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Best Juicer For Celery Juice Medical Medium

Elaine Sutton
• Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
• 73 min read

The best juicer for juicing celery is a cold press masticating juicer. This means you will use less celery to get your sixteen ounces or more of celery juice than you would if you used another juicer model.

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When a juicer generates too much heat in the juicing process it oxidizes the celery and diminishes its nutrient value more quickly. The MM900HDS Omega Low Speed Masticating CeleryJuicer produces high-quality, cold-pressed juice.

It uses a low speed of 80 Rpm, which results in minimal heat buildup and oxidation and more nutrient-rich juice. The MM900HDS Omega Low Speed Masticating CeleryJuicer has an adjustable celery end cap attachment for maximum celery juice output and extraction and also includes a standard adjustable end cap for juicing other produce.

Another benefit of the MM900HDS Omega Low Speed Masticating CeleryJuicer is that it’s quiet. Centrifugal juicers will still juice celery, but they just won’t extract as much juice or preserve as many nutrients.

Celery juice made in a centrifugal juicer and consumed right away is still healing. This blog, its content and any linked material are presented for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or prescribing.

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Consult with a licensed healthcare professional before altering or discontinuing any current medications, treatment or care, or starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, or if you have or suspect you might have a health condition that requires medical attention. The United States Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any statement, claim, or representation made in or accessible from this blog or any linked material.

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For an even healthier version, try this “oatmeal” recipe made from apples, banana, and spices! With a moist cake base, bursts of flavorful wild blueberries, and a sweet and buttery stressed topping that is m.

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But most hot sauces contain one or more ingredients that aren’t ideal for healing, SU. It was initially made popular by Anthony William’s MedicalMedium website.

If you would like to join this revolution, you’ll need the best juicer for celery that MedicalMedium recommended. I will profile slow masticating juicers for celery that account for every budget and lifestyle need.

By investing in one of these juicers, you will open the door to a new world of health benefits. If you consume 16 oz of high-quality celery juice each day, you will enjoy a range of health benefits.

I recommend the best slow masticating juicer you can afford to juice this vegetable. This means that you’ll spend a lot of time detailing and cleaning your juicer.

You will enjoy a regular serving of delicious and nutritious celery juice, with minimal fuss. If you’re looking for a celery juicer, you may as well pick up an appliance that’s designed exclusively for that purpose.

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The fact that you can also use it for traditional fruits and vegetables, as well as leafy greens and wheatgrass, is a welcome bonus! Extracting nutrients at a leisurely 80 RPM, you can be certain that you’ll be consuming every ounce of goodness that your ingredients have to offer.

The originator of CeleryJuice Movement Anthony William recently recommended this as the bestceleryjuicer at his MedicalMedium blog. This slow juicer is sleek and appealing to look at, with the trademark Omega curved design.

You’ll never find unwelcome pulp in your juice again either, as the appliance separates this before output. With a 15-year warranty, quiet operation and easy cleaning, I cannot think of a negative about this juicer.

If you’re planning a celery -centric juice detox, you owe it yourself to invest in the Omega MM900HDS. If you don’t take celery juice, you will have spent a lot of money on a useless gadget.

Despite the low price point it’s still a slow juicer, working at 80 RPM. This juicer handles leafy greens well though, so you can always mix these in with your celery to make a tastier juice.

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This model has a two-year warranty, which is plenty of time to adjust to juicing. If you’re not a big fan of the taste of celery, you will not want large amounts of pulp in your juice.

You can choose the amount of pulp Highly nutritious juice that doesn’t waste a single vitamin High yields for large, busy families This appliance can handle tough vegetables as well as the best juicers on the market, including those that cost much more.

It’s rare to find a slow masticating juicer that performs so well at this cost. This juicer also includes a recipe book, so you can look for ways to spruce up your celery juice.

While there are better models out there, few celery juicers perform this highly at this price point. It’s a step up from the most basic models, and a great way to learn if juicing will appeal to you.

Good for: Basic and efficient cold press celery juicing Mixing celery with other tough and solid root vegetables Soft fruit juices, for anybody seeking variety While the appliance itself is small, the wide chute means that it still performs as well as the biggest and best juicers.

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The wider chute also means that you can juice quickly and efficiently. I recommend this model to anybody that doesn’t have time to chop ingredients before juicing.

The turnover feed can accept an entire, sliced apple, or other fruits if you prefer. With a two-year warranty and simple assembly, this juicer is ideal for homes with limited space.

You can feed your celery into this juicer, and crank the handle to extract the goodness. By using this model, you’ll make sure that you receive cold-pressed juice, devoid of heat of oxygenation.

The juice needs to make up in nutrition what it lacks in appealing taste! You receive better tasting- juice with this appliance than a budget electric model can offer.

Good for: Cold-pressed, highly nutritious celery juice Mixing celery with other healthy plants and herbs, as well as leafy greens Simple assembly, use, and cleaning If you decide to follow my advice and pick up the Omega MM900 masticating juicer, you’ll be keen to get started with your celery juice.

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It costs more, but you’ll gain more nutrition Weigh out around 2 lbs of celery on a set of kitchen scales. The Omega nc900 has a wide chute, so you do not need to chop it too small Remove the leaves if you wish to avoid a bitter taste to your celery juice Assemble your juicer according to the instruction manual provided Place a jug under the spout of your device to catch the juice, and another to catch the pulp Set your Omega nc900 to setting 1 Feed your celery into the chute, and push it down.

If it is, use the reverse function to clear it Disassemble your juicer and wash it in soapy water. Alternatively, use it as a zero-calorie dish or salad Pour your celery into a glass, and enjoy it.

The sooner you do this, the more nutrients you’ll gain Enjoy the health that celery has to offer Chief among these are the advantages that celery juice can provide to dry of damaged skin.

As celery juice is so hydrating, it will greatly improve the quality of the skin. The evidence that celery juice cures acne is entirely anecdotal at this stage.

I firmly believe that all health benefits need to be backed up by science. Take a look at this YouTube video and you’ll see that celery juice proved impactful for one regular juicer.

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The first reason is that acne is caused by a bacteria called streptococcus. This creates oil on the skin, which in turn leads to acne.

Sugar can be a prime cause of acne and pimple breakouts, so celery juice certainly helps there. In addition, like all fruits and vegetables, celery juice is high in fiber.

The MedicalMedium is adamant that celery juice will cease and prevent eczema flare-ups. Kim Kardashian agrees, claiming that celery juice helped her manage her psoriasis.

Notable charities that focus on this skin condition disagree and say that more research is needed to make such a claim. It is undeniable that celery juice, especially when created in a slow masticating juicer, is great for the human body.

What is also clear, though, is that celery juice is not an immediate miracle cure for eczema. Once again, let’s turn to YouTube for a first-hand account of somebody that lives with eczema and consumed celery juice for a prolonged period.

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This juicer found that celery juice did have a positive impact on her eczema, albeit slowly and steadily. The many and varied nutrients found within celery work wonders on the human body.

Phthalate works to naturally reduce any inflammation and cholesterol in the body. If you have difficulty with your skin, there is no harm in juicing celery alongside your traditional remedies.

Celery juice made with a masticated juicer will retain its goodness for up to 72 hours in these circumstances. If you have a chronic illness or inflammation, consider doubling or even tripling this daily intake.

Celery juice should be consumed first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. This means that the celery juice can work its magic without being absorbed by solids.

Celery juice can be a great addition to a weight loss plan. You’ll still need to eat sensibly and exercise regularly.

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The good news is that celery juice will leave your body feeling great, so you’ll be more inclined to do so. You’ll spend a lot of time cleaning your juicer if you’d drink this juice every day.

You’ll also enjoy more stamina, feel more hydrated and mentally sharper, and you won’t have any digestive issues. You’ll drink celery juice for the health benefits, not calories.

Drinking this liquid flushes away any toxins that have built up in your body and formed stones. Celery juice is arguably the most hydrating liquid that you could hope to consume.

In fact, celery juice is even more hydrating than eating fresh fruits and vegetables. You wouldn’t eat this part of the vegetable, but the head is fed into a juicer.

If you take medicine for blood pressure or anxiety, however, celery juice can react and increase your heart rate. As you’ll see, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing the best juicer for celery.

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With the enhanced popularity of celery juice, people are wondering what juicer is best for juicing celery. In a centrifugal juicer, celery can clog easily and notably damage the juicing elements.

As a result, the juice loses vital nutrients and enzymes that provide some of its important benefits. For the best results, I recommend you to stick with a vertical style slow masticating juicer.

These juicers produce a large amount of pressure that extracts all the nutrients and vitamins, while preserving the juices natural enzymes. Also, the lack of heat produced by the cold pressing method of a masticating juicer can reduce enzyme damage and oxidation that may occur due to the heat generated by centrifugal juicers.

It means you get your sixteen ounces (Anthony William’s MedicalMedium recommendation) of your celery juice using less celery and preventing food waste. In my opinion the best juicer for celery is the Omega NC900 HD, it is a slow masticating juicer which sits quietly on your countertop.

I consider this masticating juicer to be the best juicer for juicing celery for three main reasons. It offers the greatest nutritional value of any juicer on the market, high pressure along with its slow juicing process = Nutrient Extraction & Enzyme Retention.

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It provides amazingly high juice yields, which equates to dryer celery pulp and less produce spend. However, the 1.5-inch chute will easily allow for carrots and celery to be juiced without chopping.

I prefer to batch my juicing and spend 20-30 minutes making a few days’ worth. This juicer produces a high juice yield which will save money on your grocery bill and reduce food waste.

Speed/Noise Level: This single auger juicer rotates at 80RPM, in the juicing industry this is on the slower end. This low speed allows for fruits and vegetables to be efficiently juiced and minimizes heat buildup which can cause oxidation.

Size: The Omega NC900 HD is a more compact model with a contemporary design. I store mine in a cupboard and it takes up little space, it is lightweight enough to bring it in and out of storage when needed.

However, due to its size and contemporary design you could easily leave on your counter. Juice Quality/Storage: The slow masticating process prevents heat build up and reduces oxidation.

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The slow 80 RPM motor speed generates little heat which ensures nutrient and enzyme retention. The chute is on the smaller size so it will require chopping of some fruits and vegetables.

This juicer produces a high juice yield which will eliminate food waste and save you money on groceries. Cleanup: The automatic pulp ejection helps to prevent a messy clean up.

Speed/Noise Level: This single auger juicer rotates at 80RPM, in the juicing industry this is on the slower end. This low speed allows for fruits and vegetables to be efficiently juiced and minimizes heat buildup which can cause oxidization.

One thing that prevents this juicer from getting a higher rating from me in terms of ease of use is the fact that it can only be used for 20 minutes at a time. Juicing/ Juice Yield: The slow masticating technology offered by this juicer is the preferred method to juice celery, ginger, citrus, leafy greens, hard vegetables (carrots and beets) and fruit.

Cleanup: Simple disassembly and dishwasher safe parts lead to an easy clean up. Speed/Noise Level: This juicer runs at 80RPM’s which reduces heat generated and preserves nutrients and enzymes.

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Drawbacks: Max run time is limited to 20 minutes, so if you are planning to prepare a large batch of juice, this may not be the juicer for you. Drawbacks: Max run time is limited to 20 minutes, so if you are planning to prepare a large batch of juice, this may not be the juicer for you.

Chopping will be required for larger fruits and vegetables, but once produce is prepped a glass of juice can be prepared quickly. Our Verdict: This Kg Vertical Masticating Juicer is a great option for those looking to save space and juice quickly.

The vertical orientation of the juicer takes up less of a footprint on your countertop than some horizontal masticating juicers and the chute opening is over 3 inches, allowing for full size fruits and vegetables to be juiced without chopping. This is a great juicer for celery, but if looking to juice hard vegetables like carrots and beets it may not be the best option.

Speed/Noise Level: The single auger spins at 45RPM’s while cold pressing fruits and vegetables through a mesh screen. Our Verdict: If you are looking for a top of the line model the Super Angel Premium Deluxe Juicer may be the one for you.

The twin gear dual auger two stage cold press system will juice celery without jamming, there is an automatic reverse function as well to help keep the unit from getting clogged. Speed/Noise Level: The twin gears run at 82RPM’s preventing heat buildup and producing high quality, nutrient dense juice with limited oxidation and enzyme damage.

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Drawbacks: The most notable drawback of the Super Angel Premium Deluxe is price, this is definitely a higher priced juicer, however, if you are looking for a quality juicer with a dependable warranty that will produce a high quality juice this may work for you. This Green star model is a twin gear juicer with jumbo stainless-steel twin gears that rotate at 110 RPM’s which is a bit faster than the models reviewed thus far but is still slow enough to prevent too much heat buildup.

The twin gears have an embedded magnetic and bio ceramic technology that produces a stabilized high-quality juice that can be stored longer due to detainment of vitamins and enzymes. Gears have been specifically designed to process hard vegetables like carrots and beets by adding pocket recesses, cutting points have also been added to the gears to improve the processing of fibrous vegetables like celery without clogging.

This juicer not only juices vegetables, fruits and wheatgrass, it also will make baby food, nut butters, pate, sorbets, breadsticks & more. I would highly recommend due to its quality, durability, speed and flexibility.

Ease of Use: New gears and design improvements make this model easier to set up, use and clean than before. If juicing celery, the model will not clog and will produce a high yield.

The added mixing stage allows for effective juicing of even soft fruits. Juicing is only a start with this appliance, you can also make baby food, sorbet, nut butters & more.

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Juice yield is maximized through the cold press extraction process that is aided by the pocket recesses and cutting points that have been added to the stainless-steel twin gears. Speed/Noise Level: The twin gears rotate at 110 RPM’s, while this is higher than the options we have reviewed, it is still slow enough to prevent substantial heat buildup.

Juice Quality/Storage: Magnetic and bio ceramic technology have been added to the gears to minimize loss of vitamins and enzymes. Drawbacks: The weight, it is a bit heavier than the other models reviewed, however at 26lbs, it can still be moved around.

The large chute and high speed of the Seville will kick out juicer very quickly, however, the high speed can cause some heat buildup and potentially reduce some nutrition value of the end product. If you regularly find yourself in a hurry and want a juicer that will make a quick glass of juice without needing to chop fruits and vegetables, this may be the option for you.

Speaking of speed, this juicer can produce a 8oz glass of juice in5 SECONDS! Parts are dishwasher safe and weighing in at under 10lbs the unit can easily be moved around as necessary.

Overall, if you are the person that will juice more frequently with a quicker juicer, I think this is a fantastic option. Ease of Use: This category is where this juicer excels, it is very easy to use and can crank out a 8oz glass of juice in 5 seconds.

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This centrifugal juicer is going to be loud, it is spinning at 1,300 rotations per minute, it will basically scream, however, it will only be for a very short period of time as you can make a 8oz glass of juice in 5 seconds. However, if you are the person that is short on time, this may be worth the trade off of drinking juice daily.

Click Here to See the Seville Juice Fountain Plus on Amazon Anti-drip design for easy clean up BPA Free Materials Safety sensor for safe operation 2-year warranty Check Price on Amazon This is the best option for the busy people who want a glass of celery juice in a short time.

This model is lightweight, with a virtually BPA free auger and juicing screen. The single auger design of this manual juicer juices extremely gently and efficiently.

Manual juicer for wheatgrass, celery, leafy greens and other vegetables Ease of use and easy cleaning Single auger design gentle juices to retain nutritional content of the juice Durable juicer for longer use Choosing organic will help prevent chemicals/pesticides from being absorbed and ensure pure nutrition is provided.

You will also need a juicer, a container to catch juice, a knife and a chopping board. Celery is an incredible vegetable to juice, it contains a high water content and plenty of sodium, it is great for replenishing electrolytes, especially on a hot summer day.

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Back to preparation: Next, clean the celery stalks by washing off any dirt and sediment. You can put whole celery stalks into the juicer and press down slowly, make sure to use a vegetable presser once the stalk goes inside the chute as you do not want to put your fingers in the chute for obvious safety reasons.

Do not add anything additional if you want natural taste and benefits of the celery juice. Generally, the ideal amount is 16 ounces of celery juice daily, according to Anthony Williams of the MedicalMedium.

Celery juice should be consumed in the morning on empty stomach, this will ensure maximum absorption into the body. The leaves of the celery taste a bit bitter, but they contain plenty of valuable nutrients.

Cold press juicer is a great option for juicing celery. Drinking celery juice by itself without extra ingredients can provide great benefit and even work as a healing tool.

Collagen, activated charcoal and apple cider vinegar, while all potent healing tools themselves, can denature and destroy celery juice. Ideally, celery juice should be consumed by itself on an empty stomach, the goal here is quick absorption.

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When staring to drink celery juice, some people feel a change in bowel movements. My advice is to ask yourself the above questions and review the juicer options above to find the best fit for your lifestyle.

Bottom line, the best juicer for juicing celery is the juicer that you will use most frequently. Regular consumption of celery and other juices should be your goal as it will take some time to see and feel the results.

You are beginning a journey, take your time and make the right investment for your lifestyle. I hope this post helped you gain some clarity on the different types of juicers available and which ones are best for juicing celery.

THIS MEANS THAT AT NO COST TO YOU, WE WILL RECEIVE A SMALL COMMISSION IF YOU PURCHASE THROUGH OUR LINK. Along the way, I spent more than 40 hours fussing with Judy from Walmart customer service all because I bought the wrong machine and it broke.

I know first hand, celery is very fibrous and stringy making it tricky to juice. Buying the wrong juicer could leave you with a lot of sloppy waste and a total mess.

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High celery juice yield 3 minute clean up time 15-year warranty Chop up your celery stalks, feed them into the machine and then when you’re finished, clean up time is lightning fast.

The one downside was that it was specifically made for celery and it won’t give you the best yield for other types of produce. So if you plan on juicing other things such as oranges, fruits, or leafy greens, you might want to consider the next juicer.

High yield for celery and leafy greens The Fastest juicer to clean Makes sorbet + pasta 15-year warranty It does take a little longer to juice but the pulp that gets ejected comes out pretty dry.

It has more detachable parts and complex pieces but you can clean it pretty quick. I’d say if your serious about celery and you want to expand your juicing into other fruits and vegetables this is the machine you want.

Check Amazon The Omega CNC800S is perfect for juicing celery in a small kitchen. Whether you’re at work, road tripping or camping you can bring your celery stalks with you and juice them.

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It produces a high yield of celery juice but it leaves a tad more pulp in your glass. At times, it can heat up from prolonged use but it isn’t a deal breaker by any means.

It won’t give you the highest yield but for the price, you can’t beat it. Check Amazon The Seville Compact Juice Fountain is perfect for those who want to juice celery on a budget.

It makes a cup of celery juice in less than 30 seconds and doesn’t take up a lot of space. The only issue I find with the Seville is that the juice doesn’t last as long.

Centrifugal juicers tend to have this effect on not just celery juice but all other types of produce. It has to do with the extraction method of the juicer but that’s a whole other talk for a whole ‘other day.

I figured I’d give it a shot after watching an interview with Anthony William who’s the author of the book medical medium. You’ve got celebrities like Pharrell, Sylvester Stallone, Kim Kardashian, and many more drinking celery juice.

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Apparently, celery has all kinds of healing properties that make it perfect for people who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, gout, acne, and diabetes. Anthony William strikes me as a guy who’s a holistic healer rather than someone who uses scientific-based evidence to back up his claims.

Kali Kushner drank celery juice on an empty stomach for 30 days. However, it wasn’t until she started drinking celery juice that her Eczema completely cleared up.

Source: @celeryjuicebenefitsSo drinking celery apparently has some powerful healing properties. A slow masticating juicer chews, grinds and squeezes a fruit or vegetable.

You toss the celery into the juicer, the auger catches it and slowly starts to squeeze the juice out of it. Heat ruins nutrients, destabilizes vitamins and destroys enzymes.

Long story short is that you get the most nutritional value out of a juice made from a slow juicer. Fast juicers spin at hyper speeds of up to 14,000 rotations per minute.

It’s great if you want to make a fast cup of juice but it’s not the best for nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants. The disc is cutting open the cell walls of your celery and because the juicer spins so fast, it creates a lot of air.

These machines give off a lot of heat as well because they operate around 700+ watts. The more watts you use and the longer electrons flow through a coil, the hotter the motor.

Do you want to juice early in the morning or late at night without waking anyone up? By the time a being healthy trend hits your Instagram feed which is flooded with Healthy-minded celebrities, pose a picture with their celery juicy.

The benefits of celery juice on an empty stomach are literally endless. Not only a great source of antioxidants, but these are also a pocket full of benefits of celery juice for skin.

Celery juice benefits weight loss is not a myth; it really aids the liver and reduces inflammation. As it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, doctors also confirm the benefits of eating celery before bed.

To turn up the fun for flavorless celery, why not try making tasty, refreshing juice out of it. This Model J8006HDS does have the capability of extracting the maximum amount of vitamins, taste, nutrients, and juice from the minimum amount of fruits and vegetables, wheatgrass, and leafy greens.

In fact, this sort of speed will result in a minimum level of heat buildup & oxidation, which, consequently, will promote healthy enzymes. The Omega J8006HDS Slow Speed Juicer is the feature of the Nutrition Center.

With this exclusive feature, this juicer can extrude pasta, turn nut into nut-butter, mince garlic and herbs grind spices and coffee, and the list goes on and on…. At the same time, this particular celery juicer comes with the omega power motor, which features dual-stage juicing functionality.

And, that special sort of functionality will ensure the maximum level of efficiency. The last but not least, the Omega Nutrition Center Masticating Juicer is backed by a 15-Year Warranty that will cover the parts & performance.

One of the best features we liked most of the Pick Slow Masticating Juicer is the 80 RPM speed. The pulp separation functionality is another exclusive feature you can get with the Pick Slow Juicer.

You’ll become excited to hear that this celery juicer model comes with a stable and heavy-duty body. This model Pick slow juicer features a seven segment spiral system.

Even if you’re a beginner and don’t have any previous experience with any celery juicer, you can assemble this juicer model without any difficulty. While we did test this Coins CeleryJuicer, we found the cleaning method very simple.

At the same time, this juicer accompanies a feeder chute, which is extra wide (3 inches). Additionally, the construction materials of this juice extractor are of great quality.

This exclusive chute feed will allow you to make the juice of your vegetables and fruits without even performing any sort of rebutting. The secret of the extraction of the optimum amount of juice is the special sort of disc (made of titanium).

But imagine how it will be if the juicing job takes hell amount of stress by puzzling assembling. Get to extract juice from celery within a very short time with their new bleach juicer machine.

The Hamilton beach 67650a juicer is capable of providing homemade & healthy juice within a matter of a few seconds. With this model of juicer, you get the chance to extract juice from both vegetables and fruits.

One of the best things about this Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine, which we really LOVE, is the extra-wide feed chute. Due to the extra-wide feature, the Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine, you can extract juice from more quantity of fruits compared to the competitors’ models.

Looking for an ideal quick drink that's fresh, fully natural, and tastes ten times better than preserved one? If you don’t assemble all the detachable parts accurately, then you’ll not be able to operate this machine.

Believe me or not, it saved lots of our prep time as this cool gadget comes with a feed chute that is large (3 Inches). Beyond that, This Slow Cold Press Masticating Squeezer-accompanies the latest technology, which has a spinning speed of 60 RPM.

And, this speed helps to extract around 60 percent more juice than that of the competitors’ machines. At the same time, this will also create no clogging, and you’ll be able to clean the juicer without facing any difficulty.

The Kg A10 cold press juicer is surely the reliable and economical way to get mouthwatering fresh juices of all kinds of greens, including celery. This impressive squeezer includes a feed chute that is around 3.15 inches in its width.

So, it will allow you to use this juicer for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables regardless of their sizes. One of the best features of this cold press masticating juicer is the slower speed.

That means you don’t need to worry about quality, home geek really take care of your health and well-being. This slower sort of speed will create less amount of heat along with oxidation keeping your juice as nutritious as possible.

But this list won’t be complete without mentioning some names who also gave a solid performance on extraction juice from celery. The celery doesn’t get clogged in these juicers and works slowly; as a result, the nutritional value is much more.

Using a celery juicer will help you prepare your cup of juice without even making any disturbance to your baby’s sleep. A celery juicer has the capability of extracting the maximum amount of juice from the vegetables & fruits, whereas a blender doesn’t.

So, it won’t damage the nutrition benefits of the juice rather keep it healthy. With this special sort of mechanism, the juicer removes and stores the pulp in a different section.

The slow speed masticating juicer machine doesn’t create a sound like that of a blender. I guess at this point you made up your mind to go for an extractor, which will be the first step of your healthcare journey.

But to make sure you are not throwing your penny on trash, you need to know what you should consider before buying a juicer to extract the celery. So, in this case, the ideal thing would be looking for a juicer machine that has feed chute with extra-wide size.

Centrifugal juicers come with the single blade which spins at high speed to slice the fruit, allowing the juices to flow free. On the other hand, Masticating juicers use gears instead of blades while this meant to grind ingredients instead of slicing it.

But imagine how it would be If you can make juice from all types of vegetables & fruits with one juicer. So be wise and make sure to check the juicer machine does have the capability of extracting juice from all types of fruits and vegetables.

If your juicer machine isn’t durable, then it won’t serve you for a longer period of time. Sturdy and durable construction will provide longevity while satisfying your juicing needs.

In order to get better performance, make sure you check the motor of the juicer. Since the blades of a centrifugal machine must rotate quickly, it creates a lot of noise.

You must check for this factor because it will surely make a situation of regret if you buy a juicer machine that is difficult to clean. Well, from our experience, the masticating juicer is the IDEAL choice to deal with celery.

This sort of juicer has the capability of extracting the maximum amount of juice. Freshly made celery juice is healing and powerful for proper digestion.

Every day, you can drink up to 16 oz of freshly made celery juice, which is very helpful for your stomach and overall body fitness. On the other hand, blending the celery won’t provide you the kind of celery juice your body actually wants for.

Well, alongside keeping the nutritional benefit in mind we should also concentrate on picking the right tool. We believe that our well-researched comparison and buying guide are enough for you to choose the best slow juicer for celery.

It is very good for your health such as: help you to lose weight, protect your liver, improve your digestion, ... In addition, the best juicer for celery needs to save electricity, they also need to be easy to clean, compact, and make your kitchen more beautiful.

“” low speed, 13000-17000 RPM, for soft fruits like oranges, tomatoes and others; “” fast speed, 17000-21000 RPM, for hard fruits like carrot, celery, and others. Juicer Machines, Focus Slow Juicer Masticating Juicer Extractor Easy to Clean, Cold Press Juicer with Two Speed Modes, Quiet Motor, Reverse Function, with Brush and Recipes, for Fruits and Vegetables Best Gift!upgradeTwo-speed PProgram JFocuscold press juicer with soft/hard 2-speed can extract all kinds of fibrous fruits and vegetables, “SOFT”: watermelon, orange, grape, celery ,cucumber etc..“HARD”: apple, pear, carrot, beets, ginger, kale etc.

Rich vitamins can help maintain a good figure and enhance immunity. Very suitable for weight loss people, children, the elder safetyFeeder Chute Design and Quiet MMotorJFocusmasticating juicer with small feeder chute allows you remove the seeds and peels when yyou're cuttingthe fruit before juicing to reduce the bitter taste.

7 Upgraded Efficient Spiral System, 80 Rpm low speed masticating & grinding. Just enjoying a natural health and quiet life when making juice.

90% more nutrition growthHomever masticating juicer works at slow speed 80 rpm /minute, 7 segments spiral masticating extraction speed means no heat build-up and extracts up to 20% more juice and 30% more vitamins and minerals than other centrifugal juicers. This allows the juice to maintain its pure color and people absorb the most of the nutrition from the ingredients.

It has a tighter opening designed to make more juice from celery stem. You can soak them in warm diluted with a few drops of baking soda or dish soap for about 30 minutes before running your dishwasher.

The blade is made of stainless steel, ensuring the freshness of the juice. When you buy this item, it includes one centrifugal juicer, one juice cup, one cleaning brush, and one manual of using.

Using advanced German manufacturing technology BPA-free Included brush Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine, Big Mouth 3” Feed Chute, Centrifugal, Easy to Clean, BPA Free, 800W, (67601A), Black Healthy, homemade juice in seconds- juice a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Powerful electric for maximum is 800w, you can turn fruit, vegetable into smooth juice very quickly. This juicer can be quickly cleaned within some seconds, so you can enjoy more time drinking your healthy lush juice.

Next, this juicer lid is placed on top of the integrated pulp container. The blade and micro mesh filter basket are made of stainless steel, advanced Italy manufacturing technology.

Masticating Juicer, Calm Slow Juicer Extractor with Ceramic Auger, Anti-drip Mouth, Quiet Motor, Ideal for Nutrient Fruit and Vegetable Juice, Sorbet Up to 90% High Purity Juice Yield: 70PRM slow masticating and grinding, extracts the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins from minimum amounts of fruits and vegetables. Less waste, foaming, heat and oxidation than the centrifugal juicers Colorfast Ceramic Auger: Never fade and contaminate your juice, compared with other plastic auger, give you healthy, smooth, best tasting juice.

Less foam and heat Easy to clean Can use with dishwasher Can make many kinds of food BELLA High Power Juice Extractor, 2 Speed Motor, Juicer, Large 3” Feed for Larger Fruits and Veggies, Dishwasher Safe Filter & Pulp Container for Easy Cleaning, Stainless Steel POWERFUL JUICER : This juicer features a wide feed tube that can handle fruits & veggies whole including skin & seeds for maximum nutritional benefit & a 1000-watt 2-speed motor to deliver fresh juice fast, even from hard vegetables like carrots & beets EASY TO CLEAN: Removable pulp container & micro mesh filter make it ideal for lemons, limes, oranges & other citrus as well as hard fruits & veggies.

Detachable, dishwasher safe parts & splash free lid, pouring spout & non-skid feet prevent messes. This juicer can make juice from fruits, vegetables to all kinds of seeds.

You can remove the pulp container and micro mesh filter. All parts of this juicer can be removed to clean and it is safe to dishwasher.

It has a strong and fast mesh system, made from stainless steel and has a locking clamp to prevent spills. The container itself makes a liter of whatever juice recipe you’re working on.

This product is equipped with an 850 watt motor that easily rotates the stainless steel blade. You will not waste time cutting fruits or vegetables into small pieces.

Easy to clean Having overload protection LED and safety locking arm Including one-liter juice jug with froth separator, filter basket, and cleaning brush It is smaller size makes it become the perfect juicer to take with you while travelling.

The assembly will only do seven simple steps and a total of nine parts for you to start juicing. After using it, you can be easy to use and clean with automatic pulp press function and smooth engine.

Tribes GSE-5010 Green star Elite Masticating Juicer, Black Portable with balanced sure-grip handle for easy carrying; 12-Year Warranty Automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing and easier clean-up This juicer is unusual because it is a hybrid that uses mixing and gentrification technology and gears from double bio-ceramic.

The engine is quiet, produces high juice yield, and is faster than other puréed juicer. It runs at 110 RPM and while the juice tastes good, I think it has lost color.

Tribes SW-2020 Slow star, Vertical Slow Juicer and Mincer, Cold Press Masticating Juice Extractor ELECTRIC JUICER AND MINCER: Featuring a powerful 200-watt motor and 3-stage speed reduction gears, Slow star masticating juicer provides slow, cold press juice extraction with 47 RPM which results in the best, fresh juices with minimal oxidation. DUO-BLADE UL TEM AUGER: The vertical cold press juicer features duo-blade that creates two times more cutting action.

The auger rapidly cuts and crushes your produce while extracting more juice with less pulp. This is a slow purée (45 rpm) juicer that does not get clogged easily and makes the right amount of high-quality juice.

While you don't need that much width for celery, it makes this juicer more versatile in terms of the product range. It's easy to use and only has three settings: on, off, and reverse to resolve any bottlenecks and assist with cleaning.

The orange juicer also have safety locking arm and overload protection. A slow engine speed of 80 RPM generates less heat, ensuring that nutrients and enzymes are retained.

Juicer Machines 2 in 1 Slow Masticating Citrus Juicers Antioxidant Mute and Reverse Function Cold Press Juice Extractor with Juice Cup & Brush for Fruits and Vegetables newUpgrade Spiral System2-in-1 Electric Citrus Juicer (Cut the Fruit Sit Half-by-hand and Presses Down with A Little Force, Feature Maximizes the Amount of Juice from Each Piece of Fruit) and Slow Masticating Juicer (Uses A Wear-resistant PEI Material to Run at 95-110 RPM/min with Low-calorie Antioxidant Higher Nutrition Juice Rates), it is A Worth Investing for A Comfortable Family to Purchase this Juicer Extractor Juice /Pulp Separation & MultifunctionalPerfectly Separates the PoPomaderom the Juice ,,nd Extracts the Nutrients from the Fruits and Vegetables into Juice ,,njoy the Pleasure of Less Pulp; Slow Masticating Juicer can Extract A Variety of Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables, such as Oranges, Apples, Blueberries, Pears, Celery ,,eets, Spinach, Ginger, etc. The juicer has two openings; Prologue for fruits like Apples, Oranges, and Mangoes, etc.

Seville BJE830BSS Juice Fountain Cold XL Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel Cold spin technology: Cold Spin Technology allows juice to flow up and through the stainless steel cutting disc surrounded by an Italian-made mesh filter to ensure an insignificant temperature increase. Shortened prep time: The newly designed 3.5 inch extra large wide chute feed allows you to juice whole fruits and vegetables without rebutting.

Materials-Ultem, Titan, ABS, PC Time Saver: The 3” wide feed chute allows for larger ingredients without cutting, means less prep time. The juicer has a large chute for easy entry of fruit or vegetables without losing natural size, it measures 82 mm (trough).

Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer, Brushed Stainless, Black/Stainless, 1 Piece Adjustable reamer with 3 pulp control settings-low, medium, high Auto-reversing universal juicer cone for more efficient juicing The Cuisinart juicer features an adjustable DOA knife with 3 pulp control settings including low, medium, and high.

Another noteworthy thing is the extra-long Snap-Up tap, which prevents dripping and quickly fills the glass with juice The final squeeze feature with a carefully brushed stainless steel design allows you to easily extract more water from the smallest lemons to the largest grapefruit.

However, you must never expose the motor housing to water or other liquid during cleaning. The juicer has a compact and simple structure that makes it easy for users to assemble and disassemble.

You can enjoy fresh and delicious juices with an affordable and modern fruit machine. Take seconds to extract fresh and pulp-free juices with efficient motor-driven nutrients.

Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juice Extractor 1000-watt 5-speed juice extractor with large 3-inch feeding chute Control dial with blue LED light ring; anti-drip adjustable flow spout; easy unlock and lift system Cuisinart is a fast and efficient low cost juicer.

It has a 3-inch feed chute to allow both fruits and vegetables and separates the pulp. It is designed to produce drier pulp, which helps with less clogging and is easier to clean.

Cuisinart wins the affordable option on this list because it is a great juicer for what you pay for. While some other juicer that costs 5x might produce better nutrient yield, it is not far enough to justify the price difference.

Affordable price BPA free Safe and simple Fast Unlike many other celery presses on the market, this one doesn't come with a motor, so it will not need to be plugged in or connected to any power supply.

This is also one of the most affordable celery presses on the market with a very suitable price. It works greatly with celery, and many other green leafy vegetables, grind into large bunches with absolute ease and it also can crush fruits and vegetables, but not well-equipped for those.

It is made from top quality materials, includes BPA-free ingredients and comes with a large 500-600ml container. This is one of the best hand-held celery presses until now, very reasonably priced as well as very compact and portable, easy to store when not in use.

Minimal exposure to the air means less oxidation, and maximum conservation of nutrients. It contains almost everything: from celery to parsley, dandelion to wheatgrass.

Produces a very vibrant and tasty green juice, although you can see the pulp is a bit wetter than say, it's from a double gear. Two important considerations when buying a juicer are achieving good yield and keeping the nutritional value and color of celery.

To be honest, finding a juicer that solves these problems and fulfills your needs is not easy. The quality of the juice is paramount; we drink celery juice for its health benefits.

Buying a juicer that heats or oxidizes juice takes away the purpose. You want a juicer that runs at low rpm so that minerals, vitamins and enzymes are preserved, juices do not oxidize and lose color and expiration date.

That should show good motivations for this kind of kitchen appliance. In many cases, the juicer tends to be much slower, this will result in a driver pulp and increased pressing efficiency.

The juicer with the lowest number of removable parts requires the least amount of cleaning. The best juicer for celery is the one that can help you save your time effectively.

It is easy to make and a great addition to any daily routine. Look for features that matter to you: ease of using and cleaning, the functions it offers, durability, warranty, size, weight and form.

Seville BJE830BSS Juice Fountain Cold XL Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel Cold spin technology: Cold Spin Technology allows juice to flow up and through the stainless steel cutting disc surrounded by an Italian-made mesh filter to ensure an insignificant temperature increase. Shortened prep time: The newly designed 3.5 inch extra large wide chute feed allows you to juice whole fruits and vegetables without rebutting.

Don't forget to share your thoughts about Best Juicer For Celery at the comment box below! This list is packed full of juicers that can get the job done, and our reviews walk you through the best and worst attributes of each machine so you can find the one that suits your needs.

Omega VSJ843QS Vertical juicer Auto cleaning system Does well with leafy greens Check Price AI COK Slow Masticating Wider chute Easy to clean Three-year warranty Check Price Tribes Green star Elite 110 RPM 12-year warranty Stainless steel gears Check Price It moves at 80 RPM, which isn’t fast enough to lead to heat-related degradation of the juice, but it is faster than some masticating juicers, which saves you some time.

Many powerful juicers tend to be on the large side, so if you have a smaller kitchen, you’ll be very happy with how little space this unit takes up. If you’re used to centrifugal juicers, you may realize that you’ll need to do a lot more cutting of your produce before you feed it in.

If you’ve used a centrifugal juicer before, you’ll notice the difference immediately when you turn on this machine. It also turns at a gentle 80 RPM, so you still get good speed, but not enough heat to degrade the juice during the process.

If you want to get into juicing, but don’t want to break the bank, this is a safe investment, as it performs roughly as well as models that cost many times as much. The one thing we don’t like is its relatively narrow chute, but that’s not a deal breaker for most people.

The AI COK Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor (AMR521) won’t win any awards, but it does well enough in multiple areas to land on the top half of our list. While you’ll still need to cut up your produce, this juicer ’s chute is a bit wider than those found on other ones.

Some users have to run their pulp through twice to get it dry, and that’s a bad sign for people who want to juice celery. However, it does well with all kinds of produce, including leafy greens and trickier vegetables like celery.

This is due to the very high overall build quality, and the great stainless steel gears that cut and pulverize produce. If you’ve run it all day and are ready to clean it, ten minutes isn’t that big a deal.

But if you’ve only juiced for ten minutes at home, that’s a long cleaning process. Its defining feature is that it has a very wide chute, allowing you to drop whole fruits and vegetables into the machine.

Since it’s a vertical juicer, it gets an assist from gravity, and you won’t have to work as hard to ensure that your produce enters the system. It also produces relatively pulpy juice, so many users resort to running it through an aftermarket strainer before drinking it.

If you’re looking for a masticating juicer with a wide mouth, this may satisfy you, but many people won’t enjoy this one enough to make it a good buy. While some people believe that the incredible power this juicer brings to the table is enough to make it good for celery and other tough vegetables, there are some reasons to be skeptical about its performance.

That means you won’t get much benefit from harder fruits and vegetables, such as celery and carrots. This machine isn’t expensive, but it doesn’t work well enough to make most customers happy.

It comes with a wide, three-inch chute, so you won’t have to cut all but the largest fruits and vegetables to get them to fit in this juicer. It’s hard to make more than a cup at a time with this juicer, since you’ll have to stop frequently and empty the pulp basket.

Small pulp compartment Pulpy juice Poor durability While that term can bring up ideas about weighing fruit and doing math, it’s pretty easy to tell how efficient your juicer is.

If the pulp coming out is dry, your juicer did a great job squeezing out all possible juice. In most cases, this will lead to drier pulp and increased juicing efficiency.

However, it can be a slow process, and juicing the same amount of produce may take longer with a masticating model than with a centrifugal one. You also typically have to cut pieces smaller to fit them in a masticating juicer than you would with a centrifugal one.

Centrifugal models can have blades that spin hundreds or thousands of times a minute. However, this typically isn’t as efficient as using a masticating juicer, and the heat produced in this process runs the risk of damaging vitamins and lowering the overall nutritional content of your juice.

If you’re going to be juicing frequently, you can save yourself a ton of time in the long run by getting one that can be cleaned easily. The fourth-place belongs to the AI COK Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor (AMR521) which has a wider chute, 80 RPM grinders, and a three-year warranty.

The Tribes GSE-5000 Green star Elite has stainless steel gears and a 12-year warranty, but its high price and time-consuming cleaning drop it to fifth place. In the sixth, the Kg Q8 Wide Chute Slow Masticating Juicer has a very wide chute and a storage tank, but its slow speed and pulpy juice make it unlikely to be a winner in most households.

The Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra is very powerful and capable of extremely high speeds, but it drops to seventh place because of its loud operation and wet pulp. The last place goes to the BELLA 13694 Juice Extractor (BLA13694), which does have a wide chute and good power.

During my first visit to California in January 2019, I was surprised to see people buying organic celery, like insane. The reason behind writing this article is to help you find the right juicer so that you wouldn’t waste your hard-working earned money.

I used to drink 16 oz of fresh organic celery juice every day on an empty stomach in the morning. In my case, I feel some improvements in my digestion and also helped me to suppress my appetite.

But as you know quality comes at a cost, it is also having the highest price tag compared to the other five juicer models. Like the other two models of omega MM900HDS and CNC80S this one is also providing a 15 years parts and performance warranty.

The dual-stage feature along with an adjustable 5 setting end caps allows you to extract the maximum amount of juice with the nutrition value preserved. Additionally, you can mash baby foods and dice up herbs for your kitchen.

#No-2|MM900HDS Omega Low-Speed Masticating CeleryJuicer Key features Type of Juicer : Masticating Or Slow Juicer Motor: 150 W Weight: 10.15 pounds Warranty: 2-year Speed 80 Rap Rated voltage 120v While other juicer needs one or two bunches of celery to make 16 oz juice, MM900HDS Omega needs only 6 stalks of celery to make 16 oz juice.

Cons Expensive Slow Take more space Harder to clean This unit will silently juice every hard vegetable such as celery, carrots, cucumber, and soft fruits like orange, berries as well, along with delicious tastes.

#No-1 | Hobos celery juicer Key features Type of Juicer : Masticating Or Slow Juicer Motor: 150 W Weight: 10.15 pounds Warranty: 2-year Speed 80 Rap Rated voltage 120v The quiet motor makes it a kitchen friendly perfect juicer for home use.

Additionally, the stable body keeps it in place on the kitchen work surface. This machine received great reviews for its awesome performance and easy to clean features.

It is one of the best slow speed masticating juicer on the market as the auger spins at only 47-60 RPM so that you can get the highest juice yield up to 90%. To efficiently juice celery with hobos juicer you need to make the fiber strands short by cutting it in small horizontal pieces.

Cons Expensive Slow Take more space Harder to clean This bad boy has quickly acquired the people’s attention for its impressive performance along with its high-end built quality.

The compact design makes it a perfect kitchen-friendly juicer that will not occupy much space in your kitchen. The soft mode is for juicy fruits such as watermelon, orange, grape, and vegetables like celery.

All the parts are made of BPA free materials so that your juice can’t be toxic and lose their nutrients as well. Cutting off celery and other fruits or vegetables, you want to juice, in smaller pieces is recommended.

Lexer gp27 is a manual juicer that not only works great with celery but also with any leafy vegetables like wheatgrass, kale, spinach, chard, parsley, collard greens, etc. If you are on a low budget or want a juicer to take for camping to avoid the trouble of finding the power source, this is going to be your perfect choice.

CriteriaConventionalOrganic Pore More porousness porousColorPale green to lime Greenwich more greenToxic component May contain more pesticides because of being more porousContains less toxic components that can be easily washed outNutritionLess nutrition contention nutrition content However, conventionally grown celery contains up to thirteen pesticides which are not good for your health.

Because masticating juicers are slower and colder; they gently extract juices from celery by cold pressing it so that no heat can be produced to oxidize the nutrients and lessens the nutritional value of the juice. On the other hand, centrifugal juicers are fast and produce heat while performing the juicing process.

Or you can yet use a masticating juicer to juice celery the night before and store it in a sealed mason jar in a fridge and have it in the morning. But still vertical one is a great choice if you can counter the pulp problem by taking a couple of minutes to chop up the celery stalks into smaller bits prior to juice.

As celery is a fibrous food it is important to juice it slowly with a slow press masticating juicer. My first three picks are from omega juicers as they are having two stage operations to extract more juice from celery, reserving the highest nutritional value.

Other two “hobos” and “matches” don’t have the two stage operation but are still good for celery juicing as both of them are cold press masticating juicers. Eating raw celery is ten times less beneficial than drinking celery juice.

The fibrous component of celery makes it difficult to chew and break it down. Additionally, use a mason jar and seal it properly to store it in a fridge.

Although it is better to use only celery, you can start by adding some ingredients like apple to make it taste better. Drink 16 oz celery juice every morning on an empty stomach before 15-30 minutes of eating/drinking anything else.

You can store celery juice for 24 hours in the fridge with a sealed mason jar. Both are great celery juicers but don’t have the multi process function as “Omega NC900HDC” have.

You may have heard of the latest craze of celery juice that’s been dominating health blogs and social media over the past couple of years. This simple green juice is great for gut health, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and fights infection.

People have said it has cleared their skin, aided weight loss, and overall made them feel better in themselves. However, celery is full of dietary fiber and this contributes to the tough crunchy consistency.

Plus, have you ever bitten into a stick of celery and had to play a game of tug of war trying to break all the strings off? Trying to juice your celery in the wrong choice of juicer you might end up with a broken machine on your hands, wasting both your time and money.

Beginning out list is the Hancock Masticating Juicer, with a seven-segment spiral mechanism to slowly remove the juice from the celery. The 80 RPM is an incredibly slow speed to keep the quality of your juice as high as possible.

Your juice will include as little foam as possible and the pulp is dry to avoid wasting your ingredients. The juicer runs at lower than 60 decibels so you can juice freely in the knowledge that you won’t wake the rest of your household up.

The Mueller Austria Juicer is made of stainless steel to give it a sleek look to fit into almost any kitchen. The 1,100-watt machine is small enough to leave you with plenty of counter space, while performing like a much larger juicer.

You can make one 16 ounce glass of juice within mere seconds of turning it on thanks to the maximum 18000 RPM. The motor will turn itself off if it gets too hot, and the locking feature ensures that no juice is sprayed all over your kitchen.

Tribes has created this juicer with the main goal of preserving and keeping as many of the nutrients and enzymes intact as possible. You’ll receive cleaning brushes free of charge as well as a scraper tool to make the cleanup process as simple and quick as possible.

This 700-watt juicer can reach up to 14,000 RPM, giving you a glass of fresh celery juice within mere minutes. The micro-mesh filter gives you a drier pulp collection, meaning that you can get up to 30% more juice than another centrifugal juicer.

The juicer is made from heavy grade polymer and stainless steel for excellent durability. Moreover, the 3-inch thick feeding tube means that you don’t have to waste time cutting your celery into smaller pieces.

Of course, you can use it for other fruits and vegetables, but this fact gives you more reassurance that it will be able to handle the tough celery. The speed is only 80 RPM, which keeps the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes intact throughout the juicing process.

You might be impressed with the fact that a medical medium endorsed this product, stating that it was the best juicer he’s seen on the market. The adjustable celery end cap attachment allows you to get the most output from each stalk.

Now let’s get into the buyers guide, which is a bunch of information that we’ve collated together to ensure that you’re getting the best juicer for your needs. If you don’t take some of this knowledge with you, you may find that you accidentally choose the wrong juicer, and before not, you have a broken machine on your hands.

For this reason, there are a few factors for you to remember so that you know that your new juicer will be able to handle the hardiness of your celery sticks. They chew up the vegetable at a slower speed and slowly squeeze the juice from the celery.

This allows the majority of the vitamins and nutrients to remain intact, which is important when you’re counting on these to help transform your skin or body. These types of juicers tend to create more froth on the top of your juice due to the added air into the mix thanks to the fast spins.

The quick speed creates friction and therefore heat around the vegetable which can kill the healthy enzymes and nutrients. If you want to remain on the safe side, go for a juicer capable of juicing the densest vegetable that you can find.

Metal is more reliable than plastic, the blades need to be secured to the juicer, and the lid needs to be sealed so that you don’t come back to find a kitchen covered in green goop. Check the customer reviews to ensure that you’re opting for a reliable and durable juicer.

This will save you time, money, disappointment, and your own angry review to warn other potential customers off. It’s a good start of the day and sets you up for the rest of it with all the vitamins and minerals.

He wrote in his MedicalMedium Book series that if celery juice consumes in the right way, it will cure acute and chronic illness. Millions of people get benefited from the celery juice and cure their health problems.

In a nutshell, celery juice is the best answer to thousands of health issues. So, here I am going to reveal you best juicer for celery juice with a comprehensive buying guide.

Before dive into the best celery juicers, read our buying guide that helps you to choose your best one. Celery juice is juice extracted from celery stalk as well as leaves which are packed with tons of vitamins and minerals.

In fact, celery juice filled with phytonutrient that gives you a lot of heart and health benefits. It can reduce inflammation, improves skin health, control blood pressure.

Due to high speed of 20,000 to 30,000 RPM blender, you will lose all nutrients and anti-oxidants. According to Anthony William, you need to consume celery juice not a celery smoothie for the best results.

It helps to preserve the nutrients and minerals due to slow speed. I recommend using organic celery to make juice for optimum benefits.

Don’t mix other vegetables to get a pure form of celery juice. If you don’t store in the refrigerator, it will lead to bacterial growth soon.

Celery juicer extracting from centrifugal juicer will last for 24 hours if you store in a refrigerator. If you are using a masticating juicer, your celery juice lasts for 48 hours or for 2 days in a fridge.

Celery juice will last up to 4 to 5 days in a fridge if you are using twin gear juicer. Twin gear extraction process slows down the oxidation of juice.

Due to the high speed of centrifugal juicer, the final juice extracted is aerated. So, here are top 10 juicers that juice celery with ease and you will get optimum nutrition from your celery juice.

The juicer comes with an aesthetic sleek design with chrome finish. It operates very slow 80RPM that prevents the heat buildup and oxidation of the juice.

Slow rpm helps to preserve the antioxidants and phytonutrient which is an essential factor while juicing celery. It comes with the large feed chute, so it minimizes preparation and saves your time too.

The gears constructed of bio ceramic and magnetic technology which helps to extract maximum nutrient and enhances juice shelf life. The gears come with additional cutting points to prevent clogging.

It can also make frozen fruit sorbet, pasta, baby food, nut butter etc. If you are looking for powerful commercial grade juicer, then this Tribes Green star pro is worth to buy.

Motor equipped with a cooling fan that prevents overheating Plastic parts are BPA-free Dishwasher safe parts Quiet in operation Easy to clean 15-year warranty Watch the below video that shows demo of this juicer for efficient juicing.

The interior includes the stainless steel and bio ceramic gears which are the most durable. It’s unique magnetic and bio ceramic technology prevents oxidation of juice.

This is a versatile juicer comes with homogenizing accessories to make baby food, nut butter, frozen fruit sorbet, pates, and many more recipes. You don’t need to cut celery stalk while processing which is the plus point of this juicer.

Whereas most of the masticating juicer calls for cutting the celery stalk into 2-inch pieces. If you don’t cut celery, it may get clogged in other masticating juicers.

Well-built and durable Comes with jumbo twin gear technology The final juice is extremely smooth Comes with homogenizing accessories Easy to disassemble and use 12-year warranty on motor and interior parts Omega VSJ843QR Juicer comes with slow masticating technology with vertical design.

The juicer comes with automatic pulp ejection system which helps for continuous juicing. Now, you can make your celery juice in your busy morning without disturbing others as it is a super quiet juicer.

The juice extracted has 3 days’ shelf life without changing its color and taste. You need to cut large carrots and celery into pieces before inserting in a feed chute.

The juicer made up of high-grade stainless steel that is corrosion resistant. Due to slow speed, final juice has long shelf life i.e. 48 hours.

This is a twin gear juicer which can grind foods into a fine powder. In the first stage, you need to insert produce from the top into the feed chute, stainless steel gears grind it slowly.

All metal housing Automatic cooling system Easy to use with one touch button Self-adjusting speed control Can be used for commercial purpose Covered with a 10-year warranty on motor and parts If you are on a budget, then Pick slow masticating juicer is best for celery juice.

It operates at slow 80RPM that extracts high and pure yield without oxidation. You can store your celery juicer up to 72 hours as less air added during the juicing process.

It comes with a reverse function that prevents clogging issue for a continuous juicing process. The juicer can make healthy food along with juicing fruits and vegetables.

The juicer needs small counter space to store as it comes with a compact design. Most of the users are satisfied with the result of celery juice extracting with this juicer.

It is fixed with 200 Watt powerful motor that operates at slow 47 RPM. The juicer has BPA free motor housing and casing construction.

The augur and juicing screen constructed of GE Ult em plastic which is 8 times harder. So, you don’t need to spend more time and effort in the kitchen as you can make juice fast and easy.

Compact vertical design needs small counter space Convenient juice cap to prevent spillage Low noise level Extracts dry pulp 10-year warranty Check out the following video that shows unboxing and demo of this Tribes juicer.

The juicer yields maximum juice with is dual extraction process. Due to slow RPM, the final juice has 72 hours long shelf life.

It uses GE Ult em augur which is stronger and durable than other plastic materials. It is highly a versatile juicer as it can handle a variety of functions such as juicing, puréeing, grinding, mincing, chopping etc.

It is equipped with an efficient drive system that utilizes 10% less electricity. So, now you can save bucks spent on electricity in the long term.

Its gear reduction equal to 5.4 hp motor which produces 26% more torque. It operates at 57 RPM which helps to preserve the nutrients and vitamins of juice.

It is fixed with powerful intelligent gear reduction motor which operates at 60-80 RPM speed. The material used for juicer construction is Titan and PEI safe.

Juicer augur constructed of Polyethylene that is sturdy plastic material perfect for high-pressure environment. Celery juice has tremendous healing power as it is full of nutrients and enzymes.

According to MedicalMedium, millions of people got benefited by drinking celery juice regularly and cure their diseases. You should drink celery juice early in the morning, empty stomach, 15 to 30 minutes before eating something for the best results.

If you feel the taste of celery juice very strong, then add just one cucumber or one apple in it. As you get used to with celery taste, keep lowering the proportion of cucumber or apple.

Juicing celery stalk and leaves together gives you optimum healing benefits. By juicing the nutrients can get absorbed into your body easily than eating whole celery.

Don’t leave the pulp in juice as it will refrain from the optimum health benefits. It is better to consume at an empty stomach because the juice gets digested easily and absorb the nutrient and enzymes optimally.

You can get maximum health benefits if you drink it in the morning at empty stomach. Celery juice has natural diuretic properties as it majorly contains water and fiber.

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