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Best Inexpensive Kitchen Stand Mixer

Daniel Brown
• Friday, 16 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Plus, there are tons of options to choose from, ranging from budget-friendly basics to feature-rich models with stylish hues and designs. To help you hunt down the best one for your kitchen, we’ve turned to reviews from real shoppers who have bought and tried the appliances themselves.

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We combed through dozens of best -selling stand mixers to see which tools not only garnered top-notch ratings, but also have thousands of reviews from people who've actually used them. Its celebrated Artisan Series 5-Quart Sandpiper is a kitchen classic, designed with ten speeds and a powerful motor to easily whip, knead, and mix ingredients.

It features a 300-watt motor and the same planetary mixing rotation as a Kitchen to thoroughly incorporate ingredients into batter and dough. Choose between seven different speeds, including a gentle folding setting; the gadget’s non-slip feet keep the mixer from rocking as it works.

Additionally, the Hamilton Beach comes with a splash guard, dough hook, whisk, and flat beater for a variety of baking projects, and its four-quart stainless steel bowl is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Thousands of shoppers, including hundreds who gave the mixers five stars on Amazon, swear by the appliance’s effectiveness.

“I just didn’t want to pay $400 plus for another Kitchen, and was excited to find the Hamilton Beach for a fifth the price,” one reviewer said. More than 2,900 Amazon shoppers have given the Dash Sandpiper a perfect rating, saying it’s ideal for simple baking projects.

If you’re ready for a top-of-the-line mixer for superior baking, Ankarsrum’s Original Kitchen Machine is an excellent choice. Made of incredibly sturdy chrome and steel, the 600-watt mixer is strong enough to mix heavy dough and feasted breads without overheating.

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Additionally, the Ankarsrum’s unique motor-in-base design gives several advantages: It keeps the mixer from rocking as it works, makes it much easier to add ingredients to the bowl, and means the machine fits conveniently under overhead cabinets. What’s more, the base turns on its side to transform into a wide variety of other kitchen tools, including a juicer, a blender, a meat grinder, and a pasta maker.

The Ankarsrum Original Kitchen Machine is so popular that it’s earned a noteworthy 4.7-star rating from hundreds of reviewers who say the device is powerful, durable, and high-quality. “After burning up my third Kitchen for home use, mainly bread making, I gave up,” a reviewer who is a professional baker wrote.

New bakers who want fluffy dinner rolls or stunning layer cakes should start with a versatile, reliable mixer. The machine is Amazon’s choice for stand mixers and features a heavy-duty motor and easy-to-use speed dial for exceptional results.

From slowly mixing in chunky ingredients like nuts to quickly whipping egg whites, ACMA’s stand mixer is flexible enough for a wide range of recipes. Its double-handed stainless steel bowl is roomy enough for big batches, and the appliance comes with a beater, dough hook, and whisk for all your baking projects.

For a phenomenal machine that even professional bakers turn to, check out Kitchen’s Commercial Countertop Mixer. Built to hold up to 16 cups of flour, this appliance is big enough to handle even your most substantial projects with ease.

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Unlike its Artisan line, Kitchen’s commercial model has a bowl-lift design, where the mixer head remains stationary. You’ll find tons of happy customers who’ve left reviews on Kitchen’s site, including one who said, “I have a cottage baking business and make a lot of products, especially artisan bread, and needed a large capacity mixer that can handle six to eight loaves at a time.

The mighty appliance features a 660-watt motor, a tilt-head design, and even a pouring shield to prevent splatters and messes. Amazon reviewers say the stand mixer is a great size for big baking projects and compliment the machine’s thoughtful design features.

It also comes with a variety of attachments, including a chef’s whisk, dough hook, and a flat mixing paddle. Users confirm that the Cuisinart appliance is sturdy, precise, and able to tackle a wide range of recipes.

Its 3.5-quart stainless steel bowl is outfitted with a handle for convenient pouring and can hold enough dough for five dozen cookies. “I’m an everyday cook, but I didn’t need my large and heavy mixer,” one SUR La Table customer wrote.

Meg’s sleek stand mixer features the brand’s characteristic bright colors and retro ’50s style, in addition to impressive engineering. “It can start at a low speed, which means there is less mess especially when using flour or icing sugar which can usually make a dust cloud when using a hand mixer.

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Luckily, the best budget stand mixers can still get the job done without costing a lot. But if you're planning on experimenting with a variety of treats, you'll want to invest in a mixer that comes with multiple attachments.

If you don't have much counter space to work with, it may be best to buy a compact mixer that can be folded up and stored away. There's no point in investing in a stand mixer if it isn't big enough to hold all the treats you want to make.

It features a 300-watt motor that can handle everything from fluffy frostings to thick and sticky dough. On top of that, this model includes all the must-have features in a stand mixer : no-slip grip, a tilting head, multiple attachments, and seven speeds for versatility.

Standing at only 12.5 inches and weighing in at 5 pounds, this machine is just the right size to store in a cabinet or tuck away in the corner of your countertop. This mixer features a 250-watt motor and six speeds, along with a fully tilting head so you can remove the dough hooks or beaters (included) without making a mess.

Bonus: It comes in a variety of eye-popping pastels as a fun addition to your kitchen decor. While reviewers mention how lightweight and portable this mixer is, many comments that the 3-quart bowl is a bit too small for bigger baking jobs.

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The motor runs at 600 watts, and includes both low-noise and heat dissipation features so the sound isn't overwhelming. Both novice and avid bakers love how quiet and powerful this mixer is, especially considering its size.

Before getting into reviewing stand mixers, I want to point out all the benefits of investing in this kitchen appliance. The first function of a stand mixer that everyone in the baking world thrives upon is the mixer ’s ability to work on its own.

Equipped with big motors, a stand mixer can whip up the hardest butter and break through the toughest dough. This is especially important when you are trying to cream butter to be super light and fluffy for cookies or knead bread dough like a professional.

If you are used to mixing ingredients by hand, you will be shocked at how well a stand mixer works and how much better your baked goods will turn out when they are mixer well. If you just like to make simple cake batters or whip together salad dressings now and then, go for a more basic mixer that is small and lighter.

I love a good paddle attachment for creaming ingredients together and find they are much more efficient than traditional beaters. If you plan on having your mixer on the kitchen counter all the time, a sleek design may interest you as well.

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The Hamilton Beach 6 speed stand mixer (view on Amazon) is a great machine at an incredibly low price point. Fully equipped with a stainless steel bowl, 6 speeds plus a quick burst option and a powerful motor, this mixer has all you need.

The Sunbeam stand mixer sets itself apart from other options with its powerful motor and innovative ‘soft star’ technology. The sunbeam mixer also has the ability to shift the bowl off center making it easy to add ingredients.

A nice splash guard keeps all the ingredients from over flowing as they mix and a cool plastic cover will keep your machine clean when it’s not in use. While it is really only one step up from a hand mixer, it does do the job of mixing without requiring you to be constantly standing over the bowl.

If you are looking to make simple batters and dough, this mixer will work just fine and the price can’t be beat! Available in white or black, this is a straightforward, user-friendly stand mixer without too many bells and whistles.

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