight people, usually comprising enough plates and bowls for a household with a few spares. Crockery is made in a variety of materials with earthenware, ironstone and stoneware dinnerware sets being popular choices for casual use.

Ironstone dinnerware is made to be more durable than stoneware and earthenware, with a porcelain-like appearance that can be a good middle ground between casual and formal. Bone china and porcelain dinnerware sets such as Wedgwood plates are more refined and expensive, therefore more exclusively used for formal dining. Regardless of whether you’re looking for the perfect tableware for sitting down for a family meal or for throwing a dinner party, House is bound to have the ideal dinner set for you and your home.

Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. If you’re tired of trying to pass off a random assortment of bowls and plates as deliberately eclectic whenever you have company, have lost vital bits of tableware to chips or spectacular smashes, or are simply looking to trade in a tired set for something more exciting, our list of the best dinnerware from our favorite retailers may prove an interesting read, but there are some things to consider before you go all in and snap up the first set you fall in love with.

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Porcelain tableware is a popular choice, made from fine clay (usually kaolin) and loved all over for its glassy, smooth finish and resistance to chipping. Bone china is a mix of kaolin clay with bone ash, extremely durable, and fired to a beautiful borderline translucent finish that commands higher prices than most and is particularly suitable for formal place settings, but still tough enough to be microwave and dishwasher safe.

Reasons to avoid Reviewers were amazed at the finesse, simplicity and sturdiness of this set, representing the ideal meeting between timeless design and durability. If you’re going for all-white dinnerware, you might be weighing up with a simple supermarket set, but for everyday tableware that’s smart enough to double up for special occasions, those who own them say these beautifully fine pieces can’t be beaten.

The choice of gray, dark blue, black or blush trim and contrast inner adds interest to otherwise plain white tableware, and the fact that it comes in a set of three gives you the flexibility to mix and match colors if you wish. Reviewers loved the fine, shiny finish and the fact that it’s dishwasher and microwave safe, making it as practical as it is stylish.

While it might have the rustic look of stoneware, thanks in part to that gorgeous putty color, it’s actually porcelain clay, handmade and fired to perfection for an ultra hard-wearing finish. While that characteristic glazed porcelain shine is also there, giving a polished look, the real charm is where it contrasts with the unglazed white base for textural interest.

Looking to refresh your crockery, or need some extra plates for those special guests? Uncover a great collection of dinner sets for showcasing your good taste at Home base.

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