"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Best Everyday Kitchen Knives

Christina Perez
• Friday, 18 December, 2020
• 30 min read

Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. These types of knives are typically tapered and measure from 6 to 12 inches in length.

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Some of these knives have shallow indents on the side (this is called Santoku-style), which allows food to slide more easily off the surface. When to use it: This type of knife is your kitchen workhorse and your go-to for most cooking tasks, such as mincing garlic cloves, chopping or dicing onions and peppers, and thinly slicing tomatoes or potatoes.

They look like mini chef’s knives, with small, pointed tips and a blade that curves ever so slightly. Paring knives are perfect for peeling apples or potatoes, and they’re also a fine choice for julienne small vegetables, detaining shrimp and segmenting citrus.

The blade consists of sharp, jagged teeth that easily cut through hard foods with soft interiors. When to use it: Use a serrated knife for any cutting task that will benefit from a sawing motion, like slicing baguettes or other crusty bread.

These knives also work well for cutting produce with soft flesh (like tomatoes) or fruits with hard exteriors (like pineapples). This thinness makes these knives very sharp and ideal for cutting raw meat.

They are usually about 6 inches in length and feature long, tapered blades that sometimes curve dramatically. When to use it: These types of knives are perfect for breaking down whole chickens, or defining bone-in pork or beef.

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A fillet or boning knife is really helpful if you cut a lot of raw meat, fish or other bone-in proteins. If you don’t cook a lot of meat, you may be able to skip this purchase and use a chef’s knife instead.

To help you decide, we did exhaustive research to determine which are the best sets on the market and spent the past several weeks putting the 11 finalists to the test. We found ourselves repeatedly using terms like “full tang” (when a blade is constructed of one metal piece that extends the length of the handle, which is preferable), “forged steel” (pricier than its stamped counterpart, but sturdier) and “heavy bolster” (the junction between the blade and handle that helps with balance).

Generally, most of the knives we tested were nice and sharp out of the box and all were stainless steel grade or better, but from there they varied when it came to grip, build and weight, which affected performance. The three winners earned points for great maneuverability, aesthetics and included extras.

The knives stayed sharp through our multitude of tests, and we were big fans of the cushion-grip handles that kept them from slipping, as well as the classic look of the chestnut-stained wood block. If you’re looking for a complete knife set you’ll be proud of at a price that won’t put a dent in your savings account, this is the clear winner.

If you’d like to step things up a few notches, it’s hard to go wrong with the Willing Pro 7-Piece Knife Block Set. Complete with four knives all forged from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel, the precision-honed blades are extra-sharp, stylish and just feel really nice in your hand.

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We were blown away by the sturdy construction, comfort of use and reliable execution that came with each piece in this all-inclusive set. At first blush, we didn’t think we’d like the poly padded handles, but they were actually extremely comfortable and kept the knives from slipping, even after they had just been hand-washed.

Plus, it is exceptionally sharp and took practically zero effort to drag through a few-days-old loaf of crusty bread, take the rind off a cantaloupe or slice berthing pieces from a tender tomato or peach, earning it more points than the Willing or Author versions. After plenty of chopping, slicing and dicing, the Chicago Cutlery knives remained as sharp as their brand-new counterparts.

When you’re seeking out knives that are super sharp, durable, ergonomic and will last a lifetime, we highly suggest you stop and give this standout set a good look. Heckles, which was founded back in 1731, also takes into account the benefits of both Western and Asian knife design.

For example, the chef’s knife blade has a broad curve to allow for a Western-style rocking motion, but a straight back that aligns with the Asian chopping style. They’re forged from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel, making them harder and sharper than many other models.

Lasers are then used to angle the edges of the blades for precision sharpness, and the process seems to have succeeded. The chef’s knife, which was our favorite from the Willing set, for one, practically dropped through a head of lettuce, and easily sliced through carrots, onions, herbs and more.

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It’s got history, a classic design and high-tech, high-quality craftsmanship that comes with a lifetime warranty (on workmanship and materials under normal conditions). Thinner than other knives we tested, the handles fit perfectly in a woman’s hand, but our male tester wished they were a smudge more substantial.

It glided through onions, potatoes and tomatoes, took the corn off the cob with ease and sliced through the tough rind of a pineapple like it was nothing. The paring and utility knives fit comfortably into our hands and easily sliced everything we tested them on: limes, oranges, strawberries, carrots, zucchini, radishes, you name it.

The serrated bread knife drew right through our baguette loaves, making us dream of a second career as an apprentice in a French boulangerie. We couldn’t suss out any difference in sharpness by touch, performance chopping up onions, carrots and tomatoes or from the paper test, of which both used and new Author knives made mincemeat.

If you have the money to invest, however, we think the classic, elegant set will not only look like a crown jewel on your kitchen counter, but also continue to dazzle for a lifetime. We spent weeks testing these knife sets, comparing each model by the same criteria, including overall performance, build quality, added accessories and warranty, taking detailed notes on how specific knives functioned based on everything from sharpness and materials to heft and hand-feel to how they looked and the usefulness of any included extras.

We ordered two of each set so that after spending several days slicing and dicing our hearts out, we were able to compare the used knive’s sharpness to their just-out-of-the-box twins. As avid home cooks, we already spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen, but as our dining room table became overtaken with woodblocks filled with knives to test, we quickly found ourselves continually looking for things to chop.

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Chef’s knife: This standard tool is made to take on most of the bigger jobs in the kitchen. Its weight makes it easier to chop uploads of ingredients in one go, say, for a big pot of soup or to roast a bounty of potatoes and vegetables.

We tested chopping through meat, onions, carrots, herbs and more, noting the knife’s design, grip, weight and general feel. We noted the ease of drawing the blade through different food items, and also whether the knife glided through paper or snagged.

So, for this knife, we cored and peeled apples and tomatoes, and minced shallots and garlic to evaluate its performance and feel. Too many items to list, including tomatoes, hard cheese, oranges, carrots and salami, were used to test how easily this knife could live up to its name.

We looked at ease of cutting through difficult foods, as well as how thin we could slice something softer, such as a tomato. Forged knives, for example, are typically stronger than stamped, which are cut from a flat metal sheet.

Full tang, meaning the blade extends through the handle, helps create balance and overall heft. Feel: So much of handling a kitchen knife rests on how it feels in your hand, so we paid special attention to the heaviness of the blades and handles, maneuverability, weight distribution and ease of sliding the knives in and out of their blocks.

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While we realize taste is subjective, we noted our general reaction to how nice they looked. Build had a maximum of 35 points: quality (15); knife feel (10); room for knuckle clearance (5); appearance (5).

Handcrafted in Semi, Japan, the durable, beautiful and razor-sharp Damascus stainless steel blades had us oohing and aching at their ability to perfectly slice through everything. The paring knife, for instance, was so sharp that as we used it to core a tomato, we found it was shaving skin off our finger from the slightest touch.

Admittedly, we thought the claim that the block’s built-in ceramic sharpeners would work with each use was a gimmick, but we were quickly impressed that the knives really did seem to get sharper every time we chopped and sliced. As far as performance, the all-stainless steel, full-tang knives handled well and felt balanced, although they did feel overly heavy in our hands.

We also appreciated the fact that the handles are labeled so you can quickly grab the correct knife. These knives scored lower on performance than most models: They weren’t as sharp, the hollow metal handles felt too light, causing an imbalance, and they tended to get slippery when wet.

Besides the value price, it features lightweight, dishwasher-safe stainless steel blades that will cover your cutting needs. When variety is key to your cooking game but staying on budget is too, you’d be wise to consider picking up this basic but useful 18-piece set.

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Our aesthetic biases had us thinking these would prove to be more flash than performance, though we know some will dub the highly stylized look as awesome. The geometric design of the military-grade G10 handles actually fit really comfortably into our hands and their slight texture made slippage a non-issue.

The full-tang titanium nitride-coated German steel blades were razored sharp and excellent at chopping and slicing everything we threw at them. The curved blade of the chef’s knife was helpful in chopping, but its thinness made it feel a bit light.

In fact, the heavy handles, paired with thin blades, seemed to affect the balance of the knives. And, at a rather hefty price, it includes just five knives (chef’s, paring, utility, serrated and Santos) plus a honing steel.

Then again, if your home decor is Kylo Men meets Jacques Pepin, put these on your wish list immediately. If you know a college student who has made the move from their dorm to their first apartment, this colorful set of kitchen knives would make a fine housewarming gift.

They’re BPA-free and come with matching sheaths, so they can be easily stored in a drawer, saving precious counter space. They didn’t feel especially sharp out of the box, our fingers smashed against the cutting board as we chopped and the blades felt heavy compared to the plastic handles, which threw off the balance of the knives in our hands.

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Its unique, vertical tempered glass block had one family member wrinkling his nose with distaste, two teenagers dubbing it “sick” (a good thing) and one who kept waffling between “so cool” and “trying too hard.” But whether you like the looks of the glass block, no one can argue that these are great knives. Nice and sharp out of the box, they’re made using high-carbon German steel, a bolster for support and neoprene handles with full tang, offering fairly even weight distribution.

It also only contained five knives, one of which was a boning knife which doesn’t see a lot of use, and the smaller, rubber handles weren’t especially comfortable. Made of honed, stainless steel blades and plastic curved handles with full tang, the chef’s knife was our favorite, although it felt a bit light in the hand.

Reviewers are particularly taken with the handle, which they describe as “comfortable” and “ergonomic,” as well as the incredibly sharp, 12-inch blade. Two years ago, celebrity chef Sean Brock shared a photo of a truly stunning chef’s knife on his Instagram “entirely handcrafted from reclaimed materials found in the mountains of East Tennessee.” Its stainless steel blade was forged from a “100+ year old 1095 high carbon sawmill blade” while the dark wood handle was carved from “some old growth cocoon.” The knife was custom-made by John Phillips, who sells the knives one by one to his newsletter subscribers.

It’s damn near impossible to cop one of these beauties, but if you manage to, it’ll become an instant family heirloom. Michelin-starred chefs Elise Knack and Anna Hieronymus recently told us Shun is “one of our favorite knife brands.” And with a lifetime guarantee and a blade that stays sharp longer than it has any right to, it’ll be one of yours, too.

Risen was one of the earliest entrants into the fast-growing contingent of direct-to-consumer cookware brands, starting out as a Kickstarter launched in 2014. In 2018, writer Parthia Rosin penned a convincing ode to the Honcho Kobe, or Long Chef’s Knife, a Japanese-made chef’s knife handcrafted in the seaside town of Banjo and available at L.A.-based Japanese home goods store The Good Liver.

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Rosin writes that she was immediately taken with the wood handle, which is “meticulously worked through a char coaling process that ensures its water resistant and antibacterial” as well as the blade made with two types of steel for added structural integrity. “It’s so you learn the technique of holding the knife.” It also comes with a finger guard, which is perfect for amateur chefs in first, second, or third grade.

Lightweight Japanese-style knives may be the blades du jour, but if you want a knife with some serious heft, one that can take a beating, go for the 11.1 ounce Author. “I prefer the weight and thickness of the blade of this heavier knife,” says James Beard–nominated pastry chef Shannon Swindle.

While the materials, production methods and versatility of every day carry or EDC knives has changed over the past century the need to have what used to be called a pocket knife at the ready hasn’t. Chances are your grandfather carried one on him most of the time as did his father before him simply because you could never be sure when you might need to cut, carve or repair something.

Every knife on this list has distinguished itself from the hundreds of other EDC knives on the market but all the same there are a select few within the group that warrant singling out for their outstanding build quality, versatility and durability. The Blur features Speeds assisted opening a reversible pocket clip and is a nice, tidy 4 ½” long when closed.

The handle is made from aircraft grade aluminum and features Trace grip-tape for a rock-solid grip every time. The Ontario 8848 RAT folding knife has the clean profile of classic EDC knives with a 3 ½” AUS 8 stainless steel blade that resists corrosion.

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It also features a molded nylon mesh handle that provides excellent grip, dual thumb studs and a compact closed length of just 5”. It’s the type of EDC knife that skirts the line between utility and survival gear and the overall build quality is such you may be passing this one down to your son someday.

While the blade is a modest 3 ½” it feels like larger EDC knives when open. Spider takes a distinctly 21st century approach to the design of EDC knives and the results are both visually and functionally compelling.

Inside are skeletonized steel liners that help increase structural integrity without adding bulk to this Spider knife as a whole. The blade is available either uncoated (shown) or coated with a matte black finish that eliminates glare.

In addition, the G10 scales are very drippy and make holding the Tenacious a breeze, while the 4-way pocket clip allows for multiple carry options. The “tango” blade comes to a nice point that’s ideal for detail work, piercing things or perhaps creating guides for screws and the like as well as notches at spine near the handle for your thumb to give you a better overall hold.

The straight edge of this folding knife gives you the ability to bear down a bit harder on cutting tasks than you can with some other EDC knives (but if you do, be careful since this is not a full tang blade). Finally, the durable glass-filled nylon scales make for a nice tight grip.

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The Blighted Tactical Pocket Knife is the one “high tech” looking creation among our EDC knives. The Blighted Tactical Pocket Knife’s blade is fashioned from high-quality 420 stainless and the handle from aircraft-grade aluminum so durability is another guide-word to use here, along with versatility.

The knife also comes with a convenient belt clip in case you don’t want to tote it in your pocket. Unlike most EDC knives this multifunction knife sports a magnesium rod to get your campfire going, a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter to extricate yourself or someone else from the car in case of an accident.

And maybe best of all an emergency LED light that provides up to 12 hours of clean, clear illumination on each battery. This tactical knife still manages to tip the scales at a svelte 5 ½ oz in spite of all the extra features.

When you keep the Blighted Tactical Pocket Knife on hand you’re ready for whatever comes down the pike or down the trail. With its gentle forward reaching arc the knife is engineered to allow you to apply just as much or as little pressure to the task at hand as is appropriate.

There are bigger EDC knives out there as well as more expensive ones but there are few that live up to the name “pocket knife”, while also extending the meaning of that phrase, quite as well as the Hershey 1555. The Spider Delica4 Lightweight is just that, tipping the scales at an incredibly light 2 ½ oz.

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That’s great for those who don’t like to feel their EDC knives flopping around in their pocket all day. Tough, corrosion resistant VG-10 stainless steel is used for the blade and the handle are fabricated from fiberglass reinforced nylon (Fan) for long-term durability and a firm grip.

Inside the handle are opposing stainless steel liners that buttress the knife’s structural integrity while adding no bulk and virtually no weight. We take one more stroll down Hershey Lane with the Volt SS, a knife that’s one of the most ridiculously attractive EDC knives and one that feels as good to hold as it does to look at.

The steel at work in the blade is corrosion resistant, bead blasted, high-quality 410 stainless and that blade is a satisfying 3 ½” long to the tip, which features an aggressive point for piercing and rooting tasks. Everything about the Volt SS says “convenience” from the Speeds opening to the lightweight to the thin profile and 3 position pocket clips.

All in all this is one of the best EDC knives for do-it-yourselfer, tradespeople, casual campers and maybe even more dedicated outdoor enthusiasts. The Squid, as it’s affectionately called because of its profile, is one of those EDC knives that’s taken the notion of ‘pocket knife’ seriously and produced one for the ages at a price your grandpa would love.

Overall the knife has a substantial feel to it that belies its diminutive dimensions and a nice clean look most will love. The Squid features frame lock so you can be sure it’s not going to open in your pocket and knurling on the spine of the blade to help you retain absolute control over your cut.

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The “stonewashed” finish on the blade is a nice touch that creates a subdued look for a knife that’s all business. In general, the Squid is beautifully balanced when open (none of that dropping toward the handle feeling you get with some EDC knives) and the whole thing can be had for a wink and a song.

The fact is this is an outstanding value that is comfortable to hold and folds up nice and tight to slip easily into your pocket. It opens smooth although maybe a bit tighter than some would like and the blade is razor sharp out of the box.

Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to the best Karambit knives. It applies directly to the reason that men are carrying EDC kits with them nowadays.

It may seem silly at first; maybe you’re cutting rope or unlocked a bathroom door, but then, what happens when you’re in a car wreck and need to saw the seatbelt off of yourself or a loved one? Put the blade tip on one side, your finger on the other, and remove gently.

Tell those around you that it’s not the day to eff with you, because you’re peeling potatoes with an EDC knife like a boss. Most blades have a big of magnetization going on, so you can use it to find items (like screws and coins) that have fallen on the leafy forest floor.

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Ever see your neighbors digging their finger into an envelope at the mailbox, looking like a crazy person? Below we’ve chosen the most common questions we heard while doing our product research on EDC knives in the hopes the answers will help you out as well.

They’re intended for general use, are typically moderate and price and most of them fold up, so they can be carried easily in your pocket (hence the name). They are indeed everyday carry knives in that they don’t have a specific function, they’re just supposed to be at the ready for those times when you need a blade.

A: Electricians, carpenters, construction workers, sailors, campers, roofers, plumbers, police officers, firefighters, auto mechanics, warehouse workers, heavy machinery operators and just about anyone else who works with their hands or just likes to be prepared for any eventuality. Full tang means the steel that comprises the blade extends through to the butt-end of the handle.

Because with survival knives you often need to really lean into the task at hand, like hacking underbrush or cutting wood to start a fire. As such you need to know the blade won’t break off or come loose because your life may be depending on it.

A: Perhaps the best answer to this question is: “Why would you?” Do you really need to carry nail clippers and a pair of tiny, unusable scissors around all day? Maybe you do but the point is the Swiss Army Knife, as groundbreaking as it was, is a fundamentally different animal than EDC knives.

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Also, if you polled 100 SAK owners how often they use anything other than the blade you’d likely be surprised to find the answer is “almost never”. The proper and efficient way to sharpen your EDC knife boils down to just three methods.

That said the blade should be made of a high quality stainless steel, one that resists corrosion and holds a nice edge. Curved blades on EDC knives make the most of the being short by maximizing the available cutting edge so that’s something to consider as well.

The vast majority of EDC knives feature either manual or assisted opening or both. Whichever method you choose the most important thing is that the blade opens without a fight and locks in place firmly.

EDC's knives are not intended to come to your rescue if you find you’ve parachuted in behind enemy lines or you’re lost on K2. They’re pocket knives and, befitting their humble nature and EDC purpose, should have an affordable price tag.

EDC's knives are old school kit that stubbornly refuses to give way to the digital age. The EDC knives we’ve reviewed here are the best of the bunch in our opinion and any one of them would be a proud addition to your every day carry.

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Since 99% of the EDC knives on planet earth fall below that benchmark you’re not going to get yourself in hot water with the powers that be for carrying one, even if it’s “concealed” in your pocket. We got many emails from people that moved to a new place and are looking for the best cutlery knife sets.

Heckles Premix Set has very good edge retention and it is quite easy to re-sharpen. The Tangshan Z Series 17-piece Knife Block Set combines some of the best from the East and the West.

It also allows the blade to be sharpened from heel to tip and provides improved cutting precision, and safety. The handcrafted full-tang knives are forged from tight-grained, X50Cr15MoV German Steel. The laser-cut blades are quite lightweight which makes it easy to work with them for a long time, but they still offer great performance.

I do like it! The Gladiator Series blades are precision-forged from a single piece of high-carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel. This steel ensures an ultra-sharp edge with excellent wear and stain resistance.

The full-tang knives are hand polished and have a 56+ Rockwell hardness and the edge is 14-16 degrees per side. A traditional design with triple rivets ensures that the handle will last a very long time.

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The Ox Good Grips 17 Piece Knife Block Set features knives with a fully forged blade, bolster and tang for superior balance, strength, and durability. Ox uses German stainless steel with high carbon content for long-lasting sharpness and edge retention.

Ox thought hard about the handles for this knife line. The contoured handle and rounded bolster are quite nice and make the knives easy to control.

They use their taper grind edge technology to make the blades sharp for precise cutting. The grip has a nice ergonomic design so it fits good in the hand.

All the knives are FDA approved and the set comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee from Cook. The working knives of the Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18-Piece Block Set have a black polyester handle.

The black Asian-influenced, cushion-grip handles provide a sturdy, non-slip grip. For the blades, Chicago Cutlery uses its signature 26-Degree taper grind edge technology. They are forged from high-carbon stainless steel with metal bolsters for added balance and safe handling.

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The Emo joy 15-Piece Knife Block Set stands out with the blue handles. Emojoy uses X50Cr15 High Carbon stainless steel for the blades. The knives have a strong and durable bolster that increases stability and gives you better control.

The Oak wood block keeps your knives safe and does not need a lot of space on your kitchen counter. Triple riveted Lakewood handles ensure a good grip.

This nice set from Clifton is forged from high-carbon stainless steel and features a full tang and bolster. The knife block is designed with Clifton’s “Sharpen Technology”.

Unlike many nonstick pans, this one is free of materials that may pose long-term health risks, including Pas, FOA, lead and cadmium. The Held 10-Inch Hybrid Pan feels fancy (and yes, it’s pricey as well), but it’s also a sturdy piece of cookware that blew the competition out of the kitchen during every one of our tests: Food slid off easily, it was a breeze to clean and heat was evenly distributed while cooking.

With 1,800 watts of motor power, the Seville Super Q features a slew of preset buttons, comes in multiple colors, includes key accessories and is touted for being quieter than other models. We concede that $630 seems like an extreme amount of money to spend on a blender, but as a luxury option, the Vitamin Venturis V1200, with its whopping 10-year warranty and plethora of functional, durable and just plain cool features, simply rose to the top in every test performed.

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Besides doing an admirable job at blending up creamy soups and smoothies, it comes with a number of presets, as well as low, medium and high manual settings. If you’re looking for a complete knife set you’ll be proud of at a price that won’t put a dent in your savings account, this is the clear winner.

Another important knife lesson: While it may seem convenient, purchasing a whole set of knives in one of those blocks isn't the best option. As with sets of pots and pans, you'll generally end up overpaying for less important pieces and under-spending on the ones you'll reach for most.

The ultimate multipurpose blade, it can do just about anything that needs to be done, whether you're chopping an onion or carving a roast. We recommend trying out a few if you can, since, like a wand in Harry Potter, a knife is only as good as how it feels in your hand.

First, Santos tend to have shorter, more compact blades (about six to seven inches) that are flatter than that of a traditional Western chef's knife. For a helpful visual guide to all those blade styles, head on over to our Santos knife review.

Its narrow blade also lends itself to odd jobs in the kitchen, like testing to see if a roasted beet is tender or if a cake is done. Daniel's favorite affordable paring knife is the Author Pro.

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It was so good, Daniel brought it home and got rid of all the other bread knives in his house. While slicing and carving knives aren't a necessity, they're really handy to have around during the holiday season, when you're serving up big roasts for a crowd.

Thinner and longer than typical chef's knives, they'll slide right through that family-sized turkey without any mess. A carving knife has a long, narrow blade that comes to a sharp point; it's especially useful for cutting in and around cartilage and bones.

I think we can all agree that meat that's been sawn, with all that glorious juice dripping out onto the cutting board, is the lump of coal of the food world. Because the handle flattens out and widens toward the base, it tucks pretty well under your fingers, and the angled bolster makes it simple to grasp the blade for better control.

By running your knife along the ridges of a honing steel, you'll buff out those microscopic dents that can throw your blade out of alignment. Now when you see chefs on cooking shows honing their knives, you can at least know why they're doing it (though how they can do it so fast is still beyond me).

Whether it’s your first time buying a knife or you’re looking to add another one to your collection, we’ve saved you the effort of doing the research yourself and compiled together a list of the best pocket knives for everyday use in 2020. Starting with its straight back blade, the deep belly proves useful for low-angle cuts and allows for more precision and accuracy.

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The Mani is such a great knife that Spider has decided to put their new proprietary steel, SPY-27 in the new version coming out later this year. Instead of a thumb stud, the blade features a large round hole, allowing for easy ambidextrous, one-handed opening.

Over the years, we’ve seen so many amazing high-quality products come from Bench made, the knife manufacturing company headquartered in Oregon. It delivers highly controlled and precise cuts, allowing you great command over the most delicate of slicing applications.

The blade is insanely sharp from the factory and not easy to dull but if you need it, the company will provide a re-sharpening service free of charge. Its long aluminum and stabilized wood handle provide a comfortable and secure grip on the knife.

AMERICAN MADE CPM-S30V STEEL: For first-rate edge retention and corrosion resistance; Clip-point construction for easily controlled cuts. AXIS LOCKING MECHANISM: Ensures safety and a smooth open and easy close; Reversible, split arrow clip; Lanyard hole for versatile carry options.

CLASSIC PROFILE, MODERN TECH: With its lightweight design, the Mini Crooked River 15085-2 is the perfect addition to your EDC collection, backpack, survival kit, tackle box, and more. It’s a cut above the rest (pun intended) because of the sheer number of different design variants it offers.

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For additional toughness and protection against the harshness of outdoor elements, the blade is coated with Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC), which also grants it an attractive shine. The well-crafted handle is a combination of anodized aluminum and Trace inserts, guaranteeing a secure and comfortable grip.

Deployment is smooth and quick thanks to the company’s patented Speeds Assisted Opening system and the blade locks in place with great assurance. One minor quirk about this otherwise exceptional pocket knife that we would like to criticize is its angled thumb studs.

An effort has been made by the company to reduce the knife’s weight as much as possible without compromise to strength and functionality. The knife features a 2.3-inch partially serrated straight blade, the perfect design combination for a versatile jack-of-all-trades.

The name So is attached with military-style tactical knifes so it would likely you’d find one of their products in a guide about all-purpose pocket knives. The knife features a high-grade stainless steel 3.5-inch blade coated with titanium nitride for extra durability.

For its appearance, the knife is surprisingly lightweight, at 3.1 ounces so it won’t feel weighty at while it is in your pocket. The design is super ergonomic providing a secure grip and a feel in the hand that is just perfect.

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Lightweight Well-constructed Great price Ambidextrous Safety lock Highly ergonomic handle The Buck Knives 112 Ranger is another premium quality pocket knife with a classic style that has made it to our list.

Its 3-inch clip point blade is made with 420HC steel and comes sharp, doesn’t dull easily, and can really withstand abuse from the environment. Fashioned from Manassas ebony wood, the blade tang is secured into with brass bolsters.

Featuring only a small nail nick groove on one side of the blade, it generally requires two hands to open. Another criticism, thought a lot more minor, is that, without a wire clip or a handle, some flexibility is eliminated with everyday carry.

Starting with its drop-point 2.75-inch blade, you’ll notice a deep belly and a thick cheek, adding in its performance. The slightly exaggerated flipper aids with the knife’s access along with its thumb studs.

As mentioned earlier, a pocket knife is a highly versatile tool with countless everyday applications. Save yourself the hassle of a regretful buying decision by choosing a pocket knife that is already rated highly by both websites and past customers.

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