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Best Juicer For Limes

Elaine Sutton
• Friday, 09 October, 2020
• 46 min read

If you want to have a well-stocked and fully functional kitchen, it is important that all the right appliances, tools, and accessories are in place. Given the wealth of options in this common kitchen tool, however, it is important that shoppers take steps to find the best model for their specific juicing needs.

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Limes have a number of specific uses in the kitchen, in spite of their tart, pungent flavor. Most people eschew this small citrus fruit in favor of the more mellow and blendable flavor of its yellow cousin, the lemon.

Others enjoy creating Southwestern dishes, tart dessert recipes and other fares that require the tangy juice of this fruit such as guacamole, key lime pie and even specially marinated steaks. Thus, one of the most important considerations to make when selecting a lime juicer is the type of work that you will be putting it through.

Many electric models can also be used with other types of citrus fruits including oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. Manual lime juicers are very inexpensive, and they won’t cost you anything in electricity because they run on your own muscle power.

The only drawbacks are that they are slow if you want to juice a lot of lemons, and they do require some strength in your hands. This lime juicer comes with three pieces, a cone where you press the lime half down to extract the juice, a bottom round piece with measurement markings and a pour spout that catches the juice, and a dome lid that also can be used as a measuring cup.

If you look close at the picture you can see that the bottom piece has a non-skid ring attached to it so it won’t move around as you press your lime down and twist. The size of this unit is perfect for limes, lemons, and oranges, but not larger citrus fruits like grapefruit.

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With these models, you place the lime in the cup and squeeze down on the handles to extract the juice. The fresh lime half is simply placed face down in the cradle, and then the hand-held lever is squeezed by the user to express the juice.

A concave sieve for removing seeds will also catch larger pieces of pulp, making the unit ideal for those with smaller cooking jobs. It also has a nifty gear device that increases the pressing force of the juicer and is much easier on your hands.

They work great on a wide variety of different fruits and vegetables but a citrus juicer is better able to extract juice more efficiently from oranges, limes, lemons, and grapefruits. The citrus fruit is simply placed face down and the machine does the rest, filtering out all seeds and pulp and pouring fresh, pure juice from the dispenser.

You’ll be able to juice all citrus fruits with this machine, from tiny limes to big juicy grapefruits. The Black and Decker 34 oz Citrus Juicer is another unit that is commonly purchased by home cooking experts who love having access to fresh juice.

This machine is heavy-duty enough to quickly prepare significant quantities of freshly squeezed orange juice but is also versatile enough to accommodate the needs of the average lime. A lime juicer is perfect for making all the crisp, sweet summer beverages that both adults and children love, including lime-aid, fresh citrus blends, Margaritas, and Mojitos.

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If you prefer to squeeze limes in abundance, however, and store the juice in your fridge, there are several important things that you should remember. A glass container is usually preferable to a plastic one, as this fibrous material can harness germs which will contaminate and ultimately spoil any fresh juice or other items that get stored.

If you use a lemon squeezer, you can easily maximize the amount of fresh juice you squeeze out from lemons and limes. In general, a good juicer allows you to enjoy seedless lemon juice in minutes.

Of course, “easy to clean” is also an important factor (some can be washed in the dishwasher) Hope this helps you choose the best lemon/lime juice squeezer based on your personal preference.

And you can expect it to last a long time because of its stainless steel and silicone handle. Thanks to the reinforcement of the hinge and the powerful lever, you can generate a huge force to squeeze the lemon even if you don’t press it hard.

You won’t feel tired or have pain in your hands. Most importantly, this durable handheld citrus juicer just costs about $20.

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However, this lemon squeezer only has 7 holes to drain the juice. So, to speed up, perhaps you need to additionally pour out the lemon juice.

Don’t worry, your child can get out all the juice safely. Not only because it doesn’t require a kid to have much force, but also it is lightweight.

But I need to complain that the handle this is great for the young but hard for the older to use. This mighty lemon juicer has small ridges inside to grip the lemon halves, which has more amazing juice squeezing results than traditional juicers.

I’ll say Its biggest advantage is that it makes lime press the most effortless. After cutting the lemon in half and placing it in the juicing cone, grab the soft handle and press it, you will get a fresh juice filled with glass.

Everything is fine about this Euro lux Electric Orange/lemon squeezer with stainless steel. I have no complaints about this except that it is quite large and occupies a decent countertop space.

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Secondly, you can also find measurement markings (oz and ml) on the cup, which is essential for accurate mixing of drinks. Moreover, creatively, it can also be used as an egg yolk separator and a grater for garlic, potato, and ginger, etc.

Unlike the squeeze type, it’s much handy and easy to put right in the dishwasher. Although it is not as well-made as the previous gadgets, it also can help you press out the lemon juice.

Specific reasons that folks prefer an electric lemon juicer :1. Make mass lemonade or cocktails every day with a commercial lemon squeezer2.

But if the case is that you need to juice more every day, it is wise to choose an electric lemon juicer machine, otherwise, it will be too tiring. The transparent juice container with the measuring mark has a volume of approximately 34 ounces (1000 ML).

Plus, it comes with multiple filter layers to ensure you get pure seedless lemon juice. Its 3 pulp controls (high, medium and low) can adjust specific filtration levels to give you a different juice taste.

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Surprisingly, the lime squeezer has considerately designed all the components. For example, automatic flipping of a universal vertebral body can easily extract lemons, while long nozzles prevent juice from dripping.

Power: 850-watt; high quality stainless steel cutting piece It’s such a safe electric citrus squeezer that the safety lock arm and overload protection LED just add a layer of protection.

Most importantly, the built-in microgrid filter made in Italy produces more vitamins and minerals than other squeezers. Here I will end this list with the Tribes CS-1000 Tristan Electric Citrus Juicer.

This lemon extruder stainless steel is known for its unique stainless steel nozzles, which not only prevent clogging and leakage, but also make it easy to pour the juice out to the glass. Whether you’re dealing with large or small lemons, it works well since you can adjust the universal hinge.

Further, owing to its built-in silent motor, it will not generate annoying noise at all. Hence, I highly recommend that you choose stainless steel equipment because its durability has been proven.

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Easy to clean: Timely cleaning equipment is an important guarantee to ensure the lemon juice is hygienic and sterile. Fortunately, some juicers can be put in a dishwasher and conveniently cleaned.

This article tells the 10 best lemon juice squeezers, including manual and electric devices. If you would like to share a better option or send us feedback, please leave your message in the comments section.

If you would like to jump on board and experience these benefits, allow me to help you find the best electric juicer for citrus fruits! Take a look at the detailed reviews, as well as a buying guide that will tell you how to pick a machine that perfectly fits your preference.

If you are only juicing a single lemon or orange at a time, you might not need an electric juicer. But if you want to drink orange or any citrus juice every day, electric juicers can be a lot easier way to make it.

Most of these machines can handle plenty of citrus fruits at once and maximize the yield from each piece. The market is filled with juicing appliances, which is why I did the footwork for you and selected the top electric juicers for citrus currently available.

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Pick designed this electric citrus juicer for all those looking for simplistic and affordable squeezers. The product has a 100W motor that manages to stay pretty quiet for a juicer.

See Pick citrus juicer ratings and latest price on Amazon An effective drip-stop system is not often seen in electric juicers, but Seville designed this feature properly.

Pros Suitable for everyday use Extremely durable components The drip-stop system works like a charm What others are saying: If your entire family loves drinking citrus juices, existing customers pinpoint you cannot go wrong with this juicer.

You can juice fruits every day, and it will continue working like a charm for a long time. Some users pinpoint that it is convenient that you don’t have to remove the pulp from the strainer all the time because the juice will keep flowing.

Others, understandably, don’t think that the product’s value justifies the price since the unit is considerably more expensive than some other juicers. If you leave the bits of fruits, they will stick like glue, and it will be impossible to clean them.

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See Seville 800CPXL citrus juicer ratings and latest price on Amazon Why We Like It : The manufacturer secured continuous operation by enabling you to pour juice directly into glasses.

Tribes is a famous brand in the juicing industry, and CS-1000 Tristan is their entry-level juicer that can do plenty of good things. You can activate the juicer with the power of a simple touch, and the cord makes the entire experience more comfortable.

What others are saying: You expect an electric juicer to be noisy, but the users pinpoint that this product is pretty quiet. Those who tried the juicer pinpoint that the option to choose between a big and small ream increases the comfort of working with the product.

Cons It is a bit tricky to get maximum juice out of small limes and lemons The users also appreciate the opportunity to adjust the quantity of pulp and the fact that the machine remains steady while juicing.

What others are saying: Users who like to get maximum juice from their oranges will love how this unit works. It seems to be a bit too high for tall glasses, which is why they advise using small cups or containers.

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Why We Like It : There might not be any bells and whistles, but no one can deny that this juicer can deliver top-quality juice of excellent taste. The storage cover is a nice touch as it will keep the cone free from any dust and debris.

Pros A 32-ounce container that doubles as a pitcher Choose between a small and big cone depending on the fruit The detachable components are dishwasher-friendly The machine will get more juice than you would manually, and the pulp strainer makes the cleaning process easy.

On the other hand, some customers noted that the product is very loud, especially for a relatively weak motor. Also, the users pinpoint that you find a power outlet nearby because the cord is a bit short.

Why We Like It : The modern design will fit any kitchen, and the tasty juice will meet anyone’s expectations. Pulling down the handle is far simpler than pressing the fruit against the cone, and Seville understands that.

The BCP600SIL utilizes a finned cone that should be suitable for citrus fruits of various sizes, although the yield might vary a bit. The juice spout features a practical and straightforward approach to drip prevention, and the product is easy to store, thanks to the wrap-around cable.

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Pros BPA-free materials used for components that touch the food A simple mechanism to prevent dripping Easy to store with the wrap-around cord Some of them underline that you need only a little effort to process the juice, which makes the machine suitable for all types of users.

It is interesting to note that the users pinpoint the actual color of the base is a bit darker than on the photos. Why We Like It : The quickest centrifugal juicer out there, and a versatile machine suitable for extracting juice from whole fruits and veggies.

Why We Like It : A lightweight juicer that operates at high-speed to secure a nutritious juice quickly. Hamilton Beach designed its Pro Juicer Machine with an 800W motor that delivers the juice in seconds.

Why We Like It : A very reliable and versatile juicer with adjustable speed controls and a powerful motor that can make plenty of juice quickly. The Seville Juice Fountain Elite has two different speeds, and the 1,000W motor delivers results quickly, the chute is three-inches wide, and everything is easy to detach and clean.

Pros Dual-speed system increases versatility Premium quality, long-lasting cutting disc The container capacity is impressive What others are saying: The existing customers underline minimal food preparation as something that saves a lot of time during the process.

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Those who bought the product also like its durability, and the spacious containers for collecting juice and waste. Some users pinpoint that it is impossible to fill the pitcher up without avoiding drips because of the spout placement.

See Seville 800JEXL ratings and latest price on Amazon You can’t deny that there are many fantastic juicers out there, so how to choose the perfect one? Juicers have different footprints, but size should be an issue as long as it fits in the designated location.

Noise Level If you get up first in the morning, a noisy electric juicer is a guarantee to wake up other members of your household. Although you can’t find a completely quiet juicer, you can pick a machine that keeps the decibel level under control.

The process of cleaning electric juicers will usually take a bit of effort, but the idea is to make it as simple as possible. These nutrients are essential to encourage your immune system, protect you from colds, and assist in recovering from them.

Additionally, fibers promote satiety, which is why citrus fruits can be an integral part of your weight loss regime. Additionally, vitamin C boosts the production of collagen to promote skin shine and radiance.

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Other health benefits of citrus include boosting bone strength, decreasing the risk of developing kidney stones, and hydrating your body. Cut the citrus fruit in half, and place one piece on top of the cone.

If you make fresh, pure orange juice, you will enjoy nutrients like vitamin C and other antioxidants that support immunity. Additionally, the high level of fiber can promote satiety and help you to lose weight.

In a classic electric citrus juicer, you only cut it in half and position it correctly. On the other hand, all-around juicers that process whole fruits will require you to peel an orange before putting it in the food chute.

As long as you pick carefully, you will get a citrus juicer that will last for years and deliver gallons of tasty juice! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases when you click on the link, but you are not charged extra.

A weekly column where assistant nutrition editor and registered dietitian, Jessica Ball, keeps it real on how to grocery shop on a budget, make healthy meals for one or two, and make earth-friendly choices without overhauling your entire life. Though many of us are spending more time at home and dealing with a lot of uncertainty, cooking has become a source of comfort for many.

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The burst of acidity adds life to soups, stir fries and desserts alike. Needless to say, I had nearly completely reverted to using my hands to squeeze lemons and limes and manually tried to remove any seeds or large pieces of pulp.

This helps it combine more evenly into your food, without the unexpected bite of bitter lemon seed. Once you use it to make our Lemony Linguine with Spring Vegetables or our Creamy Lemon Chicken Parmesan, you'll never go back.

Citrus juice helps add lots of bright flavor to dishes, so you don't need to use as much salt and fat. In the meantime, if you need me, I will be enjoying a slice of our perfectly sour and sweet Lemon Brownies.

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. Some people juice a variety of fruits, vegetables, and greens daily.

Other people prefer juice in smaller quantities, either for drinking or cooking with. We have tried to take some guesswork out of it for you by reviewing a ton of manual juicers and putting together a list of eight that we think are the best out there.

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Lexer GP27 Multipurpose Durable plastic Easy to use Check Price Belle main Squeezer Long handles Superior strength Silicone-bonded handles Check Price Uncanny ABS material Multifunctional Large capacity Check Price The Robson Hand Press Manual Fruit Juicer is a commercial grade juicer with a heavy-duty cast iron body and a 304 stainless steel strainer.

It has a long, lightweight handle with a comfortable rubber grip to reduce any stress on your hand. This handle does tend to fall down easily when it’s in an upright position.

Robson has provided a safety hat to lock it into place so that it won’t fall on you accidentally. The strainer and funnel are both removable from the unit, making clean-up a breeze.

The measuring cup has a drip-free pour spout, so you can transfer your juice into whatever container you like without making a mess. This juicer is pretty small, not leaving a lot of room for your hand to fit into.

Juicer lid doesn’t lock on well Small Shape makes it difficult to clean It’s a multipurpose juicer that works well with kale, spinach, or any other leafy green.

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The Lexer Juicer is made of durable plastic to ensure that it’ll last you quite a while if you use it as directed. The manual says that you need to either use the suction cup or the clamp that is supplied to secure the unit during use.

Some liquid makes it out with the solid food and drips on the counter. This unit has long, thick, silicone-bonded handles to ensure the best comfort for your hand, and give you the best leverage to get the most juice.

This lemon squeezer is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, but the rubber on the handles isn’t molded on. That means if you throw it in the dishwasher, water will get in under the rubber coating and allow it to slip off.

Juices small citrus only Metal shows minor pitting after minimal use Water gets under rubber handle and it slips off The top cup helps to hold your fruit, and when you’re finished juicing, you can use the collection container for drinking from.

The lid can be flipped over, so that it stores neatly inside the cup, but it can also act as an egg separator when in this inverted position. One has 12 teeth to get the maximum amount of juice out of lemons, limes, or other smaller citrus fruits.

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The strainer doesn’t fit in the cup very well, so you have to play with it to get it to stay where it needs to be. The plastic that this product is made from is thin, so it isn’t the sturdiest juicer on the market.

Takes quite a bit of effort Strainer doesn’t fit in cup very well Thin plastic Can be difficult to clean No written instructions If the reamer is facing up, it’s suitable for juicing lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits.

When you flip the reamer over and have it pointing downward, it does excellently at juicing watermelon, pomegranate, and large fruits. This juicer is easy to assemble and take apart to clean, but it does have a lot of pieces to keep track of.

Multi-functional Made from food grade, FDA-approved, BPA-free plastic Anti-slip pad Easy to clean The Play Kitchen Metal Lemon Lime Squeezer is so easy to use that even kids can juice their own fruit.

It’s top rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and doesn’t take up a lot of storage space. This is a good quality juicer for its price point, but it’s made from cheaper metal that gets corroded from the citrus juice and will only last about six months before something breaks.

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It is stainless steel and has an ergonomically designed crank so that it turns smoothly. The grip is designed to fit comfortably in your hand to help avoid cramps.

You would think that manual juicers are simple to use since there are no electronics involved, but that isn’t necessarily true. Read the box and find one within the guidelines of the amount of effort you want to put into getting your juice.

We found the Robson Hand Press Manual Fruit Juicer to be the best because it is heavy-duty and very easy to use and clean. Ox’s Good Grips Small Citrus Juicer is the best juicer that you can get for your money.

PlusWaring BJ120C Compact Bar Citrus Juicer plus Good Owning one of these citrus press juicers helps you the need to purchase ready-made juices or the desire to consume the whole fruit.

Although it can be challenging to select your best juicer especially for home use, some essential features to consider with respect to citrus juicers include their mode of operation. For the electric citrus juicers, you will consider the noise produced, the ease of use, the handling experience (ergonomic and sensors), pulp control features, the flexibility of the cones in accommodating various juice sizes, and associated safety tech features when looking for the best home juicers.

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This citrus juicer presents exceptional ease-of-use and juicing efficacy via its easy-press, soft-grip rubberized handle and a 160-Watts, low Rpm and quiet-hum electric motor. Besides, its integrated stainless steel strainer keeps unwanted pith, seeds, and pulp at bay to yield smooth, nutrient-infused citrus juice.

It features a brushed stainless steel metal housing for durability as well as stainless steel cone along with a screening filter plate to securely hold ingredients and filter out seeds and excess pulp respectively. Further, its design integrates rubber feet with anti-slip suction cups to optimize countertop stability as well as a cone lid and easy-to-clean removable components to promote juicing hygiene.

The ultimate fusion of innovative technology and simplicity, this citrus juicer is a formidable kitchen appliance built with a comfort-grip manual hand press coupled with a silent, direct-drive, and 160-Watt electric motor. The small size juicer is super quiet, and strangely powerful, and is perfect for those who love to juice early in the morning.

The Tribes juicer has a high clearance stainless steel spout that allows for continuous operation and guarantees seamless juicing. The citrus press juicer features an automatic on and off switch, which operates the motor when you apply pressure on the fruit, pop out sprout that prevents dripping and an easy to clean stainless steel filter screen.

The electric lemon juicer is appealing because it is fast, efficient, and safe and has a powerful 50W motor to take care of all the juicing needs. The powerful machine leaves many customers happy, and grateful that they paid the extra money to purchase.

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Tribes CS-1000 is a compact lemon squeezer that does its juicing job as expected; efficient, fast and safe. The Juice man Juicer has spinning cones that squeeze out maximum juice and taste from oranges, lemons, limes, citrus, and grapefruits.

The Juice man citrus juicer has a strong motor that supplies the needed amount of power for quick juice extraction. The electric citrus juicer has a final spin that utilizes centrifugal force to siphon any remaining juice.

You’ll appreciate the sturdy motor base which keeps the appliance stable resulting in stress-free juicing as you when using a commercial orange juicer. The commercial citrus juicer easily fits into shelves and cabinets and doesn’t matter if you’re limited on storage space.

It’s easy to clean and use, and has some additional features that sets it apart from hand and standard electric citrus juicer. The pulp control system ensures that you carry our your operations without messing up your kitchen space.

The stainless steel body with simple one-hand press functionality enables you to extract juice from your favorite citrus fruits and oranges. The soft handling grip makes the juicer ergonomic; it is easy to clean and comes with a dust cover, drip-stop juice spout, and a safety switch.

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With Seville citrus juicer, your can move the spout to any direction that you like thus minimizing the chances of spilling the juice or messing your working area. This electric citrus juicer is made up of a commercial grade steel casing which makes it durable and dishwasher safe.

The sturdy commercial grade citrus juicer allows you to make high quality and tasty juice that cannot be compared to the bottled ones. The non-plastic parts will surely guarantee durability while the sensor system in the handle enhances the grip for steady usage making it best citrus press you can ever own.

The effortless juicing experience enables you to handle lime, lemon, orange, and grapefruit fruit ease. Although it has a safety lock system like the 800CPXL counterpart, this electric citrus juicer has no drip juice spout or the dust cover.

Despite being made of plastic, the citrus juicer has a strong body and the parts are dishwasher safe. The strong polymer body, the BPA-free and dishwasher safe parts, one handed juice press arm operation, and safety lock systems.

You might find yourself having a hard time choosing the best citrus press after deciding to settle on the ones manufactured by Seville. This makes it less prone to rusting and wear and tear compared to BCP600SIL whose body made up of plastic.

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Despite their benefits of being dishwasher safe, Seville BCP600SIL Citrus Press can easily become a victim of breakages in case of frequent usage. The juicing experience is further enhanced by the easy press rubber handle, suction cups, and the off/on switch system.

You can easily disassemble the Euro lux Citrus Juicer parts, and wash them in running water. The citrus juicer machine has one multipurpose squeezing cones that can juice large fruits like grapefruit as well as small limes.

The electric citrus juicer also comes with a large mesh filter to enhance the pulping control process while the good handle improves gripping. This appliance features a polished stainless steel exterior with a sleek, squared design to augment kitchen aesthetics.

The process combines the hand-press manual control with a 160-Watt high-performance pure copper motor that’s ETL-certified and built to the 120 Volt North American Electrical Standards. Further, it contains a drip-free precision pro metal spout, a stainless steel strainer, as well as a 3-cup BPA-free plastic cup for convenient juice collection.

The Sow tech Electric Citrus Juicer is made using ETA-listed, BPA-free, and FDA-approved stainless steel shell and a plastic-integrated filter to ease cleaning and enhance durability. It features a dependable rotating head incorporating a whisper-quiet, 85-Watt, 120 Volts, 60 Hz electric motor coupled with a manual handle to control citrus juicing.

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Further, its design integrates a screening plate for pulp control as well as two dual juicer cones to enable it to process all-size citrus fruits. Designed to output 10-12 gallons of fresh citrus juice within an hour, the Sunkist Commercial Citrus Juicer features corrosion-resistant, white plastic dome, spout and bowl, an oscillating metal strainer and a chrome-plated base.

The three extracting bulbs enabled it to squeeze fresh juice from limes /lemons, grapefruits and oranges. It features a powerful, slow, and quiet 160-Watt electric motor coupled with a rubberized handle for effortless and comfortable juicing.

The lemon squeezer has an integrated stainless steel strainer to sieve off unwanted pulp and seeds; an anti-drip, tip-up spout to limit juice spillage; rubber suction-cup feet for added stability and a premium-grade stainless steel housing to optimize longevity and augment kitchen aesthetics. The compact design saves your countertop and cabinet space with easy-to-disassemble parts for easy cleanup.

Although not as fancy as other top-rated citrus press, its price range and performance makes sets it apart as the good lemon juice squeezer. It is also heavy enough to squeeze the fruits flat to a pulp and comes as the best lemon squeezer that your can't ignore.

The manual citrus juicer has a large heavy base that makes it stable, and a long handle that provides additional advantage during the juicing process. New Star Food service 46878 Citrus Juicer produces phenomenal amount of juice, making it worth the price.

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It comprises a steel reamer to hold the citrus fruits safely during juicing besides sieving out excess pulp and seeds. It is exceptionally sturdy and durable owing to its cast iron handle and base as well as a stainless steel body.

The hand juicer comprises a sleek and compact reinforced cast iron design with a 304 stainless steel strainer to maximize durability, hygiene, and safety during home and commercial juicing. Its funnel parts and strainer cone are easily detachable and dishwasher safe to facilitate cleanup.

Furthermore, the Hand Press Manual Juicer features a heavy-duty base with suction–cup feet for optimized stability as well as a long, ergonomic, rubberized handle capable of withstanding 2,300 PSI pressure. The citrus juice press is simply but ruggedly created with exceptional efficiency and durability.

The juices comes in a heavy-duty metal with chrome, porcelain, and enamel components to fend off citrus acid erosion. The Hamilton pomegranate juicer has an ABS plastic funnel and stainless steel strainer cone that are easy to detach and clean.

Further, it integrates a swing-out drip cup to effectively collect juice from small citruses like pomegranates besides a sure-grip base to prevent skidding on countertops and coffee tables. The squeezer features a sturdy and durable cast iron base with enamel finish alongside an inverted U-design to optimize countertop stability; removable stainless steel strainer cone and funnel to effectively filter off fruit rinds, seeds, and excess pulp.

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Robson manual juicer has HD cast iron body, a 304 stainless steel strainer and a long, light rubber-grip handle. While the iron components lengthen the juicer ’s lifespan, its stainless steel strainer core sieves off seeds and excess pulp; the handle’s rubber grip optimizes control and minimizes pressure on the hand, and the accompanying plastic safety hat prevents the handle from coming down accidentally.

This manual heavy-duty juicer is ideal for juicing citrus in homes, fruit bars, and grocery stores. It features a stainless steel strainer for pulp, seed and pith separation; an easy-to-remove-and clean cup; an extra-wide cast iron base for added stability and support; a durable iron connector as well as an elongated handle to ease juice pressing.

Thesqueezeris ideal for juicing pomegranates, grapefruits, oranges, lemons and lime alongside others. Its pressure cup, funnel, strainer cone, and juice tray are easily removable to ease cleanup.

Made of tough cast iron body and pedestal with stainless steel funnel and strainer, the Excel van Hand Presses a reliable juicer for soft, juice-rich citrus fruits including oranges, pomegranates, lemons, and grapefruits. Its design integrates gravity-aided squeeze to ease juice press as well as a heavy and thickened base to optimize stability.

This hand press juicer is a premium-quality appliance forged from heavy-duty cast iron topped up with FDA-approved 304 stainless steel funnel and strainer cone. This offers lonesome power and it mates with gravity assistance to easily yield pulp-free, fresh juice from citrus fruits without grinding the rinds.

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It’s fashioned with sturdy cast iron and rust-inhibiting 18/10 stainless steel to increase durability and hygiene respectively. With the high-density base to optimize stability, the Juice Press also features a rubberized human-ergonomic handle with a 2,300 PSI maximum thresholds.

Further, the orange press contains a removable dishwasher-safe strainer and funnel components to make cleanup easy. The commercial-grade citrus juicer comes with cast iron and stainless steel components to augment juicing efficiency and optimize durability and stability.

It comprises a long, light handle with a comfortable rubberized handgrip to ease hand-strain without limiting juicing efficiency. Ideal for home and commercial use, the TrueCraftware is a reliable manual citrus juicer forged from heavy-duty cast iron.

It features a wide base to promote counter-top stability and an upright handle to ease citrus crushing. The handle’s sure-grip rubber hand-grip is ergonomically built to ease use while the 3-pinion design allows for maximal pressure exertion with minimal effort.

Besides, it’s equipped with 18-8 stainless steel strainer cone and funnel that detach effortlessly to facilitate cleanup. This appliance is formed with cast aluminum to make it light and durable while its lacquered high gloss finish is an eye-catcher.

juicer manual squeezer press lemon juice hand orange citrus lime heavy duty tool
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Its strainer cone and funnel are made of stainless steel to optimize pulp and seed filtration as well as hygiene by easing cleanup. Nonetheless, all the citrus presses reviewed here in come with dishwasher safe parts while the plastic ones are BPA-free.

There can be nothing more refreshing than having a glass of fresh citrus fruit juice right after an intense workout session or on a sunny day. The best part about it is the juice will be free from sugar or any additional preservative, unlike the ones you get in stores.

However, if you are not in a hurry, you can opt for a manual citrus juicer as it is portable and cheaper. The total number of reamers, size of the container, and slicer are some other factors that should also be taken into consideration.

Drinking a glass of fresh citrus fruit juice in hot summer or after a heavy workout session, will definitely quench your thirst and makes you feel refreshed. The citrus juice taste tantalizing and appetizing that assures good health, as it is packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Manual juicer will allow you to use your hands to squeeze the juice with a little of effort and time (like squeezer). Also, check that it comes with great pulp control feature to get out more juice from the fruit.

juicer manual hand lemon heavy duty juice squeezer press orange citrus fruit lime aluminium tool kitchen extractor juicers
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However, the single or small sized reamer is not efficient to extract juice from all types of the fruits. So, prefer to purchase a dual or large sized reamer is used to extract juice efficiently.

Apart from these things, there are various other factors like size of the juicer, slicers, multiple reamers, types, etc. So, we are providing the list of best rated citrus juicer in India, after having a thorough research on the market.

It comes with an adjustable auto-reversing reamer features custom pulp control settings. It has unique final spin feature to extract the maximize juice out of each fruit.

One has to gently press this electric citrus juicer ’s cone to start this juicing process. Works quieter than other electric citrus juicers and come with pulp control options.

Also, read the instruction manual properly to understand the locking mechanism. This BTC hand press juicer is made from the best quality food grade material (aluminum & steel), that enhance its durability and lifelong usage.

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It is easy to operate and use it to extract the juice from various citrus pulpy fruits like orange, lemon, pomegranate, watermelon, Mesabi, minnow, etc. This manual hand press juicer will help to preserve the original taste and nutrients by keeping it fresh and healthy to drink.

It has dimensions of about 58 × 23 × 20 cm and heavy weight of about 4.5+ kg with strong handle for better grip while operating it. Every juicer from this manufacture will come after 3 stage quality checks to ensure you for its proper functioning.

This product has 20 years unconditional replacement warranty with service available in all Indian states. For any queries or claims, you contract customer care service number @ 0091 9888808514.

A few customers reported that they are received the citrus juicer made with some other manufacturer (PRINCE) rather than BTC. Prepare a healthy and refreshing drinks with this Chief Ware hand press juicer by placing it on the top of your kitchen counter.

It is made with strong, sturdy and durable material (aluminum) to ensure longer life to the citrus juicer. Also, its heavy base gets placed easily on any surface and gives strength while extracting.

mixer cement shot lime juice recipe surely try ll want cool
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This juicer comes with 25 years unconditional warranty and dimensions of 50 × 20 × 20 cm and weight of about 4.5 kg. It is used to make the juice from citrus fruits like orange, Mesabi, lemon, pomegranate, King, etc.

Made with heavy quality material for its durability and fine finishing ensuring smoothness. Unable to squeeze juice completely from the fruit after a few attempts, due to some mechanical fault.

The operational alignment is not good as the plunger stuck while extracting the juice. This Royal World Fresh force hand press citrus juicer is made from aluminum and cast iron (rod rack & grade) to ensure the strong, durable and long-lasting product life for up to 20 years.

Also, the strainer in this juicer won’t allow even a single seed of the fruit to pass into the extracted juice. It is manually operated and best suited for extracting juice from citrus fruits like Mesabi, oranges, lemon, pomegranate, etc.

One can get a strainer, hand press juicer, juice jar, and invoice in this box. For any type of queries, feel free to call their customer care number @ 7056051826 on all working days.

Heavy-duty strainer won’t pass the seeds into the juice while extraction. This Kali hand press juicer is made up of superior quality aluminum metal and it is specially designed with a sturdy frame.

The handles of this juicer are made with a fine quality plastic that not only ensures a firm grip but also makes it use safely. The dimensions of this product are 100 × 100 × 100 cm and weighs about 3.66 kg with strong base to stand properly.

Can work on all citrus fruits to extract their juice with single press and no wastage. Himalaya wonder ware citrus fruit juicer is made with high quality aluminum that widely used to extract the juice from organs, limes, pomegranate, grapefruit, etc.

This heavy quality aluminum material will ensure the long life of the juicer for up to 20 years. The juicer is made with fine quality material that not only ensure you for the smoothness but also for its durability while extracting the juice.

The stable and flat base of the juicer will help to place it in any corner of the home or on the kitchen countertop. One can easily extract the juice freshly on daily basis within 1 minute and the rotating handle is made with full of aluminum but not plastic, that provides strong support for extracting the juice.

Also, consider the order id as warranty card and for any queries, you can call them @ 7056051826 on all working days. This manual hand pressed juicer is made with aluminum metal and it is rustproof.

The juice made with fine quality material with proper finishing that ensures smoothness in taking juicer. This Prestige is an electric citrus juicer that help to yield maximum juice from each fruit with its unique two-way spin feature.

One can easily extract the juice from any size of the citrus fruits like from lime to orange to grapefruits with its two interchangeable cones. It works by consuming 25 W of power and has 500 ml juicer collector jar with a transparent lid.

One can easily extract the juice effectively with its two-way spin and 2 cone size. It comes with an attractive and functional user-friendly design that allows the user to extract juice easily and clean it effectively (dishwasher safe).

This citrus juice is from A TATA Product and comes with a long wire (of about 110 cm) that let you connect this juicer to any electrical point in the kitchen with no hassle. Its ergonomic handles will help to hold it firmly and conveniently without losing the grip.

It is equipped with a small cone, cup and large cone that extract different juices and stock them with ease and it aids in preparing different types of fruit juices. It has the storage capacity of about 1 liter and the motor works on consuming 30W of power.

It has an attractive and functional design with long wire that allows the user to connect it without any hassle. We have listed down all the important factors that you should check for before buying a citrus fruit juicer for your home.

A manual citrus juicer does not require any electricity and is perfect to be used on your kitchen counter. Even though it takes a bit longer to extract the fruit juice, it delivers superior performance.

A manual citrus juicer is capable of extracting juice efficiently and lets you achieve all the essential nutrients from the fruits. There are a number of citrus juicers available in the market, each offering different reamer sizes.

Small reamers are very useful in extracting juice out of smaller fruits like lemon. In large reamers, you can make juice of larger fruits like oranges.

If you are buying an electric citrus juicer, you should check the total number of watts or the amount of power it consumes. Since electric citrus juicers feature very simple mechanisms, they generally consume very little power.

You can easily find motorized or electric citrus juicer within a range of 100 – 160 watts. Apart from this, the motor power of the citrus juicer also helps you in determining whether the machine will operate silently or does it generate too much noise while extracting juice.

Most of the manual as well as automatic citrus juicers have this feature as it is helpful in maintaining the quality and the smooth texture of the juice. Juicers with single reamer also work fine and can be the best choice for you if you don’t want too many servings at a time.

One pointer that you must remember is with an extra number of reamers, the size of the juicer increases too. The reverse spinning function is very helpful in extracting even the last drops of juice.

A juicer with a larger spout will end up creating a lesser mess. The best model of a citrus juicer is the one that has a reamer that is designed in a way to reduce splattering or splashing of juice.

Some models even feature a drip-stop spout that is helpful in preventing slow leaks otherwise you will find sticky juice all over the kitchen counter. Another thing that you should consider is whether you prefer holding the fruit while extracting the juice or whether you want to buy a juicer with a built-in press with a lever so that you can remove your hands from the juicer and don’t get any sticky residues on your hands.

You can simply put these parts in a dishwasher o wash with it by yourself using soapy water. If you are not maintaining or cleaning the juicer properly, you will have to get it repaired or get some parts replaced frequently.

As you are going to consume the juice that is extracted from the juicer directly, it becomes even more important to ensure that it is made using safe and good quality materials. Some additional accessories that can be very helpful are a pitcher or a second plastic cover for extracting juice.

Also, if there is a second plastic cover, you can get the juice multiple times before you clean the entire unit. However, if you want to buy a juicer with some advanced and automatic features, you will have to spend a bit more.

One can store this cold pressed juice for about 4 – 5 days in refrigerator and expensive than other types. When you press the juicer, the reamer turns on its own and fruit starts rotating.

In some juicers, you will find handles using which you can apply pressure to extract the juice. If you want to drink healthy and dirt-free juice, it is very important to clean the citrus juicer properly after every use.

Remove the pulp and clean this filter by placing it under running water. Step 4: Similarly, clean all the parts of the juicer using warm water and soap.

You can make your own fresh juice anytime at the comfort of your home using a juicer. If you are using an electric juicer, don’t over-ream as it can puncture the pith and juice will taste bitter.

This will help in loosening up the insides of the fruit so that it is easier to release the juices. If you keep the fruit in the fridge, remove it half an hour before juicing.

If you touch your face or ears with unwashed hands, it might cause allergies or reactions, especially on cuts or dry skin. This reamer is one of the most important parts of the juicer that can work only with citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, etc.

Some users have already made an attempt to use other fruits in this juicer but the results were not effective. In these days, most of the models available in the market are dishwasher safe which allows you to clean them easily and effectively.

Unplug and remove all the parts of the citrus juicer and place them in a cleaning solution. Most of the people will drink this citrus juice to remain fit and healthy.

Extracting the maximum juice out of these fruits is not at all easy task. This job can be done with the citrus juicer. A few models are niche specific that extract the maximum nutrients out of these citrus fruits that include anti-cholesterol fiber (called pectin).

Also, one can easily make a healthy and fresh citrus juices without any preservatives and drink it on whenever you want. It comes with an adjustable auto-reversing reamer features custom pulp control settings.

For Manual Citrus Juicer, we pick BTC Hand Press Juicer, why because it is made with aluminum and steel that makes it easy to operate and extract juice from various citrus pulpy fruits. Do share your queries or experience on this citrus juicer in the below comments section.

Electric citrus juicers are great, especially if you like making big batches of lemonade or fresh-squeezed orange juice, but they're impractical for recipes that call for just a couple of lemons or limes. It's the sort of unassuming kitchen tool that you'll find yourself reaching for again and again, for salad dressings, for cocktails, for baking, or for adding that critical hit of acid to whatever you might be cooking for dinner.

Good ones will quickly extract more juice than you can by hand, and automatically strain out the pulp and seeds. Bad ones can take just as long, or longer, to juice a piece of fruit as your bare hands, and are just as messy.

Simplest is the handheld reamer, which you hold in one fist and dig straight into the citrus half. There's also the hinged squeezer, a press that squeezes one citrus half at a time, the same way a nutcracker cracks nuts.

For starters, I had to narrow the playing field, which is packed with options ranging from classic to novel to boutique. That ruled out tabletop presses, which not only are expensive (most range from $50 to well over $100) but also take up a lot of space.

From there, I narrowed it down to nine juicers, based on my own experience and on reviews and discussions from sources like Cook's Illustrated, Amazon, Chow hound, and Williams-Sonoma. I settled on three squeezers, two reamers, and three tabletop juicers, plus, for good measure, a spout that screws directly into the fruit.

I also squeezed 10 of each citrus (cut into halves) with my bare hands, to provide a baseline for comparison. Most, but not all, juicers performed better, and were surprisingly consistent across types of fruit, though limes, with their thin skin, tended to give up a bit more juice by weight than lemons or oranges.

So, beyond just paying attention to how hard it was to use each tool, I timed how long it took to juice each individual fruit, both with and without the juicers. Criterion 3: Flavor I also conducted a blind taste test of every juice with a panel of five taste-testers.

Squeezers tend to squeeze out more of the oils from the skin, while a reamer could potentially dig some bitterness out of the white pith, so I had each taster rank the bitterness, the floral or fragrant quality, and the overall taste of each juice on a scale of 1 to 10, with room for additional comments. To cancel out any effects of palate fatigue, I gave the juices to each taster in a different order.

First, it has a great design: A wide, silicone-padded lip makes it easy to hold on to, while a ring of silicone on the bottom gives it a sturdy, non-slip grip on the counter. The double-sided reamer isn't a gimmick; the larger end really did work better for large orange halves (mine were about three and a half inches in diameter) than smaller juicers or either of the handheld reamers, which forced me to work the orange halves back and forth as well as in circles in order to get all the juice.

The ridges on the Ox reamer are also nice and sharp, releasing juice easily, which no doubt helped with the speed. One feature that really stood out: Instead of having a solid reamer surrounded by a perforated moat for the juice to drip through (the standard design), the Ox juicer has an open, cage-like shape, so that even the surface underneath it works as a sieve.

It also fits perfectly over a round plastic pint or quart container, but, unfortunately, not much else, so it's not as usefully minimal as you might think. You can't, for example, use it to juice directly into a glass or cocktail shaker, which is something I'd want from any juicer that comes without a cup of its own.

There are some downsides to the Ox: The rather large holes in its sieve let some pulp and the occasional seed through. And the sharp ridges of the reamer do seem to extract more bitterness from the pith, especially when you're working with lemons.

All in all, the Ox is a great choice for those who intend to use their juicer regularly for orange juice. Plus, with just a small cluster of drainage holes at the center of the cup, the squeezer has great aim, and it can easily direct juice right into the mouth of even a narrow glass.

Lemons, especially, kept slipping sideways as soon as I put any pressure on them, making them harder to squeeze and yielding less juice. The interior of the cup on the Chef'n squeezer is not only rough but also lined with concentric ridges, making it much more difficult for fruit to slip out of place.

Those ridges also help keep stray squirts of juice from shooting out of the top of the cup, a common problem with other squeezers. All squeezers will press more oils from the skin of the fruit than a reamer will, and the Chef'n is no exception.

Testers gave its juice high marks for fragrance and flavor overall, especially for limes and lemons. As a side note, if you do really want to squeeze oranges with a hinged squeezer, be sure to buy the large, orange-sized variety instead of one of the medium, lemon-sized ones I tested.

A handheld reamer takes up the least space of any juicer, and is easy to stow in a drawer or utensil jar. Juice inevitably runs down your wrist, and the fruit quickly gets slippery and hard to grip.

I like a simple wooden reamer for occasional use because it's affordable (the one I tested costs $6) and the wood provides a good non-slip grip. But the wood will wear out with regular use, and once the ridges of the reamer get dull, it's not good for much.

So, if you do want a handheld reamer but anticipate using it more than just once in a while, pay a little more for a metal or hard plastic version, which will last much longer. Look for one that has a grip of some sort on the handle, with a teardrop-shaped body and good, deep ridges to squeeze out all that juice.

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