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Best Juicer For K

James Smith
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
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Unique rivets on the top of the feed tube help position and guide ingredients into the juicer well. The juicer ’s dial is easy to use with helpful speed descriptors (slow for soft fruit, high for hard vegetables).

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The tool wipes away pulp from the inside, outside, and bottom of the cutting blade in one swipe, while protecting your fingers. While the juicer was a little loud in our Lab tests, you can’t go wrong for the price, speed, and results.

In addition to the new strainers and improved interior, this slow juicer comes with a double-sided cleaning brush that gets into all the crevices. In our Lab's testing, this model made some freshest-tasting green juice and we loved that you can control the amount of pulp.

It can accommodate large fruits and veggies in its larger section, and skinny, leafy greens in its smaller one. It also has a large chute which encourages ingredients to feed themselves into the auger with little help from the pusher.

Our favorite part is it comes in pink, mint or white, perfect for adding a pop of color to your day. The HP Slow Juicer was easy to assemble and use, and produced good juice.

Juice Fountain EliteBrevilleamazon.Libreville's top-notch JuiceFountain Elite powered through sturdy fruits and vegetables faster (and quieter!) In addition to being less work than other juicers on the market, the Huron's automatic operation makes it harder to clog or overfeed the hopper.

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But because it's pricey, this Luke model's an investment we would recommend for true juice enthusiasts. Nicole Papantoniou, Good Housekeeping Institute Senior Testing Editor & Producer Nicole is a recipe developer trained in classic culinary arts and culinary nutrition who specializes in testing and developing kitchen appliances; she currently runs the Good Housekeeping Kitchen Appliances Lab.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Whether you're trying to get more nutrients into your diet or like to start your day with a big glass of greens, a good juicer makes it easy to whip up fresh-pressed produce in minutes.

In the Good Housekeeping Kitchen Lab, we tested the top juicers that will best help you kick off your day strong. When we test juicers, we juice carrots, which are hard and can sometimes taste bitter; kale, a popular leafy vegetable that's hard to juice and often jams in the machine; and apples, pulpy with a large diameter and oxidize quickly.

Brands like Seville and Kings have found a work-around and recently introduced new, wide-mouth slow juicers, which allows fruits like large apples to simply be quartered instead of chunked into 1-inch pieces. Whole ingredients are typically dropped into the wider feed tube and pulverized at a very high speed.

For example, in our leafy greens test, 100 grams of kale juiced in as quickly as 7 seconds, while it took upwards of 1 minute in the slow juicers. The juice from centrifugal juicers tends to come out a little foamy but most come with lidded pitchers and built-in strainers so you’ll never taste the difference.

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The strainers are prone to build up, which could translate into a slower and messier juicing process for you. Eating healthier doesn't have to require some rigid, miserable diet and counting calories in an app.

Blenders, air fryers, and juicers are simple appliance buys that can transform the way you eat. If you're big on the taste of fruits and veggies already, juicing is a great way to squeeze the most nutrients out of the stuff you already love.

(And if you're in the market for a Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Prime Day deal, it's helpful to know which devices are the best so when the sales start you'll know which one to buy.) This method generates basically no heat (AKA a cold-press juicer), so you don't have to worry about destroying any nutrients.

There are no blades, so instead of chopping things up the juicer will press the juice out of the fruits and vegetables. The idea is that because a slow juicer doesn't get hot, more of the nutrients stay intact since they haven't been “cooked” out.

Discover our picks for 11 of the best juicers on the market right now, and be sure to hit the gray arrow to read everything we have to say: Can make butters, not milk, and sorbets • Ultra-low speed pulls out healthy enzymes • Easy to assemble Expensive • Clunky and takes up a lot of counter space You won't find a better slow juicer than this Omega, which goes past juice to make sorbet or peanut butter.

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), grind coffee beans, make pasta, frozen desserts, baby food... to be honest, we're not sure there's much it can't do. Additionally, its slow speed method makes for a super quiet juicing experience.

Though it comes with a heftier price tag than the JE98XL, the 800JEXL is called “elite” for a reason. Seville endearingly refers to this model as the “Rolls-Royce” of juicers, with its powerful 1000-watt motor and heavy grade die-cast metal body.

The gist: When it comes to quality juicing, Seville shines as a trusty manufacturer, which is why it's no surprise the JE98XL model is Amazon's Choice for best juicer.” Seville also claims that its patented Nutria Disc system extracts more nutrients than any other juicers, since it transfers minimum heat, protecting enzymes and allowing for maximum nutrient absorption.

Stand-out features: Extra-wide 3-inch feeder chute 850-watt dual-speed motor Patented Nutrition juicing system to get maximum nutrients 1-Liter juice jug with froth separator Overload protection LED Safety locking arm Amazon user BeachBaby57 writes: “I absolutely love this juicer, it is so fast to juice and simple clean up too.

I line the pulp container with a plastic produce bag and put my glass directly under the spout, so I have two fewer parts to clean. I also like that this juicer does not take up a lot of counter space, it's fairly compact compared to others I have researched.

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Comes in a few colors • Single masticating auger and record-low 47 RPM • 10-year warranty • Very quiet • Tough on highly fibrous ingredients Heavy • Bad with whole fruits • Pulp container jams and needs to be cleaned often From mean green juice to coconut milk or salsa, this extra-slow juicer will be your new best friend. The gist: The whole “DIY healthy eating thing” is a great, but all the appliances required sure make for a lot of clutter.

We love a good 2-in-1 machine, and the Tribes Slow star Vertical Slow Juicer can get you cold-pressed juice plus sorbets, salsas, and so much more with a handy mixer attachment. One reviewer suggests going back and forth between wet and dry ingredients to keep the auger lubricated.

Standout features: Ultra-slow 47 RPM Single masticating auger Mincer/homogenizer attachment extends possibilities to salsa, frozen sorbets, nut butters, and more Yields more than many centrifugal juicers It is very powerful and produces the most juice compared to the other models in its class. It has a dual blade auger that just crushes large carrots, beats, and it also juices leafy greens like spinach and kale with ease.

It comes with an additional attachment to make fresh fruit sorbets and almond and other nut butters. Stylish design and pastel colors • Safety features including no blades • Effective on dry pulp Accessories have to be hand-washed • Challenging assembling/reassemble Beauty truly meets brawn with Huron's retro juicer that rocks a lowest-of-the-low RPM.

The HP Slow Juicer is a sturdy contender, made of impact-resistant, BPA-free materials to churn out your concoctions without worrying about it falling apart. The retro style is clearly the main selling point, so no one will blame you if you want to leave this sitting on your counter as decor.

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If it is sitting out, you'll appreciate safety features like sensors that only allow it to operate if the chamber is 100% assembled. There's also a built-in cooling system with vents to prevent overheating, and the chute is designed to keep out small fingers.

Standout features Amazingly slow 43 PM Ejects pulp while it goes Can yield milks, sorbets, and even tofu Safety features to prevent overheating and small fingers in chute Amazon customer Nichole B. writes: “Perfect if you are looking for a quality juicer that is simple to clean and have limited counter space.

I live in an LA apartment and use this 5 days a week mostly for celery and carrot juice and it works great! Be sure to cut everything into small chunks to avoid clogging but if it does stop there is a reverse switch that fixes the problem quickly and efficiently.

This Hamilton Beach model sits on nearly every best juicers” list on the internet due to the fact that it's an easy in-and-out job. It cranks out 850 watts of power and has a 3-inch-wide chute that you can fit whole foods into (for example, a whole apple).

Stubborn veggies like celery or carrots may need to be chopped for an easier process, but that happens with even the most expensive machines. If you feel your counter vibrating, just know that even though it's annoying, it doesn't mean your juicer is about to explode.

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Stand-out features: 800-watt motor Makes 24% more juice than competitors, apparently Extra-wide 3-inch chute Dishwasher safe and comes with patented Easy Sweep Cleaning Tool Amazon user Cynthia Maples Davis writes: “I am in love with this juicer.

The little pour spout, that the juice comes down, can be flipped up so the last few drops don't fall on the counter top. Specifically designed for stubborn veggies • Moderately priced • Slow-push process preserves nutrients • Smaller and lighter than it looks Time intensive • Can't juice fruits This hand-crank juicer is one of the best ways to turn leafy greens like kale, spinach, and wheatgrass into nutritious juice.

Stand-out features: Manual hand-crank method allows you to have a say in texture Maximum nutrients and enzyme preservation via cold-press processing Sturdy, quality manufacturing I love everything about this juicer (except maybe the extra time it takes to make all that juice from the leafy greens, but you know what, it's time well spent because it's SO relaxing watching healthy juice being created as you spin the lever).

Unlike the bigger, heavier juicers, these smaller pieces are so easy to wash and manage and store, light and small it all fits in a drawer and doesn't take up half of my cabinet space. Containers, then I freeze the spinach fiber in tablespoon sizes and throw in my smoothies (especially good with bananas) or in my soups/stocks/eggs.

The gist: Mini citrus juicers (the ones that look more like food processors) are cute and all, but having to push the fruit in takes too much effort for anything past a casual weekend lemonade. Shoving kale or apples in here is just going to get you a clogged machine and chunky results.

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Adjustable pulp control • No learning curve • Convenient measuring marks on container • Container doubles as a pitcher Does require manual effort • Limited to citrus fruits All this mini (albeit slightly limiting) electric juicer takes is a slight push of your hand. The 32-ounce pitcher comes with convenient measurement marks and will make up to a quarter-gallon of the good stuff.

Stand-out features: Easy-pour spout Adjustable pulp control Pressure activated Whether you’re trying to increase your fruit and veg intake or just want to know what all the fuss is about, it might be time to give juicing a go.

Smoothie makers, on the other hand, cannot extract any juice, and merely blend the chosen ingredients together, meaning the results are often thicker. Centrifugal (or fast) juicers are popular as they’re speedy, easy to use and tend to be fairly budget-friendly.

Masticating (or slow) juicers will do a much better job at breaking down the fruit or veg, particularly those hard-to-blend leafy greens. The lidded feeder chute conveniently feeds a whole apple into its corkscrew mechanism, which you can reverse to help any stubborn ingredients through.

Juice is collected in a container below the machine through a spout with a tap, which effectively prevents mess from dripping, a common problem for juicers. It comes with five juicing recipes, is easy to assemble, clean, and safe to wash. All in all, this is a great juicer.

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This juicer arrives practically pre-assembled in three stackable pieces, making it quick and easy to put together. It has a comparatively small footprint, so would be a smart choice if you don’t have a lot of kitchen space.

Its wide feeder funnel and key screw mechanism deals particularly well with whole fruit and veg like crisp apples or carrots. The feeder funnel features a lid lock for keeping in unruly ingredients whilst they descend into the juicer drum.

We recommend a smaller product if your kitchen space is limited, or if you’re looking to juice small quantities at a time. It’s great for larger families or groups looking to save time, make batches of juice, and find a product that can multitask (thanks to its large feeder chute and 10 speed options).

A handy feeder dish also allows you to chop and chuck bits in at the same time without any need for rushing, but make sure fruits like apples are quartered. Its corkscrew masticating mechanism means there are no exposed blades to worry about when cleaning.

Smoothness: As we were looking to juice a variety of fruit and veg, it was important the juicers could handle everything we threw their way. Ease of cleaning: We looked for machines with removable components that could be washed in a dishwasher or by hand.

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Ease of storage: Although all juicers tend to be big due to the nature of the work they do, we looked for compact appliances that could be stored in a kitchen cupboard. Features: Any added bonuses, like different options for frozen juices or veg prep, were taken into account.

Centrifugal (fast) juicers: These seem to be the most popular choice because they are speedy, easy to use, and tend to be fairly budget-friendly. Most of the time, they work by feeding whole chunks of fruit or veg down a tube where it is then chopped and separated at the bottom.

If you have any questions, suggestions for future reviews or spot anything that has changed in price or availability please get in touch at goodfoodwebsite@immediate.co.uk. Juicers generally fall into three categories: titrating, masticating, and centrifugal.

The very best juicers for cancer patients seem to be the Norwalk and the K & Juicer, both “Grinder and Press” (two-step titrating) types. Centrifugal juicers (which spin at high velocity e.g., Ruby, Santos, Miracle Growth) and which are definitely inadequate.

They seem to be coming in last for nutritional juice quality and are not recommended for cancer patients. Healthy people may also want to avoid them since they seem to destroy much of the healthful ingredients normally found in fresh and fully ripened vegetables and fruit (more here).

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To ensure reliable results, the Gerson patient will need to purchase an appropriate juicer. Dr. Gerson's research indicates that cancer patients must have a two-stage juicer with a separate grinder and hydraulic press.

There are several options for patients that fulfill Dr. Gerson’s requirement of a separate grinder and press to accomplish the best extraction and highest quality in juicing: Norwalk Juicer : Powerful Grinder and Automatic Hydraulic Press in a single unit.

The grinder mechanism turns at a slow rate, and the separate, motorized hydraulic press extracts the juice from the ground pulp. Available through Al Passer, 14410 Big Canyon Rd, Middletown, CA 95461 Telephone 707-928-5970 (Shredder all stainless $750, Press $275 + shipping & handling or $1000 + Sh if ordered together).

General : The Norwalk titrating machine turning at a slower rpm employs a two-step process. This juicing process gives you more fiber, enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals.

The Norwalk produces a much greater amount of juice from a given sample than does either of the other juicers in much less time. The extremely fine pulp produced by the Norwalk and the very great pressure applied by the hydraulic press would appear to account for the greater yield of juice and the very marked superiority in the extraction of mineral content.

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This is why most properly prepared Norwalk juices may be refrigerated in sealed, serving size containers for up to three days with little, if any, apparent loss of color, flavor or nutrients (allowing the convenience of drinking juice from the refrigerator instead of having to make it each time). Gerson said in his address to a group assembled in Escondido, California in 1956 (Appendix II, p. 406, A Cancer Therapy): ‘At first I thought that liquefies would be the most wonderful thing.

But it didn't work.’ The rotating blade gives rise to a ‘dynamo effect’, causing electricity to be generated, thus killing enzymes. We have come across cancer patients who tried to heal themselves on the Gerson Therapy using a centrifugal juicer, but they experienced no improvement .

Juice produced by the Champion juicer alone separates into a transparent liquid at the bottom and mush on top after a very short time. This juice is also harder for the patient to drink because of the particles, and is not as rich and homogeneous in nutrients.

It is impossible to use the Green Power juicer solely as a grinder, as it does the grinding and juicing in one operation. In addition to Dr. Gerson’s caveat concerning the use of liquefies, here is another advice to consider: if you're trying to detoxify or heal from cancer or another serious disease, simple liquifies (blenders) may be totally inadequate because (1) by discarding the pulp and drinking only the liquid (which only a real juicer does), your stomach has room for much more juice, and (2) the nutrients are more concentrated in the juice (enabling you to ingest enormously more detoxifying and cancer-fighting enzymes and nutrients).

I am fully convinced of its unrivalled value for people wishing to include juicing as part of a health-promoting lifestyle. (sent in by a visitor of Healing Cancer Naturally in August 2006) “I tried to contact Al Passer with the phone number provided (707-928-5970) but it has been disconnected.

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The Juice Press Factory also carry the champion juicer /grinder as well.” Set on a standard height countertop, you have to wrestle with it to pump the lower tray to the top.

Even set on an 18" high table, there is no handle to grab onto and the unit must still be wrestled with. For a cancer patient to heal him/herself of cancer, for the simple reason that there are apparently a goodly number of former cancer patients on record, including those healed with the help of the Ludwig diet, who healed themselves using other juicers, even centrifugal ones (or even without resorting to the help of a juicer though I’d recommend including a juicing routine in one’s health and recovery regimen).

The Green star already provides you with excellent quality juice (in fact some of the best after the Norwalk and K & K, with much easier handling). Alternatively, a well-known internet physician suggests stirring the pulp back into the juice and to eat the resulting mush like a soup.

The Korean-made brands often come at a significantly higher price but there is no doubt that this initial outlay is easily more than recovered over the life of the juicer, when you take into account the cost of wasted ingredients with cheaper models from Chinese factories. At the moment there are only a few brands available in the UK which originate from the world's leading manufacturers, so by process of elimination you can more or less assume that all the rest are from China and therefore generally offer inferior performance.

The best slow juicer technology continues to be found in the ranges offered by Kings, Omega, Sana, Name and Huron. As far as we are aware, the only other Korean-made vertical slow juicer in the UK is the Sage branded 'Big Squeeze', which we don't stock because it uses old technology that has been surpassed by more recent models from the Kings factory.

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In the race for new features Huron have now produced a model that ‘self-feeds’ with a chopping blade contraption above the juicing parts replacing the standard feed chute. But other juicer design changes do offer genuine functional advantages, like the new safety conscious ‘flip gate lid’ available in the latest Kings range.

To avoid the possibility of injury the factories had to partly block the feed tube at the bottom with a protruding fin. This in turn meant that feeding whole apples required a firm push past this fin to get the fruit into the juicing mechanism (smaller ingredients could fall either side of the protrusion).

For lighter ingredients like leafy greens that need a bit more help than gravity alone, you still get an integrated standard feed chute and food pusher too, offering the best of both worlds. Apart from offering this snazzy new feature, the new flagship EVO820 model from Kings also has a radically different style, with a luxurious leather look textured finish to the motor base and a range of new color options.

This deploys their first generation whole slow juicer technology which still offers a very strong performance, but with just a little more pulp getting into the juice. We're still big fans of the small feed chute juicers from the Huron factory, and we find that the cleanup time is a little quicker on these.

New to our list of top performers with smaller feed chutes is the Name Cold Press Juicer. The main difference with this updated Huron technology is the addition of a 'pulp lever' that allows texture adjustments in the end results, predominantly with the 'smoothie screen' in use for softer ingredients.

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Any of the above models represent the pinnacle of premium juicer design and there's practically nothing in it performance wise. Juices have gone way beyond the standard supermarket jugs of orange and apple to combine all manner of fruits and vegetables, from carrots and cucumber to leafy greens and grapefruit.

Fresh-made and bottled juices sell at a premium in virtually every coffee bar and convenience store. While they may not be as powerful as their more expensive counterparts, low-priced models from manufacturers such as Hamilton Beach, Black & Decker, and Lexer make juicing at home a smart, healthful, and easy choice for many consumers.

Spout is made of flimsy plastic and liable to break off, according to online reviews. Inconvenient for making large quantities of juice, as pulp and seeds must be cleaned out periodically.

Takeaway: The winning feature of this 25-watt electric reamer has to be the “final spin” option, which leaves no drop of juice squeezed, users report. This Cuisinart juicer is easy to operate by simply pressing half a citrus fruit on the reamer.

The reamer's universal size should fit any type of citrus, from limes to grapefruits. Many reviewers appreciate the ability to select how much pulp goes into the final product, which is a real differentiator.

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Takeaway: This 800-watt centrifugal juice extractor is a great starter juicer, according to its fans. Both the manufacturer and users recommend putting a plastic bag in the pulp bin to ease cleanup.

Funnel housing and juice cup are made of thin plastic that could break easily. Takeaway: Consumers starting out in the juicing world consider this 750-watt centrifugal extractor a good ally.

While the manufacturer says the Gourmet GJ750 Wide Mouth can handle whole fruits and vegetables, users suggest that cutting them in large chunks to make quick work of extraction. Compact size makes it easy to pull out of a cabinet and doesn't take up a lot of counter space.

In CNET testing, it didn't stand out among centrifugal juicers for juicing leafy greens. The site's reviewer suggests alternating soft and hard foods to keep from clogging the mesh around the pulp container.

Wide mouth means less time spent cutting up fruits and vegetables. Easy to take apart for cleaning and put back together; moving parts are dishwasher safe.

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Some users are fine with putting the pulp through the juicer a second time, when it comes out mostly dry, but others say that detracts from the ease of the process. 2 reamers, for handling both small citrus fruits like lemons and large ones like grapefruit.

Takeaway: The Proctor Side 66331 Alex's Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer is as simple as can be. Users say the machine is a snap to disassemble and clean; all the parts are dishwasher safe.

The compact size makes it convenient to store even in a very small apartment kitchen. A dollar from every purchase goes to the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, a charity for childhood cancer.

Flimsy construction; the plastic cracks easily and pieces don't fit together tightly, according to reviews. Takeaway: This 25-watt citrus juicer is fine for the price if it isn't used much, but it's not constructed well enough to go through an entire basket of oranges.

Adding any pressure at all to the fruit can stop the reamer from spinning, users say, and this lightweight juicer has a tendency to jump around on the counter. The biggest issue, though, is that it doesn't make much juice -- a lot of pieces are left in the pulp container.

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Juices have gone way beyond the standard supermarket jugs of orange and apple to combine all manner of fruits and vegetables, from carrots and cucumber to leafy greens and grapefruit. Fresh-made and bottled juices sell at a premium in virtually every coffee bar and convenience store.

While they may not be as powerful as their more expensive counterparts, low-priced models from manufacturers such as Hamilton Beach, Black & Decker, and Lexer make juicing at home a smart, healthful, and easy choice for many consumers. The first step toward finding the best cheap juicer for your needs is to think about what kind of juice you want to make and how much effort you want to expend.

Fruits, vegetables, and greens have vastly different properties that require distinct juicing methods and, in many cases, different equipment. A citrus juicer specializes in lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit, and there's certainly no shortage of reasonably priced models.

If you prepare only a small amount of juice every once in a while, a manual citrus press or reamer may be all you need -- assuming you don't mind using a little elbow grease. The Brentwood J-15 (starting at $13) is similarly cheap but too small to accommodate grapefruit, and reviewers question the quality of the construction.

Even the best cheap juicer probably isn't going to keep up if you have citrus trees in the backyard or need to supply a lemonade stand. For larger quantities of fruit, consider a commercial-grade manual citrus juicer such as the Jupiter Commercial Juice Press (starting at $88).

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A masticating juicer works best on wheatgrass and other fibrous vegetables (such as spinach and lettuce) and roots (like beets and carrots). These low-speed juicers push produce through a barrel or chute, where a rotating, screw-like auger slowly kneads and “chews” the greens to extract the juice, sieving the liquid and leaving the pulp.

This type of machine uses spinning blades to shred the produce and centrifugal force to push the juice out from the center of rotation and separate it from the pulp. The juice drains into a small pitcher or a drinking glass, and the pulp collects in a separate receptacle.

Many people use Ninjas, Nutribullets, and Magic Bullets to make juice, but these high-speed blenders are not juicers. Some people prefer the thick output from a blender, because the fiber in the pulp is nutritious.

For those who prefer the smoother output from a true juicer, one option is to incorporate the leftover pulp into other foods, such as pancakes. To make our picks, we scoured user reviews of juicers on the manufacturers' own websites and on retail websites including Amazon, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Chefs Catalog, as well as expert advice from outlets such as Good Housekeeping.

They also comment on the design of the reamer or chute and the container and note crucial safety features. Generally speaking, the drier the residual pulp, the higher the quantity of juice extracted.

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They chastise cheap juicers that yield only small quantities of juice and gum up with pulp very quickly, calling them wasteful. Reviewers call special attention to the “final spin” feature on the Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer, which is designed to squeeze every last bit of juice from the fruit.

Consumers also want juicers that can do the job quickly, without requiring the user to stop and scoop out accumulated pulp too often. Reviewers repeatedly mention how dry the pulp is -- an indication of a highly efficient juicer.

As for juice extractors, feed-chute sizes vary, so figure on doing some slicing and dicing beforehand to ensure fruits and vegetables will fit. Others save you from having to make a separate glass of juice for each person by offering relatively large pitchers.

These parts should fit together tightly, without any gaps or wobbly bits, and be durable enough to withstand the repeated process of taking the juicer apart, washing the pieces, and putting them back together again. Users and experts warn against electric juicers that vibrate so much that they “walk” across countertops while in use, which makes juicing difficult and much messier -- not to mention potentially hazardous. User reviews on a couple of retail sites lament that the Cuisinart CCJ-500 “dances” too much on the counter.

Juice extractors, because of their speed, sharp blades, and metal baskets, should have one indispensable safety feature: a locking mechanism (as you would find on a food processor) that prevents activation unless properly assembled and securely closed. Even with a heavier and stronger machine, make sure the unit is equipped with a no-slip grip to keep it from dancing and spinning while you juice; alternatively, you can place a cupboard liner under the juicer.

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The manual Lexer Healthy Juicer GP27 has a suction base and a metal clamp that can be used together or separately to attach to almost any surface. Keeping a juicer clean is an important maintenance step and makes an impression on users, who appreciate parts that are easy to wash and especially those that are dishwasher-safe.

All the electric juicers recommended here have parts that are dishwasher-safe after disassembly, making cleaning and debunking a snap. Still, an entire electric juicer cannot go in the dishwasher, so look for products with minimal gaps and hard-to-reach crevices, where juice can trickle and collect.

The manual Lexer Healthy Juicer is hand-wash only, but its simple design makes cleaning easy. A juicer should feel substantial and be able to withstand the rigors of juicing, regardless of its price tag.

The shells on some lower-cost models, including the Cuisinart CCJ-500, are a combination of plastic and stainless steel, and the motor is comparatively strong. All vendors are carefully vetted and have earned the Gerson Institute’s endorsement as Gerson-approved based on consistency, product quality, credibility, and excellent customer service.

There are several options for patients that fulfill his requirement of a separate grinder and press to accomplish the best extraction. Each machine is built to the highest technical and quality standards and sustains rigorous testing throughout the manufacturing process with a detailed final inspection before it is packaged and shipped.

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David is the Founder, Designer and CEO of the PURE Juicer Company. He is committed to fully supporting the Gerson community and is always ready to discuss the benefits of the PURE Juicer and two-stage juicing.

The PURE Juicer is sold factory direct and comes with a 12-year residential warranty. They offer Hydraulic Press Machines ($325) and Champion Grinders ($365-$385) for Gerson patients.

Contact: Cory Burnett 1 (480) 284-3251 Apache Junction, AZ www.benadymfg.com Bendy Manufacturing sells the Was Viking–a stainless steel, hydraulic juice press for Gerson patients. USA: 800-678-9151 Greensboro, North Carolina www.renewedhealth.com Renewed Health Supply offers Hydraulic Press Machines and Champion Grinders for Gerson patients.

Contact: Launch Alston +61-75-449-0600 www.innerglow.com.au Queensland, AustraliaInner Glow sells the Champion juicer and the hydraulic juice press. +1-209-334-3868 www.modernmanna.org Lodi, Modern Manna offers the Champion and Green Star Juicer.

Contact: Alyce Silva +1-801-363-6736 +1-760-843-3674 Salt Lake City, National Filter Media sells food grade fabric. +1-626-737-0324 San Ysidro, CASt at MX sells Norwalk juice cloths and bags.

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Norwalk Juicer Repair Contact: Chris Olsen +1-619-420-7123 Chula Vista, CA Olsen Scale services and repairs new and older Norwalk juicer models. There is one simple answer: it's the one that best meets your expectations and juicing needs...but that doesn't narrow it down much unless we look at several priorities that people have when choosing.

As we drill down into some detail below, there are a few useful links that may help narrow down your selection and you are always welcome to call us on the number at the top of the page for expert personalized advice. For fast and convenient access to juicing the most common fruits and vegetables, the Nutria Juicer Cold is the best value model in our range.

Again, Vertical Slow Juicers win hands down for versatility because they juice all the above mentioned ingredients well and are very convenient and user-friendly. This might seem fairly obvious for most people but surprisingly one person best juicer could be someone else's juicing nightmare that spends most of its life stuck in a cupboard after purchase.

Hopefully the above links will help you narrow down choices that give a good yield for your preferred juicing style. Also, if you want to juice a lot of fruits, we probably wouldn't recommend going for a Twin Gear Juicer as the process with these ingredients is a bit too laborious for most people.

This means you can set the force used to press the juice, so for example fibrous ingredients might require a high pulp pressure while soft berries need less. If you are a motivated juice enthusiast, then even the Twin Gear Juicers shouldn't present much of a problem if you are happy to trade a little time for a little extra nutrition.

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This is because fibers tend to get lodged in the little holes, so you will usually need to spend time cleaning this part by hand. (Centrifugal juicers generally have fewer parts but the larger screens with more holes can take a bit longer to clean).

Sadly we have no self-cleaning juicers but even with the twin gear models it shouldn't take longer than a few minutes for clean up, so don't be disheartened! Budget is a pretty obvious consideration for many people and all our juicer pages can be sorted according to price.

We've tested a lot of sub £100 fruit and vegetable juicers over the years, and we've almost always found them wanting, often with very poor juice yields. We also advise customers to beware of cheap Chinese knock offs, particularly when it comes to choosing a slow juicer as these are generally poor quality machines with dismal performance.

Value for money is something we very much believe in and all our juicers have been rigorously tested and are supported by good warranties (and our legendary customer service!) If you are really short on worktop space you might not want one of the larger horizontal format juicers as some of them will hog too much of your kitchen real estate.

Actually this type is the least likely to disappoint as people become more advanced in their juicing adventures, because slow juicers do a good job of ALL ingredients. We promote juicers because we love juicing ourselves and our company was founded on direct experience of the benefits of this healthy lifestyle choice.

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We want our customers to end up with a choice that works well and encourages you to make juicing a daily habit. Cheap juicers will be the first entry point for a lot of people and it's quite sad how many are put off juicing altogether by the poor experience they have using these machines.

We would sound a particular note of caution about the ability of juicers with homogenizing features to make smoothies. Huron models have added a smoothie lever to their latest slow juicers, so the user can allow more pulp into the drink.

The Duo blade™ double-edged auger does twice as much work, with less pulp and higher juice yields. The included Mincing Attachment easily makes sorbets, baby food, sauces, and nut-butters.

It extracts more juice and nutritional value with its well-known Jumbo Twin Gear COMPLETE MASTICATION system that offers full titrating action of human teeth: incisors, canines and molars. Offers a 12-year warranty!$549.95 WE PAY SHIPPING* Green Star Pro Commercial $795.00 Pure Cold Press Juicer $2395.00 View all Fruit & Vegetable Juicers Tribes Solo star 4 is the best horizontal single auger juicer in the world: Lowest RPM (57 RPM), The Highest Torque (gear reduction equivalent of a 5.4 HP Motor), The Largest Auger (6.25 inches), and Most Energy Efficient (consumes 10% less electricity).

WE PAY SHIPPING* View all Wheatgrass Juicers Tristan, the quiet yet powerful citrus pro can start you on your way to better health. With minimal time and effort, CitriStar extracts this extremely beneficial juice for you and your entire family.

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The Tristan's unique, high-clearance stainless-steel spout prevents clogging and ensures continuous operation. $399.95 Nutramilk Nut Processor $449.99 Isabella Raw Nut Milk Maker $99.99 View all Specialty Items The new Tribes Enabled Clean Blender is the perfect blend of high performance built with premium materials to avoid food contact with plastic.

Tribes Sedna Express is the smartest digital food dehydrator on the market. The new compact design comes equipped with 11 Stainless Steel or BPA-Free drying trays, delivering maximum performance without sacrificing kitchen space.

It features an all-digital display, transparent glass door, and powerful central fan. It's rich in cutting-edge technologies such as St, Overheat Protection, and Continuous Operation Mode.

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