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Best Heavy Duty Baking Sheets

James Lee
• Friday, 27 November, 2020
• 7 min read

The winner was clear: the Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Baker’s Half Sheet. Like other bare aluminum sheet trays, it conducts heat efficiently, which means food cooks evenly and the pan itself warms up and cools down quickly.

heavy baking sheet duty pan gauge
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Its light color makes it less likely to produce too-dark cookies or cakes, yet its thickness and sturdiness can turn out crispy, well-risen crusts. While aluminum is prone to staining and scratching (and acidic ingredients like vinegar and tomato can cause discoloration, pitting, and corrosion), the Nordic Ware pan is easy to clean.

Whereas rimless cookie sheets are good for maximizing space if you’re baking an army of gingerbread men, trays with rims are all in all more versatile: They prevent spillage and drip page on everything from roasted fish to granola. We baked the dough on oiled sheets, pulling the focaccia out when it was deeply golden brown on top.

We checked how easily the focaccia slid out of the pan (i.e., stick age factor) and flipped the cooled bread to look for evenly colored bottoms. We compared how fast the food cooked on the various trays: whether the trays warped at high temperatures and which remained hot after coming out of the oven (not optimal when you’re looking to reduce the carryover cooking that can lead to too-crisp cookies or tough fish fillets).

We also looked at how many sticky brown bits remained on the tray after transferring the food to serving dishes. We then handwashed all the baking trays with warm soapy water and a nonabrasive sponge, paying attention to how easy cleanup was (or wasn’t) and whether the basic tasks had left stains and scratches.

Stainless steel is widely known to be a poor performer in this category, which explains why the stainless-steel baking sheet we tested was so unreliable. This may not affect whether your veggies get a nice char, but if you’re cooking in a small oven, it could determine whether the sheet fits inside.

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The Tolerate pan is much thicker than the Nordic Ware (13 gauge) and pricier too ($23 per unit compared to $12), but produced middle-of-the-road results. The USA Pan and Chicago Metallic both produced nicely browned vegetables and focaccia but cookies that erred on the too-crisp side; the Holy Sheet made some the best focaccia of the bunch, with no stick age whatsoever, but was less successful in the other tests, under-browning vegetables and over-browning cookies.

Neither the Holy Sheet nor the Chicago Metallic are intended to be used above 450°, per the manufacturers’ instructions, which could become a problem if you really need to bring the heat; also, as with all nonstick pans, there is the risk that the coating will deteriorate with use. That said, if focaccia is a staple in your repertoire, the Holy Sheet might be a worthwhile investment (it’s $25 for one unit) for that baking project alone.

The sheet warped after just 15 minutes at 450° and was the least reliable in terms of even or consistent cooking: cookies were too dark, focaccia was brown on the bottom before its interior was cooked, and roasted vegetables left stains that we couldn’t scrub off. Skip the nonstick surface and instead simply line the pan with parchment paper, or a silicone baking mat if you’re cooking something delicate.

At an affordable price, there’s really no reason not to buy the Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum tray. It’s solidly constructed, made in the United States, and bound to be your best friend all year long.

For extra-crisp roasted vegetables, put the sheet tray in the oven while it preheats so it’s nice and hot. The fact that the sides are only an inch high means that more direct heat can circulate around what you’re roasting, yielding crispier surfaces all around.

baking duty heavy sheet aluminium
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Line a sheet tray with a clean dish towel and spread freshly washed herbs, greens, veggies, or berries out to dry. And whenever you’re deep-frying, that sheet tray fitted with a wire rack is your best friend: have it ready right next to the stove to let freshly fried chicken drip and cool without getting soggy.

If you want to cook a big batch of whole grains that will keep in the fridge for cold salads or other meals throughout the week, we recommend lining a sheet tray with parchment paper and spreading the hot grains out over the tray to cool faster, so they don’t overcook. They cradle cookies and scones while they bake, they’re the perfect vessel for batch roasting root veggies and, as sheet pan dinner fans know, you can prepare an entire meal on one.

We consulted with some of our favorite bakers, food writers and cookbook authors to get their take on what really makes a sheet pan great. So whether you are gearing up for peak holiday baking season, or simply want to roast your salmon and asparagus in tandem, here are the best cookie sheets out there right now, according to cooking pros.

Designed in collaboration with Food52’s community, this sheet pan handles sweet and savory treats equally well, making it a favorite of home cooks and professional bakers alike. And, as Gulag said, “the easy-grip handles provide extra leverage for rotating and lifting when you've got heavier items on the pan.” Five Two’s pan withstands temperatures up to 600 degrees F, which makes it great for broiling too.

“Cookies practically slide off the sheets when they’re ready, and washing them is a breeze,” said Luisa Weiss, author of Classic German Baking. Nordic Ware’s pure aluminum baking sheets are rust-resistant and the reinforced steel rim prevents warping.

sheet pan half duty heavy baked
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Food writer and Washington Post Voraciously editor, Olga Mass, has equally strong feelings about her preferred baking sheet. “For baking cookies I recommend corrugated half sheet pans,” said Christina Lane, founder of Dessert for Two.

Meanwhile, the aluminized steel and diamond-texture on the surface increases' airflow, which helps promote evenly baked cookies. A baking sheet should be smooth, clean and healthy to provide food grade safety for real life usage.

In case you want to start baking, our team has been working on the research days and nights, and now we have compiled a list of the top 10 best stainless steel baking sheets that you can take into consideration. It is made solely from stainless steel, and it never includes any harmful chemicals for your health.

It features a mirror finish which is smooth enough to prevent any kinds of food sticking. Moreover, the design makes it easy to clean thanks to the full sides that prevent the juice from going around and creating a big mess.

It is built from high quality material, which is the 18/10 stainless steel that excludes all the harsh chemicals. It is crafted with great details which include the mirror finish to prevent sticking.

cookie sheet usa duty heavy
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Thanks to its heavy duty feature, it is fully safe in a microwave or oven, and it can provide the surface for the lifetime. Another great choice for stainless steel baking sheets comes from Checkered Chef.

The good thing about this baking sheet is that it is fully resistant to warping. In addition, the sheets are made with thick stainless steel, and it is designed with a rimmed edge.

This baking sheet is compatible with a variety of foods, including cookies, bacon and even crispy chicken. This sheet is made from stainless steel, and it features no harsh chemical coatings.

It is also made to be rust resistant and long-lasting in real life usage. In addition, thanks to the full side design, the food juice remaining in the baking sheet will not be flowing everywhere and creating a big mess for you.

If you want to buy a larger set, consider this baking sheet from Tramcar. The baking sheet is made from stainless steel, and it enables you to get rid of the aluminum baking sheets which might cause a lot of health issues.

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The surface always stays shiny, and it saves you a lot of time and energy to do the cleaning. It is made with healthy and food grade safe 18/0 stainless steel.

It does not include toxic chemical coating that might affect your health if you use it for a long time. It features a mirror finish, so that food sticking should not be a problem to this baking sheet.

And, the sheets are compatible with a variety of foods, including sticky buns and cookies. If you prefer to wash by hands, it is also convenient thanks to the lip sides that minimize juice spreading.

Now, let’s give our attention to this twin set of stainless steel baking sheets from Checkered Chef. The sheet is made with 100% stainless steel, and it features a rimmed edge to make sure that it will not warp.

It is compatible with a wide range of foods, including chicken wings and cakes. If you decide to collaborate with this baking sheet, it can save you a lot of time and effort by allowing you to exclude the cleaning job.

baking sheet stainless steel pans cookie teamfar half piece gauge thick duty heavy pan healthy
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It is made from high quality stainless steel, and therefore, it enables you to get rid of the old aluminum sheets that are quite toxic for daily usage. It is crafted with a mirror finish, and as a result, the food sticking should no longer be your first concern after baking.

In terms of the cleaning, it includes deep sides to prevent juice spilling. If you want a set of stainless steel baking sheets with different sizes, you should consider this one from P&P Chef.

It is built from 100% stainless steel, and it guarantees to not contain any toxic materials that will affect your health if you consume the food on a regular basis. Best yet, each sheet comes with safe rack feet to make sure that you will never spill the juice or oil to hurt yourself.

In addition, it features a friendly design which includes a smooth mirror finish. With this set, you can do the baking on a regular basis or on any special occasions that you wish to share with family and friends.

It features a healthy design with the use of food grade safe stainless steel. In addition, the sheet is very easy to clean since it is compatible with both hand wash and dishwasher.

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Below are the criteria of a good stainless steel baking sheet when it comes to the purchase time. First, a good baking sheet features a round edge which makes it easy to hold and transfer.

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