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Best Healthy Cookware In India

David Lawrence
• Sunday, 27 December, 2020
• 10 min read

When I moved in to a new home along with my husband, I bought all non-stick utensils without being aware that it could be detrimental to our health. Good sense prevailed a few years later and I changed all my pots and pans to healthier alternatives.

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Most non-stick utensils are made of a carcinogenic chemical called Pas(perfluorooctanoic acid) which emits harmful fumes. Overheating these pans and scratches make it even more prone to leaching Pass.

Below, we explain the benefits of each type of cookware, tips to maintain them and some of the best picks you could choose from. It is heavier compared to the regular utensils you use in a kitchen and as it retains a lot of heat, if careless, you could burn yourself with it or worse break your leg if you drop it.

If you are a first-time user, then it is better to buy pre-season cast iron cookware as seasoning might not be easy for novices. The main thing you have to take care of while using cast iron cookware is never leaved it wet as it may rust.

If you find food starting to get stuck on to it while preparation, then apply a thin layer of oil and heat it on a low flame for about 10-15 minutes to enhance seasoning. At our home, we have an 11 inch Kauai for making dry vegetable dishes.

It is decades old and honestly, I don’t apply oil or give any extra care than a regular utensil because after years of usage, it has been so well seasoned and become practically maintenance free. My mother always says that fish and meat prepared in clay cookware (hand) are more nutritious and tastes a lot better.

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Due to slow heating property of clay pot, minimal nutrients are lost during cooking too. On the flip side, you will have to be extra careful while using clay pots as they are quite prone to breakage.

While buying clay pot ensure they are unglazed as the coating in the glazed ones are found to contain harmful elements like lead, mercury etc. Even if you buy unglazed clay pots, soak it in water for 2-3 hours so that impurities, if any, gets washed away.

No matter what kind of stainless steel cookware you buy, it is not completely pure. Stainless steel cookware with copper core is considered superior as they conduct heat far more evenly.

Most of the brands in India sell stainless steel cookware with aluminum core. Before first use, fill the stainless-steel utensil with water and keep it overnight so that any excess metal on the surface gets washed away.

So, you can even cook acidic food with tomato and tamarind without worry of damaging the utensil or ruining the dish. Hence, it is important to buy 304 grade stainless steel from reputed manufacturers who have a long-standing.

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Stahl, VINOD Stainless Steel, Bergner, Meyer and Alma are some reputed brands available online in India. After this, I switched (almost) completely to cast iron, stainless steel and clay cookware.

When you need to quickly fry a fish or make an omelette, you can’t help turning yourself to a non-stick pan. But at the back of my mind, the fact lingers that cooking in non-stick has quite a number of health hazards.

It is proven that the non-stick coating emits six harmful carcinogenic fumes when heated for just 5 minutes. Just a handful of brands that are reputed and have received rave reviews from home cooks.

This is because at higher temperature (above 260 degree Celsius), the non-stick coating decomposes to emit harmful fumes. An empty pan heated on high flame crosses 260 degree in less than 2 minutes.

The Teflon non-stick coating is from US manufacturer Chem ours is free of FOA and other harmful chemicals like lead and cadmium. Unless you heat the pan above 260 degree Celsius, the coating will not decompose or release any harmful chemicals.

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Chem ours also claim that even if the coating peels off, it is safe when ingested as it will pass through your body without being absorbed. The base of Safe Cook non-stick cookware is heavy gauge aluminum which offers good heat conductivity.

As the surface is dimpled, you can cook in minimal oil and food comes off easier compared to other non-stick pans. The Teflon coating of this range is certified by EPA (Environment Pollution Authority) and US FDA to be safe for cooking applications.

Also, Meyer has incorporated Stool Phenolic handles which doesn’t get heated up in normal conditions. The Safe Cook range consists of pans, sauce pot, Kauai and casserole.

If you can stretch your budget a bit more, then we would definitely recommend the Meyer Forge stone cookware range. As the name suggests, appearance wise, it looks like made of highly polished stone.

Unlike the Safe Cook range, this option has stainless steel base which is induction-friendly. The base of Hi-tech Prism cookware is induction friendly and the glass lids are shatterproof too.

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But considering the high quality coating and durability, it is totally worth the money spent. The interior coating from Chem ours is so durable that it is scratch resistant and even metal spatula can be used on it.

The rugged surface interiors facilitates quick release of food and reduces abrasion on the lower areas too. Conforming to the manufacturers claims about durability, various users report that they have been using the utensils for years without any problem.

There are various models available in the market but are you choosing the right one for your kitchen, making your work more convenient. In this article, we would discuss the best ceramic cookware in India, which is under budget and easy to use.

We would also look at different types of popular and highly recommended ceramic cookware infused with great technology. We hope this article will help you to purchase the best one for your kitchen.

Here is the list of the top ten ceramic cookware in India. The topcoat of this product comes with a PTFE coating, which makes it look more attractive.

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Then comes the reinforced spatter coat, which makes the cookware durable. The intermediate coat helps to distribute equal heat on the base.

This product has a high-quality aluminum body that enables equal heat distribution. Durable handles to avoid accidents in the kitchen.

The glass lid breaks away within a few months of usage. This Kauai is excellent for everyday use, and you can cook your food in no time.

The body of this Kauai is made up of aluminum, which helps to provide even heat while cooking your food. The weight of the item is just 940 grams, which makes it easy to carry.

This traditional earthen pot gives you all the necessary minerals needed in the body. The clay, which is alkaline in nature, helps to neutralize the pH level of the food.

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This frying pan is compatible with both microwave and gas stove. POT ZO never fails to amaze us with its attractive design and durability.

This Mughal Hand with lid, exclusively made in India, has a rich look. Its holding capacity is 750 ml, and the overall weight is 649 grams.

Serve delicious food in this Hand and receive numerous compliments from your guests. Dutch Oven is one of the basic items that is needed to make your food.

The material of the product is cast iron, which is sturdy and durable. This quality product from Rock Taxa is a must-have item in your kitchen.

Its holding capacity is 5 liters, and the weight is 6 kg 310 grams. This Kauai infused with the latest Japanese technology is a must-have product in your kitchen.

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The cookware doesn’t have any artificial metal coating. The sturdy body of the Kauai enables faster heat distribution.

Its riveted and durable handles avoid accidents in the kitchen and allow you to carry a large portion of food. Stainless steel rivets which rarely loosens up.

This traditionally designed Manipur’s Hand is worth your money. It is made from black Serpentinize stone and weathered rock.

There is a myth that food cooked in this Hand would taste the best. The weight of the product is 1 kg 700 grams, and its holding capacity is 2.5 liters.

This clay hand is ideal for storing food items if you’re used to healthy eating. Serve your food in this post and receive a ton of compliments.

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Comes with a clay lid to give a good smell to your food. Ceramic cookware is the best who wants to adopt a healthy eating culture.

It doesn’t burn your food thanks to its non-stick coating and is considered more beneficial than any other cookware. So, we would suggest you go for ceramic sets which have a coating of aluminum.

Neither less to say, if you have a bunch of kids playing around the house, you would surely appreciate the same. If you’re a beginner when it comes to cooking, then simply go for the basic sets.

Just bear in mind that based on your preference, the price is going to vary as well. The roughness of the cookware can erode its surface after multiple washes.

They are considered to be healthy as they are made from natural minerals. Ceramic pieces are easy to clean and operate.

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That way, you don’t have to use any artificial oil to make the food non-sticky at the base of the cookware. You can buy ceramic cookware from brands like marshmallows, Ceramic signature, and Meyer.

They provide high quality and durable products under budget. You can easily get ceramic cookware starting from INR 1000.

There are brands which provide high quality ceramic sets, which are durable and non-sticky. You can also go to local brands, but they won’t provide you with quality products.

Concluding Words We have tried to include every minute detail about the different models of ceramic cookware in India. Hope this guide would be a great help to you for all your future purchase.

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