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Best Japanese Dinnerware Brands

Carole Stephens
• Friday, 01 January, 2021
• 6 min read

Perfect for serving soup to guests at salad event AND chili night. The simple clean design is easy to match well any home decor.

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More Details arrow_forward USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: The classic narrow rib body and two cute handles make it easier to carry and hold, even with oven mitts when hot. Arrow_forward CLASSY LOOKING: These onion bowl crocks feature elegant and classic triple color.

Arrow_forward VERSATILE ADDITION TO YOUR KITCHEN: The crock measures 3.6 × 2.24 inches, holds 10 oz top to the rim. Ideal for an appetizer like french onion soup with cheesy lid.

Ideal for Sushi, main entrées, side dishes, desserts, and snacks Cereal Soup. Arrow_forward Dishwasher and microwave safe, can be stacked to save your cabinet space.

Gibson Elite Soho Lounge Reactive Glaze Stoneware Dinnerware set, Bella, Blue More Details arrow_forward BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: artisanal stoneware featuring two-tone blue interior and black exterior double reactive glaze.

Arrow_forward FAMILY OWNED: Gibson Overseas, is an industry-leading producer of tabletop and housewares products based in Los Angeles, California. Family-owned for over 40 years, we’ve developed a portfolio that thrives off relentless commitment to style, innovation, and value for our consumers around the world.

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The combination of Soho Lounge’s beautiful modern look and incredible value makes this set a must-have for nearly everyone and every occasion. The durable stoneware and reactive glaze make these sets difficult to scratch and break.

10 Cookware & Tableware You Should Get from Japan • Just One Cookbook Use of this website is subject to mandatory arbitration and other terms and conditions, select this link to read those agreements. One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from JOC readers is what cookware and tableware they should buy when they visit Japan.

Thank goodness my kids’ clothes are not giant yet, so I could lease some of their suitcase space for these items (and let them carry it for me)! Toshiba or drop lid is an essential Japanese cooking gadget for all kinds of simmered foods.

For the longest time, I’ve been waiting for someone or some company to sell these adjustable stainless steel Toshiba on Amazon, but no luck yet. MTC Kitchen sells it for $19, but you can find an Toshiba for less than $10 in Japan.

So grab one (or two for your Japanese cooking buddy) when you visit Japan! If you do make tamagoyaki for your children’s bento or for your breakfast regularly, you might as well stop by a kitchen store and get one while visiting Japan.

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Here you can find my favorite Total brand in the picture below (top left) at Tokyo Hands in Shibuya store. But true story… I had a really hard time finding the perfect ladle for serving miss soup.

All the ladles I purchased in the U.S. are a bit too big to serve into standard size miss soup bowls. Let me say this, the size, shape, angle of the stem, and the material of these ladles from Japan are just perfect.

I bought these rice bowls with Mount Fuji drawings that come with assorted colors. Find the one that makes you smile whether the bowl has a cute cat drawing or beautiful cherry blossoms, or it might be the right color that attracts you.

There are a lot of bamboo specialized stores and you might spot them while traveling, especially when you visit Kyoto, Okayama, Katakana, and more traditional cities. Even years before I started photo shooting my recipes, I’ve been a collector of chopstick rests.

If you are in Japan, you will see a lot of cute stores that sell kitchen and home goods. Bento (lunch box) is not only for children, adults can also enjoy it at school, work, or even at home.

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These wooden bento boxes, called the Magewappa (), not only is environmentally friendly, but they also make your lunches so much more appetizing and presentable. You can purchase Magewappa at any tableware and bento stores, but it’s a lot easier to go to Tokyo Hands or a bento box section of the kitchen floor in department stores.

Bento box for adult is also great for portion control and perfect for those who try to lose some weight (aka me…). Japanese chiffon cake pans are affordable and SUPER easy to use.

This aluminum chiffon cake pan from Asia Shorten () is VERY famous and you can go to the store in Kappabashi Kitchen Town to find them. I especially love ceramics from Japan that are so delicate, unique, and of course, handmade.

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