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Best Food Processor Mixer Combo

Daniel Brown
• Wednesday, 23 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Luckily, you can find many labor-saving devices allowing you to focus on the creative element of cookery. The best blender and foodprocessorcombo enables you to tackle a huge range of applications from slicing and shredding to puréeing, chopping, and pulverizing.

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Power plant : The motor is arguably the most crucial aspect of your blender and food processor. In fact, for anyone making lots of smoothies, a smaller power plant delivers just the right consistency.

If you’re planning to smash up lots of ice or large chunks of veggies, opt for a more potent motor. Multiple pace settings are ideal if you’re looking to create a wide range of different recipes.

You can batch prepare everything you need in a single session down to tougher veggies and bulky fruit. Smash up ice in seconds flat or mix yourself a couple pounds of dough in less than a minute.

A 56oz glass jar gives you ample scope to blitz up larger batches. Stir, mix, and chop while also smashing up ice for your summer cocktails all in one unit.

One point worth raising is that a few disgruntled users have reported motor problems developing over the first year. It’s tough to establish the accuracy of these claims and also difficult to know whether the users looked after their appliances properly.

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This simple but highly effective blender from Outer gives you a surprising amount of flexibility considering its fairly small footprint. Whether you want a post-workout protein shake or a nutrient-packed smoothie, sauces, dips, or even chopped veggies, take care of it all with the BLS TDG blender.

A generously-sized glass jar is spacious enough that you can deal with large batches without breaking your stride. Finished in stainless steel offset with splashes of red, you’ll get a highly attractive addition to your kitchen.

Push-button simplicity so easily tweak speeds and presets Rugged 7-cup glass jar is large enough for the whole family Eye-catching design with stainless steel and flashes of bright red to liven things up The Wave Action comes into its own by dragging the mixture toward the blades giving you total consistency and enviable smoothness when you’re blending.

Cord storage makes stashing this appliance a breeze even if you’re operating with limited space. Packing a hinged cap, the no-mess spout ensures your kitchen counters won’t end up splattered with smoothie.

Ample power to cope handle the toughest applications with robust and agile motor Impressive breadth of blender settings giving you wide scope Wave Action system onboard delivers consistent results every time Ninja appliances come from the same stable that brings you Shark vacuums so expect the same outstanding price/performance ratio and the same durability levels.

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Use this in both the large pitcher and the smaller chopping bowl depending on what recipes you’re whipping up. One-touch pulsing simplifies operation and means this blender is ideal even if you’re not too comfy with tech.

The rock-solid base ensures your blender won’t slip and slide even if you’re working with large, touch hunks of veg. While this combo appliance is not exactly throwaway cheap, we’d suggest it represents excellent overall value considering the performance and brand reputation.

Outer is a heavyweight in the blender space and the powerful Pro 1200 comes with a shower of benefits without forcing you to take out a bank loan. While slightly pricier than some opposition, you’ll be rewarded with all the power and versatility you need in a single unit.

Benefit from 7 speeds, a pulse setting, and 3 presets for a user-friendly and highly efficient approach to kitchen prep Dual-direction tech on blade conspires to deliver genuinely impressive results Moroccans glass gives you durability and more than enough capacity for a larger family Pulverize ice without any resistance and smash down larger hunks of fruit and veg with absolute ease.

Features 700-watt motor 40oz glass pitcher 24oz plastic chopping bowl 3 speed and pulse Food processing kit Next up, another entry from the pocket-friendly Hamilton Beach in the form of the compact 58163 Wave Crusher Blender.

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Capacity is limited to a 40oz pitcher and a 24oz chopping bowl so this is not the best bet for big families. If you’re looking to get maximum bang for your buck in a smaller kitchen, though, this model makes perfect sense.

Where some blenders simply spin your ingredients around the side walls, the Wave Action tech here forces everything down for a smoother and more consistent mix. They’ll make light work of anything you throw in this blender while the slicing and shredding discs give you even more leeway.

Despite the small sizing, capacity is superb with a large plastic pitcher and a couple of 24oz Nutria Cups so you can enjoy soups or smoothies when you’re out and about. From seeds and skins to stems and solid ice, you’ve got all bases neatly covered.

1100-watt motor 64oz plastic pitcher 5-cup food bowl 2 x 20oz travel cups 7-year limited warranty The Versa is no exception and offers you a pro-grade blender you could comfortably use in a small commercial kitchen.

The 1100-watt motor is agile enough to power the blades through large hunks of veg or tough fruit. The 64oz plastic pitcher is roomy enough for a large batch while the 5-cup food processor gives you another avenue of attack.

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Boasting 4 blades in stainless steel, you can power through tough fruit and veg fuss-free. Thanks to this multipurpose nature, you can take care of a broad spread of kitchen prep without needing multiple appliances.

Flit between low and high settings and take advantage of the Pulse button so you can get the texture and consistency you need every single time. The robust motor develops 1HP and serves up all the performance you need for the toughest food prep.

The 56oz capacity means you can fill the plastic food jar with enough ingredients for a medium-sized family. Travel cups let you share the joy and liven up your morning commute with something more nutritious than a large coffee from Starbucks.

If you find another appliance we didn’t cover today, just take note of the buying advice above and you should streamline your decision a treat. We have a wide range of informative buying guides designed to save you time and money.

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