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Best Food Mixer Uk 2020

Ava Flores
• Monday, 19 October, 2020
• 12 min read

Thanks to the multiple attachments and large capacity of the bowl, they excel at making cakes, kneading dough, whipping and whisking, and work far more effectively than food processors in this respect (although the two are sometimes confused as they have a similar ‘spinning’ motion). Versatility Stand mixers can work hard with the right attachments, which include everything from pasta rollers to sausage makers.

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Weight If you’re short on counter space and will be hauling the stand mixer in and out of storage, be aware that some of them can be very hefty. Looking at the full array of test models we had for this round up, the Kenwood Chef XL Titanium stood out from the crowd with its low, square design.

The controls and mechanisms on this stand mixer were a pleasure to use, with smooth actions, sprung loaded movements and satisfyingly solid attachments. The whisk, hook and beater were hefty and fitted well into the head, plus if you want to get more adventurous there are many interesting accessories to fix to its additional high or low-speed ports.

For a high-volume, powerful helper around the kitchen this is as good as it gets, and we’d be happy to have the Kenwood Chef XL Titanium on hand for bakes, batch cooks and so much more. The handled, stainless steel bowl has a whopping 6.9-litre capacity, which is big enough to whisk almost 2 liters of cream to airy perfection in minutes.

Set aside a rainy afternoon for a bulk baking session and this will be your trusty sidekick, powering its way through pastry, bread and batters. We also loved how it blended perfect mash for a freezer stock-up, tackling a bag’s worth of steamed spuds with ease.

This stand mixer from Monster has a decent 1000W motor, so should be able to cope with tough dough and whiz air into sponge and meringue mix. We suspect that over time the black plastic casing could pick up a few scrapes, but this model seems well put together and is certainly light enough to be stashed away.

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The 3.5-litre bowl can’t cope with huge quantities, but if you’re making occasional cakes or mixing dough for one or two loaves, it does the job perfectly well. However, if you’re also in the market for a blender, this will look after smoothies and soups as well as the usual stand mixer duties, and may take up less room than two separate machines.

Combining generous capacity and power, this budget stand mixer is a good choice if you want something functional and care less about wowing with a statement piece. In tests, we tried various recipes that put the dough hook, beater and balloon whisk to good use and found it coped with everything we threw at it, although we had to push dry ingredients down into the mix at times.

Kenwood’s mix is available in a range of color and metallic finishes, but we think it really suits this special edition chrome casing. Thankfully, it’s easy to wipe clean as with this sort of bling, finger marks and splashes really show up.

Washing your stand mixer ’s attachments by hand can be a real pain, so we looked for dishwasher-safe accessories to make cleaning less of a headache. If you have any questions, suggestions for future reviews or spot anything that has changed in price or availability, please get in touch at goodfoodwebsite@immediate.co.

The latest designs will add a light touch to your cakes and bakes and help you craft an artisan loaf in style. Meanwhile, we’ve highlighted the Russell Hobbs Go Create (£90) as a sub-£100 model, which is a good option for occasional bakers.

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It’s recommended you don’t go over speed two when mixing dough to avoid causing damage to the machine, and while this took a little longer than anticipated, we found the results satisfactory. In the box you get a second 3-litre stainless steel bowl, which came in useful for tasks such as cracking eggs and leaving the dough to rest.

Pros: Luxury feel; ergonomic body; useful extras; attachments easy to fit and secure Cons: At 10.98 kg, it’s a heavy design There are three attachments in the box including a whisk, flat beater and dough hook and a plastic spatula and splash guard.

We did need to stop halfway through to coax the ingredients around edges back into the bowl, but this wasn’t a huge problem. That said, the variety of speed settings the Go Create offers, together with the powerful motor that gets the job done quickly and effectively, makes it a stand mixer worth considering.

Pros: 10 speed settings; bowl size; matching Go Create appliances; recipes in the manual Cons: Basic design; a little too compact for our liking With its rather handsome, polished stainless steel body, the Kenwood Chef XL (£700) comes with a powerful 1,700W motor.

In the box there's three stainless-steel attachments including a dough hook, whisk and K-beater, plus a creaming beater and fold tool to create particularly light mixes. You also have the option to add to the base design with up to 20 attachments for tasks such as blending, cutting pasta and mincing meat.

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When we used the cream beater to mix the caster sugar and butter, we were surprised at how quiet the operation was, particularly as this is the most powerful mixer in our test. The body feels robust and satisfyingly secure on the worktop too, with only a slight vibration while in use on a high-speed setting, compared to other designs we’ve tried.

While the Kenwood comes with a splash guard, the ‘soft start’ speed dial works well to ensure ingredients doesn’t come flying out of the bowl when it initially gets turned on. There are two ports on the machine, which are discreetly covered with silver caps, and can be used for attachments such as a blender or pasta roller, which you'll need to buy separately.

Pros: Versatile, extra large bowl, robust and timeless body Cons: A little bulky, but we can live with that We simply poured the ingredients into the bowl and measurements were shown on the LED display, which is positioned neatly on the front of the mixer.

Another useful feature on this design is the Smart Dough sensor, which ensures a constant mixing speed and comes in useful when you’re kneading a large quantity. Unlike other models in our test, this display also provides automatic programs for use on egg whites, dough and cream, and stops when the ingredients are ready.

We stuck with an even 8 speed setting while mixing caster sugar and butter as we felt the machine got a little too noisy above 8, If you want to get those recipes done right, don’t start cooking without the proper kitchen tools.

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Allow me to show you the best food stand mixers that will transform you from zero to hero in the kitchen. The Kenwood Chef XL, the #1 best stand mixer for a home baker design is simple and straightforward.

I find this feature very useful for making bread dough or cake mixtures. Kenwood also performs great at mixing heavy dough and bits of additional ingredients.

The motor ensures that the dough hook doesn’t get stuck even when more ingredients are added. This Kenwood Chef Titanium XL Stand Mixer for Baking comes in 4.6 and 6.7 bowl to choose from.

It is our best large stand mixer, a more robust version of Kenwood Chef XL. Its robust design makes it a good appliance that will reduce the airiness of your kitchen.

The stability of Chef Titanium remains the same even when set to fast mixing speeds. Chef Titanium isn’t ideal to be used as a portable food mixer because it’s bulky.

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Kenwood KVC7300S stand mixer, excels at mixing foods for baking purposes. You can use this 1500 watts mixer for mixing heavy dough with hard ingredients.

Also, you can opt to use this product for mixing fruits and vegetables with cream, honey, etc. The robust base makes it possible for ACMA to avoid tipping on its own when mixing food fast.

Powerful 1400-watt motor a robust base for stability Anti-Splash Guard Dent Resistant Bowl This means that you won’t have to worry about denting the bowl when mixing hard ingredients.

This product works great for mixing liquids such as milk and juice because it has a splash guard. However, ACMA’s powerful motor ensures that you won’t have trouble mixing food.

Kitchen 4.8 Liter Artisan Stand Mixer 5KSM175PS (Empire Red) Mixes and prepares small and large batches of food, low... Versatile and easy to use tilt-head stand mixer which... 300 watt, 10 speed setting and built to last using the... Comes with 2 bowls and a number of standard mixers ... 5-year warranty. This product has a 300watts motor that’s not very powerful as Kenwood but still good enough for kneading dough and handling other heavy cake mixtures.

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This Kitchen Empire Red Mini Mixer looks pretty similar to the previous product in terms of design. 3.3 liter bowl vs 4.8 of Kitchen aid Artisan reviewed above 3 mixing accessories: a whisk, dough hook and flat beater Non-bulky food mixer Slender base and wide feet Much quiet compared to other best stand mixers on the market today.

The 275 watts motor of this product isn’t too powerful so doesn’t leave a lot of mess. Kitchen Empire Red Mini Mixer ’s motor has just enough power for mixing fruits, vegetables, flour and other ingredients without over spills.

The anti-splash guard makes this product ideal for mixing ingredients without messing up your worktop. You’ll hear the occasional whirring sound of the motor but this won’t bother you.

It comes with a 5 liter nonstick coated aluminum stainless steel mixing bowl with handles. The optional attachments though are of not of wide range as that of the Kenwood chef mixer.

The Kenwood mix Stand Mixer looks neat, robust, and easy to maneuver and clean. It has an added safety feature, which makes the gadget stops when you lift the top.

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When it comes to the best multifunction stand food mixers; The Bosch brand takes lead. Its food mixers come with a variety of attachments to make cooking more fun than ever before.

This Bosch mixer is quite good, you just need to add ingredients and set the timer and let it do its job without you being there. This Kenwood mixer is a pretty petite little thing, which will save you some space on your counter.

It features a sport a sleek and smart design with a stainless steel bowl and a clean silver body. This stand mixer features a large 4.3 stainless steel bowl.

Accessories and Attachments : You’ll most likely want the best stand mixer that comes with a balloon whisk, beater, and dough hook. A processor attachment for your mixer will also allow you to perform a greater number of tasks.

A blender attachment will allow you to blend ingredients and make soup and smoothies as well. Make sure the mixer you’re looking at has the capability to take extra attachments.

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Speed Settings/Wattage A higher wattage mixer will give you more power, but it doesn’t mean that it will excel at mixing. Because a model has a low or high amount of speed settings does not mean that it is the highest quality.

If you are looking for the best price food mixer ; Amazon UK online shop is a good place to start with. Both hand mixers and stand mixers come with 3 main attachments: beaters for beating eggs or creams, whisk for whisking or adding air to cake mixtures and a dough hook for kneading.

Some stand mixers are multi-functional meaning that they can handle more than their primary tasks of beating, mixing and kneading. Some of these additional attachments come as a part of a stand mixer package and others need to be bought separately when needs arise.

Most of the food mixers reviewed in this site are easy to assemble, use and clean. You will find a great range of colors and designs to fit your kitchen needs and style.

Best stand mixers will no doubt save you time and bring fun to your fine cooking and baking. Food mixers are meant for people who want to make their life a bit easier or hone their culinary skills.

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They also provide you with the choice to transform into a one-stop ultimate machine to cater for most if not all your cooking needs. The products that I mentioned here are the top 10, best food mixers that you wouldn’t want to miss.

All the products that I presented may be fitted with different attachments so that you can use them as a kneader, beater, slicer, pasta roller, etc. That said, these best stand mixers don’t only save money, but also your kitchen space.

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