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Best Jasmine Rice Pressure Cooker

Paul Gonzalez
• Thursday, 22 October, 2020
• 7 min read

And if I had to choose just one side dish to embrace and enjoy for the rest of my life, it would be jasmine rice. This is probably going to sound gross, but in my youth, one of my go-to dishes when I wasn’t feeling super awesome was those fluffy white grains topped with American cheese.

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I know, it is not the most tasty sounding dish, but as a kid I thought it was pure heaven. I enjoy everything from eating it with Asian dishes and making fried Francine at home after learning how to make them in Italy, to rolling it up in burritos with plenty of hot sauce.

It is such a versatile grain that I am sure you can think of 10 different ways you’ve eaten it, probably in the past couple of months. And then, when the Instant Pot came into my life with its multiple settings, including a rice setting… Oh boy, that’s when all the cooking goals were achieved.

The jasmine variety is made in less than 20 minutes in the electric pressure cooker, so you don’t have to worry about it. Don’t use a colander, because you will end up with the grains slipping through the openings.

No matter what, making this recipe is going to be the least of your worries with this oh-so-simple way to prepare it. Note that you can double or triple the amount that you make while keeping the cooking time the same.

Add the rinsed rice, water, and salt (if using) to the insert of your appliance. Push down any grains that are not submerged, so they are covered in liquid, and give it a little stir.

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Let the steam release naturally for 10 minutes before quick-releasing the rest of the pressure manually. Turn off the Keep Warm setting so the bottom doesn’t stick or burn.

You can actually make it either way, manually or with the rice setting, and achieve the same results. Not all electric pressure cookers include a special rice setting, so here’s the deal: this setting is actually meant for preparing medium or long grain white grains.

What will you serve with your perfectly fluffy and delicious side dish? Meghan Eager is a food addict turned food and travel writer with a love for creating uncomplicated, gourmet recipes and devouring anything the world serves up.

It has the best flavor and it’s perfect with any type of stir-fry recipe. Jasmine rice is the perfect accompaniment to this honey balsamic chicken with crispy vegetables, an oven roasted sheet pan dinner.

I always serve jasmine rice to soak up the delicious creamy wine sauce in this chicken recipe. As you all probably already know, I have an Instant Pot, but this will work in any type of electric pressure cooker.

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You can store the cooked rice in the fridge or freezer to use for other meals. And don’t forget salt to bring out the flavors of the rice, especially if you’re cooking in water.

Push down any rice that may be on the side of the pot to submerge in liquid. Once 10 minutes has elapsed, quick release pressure, fluff with a fork, and serve.

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When buying a rice cooker, you may see strange terms such as “fuzzy logic” or “induction cooking” in the name, on the box or in the brief description. Unlike a simple rice cooker with an on and off button, a fuzzy logic cooker can sense and adjust cooking temperature and time, giving you a perfectly cooked bowl of rice every time.

Induction cooking technology has an extremely precise way of measuring and adjusting the temperature. Instead, the entire pot emits heat equally on all sides, allowing the jasmine rice to cook evenly.

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As you search for the perfect rice cooker, you will come across dozens of reviews, each listing different top 5 models. Yet its versatility, quality and ability to produce perfect, flavorful jasmine rice every time make it worth every penny.

By using the different settings, you can select the type of rice you want to cook and leave the rest up to your rice cooker. The timer gives you the freedom to plan when you would like your rice to start cooking, regardless of whether you are home or not.

The removable inner lid is my personal favorite feature because it makes cleaning the rice maker extremely easy. Unlike the Zojirushi, which can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to fully cook hard rice, such as brown or long-grain jasmine rice, the Cuckoo, because it also uses pressure-cooking technology, can have any rice ready within 30 minutes.

The Zojirushi is comparable in price and uses the same fuzzy technology the Cuckoo rice maker does. One interesting feature is the retractable power cord which helps keep your kitchen tidy.

However, color is a personal preference and as long as you know how to navigate the settings, I don’t see the need to pay attention to the vocal commands or alerts. It comes with its own collection of bells and whistles, such as a timer and a stay-warm function, making it one of the most versatile rice cookers in its price category.

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This Hamilton Beach has a 2 to 8 cup capacity and the capability to cook both short and long grain rice, making it ideal for jasmine rice. If you feel like experimenting beyond rice, you can easily prepare other delicious grains such as beans, lentils, steel-cut oats, and even pasta.

Its lustrous, stainless steel design makes it durable and appealing to the eye. It comes with a heavy pot and a tight lid, which will prevent water and steam from escaping and will cook your rice quickly.

This model is also extremely easy to use, so you don’t have to be a talented cook to make flawless, delicious rice. The only downfall that I can mention for this almost perfect, affordable rice cooker is the fact that it doesn’t come with a removable inner lid.

This makes it trickier to clean, but considering you are only paying a fraction of the Cuckoo for this little gem, it isn’t a big deal. I personally wouldn’t recommend that, but apparently, it kept just fine at the keep warm setting.

Leaving the rice in the cooker for extended periods of time will result in a loss of quality. The steam is allowed to escape during the cooking cycle, so the pressure doesn’t build up like it would in a pressure cooker.

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Pressure cookers are known for cooking things at higher temperatures and at quicker speeds. If you have a spot picked out before you start shopping you’ll have an estimate of what size will fit best in your kitchen.

If you want a long-lasting, quality rice maker, I suggest investing in a Japanese or Korean made rice cooker. Fast-forward 20 years and the new kitchen gadget for rice is the Instant Pot (PressureCooker) and using the Instant Pot, couldn’t be easier for making tasty and easy recipes.

You will soon be able to make foolproof and delicious side dishes with your Instant Pot. You can all sorts of rice dishes, from Pilafs, Risottos, Plenty, Oatmeal, Puddings and more.

Here are some tips for getting the best tasting rice dishes from your Instant Pot (PressureCooker) I think because with the thicker surface the Instant Pot Ceramic bowl controls the heat better.

Kitchen Items Used: (Note: Affiliate links are included in this post) Start by adding the rice to the Instant Pot bowl.

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Add your lid, making sure that the vent is in the sealing position. When all the pressure has been released, remove the lid, mix the rice.

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