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Best Everyday Dinnerware Uk

David Lawrence
• Tuesday, 13 October, 2020
• 7 min read

We think great design should be part of everyday life and our favorite plates deserve to be used and enjoyed to the full. We tested our top plate sets by looking for great design, durability, product range, and of course, bang for our buck.

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This heavyweight set with its deep coupe shaping is perfect for serving up a substantial Sunday roast with plenty of gravy. The plates are hand-crafted using Deny Pottery’s locally sourced clay, and as they are safe to use in the oven, dishwasher, microwave and even freezer, they’re as tough and durable as they are immediately attractive.

We’re seeing decorative glass as an emerging trend in dinnerware, and this Parisian inspired plate set hits all the right notes. Ideal for easy breezy outdoor dining when you want something a little more fancy than melamine, these dishwasher-safe dinner plates offer instant chic.

Made from clear glass, and with an ornate circular design, the plates are deceptively smooth on the top and bumpy on the underside. The solid cream stoneware plates are overlaid with a vivid mint crackle glaze, which both accentuates the patterning and glistens in the sunlight.

These matte-glazed porcelain plates from the famed Dutch brand brings a colorful, craft driven aesthetic to the dining table. Delicately hand-painted with a swirling repeat sunflower seed motif, and in summery shades of yellow, blue, orange and pink, this set is perfect for a cheery, laid back look.

Crafted from fine bone china, the pure white contrasts beautifully with the graffiti-inspired splash of color. Made for sharing, these cheery smaller plates will add a splash of Mediterranean sunshine to your tabletop, whatever the weather.

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Each of the eight 16 cm porcelain pieces features a swirling dip glaze in its own summery hue, but we loved the way the tonal colors come together with a contrasting curved white stripe. While you may have doubled the number of dishes on the table with your Spanish-inspired feast, these are thankfully dishwasher safe, making clearing up a doddle.

On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The best affordable dinner plate sets will be durable, robust and practical while also oozing style and impeccable taste.

This sandstone gray dinner plate set ticks all the boxes as we embrace the back-to-nature trend, merging a sense of traditional earthenware with modern kitchen and dining style. If you are looking for something polished and pretty this speckled set from Habitat will make a dapper dinner service.

Hand decorated in Portugal and crafted from earthenware, the soft pink or blue tones and earthy grass will be a pleasing canvas for bright green salads and Mediterranean veggies. This black dinner plate set is sleek, simple and modern and would perfectly suit any minimal, industrial-style, or pared-back home.

Been searching for a cheap white dinner plate set that doesn’t compromise on style? Not only does it look classic and chic, it can also beat the heat and handle the cold, being microwaved, dishwasher, freezer and oven-safe.

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Crafted with practical porcelain, it’ll see you sail through the teatime rush and can also be brought out for supper with friends. If you need to feed the five thousand and you require a reliable, robust, and cheap white dinner set for six, this budget-friendly option from Argos is fantastic.

Modern, stylish, sleek and chic, this cool gray dinner set is totally fine and Stand. Boasting an earthy ‘grieve’ hue, its natural tones will make for an elegant supper soirée but will work equally well for family feasts, whether it’s a special occasion or a sofa-surfing kind of dinner.

Anyone with a pared-back but contemporary home will love Maxwell & Williams Soho dinner plate set for adding a subtle yet stylish touch of print to the room. The modern Soho trend will inject a relaxed yet refined feel to your tables cape.

Ikea’s Diner set for six will ensure you’re prepared for lots of guests and a gorgeous gray hue is always on-trend. The perfect dinnerware set should not only look stylish on your dining table over many years, but should be lightweight enough to pick up comfortably and be impervious to daily wear and tear.

You should also be able to add more settings or buy replacements as your family grows over the years or a piece breaks. When researching dinnerware in the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances & Technology Lab, we evaluated classic ware in a range of prices, weights, and styles.

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Our picks include best -selling models from long-standing brands, many of which have replacement programs for broken and defective dinnerware. When bone ash is added to porcelain, it becomes a delicate, slightly translucent, and perfectly-constructed material that has a milky white, luminous glaze.

Bone china is lightweight and thin, but it is considered the most durable ceramic dinnerware. Not all bone china is dishwasher- and microwave-safe, so check the care instructions before you buy.

Heavier, thicker, less durable, and more porous than bone china and porcelain, stoneware is relatively inexpensive. Stainless steel utensils often leave marks on lightly glazed stoneware: This is not an imperfection and can be wiped off with commercially available cleaners.

(Earthenware is similar to stoneware in its organic design, but more prone to chipping.) Both are great options for daily use if you don’t mind the extra care required.

Both are great choices for families, outdoor dining, and college students: Laminated glass (also called Michelle) is an incredibly durable (we tested it) material proprietary to the Corell brand.

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Each set serves one, four, six, eight, or twelve people, depending on the brand. Recently, mugs have been left out of sets to adjust to modern preferences.

Open stock pieces are coordinated to match and it gives you the flexibility of creating your own set based on what you like and need. Made of bone china, reviewers love that the pieces are light, thin, practically flawless, and stack neatly.

Although they look delicate, they are durable enough to withstand the rigor of daily use: You do not have to set them aside only for special occasions. You can buy different color sets to mix and match or to decorate for the holidays.

We also love that the Fiesta brand is committed to sustainability by creating conscious and actionable plans. It performed well in our tests and this dinnerware set has over 3,000 reviews on Amazon.

We highly recommend this set for families that want durable dinnerware, but would prefer not to use plastic. It not only gives you the perfectly-sized serving piece for any meal, we love that you can use the handy-sized bowls for kitchen prep work.

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An exclusive to Macy’s, this best -selling dinnerware set is made of light and durable porcelain, perfect for daily use. Federal Platinum 5-Piece Place SettingLenoxmacys.Comte Leno Federal Platinum dinnerware set has all the characteristics that makes bone china luxurious and perfect for special occasions).

Although these are not microwavable (the platinum trim will get damaged), they are made of bone china, the most durable material, and have a simple, timeless design. We recommend these for special occasions and think the superior quality is well worth the price.

Color wave Coupe 4-Piece Place SettingNoritakemacys.these coupe-shaped rimless dinnerware are a soft and creamy off-white shade that is typical of stoneware. We love the simple clean lines, the matte-textured exterior, and the glossy glazed interior that prevents scratching and food from getting stuck.

Some reviewers noted that the pieces get very hot in the microwave over time, and silverware can leave scratch-like markings on the surface. The set is made of feldspar porcelain, which makes them very durable and smooth.

The flat plates feature slightly angled edges, while the bowls have sharper ones that add contrast to the overall design. Rustic Outdoor Melamine 12-Piece Dinnerware Set Williams Sonomawilliams-sonoma.melamine dinnerware is a great choice for outdoor dining because they will not scratch, chip or break, even when dropped on a hard surface.

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The Williams Sonoma dinnerware has a rustic look with stylish wide rims reminiscent of stoneware, but they are made of BPA-free melamine. The collection includes serving platters, bowls, and chargers sold separately to further elevate your outdoor dining experience.

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