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Best Food Mixer Uk 2019

Danielle Fletcher
• Thursday, 15 October, 2020
• 8 min read

The GHI has beaten, kneaded and blended in 38 stand mixers to find the best machine for your prepping needs As the Great British Bake Off has taught us, if there’s one kitchen appliance no budding True Lath or Paul Hollywood should be without, it’s one of our best stand mixers.

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If you’ve every tried whisking, whipping, beating or kneading by hand for any length of time, you’ll know how exhausting it can be. Some models can also double up as blenders, food processors or pasta makers to help shake up midweek meals, too.

The obvious downside of this mixer is the sheer amount of kit to store, but if you’re willing to make some room you’ll be rewarded. Not only is it incredibly easy to control with six speeds and a fold option, its five-litre heatproof glass bowl allows you to see exactly what’s going on inside.

During testing, the mix stand mixer was fuss-free to use, staying reassuringly steady on the worktop even at high speeds. It produced everything from light, fluffy doughnuts to crisp meringue and thick whipped cream for pavlovas perfectly.

Another plus is the sheer range of compatible attachments, which include a pasta cutter, grinding mill, dice and spaghetti maker. As well as the basic three tools (dough hook, whisk, flat beater), you’ll also find a Software beater for combining creamy mixtures, a splash guard with a chute for adding ingredients, an extra 2.9-litre bowl (which fits neatly inside its standard 4.8-litre bowl for storage) and a lid so you can prove and ferment without having to remove the contents.

Great for batch bakers and big families, the 500W Precision Stand Mixer is surprisingly roomy. Which means that you can knead up to 1.2 kg of dough, whip 1.4 liters of cream or whisk 12 egg whites in a single load.

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There are 12 speeds, from a gentle stir (which we found invaluable for starting to mix dough) to a rapid whisk that took the effort out of making meringues. This last one was especially good in that our bread dough didn’t wrap itself around the hook, but moved and kneaded it around the bowl efficiently.

However, if you’re looking for robust workhorse of a mixer and don’t mind not having a colorful appliance, it’s a smart choice. Not only will it stand out on your worktop in cream, black or red, its curvy style will complement any other retro kitchen appliances you might have.

The bowl comes with a handle, so it’s easier to secure to the base and remove, and has enough capacity for up to 12 eggs whites, a liter of cream, 2 kg of cake batter or 1.8 kg bread dough. At the front, it has an outlet that can power extra kitchen tools, such as a meat grinder, spaghetti cutter, ice cream maker, or a slicer/grater, so you can expand its food prep capabilities.

Its three-pronged flex edge beater has been designed to reach all sides of the bowl, too, so you don’t need to keep stopping the machine to scrape the walls or base. The motor strained a little when tackling firmer recipes, such as bread dough, but this was resolved by adding liquid.

The mixer was very noisy on the top speeds, and the spring from new was strong, so you’ll need to hold the head as you raise it or it jerks. It mixed and kneaded bread dough around the bowl without it wrapping around the hook (which resulted in a well-risen loaf), and blended butter and sugar to a pale creamy consistency.

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We noticed a few streaks of butter in the sponge batter after mixing and scraping down, but the baked cake rounds were light with golden, springy tops. This super-sized Artisan mixer comes with a 6.9-litre bowl, which can accommodate a whopping 2.2 kg of plain flour, 19 egg whites, 4.5 kg of cake batter or 1.9 liters of cream.

It makes a great upgrade for keen bakers, but bear in mind that its tools won’t be compatible with a smaller Kitchen mixer. Beyond £150, most of what you’ll be paying for is a greater choice of colors and styling, extra features or accessories.

More expensive mixers tend to have a sturdier build quality to ensure they’ll be whisking and beating for decades to come. These allow you to power attachments, turning your simple stand mixer into a multifunctional kitchen helper.

Standard mixer attachments include a blender jug for making smoothies and soups, or crushing ice, and sometimes a food processor for slicing, grating and chopping. These include rollers for making pasta, specialized ravioli makers, mincers or grinders for processing meat, slicers, refreeze ice cream bowls, millers, spiralizers and juicers.

Bowl capacity Unlike some small appliances, where wattage can be a rough guide to how powerful a machine is, when it comes to stand mixers, it’s better to buy on more tangible features. Bowls are usually made from stainless steel (cheaper models may have a plastic base).

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Some mixers may also have preset programs for food types such as cake or gentle ‘fold’ options. More extras Other stand mixer extras include integral lighting, so you have a better view inside the bowl, a countdown timer that helps prevent over-mixing, and sensors that help maintain the mixer ’s speed when tackling heavier loads.

If it’s out on the worktop, find a design that comes in a shade to suit your kitchen and will fit below wall units. Stand mixers are cove table pieces of kit for bakers and cooks wanting to up their game in the kitchen.

They take the hard work out of beating, whisking, and kneading and will help you produce show-stopping sponges, biscuits, bread and pastry in next to no time. With extra attachments, some can tackle everything from sausage meat to ice cream without so much as an aching wrist.

To test the whisking ability, we whip up the minimum and maximum amounts of egg whites to see if it can reach the base of the bowl as well as handle large quantities. We also make lighter sponges and pastry to assess if the machine can handle light mixtures.

Key Specifications Bowl capacity: 4.8 litresVariable speeds: 10Accessories: Flat beater, whisk, dough hookColours available: Cream, black, silver, red 2Artisan 6.9 L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer 5KSM7580XKitchenAidjohnlewis.this version of the Kitchen Artisan would suit those who regularly need to mix larger quantities.

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Scoring top marks across the board for its beating, kneading and mixing, this powerful model is a good all-rounder that is easy to use and comes with dishwasher-safe attachments. Our only criticism is that it struggled to whisk smaller capacities and is fairly loud on full power.

Key SpecificationsBowl capacity: 4.6 LitresVariable speeds: 6Accessories: beater, whisk, dough hook, spatula, splash guard, 4.6 liter bioavailable colors: Grey Bosch.this Bosch model is at the pricier end of our list, but the comprehensive range of attachments means it could potentially replace your blender and food processor too.

Admittedly, there's a lot to store as a consequence, however, this appliance is sturdy, easy to use and offers outstanding results. It can handle both large and small quantities and copes well with heavy mixtures such as bread dough.

Key SpecificationsBowl capacity: 5.5 LitresVariable speeds: 7Accessories: Stirring whisk, beating whisk, kneading hook, continuous shredder with 3 stainless steel disks for slicing, grating and shredding, 2.3 liter glass blenderColours available: Grey It scored top marks for producing light and fluffy cakes as well as for handling and effectively combining the heavier batter.

It produced a perfectly kneaded ball of dough in a matter of minutes, resulting in a well-risen and springy loaf with a thick and crunchy crust. It also impressed us when creating a delicious crisp and flaky pastry and when mixing heavy ingredients.

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Uk Kitchen calls this its ‘entry-level’ model but in our rigorous evaluation, it scored very well across the majority of tests, mixing all ingredients thoroughly and with ease. Its only area for improvement would be the whisking function, as the attachment struggles to reach the bottom of the bowl on this setting.

However, whisking aside, it's a powerful and simple design that will get the job done and is ideal for anyone baking in smaller batches. Our only grumble is that it struggles with smaller capacities of ingredients and it's worth noting that the controls are on the right-hand side of the machine, which could be annoying for left-wingers.

Key Specifications Bowl capacity: 5 LitresVariable speeds: 6 plus fold functionAccessories: beater, spatula, whisk, spiral dough hook, splash guard, stainless steel bowlColours available: Bronze KitchenAidjohnlewis.this small Kitchen is ideal for those with less space in their kitchen and bakers who only cook up smaller batches.

Unless you're baking very large batches, its small size doesn't impact its ability to do the job, and we like the attractive and traditional appearance. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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