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Best Glassware For Ipa

Brent Mccoy
• Sunday, 06 December, 2020
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The aromatic flavor of the hops proved to be so delicious that it didn’t take long for IPA's to become a popular style of beer that’s still being made today. These beers taste like golden ales brewed with British hops for subtle citrus notes.

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This beer sits somewhere between an IPA, featuring a smooth and deep flavor, while highlighting happy notes as well. The thickness and retention of the head has a huge effect on the aroma of a beer because it captures compounds such as fermentation byproducts and hop oils.

Another consideration is the depth and life of the head (or foam) that forms at the top of the beer after a perfect pour. The bowl shape of stemware glasses, such as a goblet or a chalice, will preserve the aromas and carbonation of the beer.

A large opening on the top accommodates a medium-sized head and options with taller bowls help to show off the color of the liquid. If you tend to frequent microbreweries, you may come across custom glasses that are designed by the people developing the beers themselves.

One example of this is a Spiegel IPA glass, which features a wide, hollow stem with an elongated bowl that tapers slightly at the top. This glass was specially designed through collaboration with Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada to balance happy beers and create the best tasting experience for the drinker.

The unique shape of the Spiegel IPA glass takes elements from existing beer glasses and combines them into one perfect vessel that’s designed to help beer drinkers experience American IPA's in the best possible way. The owners of Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada experimented with different shapes of glasses for years and aimed to find the perfect shape that would bring the aromas of the beer straight to your nose.

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They create more surface area and more friction, which helps to break up the aromatics as the liquid makes contact with the solid sides of the glass. Nucleated beer glasses have a ring etched into the bottom that gives the carbonation a point to form.

Nucleation at the bottom of the glass helps release CO2 bubbles and is perfect for American IPA's. For this reason, you’ll notice that the Spiegel IPA glass does feature nucleation.

Even though pint glasses are a go-to choice for many bars and pubs around the world, aromas escape from the open-top too quickly and can weaken the impact of the IPA's flavor. While it’s not very common for IPA's to be served in a mug, the same principle of preserving the temperature still applies.

Most beer lovers appreciate knowledgeable bar staff and will love to learn about the science behind IPA glasses too. When it comes to finding the perfect IPA glass there are a lot of options to sort through.

When you are drinking a good India Pale Ale you want to capture all the tasting notes with each sip that you take. Finding an IPA beer glass 20 years ago would have been difficult, if not impossible.

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This IPA beer glass is great because it comes customized with a name and initial of your choice. Cons: Designed for mainly IPA beer brands this glass is not functional in terms of stacking and storage.

Pros: One of the first glasses designed specifically for IPA's, this glassware will always hold your beer’s aroma, temperature, and head masterfully Living in the Golden Age of craft beer glassware, you have plenty of options in choosing the best glass for your bar.

India Pale Ales have a unique flavor that these glasses would be perfect for enhancing! Pros: Double walled so it will keep your IPA cold, much longer than a regular glass.

These cool European steins open and close with your thumb keeping the IPA hops aroma in, and bugs out. Pros: Not necessarily a proper IPA glass, but it is incredibly effective at preserving beer’s head.

Cons: Your friends are going to be very jealous of your new beer tasting set so you’ll probably be buying more than gifts for them. Cons: Doesn’t specifically enhance the temperature of IPA style beer.

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Pros: Uniquely versatile glass with vintage IPA style artwork, comes personalized. Cons: Great for drinking with the guys and friends and can be used for any beverage besides IPA and other beer.

This glass was designed to make mixed drinks and is usually part of a set, the other piece being an aluminum vessel that fits over the top so you can shake them Tom Cruise Cocktail Style, not pour beers in it. A ton breweries have moved away from serving their offerings in mugs and pint glasses, instead opting for proper glassware so their patrons can explore the enhanced flavors and full aromas of the beer they are drinking.

Specialized glassware can also make a great and inexpensive gift for the craft beer geek in your life. Its contemporary look has garnered praise from cicerones to home brewers alike for its quality and ability to present a variety of craft beers perfectly.

The idea behind the concept was to provide the glass with an unusual curvature and an upward-widening, yet straight-lined rim area that would complement each other, thus allowing each beer to fully unfold its unique wealth of aromas. The glass was created to enhance the drinking experience and it was carefully designed to capture the aromatics for the nose and palate.

This glass was developed in collaboration with Sam Religion of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada, 2 of the preeminent IPA producers in the United States. This shape of this glass, designed and crafted in Italy, allows the beer to flow slowly into the mouth while maintaining the foam at an adequate level when drinking.

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This glass also uses a nucleated design which they call a “foam control system” that maintains the head and enhances the aromas of the beer. In addition, this glass carries a 25-year warranty against chipping on the rim or foot, and any discoloration from the dishwasher.

With all the above glasses, we have seen slight discoloration over time if you put them in the dishwasher but, as with all fine glassware, it is better to hand wash them to preserve their efficacy. Popularized largely by the craft beer renaissance, interest in IPA's has exploded in recent years.

They pair well with strongly-flavored foods, such as grilled meats, and come in three main styles: American, English, and Double. Formulated to survive long voyages at sea, the extra hops impart the deep and rich flavor that characterize IPA's.

This pale ale came about from the need to preserve brews intended for export to India, nearly 200 years ago. Modern IPA's are produced in the UK, the United States, Canada, and Belgium.

IPA's produced on the East Coast typically use more malt to balance out the hops. The hop flavor in ales produced in northern California and the Pacific Northwest, on the other hand, are more robust.

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The suds were made by adding a pinch of salt to the “near beer” cocktail he is seen drinking. The most notable characteristic of a beer mug is its thick glass (or plastic) handle meant to keep your hands away from your precious brew.

You’ll often see dimples in beer mugs, some believe this is to accentuate the shade of the lager, while others believe it is just a cosmetic thing. Either way, beer mugs are great for enjoying large quantities of beverages at a time.

Shaker pint glasses have come under fire for years by beer aficionados, but just because they’re nearly everywhere doesn’t mean they aren’t a good choice for an IPA. There is a tapered bowl in the glass that directs the happy aromatics of the beverage straight to your nose.

These beverage holders probably won’t have many places in your daily life, but they round out your beer glass collection. They are strikingly similar to the typical beer mugs but have a hinged lid with a lever that you open every you take a sip.

They come in packs of up to 24, so they are great value for money and you won’t be too upset if one of your friends breaks one. When it comes to goblets, Team makes a refined-looking 14.2 ounce IPA glass that still allows you to enjoy more than just a small bottle’s worth in one hand.

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And when it comes to uniqueness this double wall tumbler is at the top of the list. The inner wall is shaped similar to a thinner-stemmed beer glass, except the liquid fills the stem as well.

Isn’t it true that customized glasses are among the favorite gifts a beer connoisseur can receive? It stands about 5-inches tall with a silhouette that makes your beverage easy to hold and maintains an elegant look while doing it.

It’s as big and strong as you can buy (a half liter), and as heavy as an IPA (2 pounds). At 6 inches tall and with a capacity of a full pint, this sturdy glass can stand up to even the most robust Imperial IPA.

It’s sturdy, has a great size and pairs well with any beer you choose to enjoy on your Saturday afternoons. You’ll marvel that you ever cleaned the mouth of a beer bottle with your shirt after enjoying an IPA from one of these classy glasses.

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