"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Best Flatware Caddy

Bob Roberts
• Wednesday, 28 October, 2020
• 17 min read

But, before you shop, you should measure your cutlery drawer or cabinetsoyou'll know your pick will fit before you buy. After size, your decision depends on which style and material will work best for your needs and budget.

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Promising review : “This tray fit perfectly into our kitchen drawer and does a fantastic job of easily sorting our silverware. The rubbing gripping on the lining keeps the silverware in place and you don't hear a lot of shifting back and forth each time the drawer is opened.

For limited drawer space or to maximize your kitchen's storage capacity, this space-saving flatware organizer is a great pick. Even with that capacity, it's by far the smallest organizer in this roundup, with a 15.6- by 4.3-inch footprint and a height of just 2.2 inches.

Plus, like my first pick it has cutlery icons so everyone knows where each fork, spoon, and knife goes when clean. So happy with such a simple thing, but it makes a huge difference in our tiny kitchen.

Having horizontal space for spoons, forks, and knives left no functional room for anything else. Plus, the five compartments are clearly labeled for knives as well as both small and large forks and spoons.

It sits on my counter for easy reach my guests no longer open every drawer looking for a spoon. Mine is fully loaded with a place setting for 12 and it stays firmly in place with no tipping at all, and we have large handles on our knives.

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Everyone who sees it states “What a great idea instead of the standard drawer tray!”” This portable flatwarecaddy with its compact size and side handles is a cinch to move outdoors or about the house.

Bonus tip: Reviewers even report fitting plates or napkins in the fifth compartment. Since this pick is the longest in this roundup, just be sure to check that your drawer is long enough to accommodate it.

Promising review : “This bamboo adjustable drawer organizer is perfect! I love how large it expands, the different size spaces and how nice it looks inside the drawer.

If you happen to put flatware away when slightly wet, this durable stainless steel mesh tray is a great budget option that allows water to escape so flatware doesn't get gross in the drawer. Plus, since it's close to the size of my first pick, measuring 12.6 by 2.2 by 9.4 inches, it will fit in almost any drawer.

It has five compartments for flatware as well as nonslip feet to keep it in place when opening or shutting the drawer. The 12 slots safely store and protect knives since they won't slide and you even get a knife sharpener with this buy.

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Love how the utensil holder is clear and blends in--it lets the food be the center of attention. I also think this simple design will blend in most decor, and will work for outside dining. Megan.

Bronze and sand color Portable flatware caddy features 4 compartments for forks, spoons, knives, napkins, paper plates, condiments, kitchen gadgets, spatulas, utensils, tools and cutlery Stylish woven, metallic plastic looks great on the counter, kitchen table or in the pantry Made of durable and woven plastic Outdoors Use: Yes Organize your dining necessities in style with the design Crisp FlatwareCaddy.

This table organizer features removable dividers to create two to four compartments of storage space for utensils, silverware, cutlery, napkins, paper plates, and more. The convenient built-in carrying handle offers portability and makes it easy to bring the caddy from the kitchen or pantry to the dining room table, while the transparent plastic sides and open-top ensure contents are always visible and accessible.

The versatile design can also be used in the bathroom, bedroom, closet, or anywhere that you need additional organization. Made with durable, rustproof BPA-free clear and matte white plastic, this flatware storage caddy stands up to everyday use and is easy to clean with mild soap and water.

Keep cutting boards and knives close by as you cook with this understated flatwarecaddy. Crafted from steel, this piece showcases a clean white finish and an open frame for an airy and modern look.

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A cylindrical rod is fixed within the top open compartment to help ensure your knives stay secure, while also rounding out the design with a natural touch. Two bars toward the back prop cutting boards, pot holders, and more upright.

I have it next to my stove, so I can cut, chop and throw into pots or skillets. Duane. This rotating turntable features a large base tray with a taller center storage cup to keep taller items like cooking utensils, spices, salt, and pepper shakers, and more organized in the kitchen, pantry, cabinets, or on the countertop.

Designed with style and function in mind, the open-top design with raised sides keeps items easily accessible and prevents them from falling out while rotating the organizer. The center cup turns to lock into place for stability and is removable for easy cleanup.

The hooks are easy to attach to any shower curtain rod. The minimalist design provides an easy flow of movement when adjusting your shower curtain.

Crafted from stainless steel, this piece features an open frame that’s finished in white for an airy and modern look. Two compartments and a wooden bar prop your utensils upright, so they’re at the ready when you need to stir or flip.

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Thanks to its minimalist design and compact footprint, this caddy can stand out on the kitchen countertops without creating a crowded or cluttered feel. Keep your forks, knives and spoons organized, so when you're starving you don't need to scavenge for a utensil to eat.

Bon appétit this Stainless Steel FlatwareCaddy is ready to serve, organize and display. It features 4 round open compartments to organize flatware, serving utensils and more.

For added convenience, each container illustrates a spoon, fork, and knife drawing to quickly identify what belongs inside. The sleek and attractive design comes complete with a wood tray base perfect for carrying from the kitchen to the buffet table.

Bring style and function to indoor/outdoor entertaining with flatware easily accessible to guests. It beautifully complements stainless steel appliances and most kitchen decor like lacy table linens, countertops, crisp dishes and polished silverware.

For special occasions add to your holiday serving station, dessert presentation, farm to table BBQ and much more. A clever design holds plenty, keeping utensils organized and upright.

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Keep your forks, knives and spoons organized, so when you're starving you don't need to scavenge for a utensil to eat. You can even separate big and little spoons and forks from each other, so adults and kids can take what is necessary.

Handcrafted from wrought iron for long-lasting beauty, even under rigorous use, this caddy features 3 sections to keep knives, forks, and spoons divided, and one for napkins. The wireframe, rope, twist design is an attractive touch, and the handle allows for convenient carrying.

Be prepared to entertain when friends and family stop by unannounced or arrive for planned celebrations. You can also utilize the compartments for serving utensils, wine openers, and salad tongs so guests can help themselves.

Nest 3 section caddy for flatware, flowers or office supplies sits handled stainless steel tray Metal hand twisted in an interwoven made in the style of a birds nest 3 Removable wooden holders may be used with or without the tray This beautiful wood caddy fit PERFECTLY in my 9” wide kitchen drawer.

Round out your entertainment arsenal in breezy style with this classic flatwarecaddy, perfect for bringing out bottles, flatware, and cooking utensils during outdoor gatherings. Teeming with texture, this piece is handwoven from rattan in a neural hue for an airy and natural look.

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Four compartments let you organize all kinds of items, while two handles make it easy to bring this basket around the backyard, dining room, and beyond. It is manufactured using aluminum with leather details also it is finished with a non-stick coating that resists scratching, It's free of nickel or any heavy metals.

Finally, your utensils, tools, and straws that have been cluttering up surfaces large and small, have an accessible, sortable space to call their own. The 4 well-thought-out sections in this cutlery caddy are designed to store and display, while giving you easy access to its contents, in a conveniently sized tray that feels at home in your kitchen space or any space.

A modern mesh utensil looks stylish yet timeless whether you’re entertaining indoors or out. The lightweight design and convenient handle make for easy mobility so that you can effortlessly transport utensils and condiments from the cabinet to the dining table, outdoor or where they're needed.

Keep your forks, knives and spoons organized, so when you're starving you don't need to scavenge for a utensil to eat. This flatwarecaddy will help you keep your drawers neat and organized for you to get what you need instantly.

This Iron Cutlery Holder is perfect to hold utensils on your counter. Adds the perfect touch to a farmhouse or industrial style kitchen.

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Keep your flatware at arms reach an accessible for everyday use or for parties. Other matching pieces like a napkin holder and beverage tub sold separately.

Set out utensils at your next brunch or luncheon with this sleek flatwarecaddy, featuring a nickel-plated stand and finial detail. The three compartments are ideal for holding many knives, spoons, forks, chopstick or anything else that pops in mind with a separate organization.

This caddy is pretty big and comes in very handy when there is limited space on the picnic table. Featuring a very beautiful reclaimed wood-inspired style with metal accents for that special touch.

The caddy has 3 compartments that are designed to hold forks, knives, and spoons making it easy to grab the right utensil. One can be used for storing cooking utensils nearby the stove top while others can be placed next to the sink.

The wire caddy allows you easily carry organized flatware silverware to anywhere you want. IEnjoyware’s utensil holder caddy set is also a great gift idea for mom, grandma or wife.

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Wire caddy damp cloth clean only Embossed scroll design with glossy finish and fiesta palate make it a great kitchen countertop decor Portable wire caddy makes it easy to transport to your backyard and patio for outdoor cooking, or to dining table whenever you have a home party Keep your serving utensils, napkins, paper plates, and condiments all organized in one place with this rustic galvanized silver metal serving caddy.

From its enchanting color to heavenly scent, lavender is a timeless and beautiful flower. Keep your forks, knives and spoons organized, so when you're starving you don't need to scavenge for a utensil to eat.

You can even separate big and little spoons and forks from each other, so adults and kids can take what is necessary. Easy organization-wide opened compartment allows for you to easily organize your flatware, silverware and any other cookware you may have.

Simple design and a crisp color combine to make this utensil crock a charming addition to your kitchen. This versatile piece not only works great at corralling your gleaming silverware, but is perfect for storing small arts, and crafts, office supplies and more.

Displaying items in an upright fashion for easy access Neatly organize flatware, cooking utensils, office supplies, and more Often also used to organize remote controls in the family room or an entire make-up set.

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La Jolla collection Holds easily a 20 pieces flatware set, remote control or various toiletries Hand woven from rattan Finished with a coating of clear lacquer This Gourmet Basics by Midas Rope Picnic Caddy is a stylish way to bring flatware, plates and napkins to the table.

Subtle beauty of this Flatware Organizer is accompanied by functionality it requires. Walnut and metal frame will withstand every day wear-and-tear and insert is removable to make restocking a breeze.

Designed with a large bottom tray and a two-section center divider compartment, this turntable provides storage for napkins, flatware, cutlery, seasonings, condiments, and more on kitchen and dining room tables. The open-top with raised sides keeps items easily accessible and prevents them from falling out while turning the organizer.

This versatile turntable can also be used in the bathroom, bedroom, closet, office, or anywhere you need additional organization. The durable BPA-free clear plastic construction is made to last and is easy to clean with mild soap and water.

Opens in a new tab Keep your forks, knives and spoons organized, so when you're starving you don't need to scavenge for a utensil to eat. You can even separate big and little spoons and forks from each other, so adults and kids can take what is necessary.

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Startle your guests with the lifelike appeal of Arthur Court's Butterfly FlatwareCaddy. Finely detailed butterflies, flowers and vines flow brilliantly as they blanket each side of this piece.

Heavy lines in the wings and petals define each animal and blossom on the busy caddy. Durable handles make this handmade aluminum piece both fun and easy to use.

Butterfly collection Designer premium signature aluminum alloy and all Arthur Court are compliance with FDA regulations Aluminum serve ware can be chilled in the freezer or refrigerator and warmed in the oven to 350° Dust with damp cloth Will not tarnish Comes in gift box perfect for wedding or housewarming giving Opens in a new tab Neatly arrange your spoons and forks with this simplistic Cinder wood FlatwareCaddy.

Opens in a new tab Crafted of antiqued finish metal for a vintage look, and a sturdy frame with four clear jars, this flatwarecaddy will stylishly become a great accent of your kitchen! This set will make excellent storage containers for food or utensils in your kitchen or on your pantry shelves.

It features three sections, for knives, spoons, and forks, and makes a lovely presentation on any table. This utensil crock is an attractive way to store your essential kitchen tools or flatware while keeping them clearly visible and easily accessible.

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Crafted from high-grade, structural carbon steel for long-lasting beauty even under rigorous use, the holder has a wire frame design with the word “utensils” woven into the body and an antique black finish. Three dividers help you keep utensils organized, and the carrying handle makes this a perfect caddy for bringing flatware to the table.

Timeless design, complements any decor Wire utensil holder Crafted from high-grade carbon structural steel for long-lasting beauty even under rigorous use Stylish design at a great price Our flatwarecaddy has a stunning silver and gold-tone metal inlay combined with laser design and is handcrafted from sustainable materials of mango wood and hand-inlayed aluminum.

Go on a summer picnic with our Soho Vibes Wicker Utensil Holder. This cute woven utensil holder is split into three compartments and is perfect for holding forks, spoons, knives, and napkins.

From family get-togethers outdoors to casual dining at home, this beautiful flatwarecaddy is designed to carry lightweight plastic dining utensils to your more hefty and formal metal flatware. This multi-purpose caddy also doubles as storage carrier for holding office supplies, crafts, and other odds and ends.

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