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what you think you need."
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Best Flower Pots For African Violets

Brent Mccoy
• Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
• 20 min read

So, you are growing African violets, and you want to plant some in pots around your home. I like a pot that has two layers so that you will be able to add water to the bottom portion of the plant without it getting waterlogged.

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This is a planter that is made from a durable plastic material that is great for your home or garden. It is a self-watering option that has an inside pot that is black, while the outer one is white.

These are square planters that are purple, but if it does not fit your decor, you will be able to choose from a rainbow full of color options so that it matches the rest of your indoor or outdoor garden. This is a unique looking pot that is made of clay and then fired in a kiln to become hard.

The outside of the pot is also glazed, which means that it will not leak in your indoor space. The final planter in this gallery is one that is made from very durable ceramic.

The blue coloration and the glaze on it look lovely, and each one is painted by hand, so no two will look the same. AfricanViolets are adorable because they grow in clusters of flowers that can come in various hues, including white, pink, red, and blue.

The T4U Self-Watering Planter Pot Set features a self-watering system that saves your time from the need to water your AfricanViolets often. Additionally, the hollow legs reach down into the deep water storage, letting your houseplant’s soil get moisturized while its delicate root system remains properly hydrated.

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The T4U Self-Watering Planter Pot Set’s convenient irrigation design features a drainage hole on the side and a self-watering insert. This beneficial feature lets water enter via the small side holes and will get stored in the reservoir.

Moreover, the small, beige self-watering plastic containers by T4U involve a unique, passive hydroponic process as well. It brings natural beauty to office spaces, homes, indoor floors, tables, and counters.

The propylene pigment outside the clay planters is bright, and it does not comprise harmful, volatile substances as well. Moreover, the Resold Clay Planters come as a set of four indoor gardening pots with drainage holes.

Additionally, the Resold Clay Planters with a drill hole design have air-permeable dense pores. Besides, these pores let oxygen enter the soil and aerate your favorite houseplant’s roots.

The Resold Clay Planters has a thick inner wall that decelerates heat transfer between the external environment and the soil. This temperature insulation feature holds the sun’s warmth and dissipates heat through water vapor.

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You can relish do-it-yourself activities at home by inviting your children to paint or draw their favorite patterns on the flowerpots outer walls. The Resold Clay Planters are perfect for AfricanViolets, herbs, succulents, cactus, and other flowering houseplants.

The Starting Gardens Azalea Pot is among the best options you have for your AfricanViolets because it has a short profile and is manageable. The Starting Gardens Azalea Pot contains 13 units of green plastic flowerpots with 8-inch top diameter and is 5.6-inch deep.

Hence, why don’t you pack your bags, head to Las Vegas for a couple of days, and enjoy yourself? Besides, the self-watering planter by DELF is very safe for your AfricanViolets, thanks to the green Polypropylene plastic material, which is highly free from Bisphenol-A or BPA.

Furthermore, the DELF Self-Watering Planter makes a fine office or home decoration that delivers natural green to your surroundings. The self-watering planters by DELF are fantastic with your AfricanViolets, orchids, Devil’s Ivy, and ocean spider plants.

This offering comes with six pieces of black plastic plant containers measuring five inches tall and with a six-inch top diameter. Furthermore, the T4U Store Planter Pot Set will save you a lot of your precious time effectively because it is a self-watering container.

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The T4U Store Planter Pot Set has an internal drainage reservoir that holds water. It can keep your beloved houseplants healthy by preventing nutrients loss and by supplying constant moisture.

The T4U Store offering, which comes with six drainer plates, is among the best African Violet pots with a smart design and simple contemporary style. The containers complement most home ornaments and styles quite well, making them an impressive gardening gift idea.

This blue ceramic urn-shaped houseplant container is a self-watering planter that eliminates the possible stress you feel out of caring for your AfricanViolets. This fully glazed portion can hold sufficient water to keep your AfricanViolets alive for one to three weeks.

Includes six pieces of self-watering pots Made of durable plastic Huge, built-in reservoir facilitates easy oxygen circulation and prevents root rot Reusable and sturdy Eye-catching green hue Perfect as an office or home ornament, wall decor, greening project decorations, balcony and outdoor garden display, and so forth Moreover, the Fencer Self-Watering Hanging Flower Pot stores excess water in its bottom layer.

Complete as it already comprises Fiber Soil, making seeds or plant as the only necessity Self-watering and allows periodic checking of indoor houseplants’ need for water Prevents roots from rotting Straw-like fibers offer thrice more oxygen compared to traditional soil Facilitates more yields and flowers and lush growth A great gardening gift idea and ideal for potting tiny plants, African Violets, herbs, start seedlings, and succulents The Window Garden offering already includes the Fiber Soil superior growing medium.

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The Aquaporin Self-Watering Mini Planter Pots Fiber Soil is an advantage that lets your houseplant’s roots to breathe and thrive. Besides, you do not have to worry about root rot as this concern is surely at bay with Window Garden’s container.

Additionally, you can water your favorite houseplants in a matter of weeks instead of days with the Window Garden Aquaporin Self-Watering Mini Planter Pots. Therefore, vacation time will be worthwhile for you as you can return home, expecting your AfricanViolets to be still alive and vibrant.

Window Garden’s Aquaporin planter pot is an attractive plastic container that comes as a set of three. This Ivory Matte-colored product facilitates more flowers and yields and lush growth, thanks to supplying constant water and substantial root zone oxygen.

Why don’t you give them a set of the Window Garden Aquaporin Self-Watering Mini Planter Pots ? ProsConsHelps in the cultivation of healthier, wider, and taller houseplants buyers complained about root rot and excessive moistureGuarantees growth of attractive blooms and larger leavesSoil medium facilitates flourishing of AfricanViolets Helps bring dying plants back to lifeAttractive and lightweight The time-saving and handy nature of the T4U Self-Watering Planter Pot Set makes it a must-buy container for AfricanViolets.

Your AfricanViolets can also stay properly nourished and moisturized thanks to this product’s convenient irrigation design. Potting your AfricanViolets using the four durable T4U containers is also safe as the manufacturer utilized premium-quality polypropylene material.

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Buying the best African Violet pots may be an uncertain activity for you if you are new to nurturing these kinds of flowering houseplants. This burning process diminishes the ceramic pots small holes and makes these African Violet containers less vulnerable to damaging elements.

Clay-made containers feature plenty of small holes that enable moisture and air to penetrate its sides. Additionally, these clay pots function as a wick that eliminates surplus moisture from the soil and drain the water.

The drainage holes in the clay pot’s bottom prevent over-watering as well, with your AfricanViolets staying well-hydrated but without excess water left in its base that may cause it to drown or get overwatered. If you buy plastic pots for your AfricanViolets, find the ones that potters designed for outdoor use and treated with ultraviolet or UV light inhibitors.

These advantages reduce the likelihood of your plastic pot’s color from fading and increase its life span. After all, remember that direct sunlight can damage your AfricanViolets plastic container, making it brittle and with faded color.

Potters of the best African Violet pots you can select from usually utilize ceramic or stoneware, clay, and plastic as construction materials. You can choose the most optimal container made from one of these elements that keep your houseplant in its tip-top wellness for the long haul.

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The convenient and classic-looking T4U Self-Watering Planter Pot Set made it as the number-one pick in this list of AfricanViolets best containers. Plus, asking around in brick and mortar shops and pottery stores can help you learn more choices.

The second reason why plastic pots are highly recommended for AfricanViolets is that some of their versions have rolled edges. It may be that the salt build-ups are taking place in the soil, or your flowering houseplant’s roots are starting to rot.

Additionally, the pot you are using for your AfricanViolets may facilitate dry soil, preventing sufficient water from entering it. Transplant them into a new container immediately because faulty pots can cause more harm than help to your beloved houseplants.

That said, there are not too many great options for the best pots for AfricanViolets that work efficiently, provide self watering facilities and have an exquisite look. Therefor, finding the perfect planter online becomes a very hard task to do.

They aren’t intended to last, however it would be very difficult to break these pots except if you normally hit or drop it. It came up to around midway so you can blend in some orchid and the soil included to make the perfect African violet potting mix.

violet african watering self pot
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When utilizing self-watering pots, ensure that your dirt is light (with alterations, for example, bark) to keep away from truly wet soil that can execute the plant. The incorporation of the these holes likewise mean better wind stream inside the pot.

These pots are ideal for plants that require moist conditions, for example, africanviolets. Fill the white pot around 1 or 2 inches with water every week and when you return to top off, you will see that the dirt is still visibly wet.

However, these pots cannot be used for plants that require a balance between dryness and moistness, such as succulents. Moreover, these pots also lack the water level indicator, which comes in handy during the initial growth stages of violets.

Prisons Prevent Fungal diseases Expensive Amazing watering systemic that you have as of late got keen on growing plants at home and have been evaluating a huge assortment of pots, this one is the perfect one for you. Simply fill in the plate each week with water and it’ll be set.

Every miniature African violet pots accompanies a simple to utilize cut on watering connection (found inside the lower supply saucer) to make it simple for you to water your plants. Top off the profound store legitimately as opposed to pouring water through the pot and taking a chance with overflowing.

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Set up was straightforward, and it truly helps that it accompanies fiber soil included. On the off chance that you are new to cultivating or in any event, having houseplants, and awful at watering reliably, this pot was made for you.

Made from strong plastic material, these miniature pots can further grow orchids or more alike flowers as well. They dismantle separated to place water in the base and if not overloaded won’t let the plant roots get excessively wet.

You can fill the base by a spout at the top so you don’t need to dismantle the pot separated to water. Taking the base off to wash is simple reason there will be green moss developing.

Prisons Perfect for Indoor Used Design is Not Efficient No Chipping Ocean Blue Exquisite Clothes wonderful pot comes well-packaged without a scratch, and it’s dazzling! In the event that you need your violets to grow and not die in a day, these are the best way to develop them.

Fill the base part most of the way with water and place planted inward pot inside. Water will splash through unglazed inward pot keeping soil clammy.

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This vivid ceramic pot chops down watering recurrence and plants remain sound and cheerful for quite a long time without a lot of attention needed. In contrast to plastic pots, it won’t fade or split in the sun.

Note: This pot is not made out of ceramic material, it is clearly plastic. The above mentioned africanvioletspots have been compiled a list of best pots for africanviolets after much contemplation and research of African violet pots reviews.

Whether you are looking for African Violet Pots made of ceramic, plastic or glass, our list has them all. This blend will remain damp longer and won’t solidify as fast as straight fertilized soil will.

Typically, AfricanViolets (also known as Saintpaulia) pots come in two main types; Ceramic & Plastic. Also, if extra waste is required its anything but difficult to penetrate additional openings in them.

In any case, the dirt additionally wicks dampness out of the dirt, settling on fired pots a superior decision on the off chance that you tend to over water or for plants that lean toward dry soils. Through my experiments, I have managed to become an expert in the art of gardening using different products and rating them & now, I want to share with the world what I have learned.

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If you click one of these links and make a purchase, we will be paid a commission at no additional cost to you. Find the best pots for African violets to help make watering and care of these indoor houseplants a bit easier.

The adorably fuzzy petals and small structure make African violets a popular choice among gardeners. In addition to needing plenty of indirect sunlight throughout the day, African violets also require a specific amount of water to flourish.

These devices eliminate the need to worry about a fungal disease that causes your pretty violets to rot. This makes it very easy to care for your beauties and you will never need to worry about overwatering them.

If you plant your flowers in a pot that is too small, the roots will not develop properly. You move your plant to a larger pot, using fresh soil.

One of the best ways to ensure your African violets look amazing year round is to plant them in the correct pot. Since your violets need moist soil on a regular basis, you’ll need to find a pot with great drainage to ensure the soil doesn’t get too wet or dry each day.

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If you plan to plant your African violet in a plastic pot, choosing one with a saucer on the bottom is essential. The saucer will allow your pot to drain more evenly, ensuring your violets don’t get over-watered.

The porous construction of ceramic pots make them a great choice for African violets. Choose a ceramic pot with a saucer for maximum drainage.

These houseplant pots are great options for planting your African violets : You’ll love the modern ribbed design on these pretty ceramic flowerpots.

Keep from overwatering your African violets by planting them in a plastic pot with drainage. Add a little of style to your African violets with this decorative self-watering pot.

Some self-watering pots are difficult to refill once your African violets have used all the water in the reservoir. The pot itself is decorated with a drip design and a rich glaze, creating a rustic look.

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Basic site functions ensuring secure, safe transactions secure account login remembering account, browser, and regional preferences remembering privacy and security settings analyzing site traffic and usage personalized search, content, and recommendations helping sellers understand their audience showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy African Violet Pots by Jim and Martha AFRICAN VIOLET POTS by Jim and Martha24 degrees and cloudy, with 6 inches of snow this Tuesday morning, 29 December 2020, in the Wet Mountains of Colorado.

Repot when plants develop a bare “neck” between the leaves and soil line. African violets are common houseplants because they flower reliably and are easy to grow.

Plants have fuzzy leaves with pink, purple, or white flowers in various shades. They grow well in the low humidity and moderate temperature of most home and office environments.

With good care, plants can live and bloom for decades. African violets are strictly indoor plants in North America, largely because their leaves need to stay dry.

Grow plants in bright, indirect light for the best color and blooms. A plant stand three feet away from a west- or south-facing window is an ideal location.

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For best results, plant African violets in African violet pots, which are small (4- to 5-inch) ceramic or plastic self-watering containers. The easiest way to make sure you give African violets the right amount of water is to grow them in the self-watering African violet pots mentioned above.

Ceramic pots are usually glazed on the outside, but the bottom of the planting section is unglazed so that water can easily soak through from the reservoir. If you are not growing plants in African violet pots, water just enough to keep the soil about as damp as a wrung-out sponge.

Simply snip off a leaf where it meets the plant stem, dip the cut end in Miracle-Gro® FastRoot1® Dry Powder Rooting Hormone, and stick the cut end in a small container filled with Miracle-Gro® Seed Starting Potting Mix. Place the plant in a spot with high humidity (or temporarily cover it with a plastic bag) for a week after planting to help lessen the shock from having part of the root ball removed.

Local gardeners can help mimic rainforest conditions for their African violets using pebbles and water. African violets (genus Saintpaulia) are popular houseplants because of their compact structure and cheery blooms.

Native to the rainforests of Tanzania and Kenya, African violets were first collected from the wild by European explorers (including Baron Walter on St. Paul for whom the genus is named) in the late 1800s. African violets are relatively easy to grow if you recreate elements of their native environment indoors.

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Place your African violet in an east (or north) facing window. The 2021 Callao County Master Gardeners’ annual calendar is on sale now for $5.

African violets have fine roots and need enough water to keep the soil moist, but not soggy. The type of pot and growing conditions determine how often you need to water your African violet.

If the soil sticks to your finger and feels damp, it doesn’t need water. If the soil crumbles away easily and doesn’t feel damp, it’s time to water again.

To mimic rainforest conditions, put your African violet pot on a layer of pebbles in a saucer. Increase the pot size gradually (only by about one inch in diameter each time you re-pot) to accommodate the growing root ball.

When re-potting, you also can prune the roots of your African violet to limit plant (and pot) size. Note: As African violets grow they often lose their bottom leaves and develop a bare neck without your assistance.

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Add fresh soil, up to the pot rim, covering the exposed neck. Use a light and porous soil to allow the fragile roots to grow into the new medium such as a peat-based, “soil-less” mix consisting of at least 30 to 50 percent coarse vermiculite and/or per lite.

When more than one violet grows in the same pot, the leaves of the different plants tangle with each other and no longer lie as flat as they should. In the latter case, the plants should be positioned with their crowns about 1 foot beneath fluorescent tubes timed to run for 14 hours per day.

Because African violets bloom most often when they are slightly root bound, each plant should grow in a container only about one-third its width and no more than 4 inches deep. It isn’t possible to provide the same conditions when several plants are clustered together in a larger container, so your violets may not flower as frequently.

Such decay is more likely to occur, however, when several plants are grouped together in the same container because it takes a larger pot and more soil to accommodate them. To prevent this problem with your violets, wait to water them until the surface of the soil feels dry, and insert the spout of a watering can beneath the fuzzy leaves to avoid getting them wet.

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