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Best Japanese Kitchen Knives In The World

Maria Johnson
• Saturday, 12 December, 2020
• 36 min read

Vincent LAU, the sole knife sharpener at Karin, a Japanese knife store in Lower Manhattan, says the reason Japanese knives have become so popular around the world is for the very reason they're integral in Japanese cuisine: To enhance and preserve the ingredients, and accentuate the flavor of the dish. We test how well each knife cuts and retains an edge after chopping through a variety of foods, from hard carrots to medium firm cheeses that are known to stick, and delicate herbs that bruise easy like parsley.

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Since their thinner, they're a little more prone to the tip breaking or the blade chipping, so Japanese knives tend to need more maintenance. Their thin, light construction makes Japanese knives great for fine, delicate tasks, like cutting vegetables or slicing fish.

“You don’t cook it, so the freshness of the ingredients and how you prep it, is how you distinguish a great sushi chef and a mediocre one.” German knives, meanwhile, are often heavy and bulky, but also more sturdy with thicker blades that require sharpening more for good edge retention. German knives are good for more heavy-duty tasks, like breaking down chicken.

With that in mind, he recommends heavy-duty blades that have better edge retention to professional chefs, like the Karin Special Orange Handle knives. It's designed for precise cuts and the ultimate edge retention, which we can vouch for after using ours for years without sharpening.

The light, marbled color complements the steel blade that features a stunning floral damask pattern. It also features a full tang (the blade runs through the handle) and good balance.

It features a contoured, Lakewood handle that's a bit thicker than the classic and rests easy in your palm. The hammered finish is hard to stop admiring and helps food release easily when cutting.

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This is the knife to reach for when you're ready for an upgrade that you plan on having forever, and it makes a beautiful gift. It has a thin blade and dimples toward the edge to help glide through sticky foods, like potatoes.

Hand washing and drying immediately is recommended, as it is for almost all knives, to help prevent rusting of the high-carbon, aluminum alloy blade. It's lightweight, with a composite wood handle and thin blade, perfect for precise cuts.

While the Knox Steel Kyoto is easy to sharpen, its blend of chromium and molybdenum provide long-lasting edge retention. Nicole Papantoniou, Good Housekeeping Institute Senior Testing Editor & Producer Nicole is a recipe developer trained in classic culinary arts and culinary nutrition who specializes in testing and developing kitchen appliances; she currently runs the Good Housekeeping Kitchen Appliances Lab.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. But even then, not all knives made from East Asian country are perfect.

Product description The Yoshihiro VG10 is one of the most versatile chef knives you will ever come across and has a 3-layer VG10 Japanese stainless steel with HRC 60 hardness, durability, and edge-retention. The outer steel is 16 layer-hammered to give it a stylish design free from friction and also creates a non-stick blade.

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It has a premium mahogany handle with a full tang and will provide the perfect balance for practical use. The stainless steel construction features three layers which enhance its sharpness, durability, and edge retention.

The stylish blade is non-stick due to the 16-layer hammering of the outer steel, while the Mahogany handle is well-balanced and comfortable to use. Then you must know that the Strong Santos knife of the Shogun series is very highly rated.

Its design combines Santos technology with Strong culinary supremacy to give you a fantastic product. This method coupled with the Japanese VG-10 premium stainless steel will give you a durable blade for a superb performance.

Other features and benefits The knife is slightly curved near the blade while the rest of the edge is flat and this will enable you to make the chopping motions comfortably. Further, the edge has a sheep's foot tip which lets you place your hand on the blade as you chop and mince food.

However, if you intend to test your cutlery skills using this brand, the Yoshihiro Sushi Chef knife to go. Product description The Yoshihiro brand of knives boasts of a unique sense of craftsmanship, and the Sushi Sashimi knife is no exception.

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They are ultra-sharp and have fantastic edge retention as the blade is crafted from VG steel which is not only stain-resistant but also has Rockwell 62 hardness with an exquisite finish. It has a Premium Shi tan Rosewood handle which is comfortable and is coated with lacquer to enhance its stain, chips, and odor resistance.

Other features and benefits The knife will offer you exceptional sharpness and durability as a result of the high-carbon stainless steel construction. The Rosewood Shi tan handle is comfortable, light, and does not retain smells or stains.

The Ginsu Chiara Series is ideal as a slicing and carving knife, and you can rest assured that it will serve you diligently. Other features and benefits Palette knives in this set arrive sharp and have a fantastic edge-retention.

The blades are forged from premium Japanese steel which has a reputation for being high-quality, sturdy and durable to serve you for a long time to come. They are well-balanced to give you the ultimate control and strength to wade through the most complicated recipe ahead of you.

You may have heard about the excellent reputation of You Chef knives, and you are wondering where to start. The blade arrives ready for use and is extremely sharp and is built to resist corrosion.

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Whether it is chopping, slicing, mincing or dicing, this knife's exceptional blade will be there to serve you. The edge is rust and stain-resistant, and you can easily sharpen it to an angle of 8-12 degrees which is convenient for slicing and dicing.

The Lakewood handle is non-slip and has a good grip and comfort to prevent fatigue and slippage as you use it. The belly has a sufficient curve to support the rocking motion for slicing and is amazingly slim.

Product description The blade of this highly-rated knife is constructed out of core Blue Steel #2 and has a double-edged angle for extreme sharpness and edge retention. The knife is clad in 2 layers of Karachi Stainless Steel which adds to durability without compromising on sharpness.

The octagonal handle is hand-crafted, ergonomic and lightweight, besides being very comfortable to use without experiencing fatigue and discomfort. Other features and benefits The knife has a perfectly shaped blade which will be of great value to allow you to perform precision cutting.

Finally, it has a smooth handle which, surprisingly enough, has a good grip and is well-built and comfortable such that you will not be fatigued that easily as you put it to use. If you are an adventurous individual in the kitchen and you enjoy trying out new recipes and tools, it is always important that you invest in knives that will give you a satisfactory performance.

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It has a Lakewood handle with a brown walnut stain and is very ergonomic with a slightly heavier butt. Other features and benefits Sales knife is superbly sharp, and we attribute this to the combination of high-carbon VG-10 Japanese steel with the double-beveled edge.

The Yoshihiro brand has been in existence for over a century, and it is only in 2008 when it started selling its knives in the USA via Amazon. The Yoshikiro Kashmir Debt knife, as with all other Japanese knives, is designed to make your life in the kitchen easier.

Product description The blade of this knife is constructed from high-carbon steel and is extremely hard, scoring between 62 and 63 on the Rockwell scale. It comes with a traditional style sheath, and you should use a Japanese Premium water stone to sharpen the blade.

Other features and benefits The blade is sturdy due to the high-carbon steel construction, and this makes it suitable for heavy-duty tasks in the kitchen. The handle is a rounded Shi tan rosewood one which is ergonomic with a good grip and comfortable to use for long periods.

Whether you are a veteran or a newbie, and you have a great taste in knives, then the Miami Kaiden 8" Chef's knife is one which is worthy of being part of your collection. The Your Ice-hardening process will enhance its durability and edge-retention qualities, while the Marta D-shaped handle is ergonomic and comfortable to use.

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Other features and benefits The Hobanzuke sharpening process up to a 9-12 degree edge will result in a super-sharp knife for effective slicing. It has a Circa handle which has a steel end cap and is D-shaped to give it a stunning and stylish look.

Lastly, as per the Japanese culture, the aesthetic value of the knife is very impressive, and you will be carried away with its physical appearance. Not only does it provide you with a wide variety of knives to choose from but also all the appliances seem pretty well-made.

Professional chefs and home cooks alike agree that the dedication to craftsmanship and quality make the knives well worth their often hefty price tags (that being said, there are plenty of affordable Japanese knives as well). Note: Many of these knives are made with carbon steel, which requires extra care to avoid staining and rusting.

You certainly don’t want to spend a couple of hundred bucks on a kitchen tool only to have it rendered unusable after a few months. Made for rapid chopping, this Nair Vegetable knife not only gets the job done, but it does so with beauty and ease.

Made from cobalt stain-resistant steel, this Santos knife from Casanova was developed using both traditional Japanese knife-crafting methods and contemporary laser technology. As a bonus, you can also find this Damascus chef knife as a left-handed model if needed.

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Aritsugu is one of the oldest knife shops in Japan; it started out making swords for the Imperial Family in 1560. If you happen to visit Kyoto, make sure to check out the shop in Dashiki Market where you can have this knife custom-engraved with purchase.

Not only does the hammered texture look beautiful, but it also creates friction so food sticks to the blade less. This knife is designed with a High Speed Powdered Steel (Hips) core, which is an extraordinarily hard material that’s used to make tools like drills and power saws.

Nakamura knives have extremely sharp edges, so be sure your knife skills are advanced before purchasing this blade. This paring knife has a thin, lightweight blade that’s perfect for everything from demeaning shrimp to removing the seeds from a chili pepper.

A triple-riveted handle adds weight and balance to the knife, allowing you to do just about anything you need to in the kitchen. Yoshihiro offers some bestJapaneseknives available, and the You 8.25’’ Chef’s Knife doesn’t disappoint.

This stain-resistant blade is made of VG-10 hammered Damascus stainless steel and its handle features Shi tan rosewood with a mahogany bolster. A perfect mix of modern innovation and centuries of Japanese blade smith technique, this beautiful yet tough You quickly rocks through meat, fish, and vegetables.

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The magnolia says blade cover provides a handsome finishing touch for safe storage. Amazon.Comte Shun Cutlery Premier 8” Chef’s Knife is one of the ultimate handcrafted Japanese knives.

Hailing from Semi City Japan, this premium heat-treated knife is delicate, yet agile, and for good reason. A task like sushi preparation, for example, calls for a sharp eye, and an even sharper knife.

Unique to the Classic line, the sharper and slightly thicker blade holds its edge longer. Amazon.compile Japanese knives are masters at delicate, precise cuts, because of their ultra-thin construction, they can require a significant amount of maintenance.

The hand-honed Miami Kaiden 8’’ Chef's Knife is constructed with a VG10 stainless steel blade and combines traditional artisans with modern technology. Perfected in Semi City Japan, the Kaiden is a beauty that offers more than just good looks.

Some sushi chefs even say that a clean cut can have a noticeable effect on the taste of the food being prepared. The Model X 8" Chef's Knife is made of exclusive Cordova 18 stainless steel and its ergonomically-designed.

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In an instant, you’ll find yourself dashing through meats, vegetables, and delicious delicacies in-between. Enjoy a comfortable and safe rounded handle, designed with ergonomics top of mind.

Amazon.combat under $100, the Tojo DP You 8.2” Chef’s Knife is a high-quality choice that combines value and function. This pick features a full-tang, even-edged and stain-resistant VG10 stainless steel blade that is slightly thicker than its more expensive counterparts.

Amazon.comfort stainless steel to ceramic, Japanese chef knives can be constructed in a variety of top-notch materials. This pick by Japanese brand Kyocera features sharp, proprietary zirconia material, produced in Japan.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Brand favorites like Shun, Miami, and Yoshihiro continue to live up to their reputation for unmatched craftsmanship and precision.

Don’t skip investigating the smaller details, including blade material and construction. On the other hand, German knives are typically sturdier, with a thicker blade that can smoothly slice through everything from beef, to chicken and lamb.

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With routine hand-washing, polishing, and storage, with proper care, your Japanese knife will last a lifetime. You will not believe how it performs until you actually try to use it in your kitchen to prepare food for your family before cooking a delicious meal.

It handles daily kitchen tasks such as slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing of fruits and vegetable. Also, this knife has Hakka wood handle that is strong, durable and moisture resistant so you will be able to grip without wearing out your hands.

The materials are super durable and forged from stainless steel that most underwater divers prefer because it doesn’t corrode. I highly recommend buying this knife because most normal people don’t need high-grade premium knives.

The knife is designed for chopping, mincing, slicing, dicing and is perfect for sushi and sashimi. Although this knife is a bit on the expensive side, I think it would be a wise investment if you cook often enough.

Instead of purchasing a whole set and having many knives, you can use this one knife for virtually anything you need to when preparing food in the kitchen for your family. This kind of knife is for the true professional chef that demands the best quality of whatever tools he uses in the kitchen.

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You are wielding a knife that is designed for versatility and is perfect for slicing, chopping, dicing and more. Lastly, you will be getting a lifetime warranty that covers literally almost any problems you may have with the product.

The only reason that this knife is not at the top of the list is that most of my readers are not professional chefs and don’t really need it. This is one of the most affordable chefs’s knives on Amazon and is backed by a 5-star rating that ensures it's a great product.

It can be used to cut an assortment of fruits and meats so you can consider this a multipurpose knife that will impress everyone who watches you prepare food. The knife has a precision forged high carbon stainless steel blade with a razor-sharp edge.

Also, Best Chef’s Knife 8-inch by Elite Infinity has a lifetime warranty that covers any kind of damages or defective knives that the company makes so you can feel good about the fact that your investment will be protected. Its classy design Stainless steel forged handle made from ABS polymer for impact resistance and heat stability.

Addition of Molybdenum and Vanadium in raw steel adds years of life to sharp edges. The most important thing in life is to make it easier so you can enjoy the simple experiences and moments with those we love.

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The Embossed chef’s knife is 7 inches of gorgeously sharp stainless steel. The most important thing in life is to make it easier so you can enjoy the simple experiences and moments with those we love.

Go out there and buy the best Japanese chef knife because I promise you will not regret it and own it for many years. In this case, you get what you pay for and I promise you will be getting only the best performance a knife can possibly give you.

My career has made me passionate about all aspects of knives and I love sharing what I discover. We look at four Japanese knives to determine their pros and cons, and crown the Strong Santos 7-inch Shogun Series as our HowToHome pick for durability, sharpness, balance, and the strength of the blade.

Strong is an industry leader in kitchen knives, and their Japanese range is highly regarded around the world. Also, the handle is a military-grade G-10 type, which is crafted from a fiberglass composite that is applied in layers to create a tactile, high-grip surface.

This Strong scores the highest on the industry standard Rockwell Hardness Scale, at 62, which is an excellent measure of the resilience of the blade. The fine cutting edge is created using the ancient hand-finished 3-step Honbazuke method, which our buyer’s guide explains in more detail.

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And because it’s nitrogen-cooled during the manufacturing process, it adds to the durability of the steel, protecting the cutting edge. That said, investing in this premium knife is worth it because it gives you the best balance, strength, sharpness, and control.

Elite Infinity is the other dominant name in the Japanese knife industry, giving Strong a run for their money. This Elite Infinity has 45 layers, so is still a quality tool, but if you compare that to the HowToHome pick, with 67, you can see that the Strong just edges it in a couple of crucial categories.

On the downside, the blade is broader and the handle longer than most similar knives in its class, meaning that it’s more cumbersome to use. Overall though, this Elite is stylish, performs well, and holds its sharpness, so although we chose this as our style pick, it proves that this knife is more than good looks.

Great styling Honbazuke sharpened Nitrogen cooled Hardness score of 61 It has a full tang, like the Strong and the Elite, but it also has a traditional hexagonal magnolia handle, rather than the military-grade G-10 variety.

And the Damascus steel blade is hand-hammered to create all those dimples, for less friction when cutting ingredients. On the downside, because Ohio makes each knife individually by hand, expect to pay artisan prices.

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The traditional skills that have been handed down over the generations, coupled with innovative techniques like nitrogen cooling, has made Japanese knives highly desirable. Couple that with the traditional ways of honing and sharpening the blade, like the Honbazuke 3-step method, and you get the ultimate cutting tool.

Owning a Japanese knife means you can employ less effort in preparing your ingredients and spend less time sharpening the blades. However, the Auger 8-Inch Chef’s Knife is so cheap that we think you can overlook the lack of layers in the blade as a trade-off for the fantastic price.

If you want the knife for chopping, think about a blade that has a curved cutting edge to give a rocking motion. Ergonomic handles make the cutting experience a more comfortable one, meaning that you don’t tire as quickly.

Wrote steel, from India, is the key ingredient, but the original methods of production are no longer known, so the modern versions are an amalgam of what is known of the old techniques coupled with science. The test works by applying downward pressure to an object, with a “Dwell time” to allow for an indentation to form and come to a halt.

The object, a knife in this instance, is then released from the downward pressure and the indentation is measured to give it the hardness score. There are many types of Japanese knives, and each has a specific use, except for the two most commonly used cutting implements in Japanese kitchens, the Santos and auto knife.

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They are sometimes referred to as “Manage,” which translates as “willow leaf,” describing their long, thin blade shape. Also, these sashimi knives are commonly beveled on one side only for greater precision and cutting edge.

They are excellent for brute force cutting and hacking, and because many are ergonomic, they are comfortable to hold and don’t place your wrists under any undue strain. The blade is cleaned once more, and using a stropping leather or block, it is honed until it becomes razor sharp.

Western knives Cheaper to buy High-grade German steel Easier to sharpen It is the workhorse of Japanese kitchens and useful for almost every cutting, slicing, dicing, and mincing job.

So many cutlery companies have started making Japanese -style knives for western chefs. We’ve prepared a Japanese knife set buying guide, but first, you need to know what to look for.

Material: What the blade is made of is extremely important in choosing your knife. Wooden handles, the traditional material for Japanese knives, is softer to hold.

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If there are any manufacturing problems or other issues with your knives, most companies will refund or replace the set. With that information, you’re ready to take a look at our top picks for the best Japanese chef knife sets.

Whether you’re a budding chef or a seasoned professional, you’ll find the perfect set for you! The Ginsu Chiara series cutlery set comes with 23 amazing pieces in a stylish and unique wooden block.

It includes two regular Japanese cooking knives and a Sashimi sushi blade. The other is flat, allowing for precision and perfectly thin cuts every time.

They are forged traditionally in Japan, at the center of production for samurai swords and other Japanese -style blades. The handle is made of the traditional Lakewood, and D-shaped to help you keep your grip even when doing slippery cutting jobs.

The handles are a gorgeously-finished black wood, with an ergonomic shape to make chopping for long periods of time easy. This seven-piece set comes with an amazingly sharp and professional-looking molded foam carrying box.

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The craftsmanship behind these knives makes this one of the best Japanese knife sets for sale. Bring style and utility to your kitchen with the Melanie Chef Knife Set.

The steel that the blades are made of is a high-carbon blend, meaning that they will retain their extremely sharp edges for a long time. The wood handle is stained almost a cherry-wood color that makes these knives really stylish.

They are comfortable to hold and easy to use, and they won’t slide out of your hand if you get them wet. The blades are made of 67 layers of Damascus steel, giving them a really neat pattern all along the length of the metal.

There are four knives included in this set, from a small paring blade to a butcher’s knife. The handles are made of a beautiful, unstained wood that will be comfortable to hold.

The price and the lifetime warranty rank Then as one of our best Japanese chef knife brands! These are full-tang knives, and as you already know, this means that they are sturdy and you can apply larger amounts of pressure to them without breaking.

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The stainless steel they are made of is stone-finished, making the metal attractive and sharp, as well as well-tempered. The handles are made uniquely of olive wood, gorgeous and symbolic.

We found that the 8-inch leading blade was probably the best Japanese chef knife available in a set, and at such an affordable low price. Of course, these knives are made of stainless steel with traditional Lakewood handles.

Ross Henry is known for making a quality product, including this knife set. They are recommended hand-wash only and come with a care guide in case this is your first set of Japanese -style knives.

For transit, they even include sheaths for the bigger blades to keep them from being damaged or hurting the carrying case. She has been creating high-quality content for over a decade and covers home, lifestyle, beauty, fashion products and more.

When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.

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Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission. They are super sharp, lightweight, and thin and help make preparing food more enjoyable and easier.

If you’re considering adding some Japanese knives to your kitchen, then let us help you find the best Japanese knife set for the money. If you click through and make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

The high carbon steel knives are harder, so they keep their sharp edge longer. Less expensive Japanese knives will likely be made with a stainless steel alloy, which is easier to maintain, durable, and more rust-resistant.

The single bevel blades are made more for professional chefs since these knives make detailed cuts and can have specific uses. If you aren’t a professional, it’s recommended that you go with a double bevel, the Western-style blade, since it’s easier to use.

The Western handle is heavier and the grip form is secured and hashed. The Western handle feels studied and can be more suitable for brute force cutting.

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A clean and straight cut through the meat is the most important way to ensure you cook it properly and evenly. The only way to ensure your meat is cut and not ripped or pulled apart is with a durable and sharp edge.

A clean cut will expose less surface area by not opening up spaces between the fibers of your ingredients. Less surface area means less exposure to air and fewer opportunities for the flavors and juices to escape when cooking.

The centuries of experience in knife and sword making have enabled craftsmen to develop knives that excel in beauty, precision, sharpness, and strength. The formula of steel gives 60 Rockwell hardness and provides the perfect blade for scalpel-like sharpness.

The closed bolster collar allows for the complete and full sharpening of the blade. These knives are made from premium Japanese stainless steel so you can use them for every recipe you need.

Ginsu Gourmet Chiara Series, Japanese Steel 12-Piece Cutlery Set with Toffee Finish Block These Ginsu Chiara forged knives are one piece of premium Japanese Stainless Steel from tip to tang so you can approach every recipe with the confidence that your knives will do whatever you ask. These Ginsu Chiara forged knives arrive razor sharp and stay sharp longer than the competition giving you a low-maintenance, high quality set of forged knives you can depend on meal after meal.

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These Ginsu Chiara forged knives are expertly balanced to give you the perfect blend of power and control you need to cook through even the trickiest recipe safely and comfortably. Ginsu Chiara forged knives have been named a Consumer Report Best Buy” 5 times, and are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

The streamlined handles provide comfort with each slice and the extended tangs transfer power from your hands for an effortless cut. The high carbon stainless steel blade construction also features a dimpled handle to provide balance with a safe grip.

The high chromium content gives the knives great resistance to rust and staining. The edge on these knives is large and prominent so it can be seen with the naked eye and extends a quarter of an inch more up from the tip of the knife.

They are crafted by hand in Japan with extremely high manufacturing standards. The knives are stored in a black plastic knife block that features a stainless steel top rim.

Along with being crafted with Damascus stainless steel, they are bead blasted to show off the wood grain patterns that allow the blade to easily slide through food. The handmade wood walnut block features premium strength magnets on both sides of each column for easy storage.

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Space-saving attractive design, easy to clean with no place for dirt and debris to hide. Peak Performance: Mercilessly sharp, the Phantom Series edge is painstakingly honed by experts' craftsman to 13-15° and nitrogen cooled for enhanced hardness, flexibility and corrosion resistance.

Carefully tapered for minimal drag, the agile blade ensures swift, precise cuts with effortless ease. A velvety rich black Spanish Lakewood handle is hand polished and laminated to ensure a perfect grip with a traditional Japanese D-shaped to tuck into your palm. The Strong Touch: Full tang and precision forged from a single piece of ice tempered, high-carbon, Japanese AUS-8 steel at 58+ Rockwell hardness, the Phantom Series boasts exceptional sharpness, edge retention, strength and durability.

Beautifully engraved, the blade further features a hand polished spine and ergonomic bolster shape for a natural and smooth ‘pinch grip’. Strong Trust: Rock solid 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, try it risk free.

The knife set comes with six knives but the storage block adds plenty of more space for additional ones you have. Experts craft the Phantom series with nitrogen-cooled steel for enhanced flexibility, hardness, and corrosion resistance.

The knives are carefully tapered for minimum drag and the angled blades ensure precise cuts. The handle is hand polished and laminated to make sure you have the perfect grip.

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If you take your cooking more seriously and find yourself spending several hours in the kitchen at home. Which means they don’t have to be sharpened frequently but are able to retain their razor-sharp edge for several months.

Our site is dedicated to helping you choose the best Japanese knife for home or professional use. We’ve reviewed dozens of the leading models and came up with the top five on the market.

But just because they’re called Japanese knives doesn’t mean they’re the real deal. Many lower-priced models labeled as Japanese knives are nothing more than your average Western style kitchen knives.

We also checked out the manufacturing process in order to determine how each knife was produced. Which makes them a better choice when it comes to working with high volumes of food.

Or for people who have arthritis or other types of disabilities that can make it difficult to work with a heavier knife. ProductProduct NameMaterialCostCheck Price Kamikaze Kane Stainless-steel$$$$$ Miami Birchwood SG2 9" micro-carbide powder steel Shun DM0707 Stainless-steel$ Storage Japanese VG10 Stainless-steel$$ Maxwell Super You micro-carbide powder steel Our goal here was to find a variety of styles of the bestJapaneseknives.

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This top knife manufacturer has a reputation in the industry for producing the most durable. Let’s begin with a closer look at this popular knife set and find out why it earned a five-star rating.

Our Rating: This beautiful three-piece set come to its own wooden box for safe transport and storage. Which makes them incredibly durable and perfect if you’re looking for knives you can use daily.

This Japanese Miami knife features a nine-inch blade that’s made out of G2 micro-carbide powder steel and a gorgeous Birchwood handle. The manufacturer also uses a special type of honing process that gives the knife’s blade a nineteen-degree angle for ultimate sharpness.

Our Rating: This beautiful Japanese knife made by Storage features an ergonomic handle design. A stainless-steel core, sixty-six layers of steel on each side of the blade and a beautiful Damascus finish that’s not only attractive.

Yet it features a lightweight design that makes the knife easy to handle and guide. The thin sharp blade can easily tackle big and small jobs in the kitchen.

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Many professional chefs consider Japanese knives to be some best knives in the world. In terms of quality, a lot of mastery and skill goes into designing and producing the bestJapaneseknives.

You’ll need to pay close attention to the product details and specs. That isn’t to say that knives manufactured in China aren’t good.

Then China replicas can be a great way to save money and try out a Japanese style knife to determine if you like them. This style has an average length of two hundred and ten millimeters.

But you’ll also find some as long as two hundred and seventy millimeters. While they make look similar, Japanese knives are actually much different from Western knives.

A Japanese knife features a harder blade, which translates to a narrower edge. The hardness of the blade means it can also hold an edge longer, even with regular use.

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The Western knife has a softer blade, requiring more frequent sharpening. Just one drop can damage the blade, causing dings and chips.

These knives can be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a lightweight knife that can cut through pretty much anything, with minimal effort. Most Western knives feature a thicker handle and blade design and have more heft to them.

Now that you’re familiar with the differences between the average Western kitchen knife and the Japanese kitchen knife, we’ll delve into the different types of kitchen knives and features you should look for in a quality Japanese model and what to steer clear of. Knives with a higher carbon content are easier to sharpen and will hold an edge longer.

If you’ve spent any time in the kitchen, then you’re familiar with the fact that most stainless-steel knives are not known for holding their edge well. Knife blades with a high chromium content will be harder to maintain.

So, if you’ve decided to go with stainless-steel, look for knives that have vanadium and molybdenum instead of just chromium. A knife blade made out of laminated steel means a hard central core with soft outer layers.

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Folded and laminated blades are usually equipped with a high carbon steel central core. A high carbon central core means that the knife will hold its sharpness just as long as the single layer blade is made out of the same type of steel.

If the outer layers of the blade are made out of soft stainless-steel they will be easier to sharpen. Tang is a term used to describe how the blade of the knife is attached to the handle.

Knives that feature a full tang design simply mean that the blade will run the entire length of the handle. Often, a full tang design can translate to better quality considering the push tang design can mean the risk of the blade coming loose from the handle.

With the Japanese kitchen knife, the tang style isn’t an important feature to consider because most models will feature the traditional Japanese design that consists of two separate pieces that have been welded together. However, some manufacturers that produce these knives do use a more modern production approach that can involve the push or full tang design.

Most handles on Japanese knives are made out of wood, which gives the cook a better grip on the knife. Below we’ll go over the different styles of Japanese knives to choose from, and what type of cutting task each style excels at, so you can choose the right type of knife for your kitchen.

It’s what you’ll find yourself using the most and it’s designed to withstand heavy daily use in the kitchen. It works the best when it comes to cutting fruits, veggies, and fish.

A great choice for carving and slicing meat and fish, the Sukiyaki knife is very lightweight and precise due to the steeper bevel design. The Debt knife has a gently curved blade and thick spine.

Often equipped with a single-sided edge, the Debt works best for butchering poultry or filleting fish. This is a knife that’s designed specifically for making long slicing motions.

You can learn more about the right knife for the job in our article on sushi making tips. The Takobiki has a square blunt tip, which is what makes it different from the Manage.

The design is meant to protect the user against injury when cutting up large volumes of fish. This type of knife works well for slicing octopus and eel, but it can also handle slicing up fillets like a champ, although it does lack some precision that the Manage knife offers.

This is an interesting hybrid Japanese knife of sorts, combining the styles of both the Manage and the Auto. While it has the angled tip of the Manage, it also features a blade that’s longer than the Auto.

This knife is the perfect choice for filleting and slicing fish and it’s usually only used by executive chefs. It features a stern blade combined with a thicker spine, which is what makes it so durable.

Unlike the Heinous, the Honest is better at defining fish and poultry, not meat. The knife’s rigid blade and triangular shape make it the perfect choice for defining entire chickens.

Designed for cleanly slicing through baked goods and bread, the Panini is a serrated knife that’s specifically designed to easily cut through dense bread without crushing it. Picture a miniature clever and you’ve got the Nair Japanese knife.

It’s a good choice if presentation plays a big role in your kitchen. In fact, in Japan, it’s the standard knife used for cutting up fruits and veggies.

The knives you choose should be durable, easy to care for, and able to hold an edge longer than the average Western kitchen knife. The bestJapaneseknives can really be an asset in your kitchen, saving you both time and energy.

Whether you need an all-purpose Auto for everyday cutting tasks, or a Debt to handle bigger cutting jobs, we’re confident that you’ll find the right type of Japanese knife in our top five list. We hope our buying guide and the top five reviews of the bestJapanesekitchenknives has helped you to narrow down your choices.

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