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Best Juicer For Juice Fasting

Maria Johnson
• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
• 35 min read

Turns out this was a mistake because the juice would spoil pretty quick. It’s great if you want to continue juicing and reap all the benefits of your produce even while on a normal diet.

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The 80RPM motor preserves more nutrients and enzymes so not only do you get a more beneficial juice but you can store it longer. It’s perfect if you want to batch your juices and save yourself some time in the kitchen.

This juicer has an adjustable nozzle that lets you fine-tune each fruit or vegetable you put in the machine for maximum juice extraction. One special attribute that’s exclusive to this Omega is the durable stone-like mill auger.

The parts used in this Omega are built to last and withstand juicing some of the toughest produce. It comes with a brush so you can scrub all the stuck pulp out of the machine pretty quick.

This machine comes guaranteed with a 15-year warranty so you’ll still be juicing long after your fast with peace of mind. The Omega NC800HDS is a mid-range juicer that works well for people who plan on taking juicing seriously long after a fast.

Portable Clean up time is quick Simple Quiet Good value Check Amazon The AI COK AMR521 is a budget juicer that works well for a juice fast.

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It might not extract more juice than the Omega but it still gives a pretty decent yield. It really depends on the produce you’re juicing but I’d say clean up time is anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes tops.

It isn’t 10 years but it still provides you with protection and peace of mind in case anything breaks. Check Amazon The AI COK AMR519 is probably the most affordable slow masticating juicer on the market.

It will work for a juice fast but don’t expect it to perform at the same level of mid to high-end machines. It does tend to squeak a bit more than the other juicers, especially when you are making celery juice but it won’t be loud enough to wake anyone up.

So in order to make the same amount of juice as an Omega, you might need to buy more produce. The motor power is decent but again it won’t perform like the higher end models.

That’s not a deal breaker because it does come with a reverse feature to help unclog the stuck produce. But if money is your number one concern, feel free to check it out here on Amazon.

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A lot of people make the mistake of not drinking enough juice when they do a cleanse or a fast or detox. There’s no right or wrong number but in my personal opinion, you want to drink around 3 quarts of juice per day.

A good rule of thumb is to juice 80% vegetables and 20% fruits. The first few days of a fast are tough but if you’re dehydrated you can feel even more sluggish and get pounding headaches.

For example, carrots are rich in beta carotene, antioxidants, and vitamin K. Beets are great for inflammation and also have nitrates that help with blood pressure. It’s ok to make big batches of juice but try different combinations on different days.

Juice fasting for too long can slow your metabolism down and make it difficult to keep the weight off. If you’re someone who’s been eating a terrible diet for years, you might want to take it easy and only do 3 days.

Then once you change your habits and start eating healthy, you can try again for a longer duration. Masticating juicers use slow rotating motors that don’t generate a lot of air and heat.

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Those two things are terrible for nutrients and juice shelf life. With a masticating machine, you can make enough juice to last you up to 3 days before you have to pull out your juicer and clean it again.

Masticating juicers do a great job of extracting nearly all the juice from both hard and soft vegetables. Centrifugal juicers work well for hard produce but are terrible for leafy green vegetables.

Whenever you try and juice leafy vegetables with this type of juicer, it spits out wet pulp. Wet pulp shows you that the juicer didn’t do a good job of extracting all the juice.

Masticating machines let you juice a wide variety of produce and will save you more money on your grocery bill in the long term. If you buy a centrifugal machine, they sound like jet engines when you turn them on.

A masticating juicer using gear reduction and the motor spins at a much slower speed of up to 80RPMs. This is going to make juicing pretty quiet so you don’t have to worry about waking anyone in the house at night or early in the morning.

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Unique rivets on the top of the feed tube help position and guide ingredients into the juicer well. The juicer ’s dial is easy to use with helpful speed descriptors (slow for soft fruit, high for hard vegetables).

It's our top pick and the most affordable! It also comes with an innovative side-cleaning tool for those who prefer to wash by hand. The tool wipes away pulp from the inside, outside, and bottom of the cutting blade in one swipe, while protecting your fingers.

In addition to the new strainers and improved interior, this slow juicer comes with a double-sided cleaning brush that gets into all the crevices. In our Lab's testing, this model made some freshest-tasting green juice, and we loved that you can control the amount of pulp.

It can accommodate large fruits and veggies in its larger section, and skinny, leafy greens in its smaller one. Our favorite part is it comes in pink, mint or white, perfect for adding a pop of color to your day.

Three cleaning tools arm you with everything you need when it comes to clean-up; plus, a lid opener in case anything gets stuck. In addition to being less work than other juicers on the market, the Huron's automatic operation makes it harder to clog or overfeed the hopper.

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But because it's pricey, this Luke model's an investment we would recommend for true juice enthusiasts. Nicole Papantoniou, Good Housekeeping Institute Senior Testing Editor & Producer Nicole is a recipe developer trained in classic culinary arts and culinary nutrition who specializes in testing and developing kitchen appliances; she currently runs the Good Housekeeping Kitchen Appliances Lab.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Whether you're trying to get more nutrients into your diet or like to start your day with a big glass of greens, a good juicer makes it easy to whip up fresh-pressed produce in minutes.

In the Good Housekeeping Kitchen Lab, we tested the top juicers that will best help you kick off your day strong. When we test juicers, we juice carrots, which are hard and can sometimes taste bitter; kale, a popular leafy vegetable that's hard to juice and often jams in the machine; and apples, pulpy with a large diameter and oxidize quickly.

Brands like Seville and Kings have found a work-around and recently introduced new, wide-mouth slow juicers, which allows fruits like large apples to simply be quartered instead of chunked into 1-inch pieces. Whole ingredients are typically dropped into the wider feed tube and pulverized at a very high speed.

For example, in our leafy greens test, 100 grams of kale juiced in as quickly as 7 seconds, while it took upwards of 1 minute in the slow juicers. The juice from centrifugal juicers tends to come out a little foamy but most come with lidded pitchers and built-in strainers so you’ll never taste the difference.

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The strainers are prone to build up, which could translate into a slower and messier juicing process for you. Eating healthier doesn't have to require some rigid, miserable diet and counting calories in an app.

Blenders, air fryers, and juicers are simple appliance buys that can transform the way you eat. If you're big on the taste of fruits and veggies already, juicing is a great way to squeeze the most nutrients out of the stuff you already love.

(And if you're in the market for a Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Prime Day deal, it's helpful to know which devices are the best so when the sales start you'll know which one to buy.) This method generates basically no heat (AKA a cold-press juicer), so you don't have to worry about destroying any nutrients.

There are no blades, so instead of chopping things up the juicer will press the juice out of the fruits and vegetables. The idea is that because a slow juicer doesn't get hot, more of the nutrients stay intact since they haven't been “cooked” out.

Discover our picks for 11 of the best juicers on the market right now, and be sure to hit the gray arrow to read everything we have to say: Can make butters, not milk, and sorbets • Ultra-low speed pulls out healthy enzymes • Easy to assemble Expensive • Clunky and takes up a lot of counter space You won't find a better slow juicer than this Omega, which goes past juice to make sorbet or peanut butter.

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), grind coffee beans, make pasta, frozen desserts, baby food... to be honest, we're not sure there's much it can't do. Additionally, its slow speed method makes for a super quiet juicing experience.

Stand-out features: Powerful gear reduction that's equivalent to a 2HP Motor Minimum heat build-up prevents oxidation and promotes healthy enzymes Extracts the maximum amount of nutrients I have been juicing just about every morning for the past 3.5 weeks, and I have noticed a difference when using this juicer.

While this juicer takes longer than the centrifugal force competitor, the pulp comes out very, very dry, and there are no chunks left unnoticed! Also, I love the handle at the top of the machine, it is lightweight and easy to pick up and maneuver.

Easy to clean • 13,000 RPM lets nothing by • Die-cast stainless steel is chic as hell • Large-capacity jug and pulp container Expensive • Heavy • Gets stuck on leafy veggies if not chopped first Called “Elite” for a reason, this juicer has an 1,000 watt motor and fast RPM to justify its price. Seville endearingly refers to this model as the “Rolls-Royce” of juicers, with its powerful 1000-watt motor and heavy grade die-cast metal body.

The gist: When it comes to quality juicing, Seville shines as a trusty manufacturer, which is why it's no surprise the JE98XL model is Amazon's Choice for best juicer.” Seville also claims that its patented Nutria Disc system extracts more nutrients than any other juicers, since it transfers minimum heat, protecting enzymes and allowing for maximum nutrient absorption.

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Stand-out features: Extra-wide 3-inch feeder chute 850-watt dual-speed motor Patented Nutrition juicing system to get maximum nutrients 1-Liter juice jug with froth separator Overload protection LED Safety locking arm Amazon user BeachBaby57 writes: “I absolutely love this juicer, it is so fast to juice and simple clean up too.

I line the pulp container with a plastic produce bag and put my glass directly under the spout, so I have two fewer parts to clean. I also like that this juicer does not take up a lot of counter space, it's fairly compact compared to others I have researched.

Comes in a few colors • Single masticating auger and record-low 47 RPM • 10-year warranty • Very quiet • Tough on highly fibrous ingredients Heavy • Bad with whole fruits • Pulp container jams and needs to be cleaned often From mean green juice to coconut milk or salsa, this extra-slow juicer will be your new best friend. The gist: The whole “DIY healthy eating thing” is a great, but all the appliances required sure make for a lot of clutter.

We love a good 2-in-1 machine, and the Tribes Slow star Vertical Slow Juicer can get you cold-pressed juice plus sorbets, salsas, and so much more with a handy mixer attachment. One reviewer suggests going back and forth between wet and dry ingredients to keep the auger lubricated.

Standout features: Ultra-slow 47 RPM Single masticating auger Mincer/homogenizer attachment extends possibilities to salsa, frozen sorbets, nut butters, and more Yields more than many centrifugal juicers It is very powerful and produces the most juice compared to the other models in its class. It has a dual blade auger that just crushes large carrots, beats, and it also juices leafy greens like spinach and kale with ease.

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It comes with an additional attachment to make fresh fruit sorbets and almond and other nut butters. Stylish design and pastel colors • Safety features including no blades • Effective on dry pulp Accessories have to be hand-washed • Challenging assembling/reassemble Beauty truly meets brawn with Huron's retro juicer that rocks a lowest-of-the-low RPM.

The retro style is clearly the main selling point, so no one will blame you if you want to leave this sitting on your counter as decor. If it is sitting out, you'll appreciate safety features like sensors that only allow it to operate if the chamber is 100% assembled.

Be sure to cut everything into small chunks to avoid clogging but if it does stop there is a reverse switch that fixes the problem quickly and efficiently. I love this and have recommended it to friends who are tired of pay $7+ a day for juices in LA.

This Hamilton Beach model sits on nearly every best juicers” list on the internet due to the fact that it's an easy in-and-out job. Stubborn veggies like celery or carrots may need to be chopped for an easier process, but that happens with even the most expensive machines.

Amazon user Cynthia Maples Davis writes: “I am in love with this juicer. The little pour spout, that the juice comes down, can be flipped up so the last few drops don't fall on the counter top.

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Specifically designed for stubborn veggies • Moderately priced • Slow-push process preserves nutrients • Smaller and lighter than it looks Time intensive • Can't juice fruits This hand-crank juicer is one of the best ways to turn leafy greens like kale, spinach, and wheatgrass into nutritious juice. The gist: Squeezing leafy greens takes a special amount of care. The Lexer GP27 is the way to *manually* do just that.

As the folks at The Healthy Juicer say, this thing was designed to be “simple, mobile, versatile, and easy to clean.” To use, just put a juice cup under the spout, place your greens into the chute, and start churning.

Stand-out features: Manual hand-crank method allows you to have a say in texture Maximum nutrients and enzyme preservation via cold-press processing Sturdy, quality manufacturing I love everything about this juicer (except maybe the extra time it takes to make all that juice from the leafy greens, but you know what, it's time well spent because it's SO relaxing watching healthy juice being created as you spin the lever).

Unlike the bigger, heavier juicers, these smaller pieces are so easy to wash and manage and store, light and small it all fits in a drawer and doesn't take up half of my cabinet space. Containers, then I freeze the spinach fiber in tablespoon sizes and throw in my smoothies (especially good with bananas) or in my soups/stocks/eggs.

From a very trusted name • Modern design with stainless steel reamer • Straightforward process and no extra parts Expensive for a manual juicer • Fruits only If you crave OJ from summer carnivals all year round, this hand-operated juicer will be refreshing. The gist: If you immediately think Samba Juice when you see this juicer, good call.

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Shoving kale or apples in here is just going to get you a clogged machine and chunky results. Switching to the spin or centrifugal cycle does a decent job of pulling juice from the pulp, but seeds seem to sneak through and it's not great with peels.

Standout features: Auto-reversing universal juicer cone Adjustable reamer with three pulp control settings Final spin feature is activated by the lid and does one last squeeze on the remaining pulp Snap-out spout to prevent dripping We have used it quite a bit since we bought it, and if you do the math on how much you save on fresh squeezed orange juice, this juicer is a no-brainer.

This machine requires moderate amounts of pressure to use it, so it may not be suitable for those who have arthritis in their hands.” Adjustable pulp control • No learning curve • Convenient measuring marks on container • Container doubles as a pitcher Does require manual effort • Limited to citrus fruits All this mini (albeit slightly limiting) electric juicer takes is a slight push of your hand.

The 32-ounce pitcher comes with convenient measurement marks and will make up to a quarter-gallon of the good stuff. A juice fast, also known as a cleanse or detox, usually entails drinking DIY or premade juices made from vegetables, herbs, and fruit (and occasionally nut milks, like cashew milk, containing whole blended cashews) in addition to ample water, tea, and sometimes clear broths.

Juicing fruits and vegetables is different from blending because it isolates the liquid of the produce from the pulp and fibrous portion. Therefore, fruit and vegetable juices will have a more concentrated amount of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals but less fiber when compared to something like a smoothie.

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This study looked at how a three-day fruit and vegetable juice fast affected the gut microbiota, weight loss, and body composition of 20 healthy people. During the fasting period, people drank six 16-ounce bottles of juices that were a mixture of leafy green vegetables, roots, citrus, cayenne, and vanilla almond, totaling around 1,310 calories per day.

However, the weight loss may have resulted from lower calorie intake in general rather than from the juice specifically, and beneficial changes in people's gut microbiota may have been due to the overall increase of fruits and vegetables in the diet for those three days. So basically, this study shows that a juice fast of this composition and calorie count for up to three days is safe and can be somewhat beneficial.

Some people say that headaches from juice fasting are due to the toxins leaving your body, but fluctuating blood sugar, in addition to the lower energy intake from the lack of protein and fat in the juices, are actually the root causes of headaches and fatigue. And for some people, juice fasts can encourage a type of restrictive eating that may promote an unhealthy relationship with food.

Here are some tips I'd recommend for before, during, and after your juice fast to minimize side effects and maximize benefits: That works out to one serving of juice every two hours from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can also drink as much water and herbal tea as you want throughout the day.

Good veggies to include: spinach, kale, cucumber, zucchini, carrots, beets, and celery. Good fruits to include: lemons, limes, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, dark cherries, and kiwis.

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If you find yourself starving, consider including one serving of homemade cashew milk per day of your cleanse. It would be a good idea to not participate in any strenuous physical activity (think HIIT workouts) during a juice fast, as you could become dizzy and fatigued more easily.

And if you are constantly feeling tired, loopy, unable to concentrate, or your hunger pangs are taking over, it may be a sign that your juice fast is doing more harm than good. Research shows that it is completely safe for healthy people to participate in a juice fast for up to three days and then return to a regular diet.

Doing a juice fast for a longer period of time can increase the likelihood of experiencing the negative side effects of juicing such as headaches, hunger, and blood sugar swings, and there is no proof of benefit of increased “detoxification” with a longer fast. Salads, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and whole fruits could help ease you back into solid foods again, but if you don't have a sensitive stomach, you may be able to resume eating your normal diet right away.

Whole grains like brown rice and quinoa, and protein-rich foods like lentils, legumes, and high-quality meats and poultry should also be added back to meals and snacks. Children, adolescents, and pregnant and breastfeeding women need adequate amounts of energy and protein for growth, and juice fasting would not meet those needs.

The most prominent health claim related to juice fasting is its potential to help detoxify, but if you have a functioning liver and kidneys, you really don't need to do anything extra besides eating a balanced diet high in whole, minimally processed foods to detoxify your body. You can achieve the purported benefits of juice fasting like weight loss and better digestion by simply adding more fruits and vegetables to your regular diet.

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Doing this will up your fiber intake, which is good for digestion, and replacing foods like refined carbohydrates with fruits and vegetables can help with weight loss. If you like the idea of drinking your fruits and vegetables, try making a smoothie as a meal replaced instead of juice.

Adding dairy or soy products, nut butters, chia seeds, or flaxseed meal to smoothies bumps up the protein and fat content, making that smoothie a filling meal containing everything you need to nourish your body and feel satisfied. But if you really want to try a juice fast or cleanse, keep the tips above in mind to minimize the potential side effects.

Though not a brand name synonymous with juicing like Omega or Juice man, Seville has designed a product that's sturdy, straightforward, and powerful (it has an 850-watt dual speed motor and stainless steel cutting disc). We assembled it with ease, and though it isn't compact, the juicer is constructed to fit on a counter without taking up a vast amount of space.

Even when we threw in lemons (rind and all), grapes, hunks of ginger, and blueberries, the Seville took them like a champ. The juicing experience was so pleasant that when the initial test was complete, we threw in extra kale leaves and carrots.

Seville even makes specific pulp container bags that are 100 percent compostable and biodegradable to keep things effortless. Instead of using a metal blade powered by centrifugal force to extract liquid, slow juicers squeeze out juice by pressing and grinding produce.

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This “low and slow” technique wrings out every last bit of juice and results in minimal separation, oxidation, and ideally, foam. There's a blank strainer for making ice cream and frozen fruit sorbet, a pulp strainer to adjust the amount of pulp in the juice, a hopper attachment for catching smaller items, and several cleaning tools.

The Kings juicer also has an extra-wide 3-inch feeder chute, and is constructed in a manner that makes working with long, unruly pieces of kale easy. It was one of the few machines that had a transparent chute, so you can really see how the juicer is working to avoid clogging up the produce flow.

We ordered nine juicers, and once they arrived, tried to even the playing field by sticking to those that were similarly built and had comparable speeds. When we moved over to the task of cleaning, we noted how much scrubbing and disassembling was necessary to remove juice residue and pulp.

Most juicers have similar parts: a pulp container, a juice jug, a stainless steel basket, a blade or auger, a base, a feeder chute, and a food pusher. We made note of extras like brushes and alternate baskets, plus smart knobs, buttons, and speeds.

Juicers need to turn your food into smooth, drinkable liquid, so the heft and substance of the machines need to be up to the task. Without getting too much in the weeds, some people claim that more heat and more oxidation (thus, foam) decreases the nutrients in the food.

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However, despite all the extras and clever design, the juicer produced six ounces of foam and had a splattering issue. And though we were impressed with the add-ons that came with the Huron H-AA model (an ice cream strainer, tofu press set, rack for assembling parts, and lid for the hopper), the chute was too small to fit produce that wasn't cut into tiny pieces and the foam yield was in the higher range.

The Meg juicer is visually appealing, as all the brand's products tend to be, but the machine also had a tiny feeder chute. Both were a little on the messy side, with green and orange juice splattering onto the counter, and both had small chutes that required a lot of effort on our part to fit kale and carrots.

The Omega juicer was also the only appliance that stopped working mid-testing (though the problem was ultimately nothing major, just a little produce backup; we were able to get it running again). And this design innovation doesn't actually save meaningful counter space (the machine is still bulky; the detachable pulp cup is the only component that makes it slightly smaller the Juice Fountain Plus).

The Seville Juice Fountain Compact is still an excellent juicer, but it didn't beat out its superior cousin from the same brand. If you're a green juice enthusiast who goes out to buy 16-ounce servings regularly or orders caseloads to your house, investing in the best juicer is an excellent idea.

If you want a traditional slow juicer with controlled cold-press technology, spend a bit more for the Kings Elite. Add veggies with a high water content (celery and cucumbers) or natural sugar (beets and carrots).

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Juicing is the best way to quickly extract massive amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients from fruits vegetables and get them into your body. Which is why I drank 8 glasses of veggie juice (mostly carrot) every day for several years as part of my anti-cancer diet.

Some natural survivors I know only drank 5 carrot juices per day (like Ann Cameron and Ralph Cole). Cancer patients on the Gerson Therapy drink 12-13 juices per day.

So before I get into comparing specific juicer models, I want to address a few popular misconceptions about juicing: “ Juice must be consumed immediately or it loses all its nutritional value” I made a big 64 oz batch of juice every morning and drank it throughout the day for two years as part of my anti-cancer routine.

And I know lots of people who have healed cancer that also made juice in batches like this. Enzyme activity is one of the best ways to measure nutritional degradation in juice over time.

“High-speed juicers create heat that destroys the nutrients in juice Also not true. Tip: If you are storing juice to drink later in the day, the best practice is to use airtight glass bottles or mason jars, leaving as little air as possible at the top, and keep it in the fridge.

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I’m sure some natural health enthusiasts will be shocked by these claims, but before you attack the keyboard to argue with me, see this analysis of many popular juicers conducted by Michael Donaldson PhD at the Hallelujah Acres Foundation. Extracted juice goes right into your bloodstream and requires very little digestive energy, and you can consume a lot of it, which is why it is beneficial for cancer patients.

“What about store bought juice ?” It’s typically not fresh and has been pasteurized, which does destroy nutrients, and it may be oxidized as well. If you are buying fresh unpasteurized juice from a local smoothie bar made within a day or so, that’s fine.

The natural sugars in juice feed ALL of your cells and deliver high levels of anticancer nutrients into your blood. I’ve interviewed 60+ people who’ve healed cancer with nutrition and natural methods, and like me, nearly all of them ate a high raw, plant-based diet and drank lots of freshly extracted juice daily.

Some make a little more juice than others, some do better with beets and carrots, others do better with leafy greens, some are easier to clean, and some are more durable and last a long time. If you have cancer and are about to start a hardcore daily juicing protocol, it makes sense to invest in a high quality juicer.

If you are juicing casually, a few times per week, a less expensive juicer is fine. A few years ago I was asked to be in an infomercial for the Bella Nutrition Cold Press Juicer, which was a potentially huge and exciting opportunity for me.

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The juicer and the infomercial campaign turned out to be a flop and ended up hurting the reputations of some other influencers who endorsed it. Well we spent a lot of time together in my healing journey, so it has a special little place in my heart.

You can feed the pulp back through multiple times and it will extract even more juice. It is an excellent juicer, but it’s a little bulkier, and a bit slower, and has more parts to clean, so it’s currently living in the attic until my Champion dies.

I recommend putting that extra cash toward a Betray Water Filter, a Vitamin Blender, and lots of organic fruits and veggies. He started out with the $450 Green Star juicer (that’s now in my attic), but it took too long to clean.

Then for some reason he bought a Seville and decided he liked it better than the Champion because it was even easier to clean. It has a two speed motor and a large 3 feeding tube, which is great, but the downsides are it doesn’t extract as much juice and it only comes with a 1-year warranty.

Or use the search bar to find survivors of specific cancer types. I also created a coaching program for cancer patients, caregivers and anyone who is serious about prevention called SQUARE ONE.

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If you purchase a product through a link on this site I may receive compensation from the affiliate partner (like Amazon). Your support helps fund this blog and my mission so my team and I can continue to do the work that we do.

The latest developments in ongoing research into the health benefits of ‘intermittent fasting continue to be exciting. This article explains intermittent fasting, reviews the latest research, and explores why juicing is the best way to reap the most benefits from this health-boosting technique.

Typically, this is done once or twice a week on non-consecutive days, and has been found to reap more health benefits than longer fasts. Most of our aging is due to damage caused by our body’s process of converting food into energy.

I do intermittent fasting easily and for the most part painlessly by simply drinking a glass of fresh juiced fruits and vegetables in place of all my meals for a day. I do this once a week and feel noticeably lighter and more energetic the day I do it, though mildly craving the solid food snacks I like.

Some results have been nothing short of dramatic such as nearly double the life expectancy in rats, spiders, and mice. Not so great life expectancy resulted in studies done on monkeys, but improved health remained.

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It’s one of the best alternatives to those costly “pills and powders,” which promise a lot of health benefits and hardly deliver a thing. Firstly, understand the most vital point: Juice fasting is NOT meant to work as a quick fix.

It will not enable you to lose weight instantly, or cure ongoing health issues overnight. However, if you actually wish to adopt a healthy lifestyle and lose weight without making yourself suffer, and then by all means give juice fasting a try.

Sorry, but the juice boxes, which we pick from the food stores, won’t help. The added preservatives and other chemicals, from the packed juices in the store, are going to beat this purpose.

You’ll need fresh fruits and nutritious vegetables to make the healthy juices required for juice fasting. At times, as a beginner, you’ll need to balance your fast with moderate meals.

But make sure, these meals do not include junk food or any oily, processed “delicacies.” This article will help you out if you are a beginner juicer, so don’t miss it! The goal is to strengthen your digestive and immune systems, without adding too much pressure to your mind and daily work routine.

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Most health experts advise starting the fast initially for a trial period of two to three days. Trying your first juice fasting during certain holidays, such as weekends, can be a quite helpful; avoid stressful environment.

Stretch your limits slowly and steadily, but refrain from taking long breaks. As you feel more confident with the diet plan and gain good self-control, gradually progress to a period of four to five days.

However, keep in mind, the majority of nutritionists suggest not to exceed juice fasting for more than seven days, especially for beginners. Juice fasting has tonnes of benefits to offer but overdoing it, just like the other things in life, can cause issues.

Continuing the fast for longer duration’s can trigger certain deficiencies in your body. Don’t just limit yourself to the regular apples, oranges, lemons, carrots, etc.

There are great many options available, so spend some time to check the different features provided by leading brands. Set smaller and achievable goals, plan accordingly, and stick to the decided course.

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Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert juicer, I’ve got you covered with freshly unique recipes designed to make juicing a joy. From simple smoothies to daunting wheatgrass filled concoctions, there’s everything you need right here to get started on the journey to juicing.

There are pages dedicated to all sorts of great juicing info, from how-to’s, recipe collections and juicing tricks, you’ll definitely find a good article to help that juicer does its absolute best. So, while you enjoy Best juicer’s unique collection of recipes here, don’t forget to check on my Juicing Beginners Guide.

Ingredients Directions For 5 oz / 150 ml 0.5 Watermelon (depending on size) 5 sprigs fresh mint (add as much as you like) If you have an Omega juicer or any juice with a small mouth, cut it into cubes like so.

I decided not to juice the mint, instead I squashed it inside the mason jar for better flavor. Best would be to have a fresh, green coconut, but they are pretty hard to get here.

Make sure to wash the fennel before adding it to your juicer. You may need to cut it depending on the chute size of your juicer.

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My Omega needs a lot of slicing and dicing, I always keep a few bits of cucumber prepared in my fridge. In the last step, I always like to use the coconut water to flush my juicer.

Ingredients Directions For 15 oz / 450 ml 1 apple 2 leaves kale 1 cucumber 1 lemon, organic, not peeled 1 cup parsley Cut the cucumber and the apples into pieces, so they fit your juicer.

I bought organic lemons because I wanted to juice them with peel. If you have a centrifugal juicer consider rotating cucumber with parsley to get the most yield out of it.

Ingredients Directions For 20 oz / 600 ml 2 leaves savoy cabbage 3 leaves males 0.5 cucumber 0.5 pineapple 1 cup spinach 6 oz coconut water 1 tsp chia seeds Wash the kale leaves thoroughly and remove any dirt.

Pick a few large leaves of savoy cabbage and wash them thoroughly. You may want to cut it into pieces before adding them to your juicer.

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Wash the cucumber and cut it into pieces to fit your juicer's mouth. If you like to have more than the 20oz of juice in this recipe feel free to add a whole cucumber.

Wash the sweet potato thoroughly, if you buy them organic they may have some soil residue which might damage your juicer. With the Omega I need to do a lot of cutting in order to fit the sweet potato.

I find that cutting them in thick slices and then to little sticks is the easiest way. That where centrifugal juicers have all the advantage because most have a 3" feeding tube that fits an apple easily.

If you bought organic you can juice it with the skin but you should try if you like the taste or if it's too strong. Finally, add a knob of ginger to taste.

Ingredients Directions For 17 oz / 500 ml 1 beet (medium size) 1 apple 1 cup spinach 1 knob ginger 1 cucumber Wash the beet and cut it into pieces to fit your juicer.

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Depending on your juicer you may want to rotate it with beet or apple to get maximum yield. I juice cucumber almost always as the last step because it flushes the remaining pulp out of the auger of the juicer.

Ingredients Directions For 16 oz / 450 ml 4 leaves kale 0.5 cucumber 1 apple 1 lime (peeled) 1 sprig basil or parsley I added mine to my Omega just as is and it worked fine.

Ingredients Directions For 30 oz / 900 ml 1 medium-sized pumpkin 2 leaves savoy cabbage or kale 1 cucumber 2 carrots 1 knob turmeric or ginger I use a juicer with a fairly large chute, so I can be generous with the slices.

Remove a couple of leaves of savoy cabbage. I recommend you rotate the cabbage with other more juicy produce so get more yield out the leafy greens.

You can add more cucumber to dilute the stronger taste of the cabbage or get more servings of juice for your family. Ingredients Directions First, cut or slice the cucumber.

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Anti-inflammatory Ginger Pike Roll This is one of my favorite recipes. It is pungent, it's a little spicy and has a nice fresh, green taste to it.

I already “untrained” my body to the taste of sugar but if you like a little more sweetness, just add more apples. And yeah, it's certainly not for everybody but for those who love the extra bit of spiciness and some garlic aroma you're absolutely going to dig this one.

It contains a healthy amount of pineapple, ginger and as a special ingredient pomegranate. Watch the video how I like to prepare it and see my amazing trick for reseeding pomegranate.

Hummus is a great way to use the pumpkin leftovers and makes for a delicious side dish in a salad or with some yogurt. You need a proper combination of exercise and good nutrition to become your absolute best.

Whether it is an effective method to regain strength and to lose some weight depends on what kinds of juices you consume during a fast. Here are some of my favorite juice fasting recipes that you can try during your next cleansing spree.

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So feel free to try out a lot of fruits and vegetables that you like or even thought you disliked. There are literally no limits to the variety juicing can add to your diet and help you improve medical conditions.

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