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Best Flatware To Register For

Carole Stephens
• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Whether it be for a day at the beach, a meal on the go, or just for your everyday desk lunch, these pretty, cleverly designed sets are worth registering for. You may think that all modern flatware was created dishwasher safe, but many sets still require extra care.

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This modern iridescent flatware is a dream if you aren't a fan of the word “understated” and if you’re fully on board for using these aside equally playful plates. Don’t overwhelm the table with too many other metallic accents if you use these, however, as things could turn a bit flashy.

Best of all, the resin lends itself to a more laid back aesthetic and the gold fancies things up, so you can dress these babies up or down, depending on your mood. This classic, slightly masculine style lends itself perfectly to a mountain home or ranch aesthetic.

Dark brown wood and stainless steel create an air of sophistication and timelessness. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here.

Couples today register for all sorts of flatware for every occasion, and many times what is considered “fancy” and “every day” are interchangeable. With so many possibilities, you may feel like registering for a couple of styles and mixing things up at your next dinner party.

Hostess sets are made up of serving utensils and generally have either four or five pieces. If you plan on doing a lot of formal, elegant entertaining, consider banded flatware.

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Angular: This type of flatware is basic and streamlined, perfect for modern tables. It's a great match for plain white china and can go from casual to formal without a hitch.

The tiny scratches silver acquires from constant use and cleaning will form a soft finish called patina, which gives each piece a unique signature (like the natural flaws in leather). Remember that the more often you use your silverware, the less it will tarnish (use it every day and save on that elbow grease).

Use a soft cotton or flannel cloth, stroking up and down so the patina stays in one direction. Finally, wash the piece in warm water with a mild detergent and a soft sponge.

Warning: Don't use “dip” polishes; they contain chemicals that can leave behind a white residue. Store sterling silver and silver-plate flatware in felt rolls in a silver chest with slotted insets (or a tightly closed drawer) lined with felt linen to prevent scratching, denting, and tarnishing.

“If you can, always go to the store,” says Mat Sanders, co-founder with Brandon Quattrone of Consort, an interiors firm with retail outposts in New York and Los Angeles. “Everyone thinks they have to register for the fanciest, most elegant tabletop when they’re putting together their registries,” says Darcy Miller, celebrations expert and editor at large for Martha Stewart Weddings.

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“However, think about how you live your life, the kind of gatherings and celebrations that you like to throw and attend, and build your collection around that.” For something “fresh and modern” to pair new with old, try one of the favorites in his stash, MEPA’s Due cutlery in matte gold ($160 for a five-piece set, themine.com).

“If you love entertaining but hate washing dishes, be sure to look for a dishwasher-safe set,” says Amanda Clements, owner of the D.C. Salt & Sundry shops. The Oslo flatware collection from Canvas Home is a great option” ($42 for a five-piece place setting, canvashomestore.com ; also available to order from Salt & Sundry).

The Italian-made line is set in stainless steel with a resin handle in oatmeal, sage, gray, brown and cobalt. “Even in the dead of winter, the Timber Mirror bamboo-style flatware reminds me of springtime entertaining outdoors,” says Clinton Smith, the editor-in-chief of Veranda magazine ($2.95 per piece, pier1.com).

Browse Dinnerware Shop by category Extra special glassware in a variety of styles and sizes. Browse Stemware Shop by category Add that extra touch.

Sterling, silver plate and stainless steel place settings and individual pieces available. Browse Flatware Shop by category Featuring figurines, crystal and all treasures in between.

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Inquire Now Missing Pieces Discontinued China hosts a fundraising Sidewalk Sale once a year in June. Register Now We keep your contact information on file, and when we need a number of pieces in a specific pattern we can make you an offer to buy it or to consign it.

Choose from several styles and shapes, and enjoy our great prices as you stock up on these necessary items. Don't just go with cheap and boring flatware, be creative and select a set that reflects your restaurant's style and flair.

About Fine linens Fine Linens is a family-owned business whose bedding, bath towels and housewares have delighted New York City shoppers since 1975. Beloved by decorators and homeowners alike, we’re known for impeccable service, top-tier brands and quality customized linens.

Elegant Flatware for Any Occasion!, Comfortable Form-Fitting Design, Solid Stainless Steel with Mirror Polish Finish, Perfect for Modern or Contemporary Kitchens, Durable & Dishwasher Safe Style, Easy-to-Clean & Rust-Resistant Address Accuracy Incorrectly entered addresses may delay your order, so please double-check for errors.

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