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Best Juicer For Making Celery Juice

James Lee
• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
• 59 min read

With the enhanced popularity of celery juice, people are wondering what juicer is best for juicing celery. In a centrifugal juicer, celery can clog easily and notably damage the juicing elements.

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As a result, the juice loses vital nutrients and enzymes that provide some of its important benefits. For the best results, I recommend you to stick with a vertical style slow masticating juicer.

These juicers produce a large amount of pressure that extracts all the nutrients and vitamins, while preserving the juices natural enzymes. Also, the lack of heat produced by the cold pressing method of a masticating juicer can reduce enzyme damage and oxidation that may occur due to the heat generated by centrifugal juicers.

It means you get your sixteen ounces (Anthony William’s Medical Medium recommendation) of your celery juice using less celery and preventing food waste. In my opinion the best juicer for celery is the Omega NC900 HD, it is a slow masticating juicer which sits quietly on your countertop.

Medical medium recommended because of its functionality and high juice yield. I consider this masticating juicer to be the best juicer for juicing celery for three main reasons.

It offers the greatest nutritional value of any juicer on the market, high pressure along with its slow juicing process = Nutrient Extraction & Enzyme Retention. It provides amazingly high juice yields, which equates to dryer celery pulp and less produce spend.

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However, the 1.5-inch chute will easily allow for carrots and celery to be juiced without chopping. I prefer to batch my juicing and spend 20-30 minutes making a few days’ worth.

This juicer produces a high juice yield which will save money on your grocery bill and reduce food waste. Speed/Noise Level: This single auger juicer rotates at 80RPM, in the juicing industry this is on the slower end.

This low speed allows for fruits and vegetables to be efficiently juiced and minimizes heat buildup which can cause oxidation. Size: The Omega NC900 HD is a more compact model with a contemporary design.

I store mine in a cupboard and it takes up little space, it is lightweight enough to bring it in and out of storage when needed. However, due to its size and contemporary design you could easily leave on your counter.

Juice Quality/Storage: The slow masticating process prevents heat build up and reduces oxidation. The slow 80 RPM motor speed generates little heat which ensures nutrient and enzyme retention.

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The chute is on the smaller size so it will require chopping of some fruits and vegetables. This juicer produces a high juice yield which will eliminate food waste and save you money on groceries.

Cleanup: The automatic pulp ejection helps to prevent a messy clean up. Speed/Noise Level: This single auger juicer rotates at 80RPM, in the juicing industry this is on the slower end.

This low speed allows for fruits and vegetables to be efficiently juiced and minimizes heat buildup which can cause oxidization. One thing that prevents this juicer from getting a higher rating from me in terms of ease of use is the fact that it can only be used for 20 minutes at a time.

Juicing/ Juice Yield: The slow masticating technology offered by this juicer is the preferred method to juice celery, ginger, citrus, leafy greens, hard vegetables (carrots and beets) and fruit. Cleanup: Simple disassembly and dishwasher safe parts lead to an easy clean up.

Speed/Noise Level: This juicer runs at 80RPM’s which reduces heat generated and preserves nutrients and enzymes. Drawbacks: Max run time is limited to 20 minutes, so if you are planning to prepare a large batch of juice, this may not be the juicer for you.

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Drawbacks: Max run time is limited to 20 minutes, so if you are planning to prepare a large batch of juice, this may not be the juicer for you. Chopping will be required for larger fruits and vegetables, but once produce is prepped a glass of juice can be prepared quickly.

Our Verdict: This Kg Vertical Masticating Juicer is a great option for those looking to save space and juice quickly. The vertical orientation of the juicer takes up less of a footprint on your countertop than some horizontal masticating juicers and the chute opening is over 3 inches, allowing for full size fruits and vegetables to be juiced without chopping.

This is a great juicer for celery, but if looking to juice hard vegetables like carrots and beets it may not be the best option. Speed/Noise Level: The single auger spins at 45RPM’s while cold pressing fruits and vegetables through a mesh screen.

Our Verdict: If you are looking for a top of the line model the Super Angel Premium Deluxe Juicer may be the one for you. The twin gear dual auger two stage cold press system will juice celery without jamming, there is an automatic reverse function as well to help keep the unit from getting clogged.

Speed/Noise Level: The twin gears run at 82RPM’s preventing heat buildup and producing high quality, nutrient dense juice with limited oxidation and enzyme damage. Drawbacks: The most notable drawback of the Super Angel Premium Deluxe is price, this is definitely a higher priced juicer, however, if you are looking for a quality juicer with a dependable warranty that will produce a high quality juice this may work for you.

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This Green star model is a twin gear juicer with jumbo stainless-steel twin gears that rotate at 110 RPM’s which is a bit faster than the models reviewed thus far but is still slow enough to prevent too much heat buildup. The twin gears have an embedded magnetic and bio ceramic technology that produces a stabilized high-quality juice that can be stored longer due to detainment of vitamins and enzymes.

Gears have been specifically designed to process hard vegetables like carrots and beets by adding pocket recesses, cutting points have also been added to the gears to improve the processing of fibrous vegetables like celery without clogging. This juicer not only juices vegetables, fruits and wheatgrass, it also will make baby food, nut butters, pate, sorbets, breadsticks & more.

I would highly recommend due to its quality, durability, speed and flexibility. Ease of Use: New gears and design improvements make this model easier to set up, use and clean than before.

If juicing celery, the model will not clog and will produce a high yield. The added mixing stage allows for effective juicing of even soft fruits.

Juicing is only a start with this appliance, you can also make baby food, sorbet, nut butters & more. Juice yield is maximized through the cold press extraction process that is aided by the pocket recesses and cutting points that have been added to the stainless-steel twin gears.

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Speed/Noise Level: The twin gears rotate at 110 RPM’s, while this is higher than the options we have reviewed, it is still slow enough to prevent substantial heat buildup. Juice Quality/Storage: Magnetic and bio ceramic technology have been added to the gears to minimize loss of vitamins and enzymes.

Drawbacks: The weight, it is a bit heavier than the other models reviewed, however at 26lbs, it can still be moved around. The large chute and high speed of the Seville will kick out juicer very quickly, however, the high speed can cause some heat buildup and potentially reduce some nutrition value of the end product.

Parts are dishwasher safe and weighing in at under 10lbs the unit can easily be moved around as necessary. Overall, if you are the person that will juice more frequently with a quicker juicer, I think this is a fantastic option.

Ease of Use: This category is where this juicer excels, it is very easy to use and can crank out a 8oz glass of juice in 5 seconds. This centrifugal juicer is going to be loud, it is spinning at 1,300 rotations per minute, it will basically scream, however, it will only be for a very short period of time as you can make a 8oz glass of juice in 5 seconds.

Check Price on Amazon This is the best option for the busy people who want a glass of celery juice in a short time. Extra-large feed chute and less chopping reduces prep-time while producing a healthy juice with minimal oxidation through its slow masticating process.

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Portable blender for the multi-purpose use BPA-free and dishwasher safe construction Rechargeable with a USB This model is lightweight, with a virtually BPA free auger and juicing screen.

Choosing organic will help prevent chemicals/pesticides from being absorbed and ensure pure nutrition is provided. You will also need a juicer, a container to catch juice, a knife and a chopping board.

Celery is an incredible vegetable to juice, it contains a high water content and plenty of sodium, it is great for replenishing electrolytes, especially on a hot summer day. Back to preparation: Next, clean the celery stalks by washing off any dirt and sediment.

You can put whole celery stalks into the juicer and press down slowly, make sure to use a vegetable presser once the stalk goes inside the chute as you do not want to put your fingers in the chute for obvious safety reasons. Do not add anything additional if you want natural taste and benefits of the celery juice.

Generally, the ideal amount is 16 ounces of celery juice daily, according to Anthony Williams of the Medical Medium. Celery juice should be consumed in the morning on empty stomach, this will ensure maximum absorption into the body.

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The leaves of the celery taste a bit bitter, but they contain plenty of valuable nutrients. Drinking celery juice by itself without extra ingredients can provide great benefit and even work as a healing tool.

Collagen, activated charcoal and apple cider vinegar, while all potent healing tools themselves, can denature and destroy celery juice. Ideally, celery juice should be consumed by itself on an empty stomach, the goal here is quick absorption.

When staring to drink celery juice, some people feel a change in bowel movements. My advice is to ask yourself the above questions and review the juicer options above to find the best fit for your lifestyle.

Bottom line, the best juicer for juicing celery is the juicer that you will use most frequently. Regular consumption of celery and other juices should be your goal as it will take some time to see and feel the results.

You are beginning a journey, take your time and make the right investment for your lifestyle. I hope this post helped you gain some clarity on the different types of juicers available and which ones are best for juicing celery.

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This centrifugal option is affordable, powerful, and quickly turns celery and other fruits and veggies into juice. This masticating, slow press juicer is more expensive, but is more versatile and has a higher yield.

It helps to detoxify, lower high blood pressure and gives you a boost in bio actives and vitamins for a happy, healthy gut. It separates out the pulp and has a 3-inch chute for easy juicing of whole fruits and veggies, as well as leafy greens.

The Seville Juice Fountain is easy to maintain and makes quick work of celery, fruits, leafy greens and other vegetables. Overall, this juicer is the perfect mix of quality, ease of use, and affordable, making it our top choice celery juicer.

Key Features: Extra-wide 3 inch feeder chute 850 watt dual speed motor Dishwasher friendly parts Safety locking arm The NC900HDC uses a dual stage, slow mastication extraction and comes with an adjustable 5-setting cap, allowing you to set your preferences for juice and pulp separation.

This juicer is multi-function and can also be used to grind nuts into butter, mash baby food or dice up herbs for the kitchen. It comes with a 15-year warranty so you are guaranteed long term quality and satisfaction.

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When people talk about juicing for their health, they likely recommend a masticating-style juicer because of its ability to extract more nutrients. However, because of this, the Omega NC900HDC is more expensive than other models on this list, but you're paying for quality and convenience.

It is designed to produce drier pulp, making for fewer clogs and easier cleaning. The Cuisinart wins the spot of budget choice on this list because it is an excellent juicer for what you pay.

While some other juicers that are 5x the cost may produce a better nutrient yield, it isn't far off enough to justify the price difference. That combined with the pulp separation function and safe, durable material, makes it an ideal juicer for a home with babies or small children.

When it comes to makingceleryjuice, this juicer is great because it effectively grinds up all the fibers within celery to make a smooth, consistent juice. The feeder chute is wide enough to put multiple stalks of celery at the same time.

Slow-masticating for best nutrient yield Easy to assemble and disassemble for washing Dishwasher safe More About Coins Juicer The Coins is a horizontal slow juicer, ideal for avoiding pulp clogs from fruits and vegetables and is great at avoiding big clean-ups.

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It will not only make quick work of celery, but is great for all types of fruits and vegetables. It is a cold press juicer with twin gears that provided us an unmatched quality of juice.

While this isn't the cheapest celery juicer available, it is without a doubt one of the highest quality machines on the market. It is a step above the rest, but you pay a high price for that level of quality.

While the chute is smaller than other models, you can easily fit multiple stalks of celery in at a time. It is an n ultra slow (80 RPM) masticating juicer which means it will yield some of the highest levels of nutrients possible.

If you don't mind a bit of a thicker cleanup or fancy features, this juicer may be a good choice if you want to stay under $100. Another low-cost option, this celery juicer is good for juicing large quantities.

Unlike a lot of other juicers in this price range, it has built-in safety features and most of the parts are dishwasher-safe. Go with this option if you're on a budget, and need to make celery juice often, or for multiple people.

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As with Joe rid, this juicer is a good option if you're not looking for high nutrient yield, and care mostly about price. If there were an award for juicers that also help you make ice cream, well, then this bad boy wouldn't be in the honorable mentions section.

This low cost, high speed juicer was very good at keeping the counter clean. This juicer is good if you're just starting juicing and are worried about making a mess, or getting hurt.

It is a dual stage slow masticating juicer that yield excellent quality juice on a consistent basis. Masticating juicers are slower, colder and quieter; they cold-press the celery and gently extract the juices.

If you’re in a hurry, trying to get kids out the door or rushing to work, a glass of celery juice from a centrifugal juicer is still an awesome health-booster. Because of celery ’s stringy fibers, it produces a lot of tangled, messy pulp when juiced.

However, If you are looking for a long-term investment and really care about the quality of your juice, a twin gear juicer is worth every penny. Celery is very high in vitamins A, K, and C. It’s also rich with minerals like magnesium, iron and natural sodium.

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Juicing the celery, rather than just eating it raw, helps us maximize its health benefits. Depending on your juicer, of course, generally about one bunch of celery yields 16 oz of juice.

There are plenty of ways to doctor up your celery juice to make it palatable. Adding a single cucumber or apple to your juice is a great way to improve the taste.

Celery juice is great for your health, easy to make and an awesome addition to any daily routine. Which is why I’ve written this article on the best juicer for celery, so you can start enjoying celery juice and receiving all its incredible health benefits.

I’ve found and reviewed the 12 best celery juicers available on Amazon so you can order yours today. I’ve my top 5 choices below and go on to share some tips for juicing celery and short reviews of the other juicers that didn’t make the cut.

Omega Nutrition Center Quiet Slow Speed Masticating Juicer Easy To Use Makes All Types Of Juice Assembles Easily For Fast Cleaning Then you’ve got all the good stuff of it being easy to assemble so it cleans up in no time and you can put the parts on the top rack of the dishwasher.

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Fortunately celery isn’t particularly hard to juice so you don’t have to break the bank buying a juicer that effectively makes celery juice. The Pick is a masticating juicer than runs at under 60 dbs so you won’t be deafened when you turn it on, this is especially useful if you share a house with other people and want to make your celery juice in the morning without disturbing anyone.

It’s also got a 7 spiral augur system that provides does an effective job of getting out all the juice from your celery. Cucumber is what causes clogging for me but with the reverse function, I don’t have to take the whole thing apart which is great.

The Hobos does good work with celery and other fruits and vegetables with slow thorough juicing that isn’t too loud and with an excellent yield. It is cheaper, especially for a slow masticating juicer, so doesn’t feel as sturdy since it’s all plastic but as long as you’re careful you’ll get on absolutely great.

Plus you get a 1-month free trial so you can actually take it back and test it out yourself before you fully commit to decide if you like it and if juicing celery is for you. So if you’re in a hurry in the morning this is the juicer for you, it’s got a large 3-inch feed chute so you can put the celery in more or less whole, maybe chop it in half first, but generally you can juice whole fruits which is great, and the high speed 14000 RPM cutting disc has the juice extracted in no time at all.

Hamilton Beach Easy To Clean Centrifugal Juicer Excellent Price Extra Wide Mouth Fits Whole Foods Makes juice fast It’s got an extra-large 3-inch feed chute which means minimal prep time in terms of your veggies and chopping them up before you juice them, and it’s easy enough to clean because the parts are dishwasher friendly and come apart with these.

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Quite loud when you use it and you do need to hold onto it, otherwise it’s going to rattle its way off the counter but it doesn’t get too hot and makes quick work with any vegetables you put in it but especially celery. A great choice for a beginner looking to try out juicing who doesn’t want a big price tag.

Juices come in two main types, centrifugal and masticating (also called slow, or cold-pressed juicers). Centrifugal juicers work using a very fast spinning cutting disk that pulverizes the celery and flings it to the side where it hits a mesh allowing the juice to pass through one section and the pulp to be collected in another.

These are normally low cost but tend to heat up the celery juice which can damage some enzymes causing it to lose nutrition Always chop the bottom off the bunch and give each stalk a good wash in the sink before you juice it.

Organic fruits and vegetables can have 20-40% more antioxidants in them making them considerably healthier for you, plus you avoid any nasty chemicals that might be lurking on your celery before you eat it. This is great if you’ve got a cheaper juicer because while it takes a little longer it means nothing’s going to waste.

That equates to about seven to nine individual stocks of celery but it’s easiest just to buy one bunch and chop both ends off before juicing it to get the complete 16-ounce glass. Fortunately, celery is fairly inexpensive so getting a bunch of it to have for a single glass isn’t too costly especially when you compare it to the price of getting a coffee takeaway in the morning.

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If you’re following the medical medium then you are going to want to have that one glass first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and that will set you up nicely for the day. You don’t need to have more through the day otherwise you’ll be missing out on a balance of nutrition you get from having other fruits and vegetables.

The longer you leave it the more nutrition degenerates and starts to disappear from the glass so it’s best to have it ASAP after you’ve made it. It’s about the same cost as the hobos small juicer and I think I prefer that one but if you want the trust of the brand then this is the way to go.

Long-lasting juice with the maximum amount of nutrition locked in and minimal oxidation, what’s not to love. Pick have made a phenomenal cheap juicer ideal for celery and green juice, low speed, and different fineness filters allow for great versatility without breaking the bank.

Dry pulp, cheap price, BPA free and made with German Engineering to the highest levels of quality. Very slow speed at only 40 rpm with a 200 W motor and a 3-year manufacturer guarantee for celery juicing every day, nice.

Portable Mini Travel Blender Machine Price & Reviews at Amazon A blender rather than a juicer but if you need something to travel with this’ll do you right, consider taking some sort of strainer with you for true juice or have it as more of a smoothie if you don’t have space.

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To sum up, the bestceleryjuicer in my mind is a masticating one that will get you the most amount of juice from a single bunch of celery and one that’s not too expensive. The celery juice trend gained steam a few years ago and it is still at full speed.

Many health and fitness enthusiasts have started drinking celery juice and recommend it because of its numerous benefits. In this article, we will explain why you should start juicing celery.

Health professionals recommend that we eat foods rich in antioxidants because of the benefits. Antioxidants can improve the health of your heart and reduce your risk of getting an infection.

The antioxidants also prevent premature aging and improve the health of the skin. Including some antioxidant-rich foods in your diet can also alleviate inflammatory issues within the body.

These are a few of the benefits that have promoted the celery juicing trend. It is important to note that celery juice is not a cure for the above-stated issues.

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The heat can cause immediate degradation of the vitamins and minerals in the celery juice. Simply place the celery into the feeding tube and switch on the juicer.

While the machine is running, the pulp will be ejected into one compartment and the juice collected into the jar or cup attached to the juicer. To get the best juice with the nutrients still intact, we recommend masticating juicers.

We have examined dozens of juicers available and assessed how they handle juicing fruits and vegetables to bring you this list. It is a masticating juicer with cold press technology that ensures maximum juice extraction without any of the nutrients being destroyed by heat.

This machine is dishwasher safe : One of the difficult parts of using a juicer is the cleanup. It is also a great juicer for individuals who live in apartment buildings because it will not disturb the neighbors.

Nutrient retention : The cold press technology of the Pick Juicer ensures that most of the juice is extracted and because there is no heat from spinning blades, there is a reduced chance of the nutrients deteriorating. This froth produced in centrifugal juicers has been aerated and will oxidize quickly.

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If something gets stuck in the juicer, you can use the reverse function to remove the blockage. If your juicer gets damaged through no fault of yours, it will be replaced or repaired at no cost to you.

Even after the 3-year warranty expires, you can still contact customer service if you have any questions or have a problem with your juicer. Small feeding tube : Like many other masticating juicers, this juicer has a small feeding tube that you pour the fruits and vegetables into.

To fit everything you want to juice into this feeding tube, you need to cut the fruits and vegetables into small-medium size cubes. Slow speed : This juicer works slowly and may require that you push the celery into the tube using a muddled.

If you want to juice a large amount of celery, this may not be the best machine for you. To get out the juice, they had to squeeze the pulp some more using a fine mesh cloth.

While they did not state what vegetables or fruit they used in this juicer, this issue may still occur when juicing celery. If you do not want to spend a lot of money and have time to cut your celery into small chunks, this is the celery juicer for you.

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`This is second on our list because of its effectiveness in juicing fruits and vegetables, even leafy greens. If you would like to start juicing celery, you will find the machine quite satisfactory.

This motor is sufficient for juicing hard vegetables and greens. This is especially important when juicing things like celery and other greens.

Easy to use: This machine is ideal for individuals who do not want a juicer with extra bells and whistles. Sleek appearance: If you care about the look of your juicer, you should opt for this model.

The Hobos Masticating Juicer is sleek and small enough to sit on your counter without looking like an electronic monstrosity. The pulp and juice containers are not attached to the juicer.

You can easily empty these containers and wash them as if they are cups. The juicing mechanism and feeding tube can be easily separated, cleaned, and reassembled in a few minutes.

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If it is damaged before the warranty expires, you can contact customer care for a repair or replacement. Even after the warranty expires, you still have customer care support.

We have been unable to confirm if this only happens when hard fruits or vegetables are being juiced. Secondly, you will need to push the ingredients into the feeding tube using a muddled.

Lastly, this a slow juicer, and as such, juicing will take longer. This masticating juicer has a full nutrition system that can be used to process fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

The nutrition center can also be used to grind coffee and extrude pasta. The nutrition center makes the high-powered motor necessary.

Long-lasting juices : The juicer uses a double extraction process and runs at a speed of 80 revolutions per minute. For this reason, there is little to no heat involved in the extraction process and oxidation is minimal.

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If you juice large amounts of celery for later consumption, this is an ideal juicer for you. If you intend to juice celery often you will be pleased with this machine.

A few individuals have used a dishwasher to clean the loosened parts. Nutrition center : If you do not want to purchase several single-purpose food processors, this juicer will be a great choice for you.

The strong motor and nutrition center makes this juicer good for processing coffee, nuts, and seeds. It is a shiny silver juicer that is not too big to remain on your kitchen counter.

It also has a handle that makes moving the Omega NC900HDC easier. The multipurpose functions, motor, and quality of the juicer make it worth the price tag.

Furthermore, if you will be juicing a lot but will not take advantage of the nutrition center, this juicer may not be the best for your needs. Weight : This is a great juicer to have if you wish to keep it in a permanent position on your kitchen counter.

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If you want a durable juicer that can be used for multiple purposes, the Omega NC900HDC will be a good addition to your kitchen. The Kg Q8 slow juicer is on this list because it is a sleek masticating juicer with a wide feeding tube that allows for less prep work and faster juicing.

The smaller tube requires that you prepare the vegetables and fruits you want to use by cutting them into small sizes. However, the wide chute allows you to place fruits and vegetables into the juicer with minimal prep work.

Minimal nutrient loss: The auger has a speed of 45 RPM. At this speed, the juicer can extract juice from fruit and vegetables without heating up.

Therefore, the extracted juice will retain more of its natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. After this, you can wash the parts using a kitchen sponge and soap.

If you choose to keep the juicer but it has a problem before the warranty expires, contact customer care. Attractive design: This juicer will be a good addition to your kitchen if you like cute, modern appliances.

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The Kg Q8 slow juicer is available in a ‘fire-engine’ red and white color. Unlike other juicers that tend to be wide, this one is sleek and tall.

Easy to use: The Kg Q8 has a single button for On, Off, and Reverse. This set up will benefit people who do not want a juicer that is difficult to operate.

The reverse function can be used to clear blockages while juicing and it can also be used to clean the juicer. The juicer is 21.25’’ tall and when it is fully assembled, you may be unable to fit this in your cabinet or on your counter.

To store this juicer, you will have to disassemble it or keep it on the counter as 2 separate pieces. Storing your juicer this way can be inconvenient if you do not have a large counter or extra storage space.

Despite its sleek and streamlined appearance, the juicer weighs about 17 lbs. Due to the weight of the juicer, you have to find a permanent nook for it on your kitchen counter.

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Washing them in the dishwasher could damage them and compromise the quality of the juicer. Also, if storage space is not an issue, you will be able to enjoy the advantages of this juicer.

This slow juicer is affordable and is made with the latest juicing technology. It is efficient and provides a high yield when juicing fruits and vegetables.

Maximum nutrient retention: The auger of this juicer rotates at a speed of 60-80 RPM. It ensures that fruit and vegetables can be crushed and the juice is extracted without the auger or sieve heating up.

The absence of heat during the juicing process will prevent nutrient degradation. When you use this juicer, you will be able to store the extracted juice for up to 72 hours.

If you like to juice large amounts of fruits and vegetables for later consumption, this juicer is an ideal choice. Easy assembly: This juicer has 2 parts, the chamber where the extraction process takes place and the second part is the chamber that houses the motor.

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You can easily assemble the items in the extraction chamber using instructions. Twin functions for maximum efficiency: This juicer has a hard and soft option.

If your juicer gets damaged before the warranty expires, you can contact customer care for help. They stated in their reviews that some parts get stuck together and this makes disassembly a stressful ordeal.

Also, consider what size of juicer you can conveniently store on your counter or cabinet. If you want to juice celery for a short while, we recommend the affordable option.

However, if you want a durable machine that you will use to juice fruits and vegetables, you should explore the other options on our list. The leaves are just as nutritious as the stalk, and they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins B, C, and K.

If you are busy, cut the celery the night before you go to bed. To store celery juice in your fridge, pour the juice into a glass jar.

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Just like Huron Juicers, it has garnered awards from top design competitions. One significant advantage it has over the competition is its bigger chute profile and slower motor.

The Kg A10 is a whole slow juicer with a 3.5 primary chute and a secondary 1.75 feeding tube. With a chute that big, you won’t need to cut your calories into small pieces, 3-inch long sections will do just fine.

Click here to check pricing and availability at Amazon The Kg A10 is already affordable but if you want something cheaper, Pick AMR-521 might be a perfect fit for your budget. Aside from being super affordable, it’s a highly efficient machine that produces a bone dry pulp.

It’s one of the best juice extractors for leafy greens which is undoubtedly going to work well for celery stalks. Other than that, it’s a perfect machine not just for calories but also for a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

Click here to check pricing and availability at Amazon The Kings Evolution whole slow juicer caters to a different segment of the juicing market. It’s similar to the Kg A10 in terms of performance, but it will set you back a significant amount of investment.

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There’s no other brand which can offer an elegant leather pattern finishes aside from Kings. They pioneered the tech, so you should expect nothing less from this Korean kitchen equipment manufacturer.

Aside from those luxurious leather finishes, the Kings Evolution whole slow juicer offers several features that you won’t find in cheaper juicing machines. It has a complimentary blank strainer designed to perform other food processing functions.

It has an advanced chute and drum design for better juice extraction efficiency. The EVO820 is truly a premium all-around juice extractor, perfect for calories and all types of produce.

It has a tighter clearance to maximize yield when juicing celery stalks. Click here to check pricing and availability at Amazon When it comes to vertical slow juicers, Huron is next to none.

What makes it easy to clean is the absence of tiny holes in the filter basket where pulp tends to get stuck. Click here to check pricing and availability at Amazon The Omega CNC80 Series is the most affordable product in the company’s line up of horizontal masticating juicers.

It inherits all the useful features of the bestselling Omega 8006 with a cleaner look and a larger funnel design. It can handle calories with ease, and it’s also exceptional for processing all other types of fruits and vegetables.

The only downside to this product is the small feeding chute, just like Pick AMR-521 and Huron H101 it will require a great deal of prep time. Aside from extracting juice, it can homogenize baby food, mince sauces, extrude pasta, grind coffee beans, and make non-dairy milk alternatives out of nuts or soybeans.

Click here to check pricing and availability at Amazon Centrifugal juicers are fast, and you don’t even have to cut your fruits and vegetables as it can handle whole produce. The Juice Fountain Plus or the Seville JE98XL is the second cheapest juicer offered by the company.

They are great for juicing fruits and vegetables that are rich in water content, well calories fall under that category. Slow juicers will always yield more juice with higher nutrient content due to minimal oxidation.

This feat is due to its small components which don’t require much upkeep, and it’s easy enough to use and operate. If you’re strictly drinking celery juice, you might want to opt for a compact model that won’t take much of your counter space.

Most juicers come with a complimentary container that is designed to prevent splashes. You can sleep at night knowing that the company you bought the juicer from won’t vanish in the morning.

Hopefully, I narrowed down your options in choosing the best juicer for celery, but I believe there are still plenty of choices out there. Depending on your budget, you can’t go wrong with brands like Huron, Omega, Kings, or any Seville juicer.

Learn more about Kg A10 Whole Slow Juicer at Amazon Do you find this guide helpful? When we regularly drink fruits or vegetable juice, our immune system becomes stronger.

Juice turns a high volume of vitamin or nutrition into a glass from fruits and vegetables. A lot of ways are there to get the juice out from fruits, vegetables, or celery items.

So to help you out, we are here to suggest you top 10- best juicer for celery mainly, but they will be suitable for fruits and veggies too. At 80 RPM, the auger’s spins can preserve the nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals from being destroyed.

This juicer provides low heat build-up, no clogging, less foaming, and can keep minimal oxidation. AI COK’s juicer produces pure, flavorful juice from fruits, vegetables, or celery.

The stable body and heavy-duty surface of this product will let you enjoy the moment while making juice. Moreover, AI COK gives 3- years warranty with a lifelong service to its customer.

Check Price On Amazon If you are in a hurry to bring a new juicer for your kitchen’s best performance, then omega’s NC900HDC can be the best option for you. This electric juicer is featured with extra durable materials to provide an amazing juice yield.

Omega NC900HDC can make the juice perfectly flavorful and rich in nutrients. The powerful motor and single auger construction can produce nutritious juice and best textured from any type of dense celery.

Besides this, the juicer is suitable to grind spices and coffee and can prepare desserts and baby food or juice easily. Another amazing feature of this juicer is that it also has 5- adjustable end cap settings for the best extraction and output depending on the type of products you want to juice.

Though this juicer is quite expensive, its performance is high and stable and gives you the perfect value for the money. And the most surprising part is omega NC900HDC is offering 15 years long life warranty and long-time service.

Juicer for Celery Pros & Cons Five adjustable pressure settings High juice yields Built-in handle 2- HP motor 15 years warranty Check Price On Amazon If you are looking for the best juicer for celery, then KO IOS masticating juicer machine can be a good option for you.

This juicer can extract dense and fibrous fruits, such as leafy greens, celery, ginger, etc. It is made of BPA free materials of baby food grade.

This slow masticating juicer can produce higher juice yield, preserving 45% nutrition, 60% delicious vitamins, and a flavorful taste. Its 80 RPM rotating speed can preserve the more vitamin and minerals, enzymes, and nutrients from being destroyed.

Juicer for Celery Pros & Cons Provide higher nutritional value Free recipe book Slow squeeze technology Easy to use and clean 10- year and a 3-year warranty on motor and parts respectively It also includes a filter disk of foam management, flow spout, easy cleanup, 5- dials controlling speed setting, and a large feed tube of 3 inches for whole vegetables or fruits.

Another feature is that every part is dishwasher safe and gives a quiet environment while making juice. For easy cleanup, a cleaning brush is also included with this juicer machine.

Juicer for Celery Pros & Cons Durable performance Adjustable speed BPA free materials Strong motor Easy to use Its exclusive design of the powerful twin gears makes easy mastication of food.

The juicer has a pulp ejection automatic to provide continuous juicing. Moreover, its magnetic technology with twin gears can create juice of fibrous food also.

Check Price On Amazon Here comes omega’s other best durable juicer machine. Plant fibers are thoroughly chewed up with this juicer machine to extract nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from veggies and fruits.

Again its 80 Rpm rotating seed provides no clogging, no foaming, and no heat build-up. Besides this, JS006 also provides have-duty construction, flavorful juice yield, four stabilizing feet, a pulp ejection automatic function, and a quiet environment while making juice.

Thus, it preserves the full nutrients and vitamins and promotes healthier and enzyme-rich juice. Again this masticating juicer is a top-rated versatile juice machine with powerful motors.

Juicer for Celery Pros & Cons Super quiet operation High juice yield Auto pulp ejection system Powerful motor Easy to use This juicer is best for regular purposes, including tough and large fruits and veggies.

The design of this juicer includes a 3-inch extra-large feed chute with BPA free material. So you can relieve yourself from rebutting the fruits or veggies, which will save time and reduce losing vitamins.

For maximum flavorful juice, the juicer provides high power motor. The 800-watt powerful motor makes fresh, nutritious, and tasty juice in seconds.

These parts are dishwasher safe also so that now much time is wasted in maintaining this juicer. This juicer will help you to pack many vitamins with a simple serving of juice.

Juicer for Celery Pros & Cons Extra-large feed chute Efficient operation Easy to assemble and operate Easy to use Dishwasher safe parts Check Price On Amazon Those who are looking for a versatile juicer machine for a healthy lifestyle can purchase this one.

Its silver-tone base, clean lines, and compact footprint have made it a pleasing and lovely addition to your kitchen. Only four parts are there- the mail bowl attached to the base, the juicer cover, and the blade or filter basket.

Its filter system and high powerful spinning blade perfectly produce flavorful juice. The parts are dishwasher safe, but hand washing is better for the plastic bowls.

Juicer for Celery Pros & Cons Stable performance Pulp free juice Easy to use Easy to assemble and clean Dishwasher safe parts So this Joe rid juicer is well capable of providing you healthier and naturally fresh juice.

This feed chute helps to insert a whole fruit or veggies inside the juicer, saving time from rebutting food. Again the juicer is equipped with non-slip feet of rubber and a safety locking arm, which ensures that the cover stays tight while using.

Another extra facility of this juicer is the adjusted spout of up and down to confine the liquid from leaving. It includes a pulp collector of large capacity and an extra-large juicer jug.

Check Price On Amazon Begotten is a reputed brand for juicer machine. They provide affordable, powerful, and also versatile juicer extractors for your regular purpose.

A 3-inch extra wide fed chute design make this juicer more convenient as it is saving your time from cutting and chopping. Its stainless steel food grade makes higher yield juice and creates no foaming.

Another amazing thing is that the unit will switch off automatically if the temperature reaches 105 degrees. Giving importance to a juicer ’s characteristics is very necessary before we buy the best juicer for celery.

Traditional centrifugal juicers and Masticating cold press appliance Including all the fiber, a blender blends its given foods with spinning blades.

Usually, the materials used in makingceleryjuicer are stainless steel, gear, adjustable pressure setting tools, etc. Generally, stainless steel, gear, adjustable pressure settings tools are strong, and these items do not go downhill quickly.

Before buying a celery juicer, we should be aware of its nastiness, strangeness, capability, speed, material, features, etc. Buy the fresh celery, then clean it with water to remove any harmful bacteria.

Then take your juicer and put the celery leaf in the grinder include some water. After the juicer finished juicing celery, remove the pot, clean it, and repeat it to make more celery juice.

Answer: Celery contains many nutritious vitamins and fiber that are good for health. Nutritionist suggests that drinking 450 ml of celery juice can reduce the fat in your body.

So if you want to lose your belly fat, drink celery juice every morning on an empty stomach. While buying any electric product, its performance, price, durability matters a lot to a customer.

We eagerly suggest you buy any of these juicer machines for the best and durable performance with satisfaction. All these juicers will ensure a healthy lifestyle with fresh natural juicing.

If you want to make a nutritious, healthy beverage from a superfood like celery, you must need a juicer that up to the task. So, I did compressive research and invested a lot of time to gather all resources.

Here I suggested a hand-picked list full of juicers and reviews that guide you to pick the bestceleryjuicer for you and clarify all the questions you have. Finally, my in-depth buying guide will help you make the right decision and give you the highest value for money.

This innovative design of this Seville support to make the juice and beverage that you exactly want to. It also collects the pulps within the footprint of this appliance to conserve the counter space comfortably.

With the help of a centered knife blade, you can extract the juice from the Juicer. The Italian micro mesh filter basket made with stainless steel makes the extractor system unique.

The inbuilt integrated jug features a froth separator that helps to get more juice. You can use the organic whole fruit here The metal locking arm on the top of this unit helps to handle the Juicer.

You can move this quite Seville around the kitchen quickly due to the compact design. Features The Mueller Austria Juicer is made with stainless steel and BPA plastic.

The high gloss chrome finish makes it luxurious pieces of kitchen appliances. Due to the vertical and compact design, it will save the space of your counter.

You can get 3 inches to feed the chute with an extra locking arm. The durable Dc motor runs with the help of less energy and lasts for a long time.

Cons The powerful motor creates lots of noise while you operate this appliance. This Michel quickly grained Masticating Juicer can grab the customer’s attention.

The human body needs lots of minerals and nutrients every day, and the Michel does right what you need. The Humanized design prevents the children from occurring any injuries during juicing.

You can reserve more nutrients and maximum juice yield by using this seven spiral masticating of this Michel. Use a low-speed motor and do the fine grinding and get the most retain value from the Juicer with high nutrition.

Specification The weight of this Michel is 10.43 pounds The item model now is ZM1501-White Small Caliber cold press juicer. You can clean it quickly and safely by using the brush All the detachable parts are made with high-quality food-grade antioxidant materials.

Can extract a high amount of juice from green and leafy vegetables. You can place it in your kitchen due to its compact design and quiet setup.

It has a small footprint and can generate less heat, which will not damage the juice ’s quality. Features The AI COK has a seven-segment spiral system, and you can get maximum juice yields with top nutrients and minimal oxidation.

Its extracts a high volume of juice and last for 72 hours with less foam The feeding tube is not so vast, so you don’t need to chop the celery first. The reverse function can quickly solve the clogging and jamming problem.

Pros You can enjoy the taste of less pulp by extracting and separating the juice from the fruits and vegetables. This versatile Juicer is capable of juicing everything from hard root vegetables to soft fibrous fruits.

Features The masticating Juicer keeps all the minerals, enzymes, trace materials, and nutrients perfectly. The auger squeezing and the reverse function make more juice yield comparing with the other centrifugal Juicer.

By using this Juicer, you can get delicious, tasty, flavorful, and rich concentrated juice. Comparing with other centrifugal juicers, you can cover more than 60% to 80% juice yields by squeezing and crushing.

You can get the Juice strainer, DC motor, staining brush, which creates low noise. Pros All the safe dishwasher parts make it easy to clean.

This Juicer will give you lots of offers, including a reasonable price tag. The body of the AOB OSI is made from BPA-free plastic, and you can get the highest comfort while using this appliance.

Like the other top-listed product, this Juicer produces dry pulp, which is very good to make the juice from celery. This model is perfect for the veggies because it extracts the juice from various fruits and vegetables within a few seconds.

The intelligent protection chips support it to stop automatically for every 20 minutes while operation starts. Pros The juice is very rich in vitamins and minerals, which increase the body’s immunity power.

The safety lock system can quickly assemble and disassemble the parts easily. Cons The narrow feeding tube can increase the preparation time Can teeter if you don’t cut the hard items into small pieces.

It has a large speed chute with a powerful motor that makes your all juicing process faster. This Seville is one of the top centrifugal juicers in the market, making juices from large apples, orange, and pears within seconds.

You can get all the dishwasher safety parts, like a filter basket, 1-liter juice jag with the cleaning brush. It has a heavy grade polymer body with a micro fresh filter basket.

You can produce a high amount of super quality juice with this quiet motor. This brand juicer achieved UI, FDA, and ETL certification.

The Juicer didn’t get clogged though you make juice from the high fiber vegetable like celery. This Juicer keeps all the nutrients, minerals, enzymes, and trace materials in a proper amount.

You can get both hard and soft settings The nutrition from the juice and the color retained Easy to use and clean. It is a powerful machine which is capable of processing mixed items and deliver them quickly.

Features This unit’s vital component is a specialized end cap design, which will prefer to make celery juice. The horizontal layout of this Omega means it has a bigger footprint comparing with others.

You can get the highest possible juice with exceptional quality The impressive motor unit is two HP power. This unit can get more nutrients and healthy and tasty juice, and it operates slowly.

Specifications 15 years of coverage of parts and performance Three adjustable pressure settings on each The weight is 17.16 pounds The item model no. Pros Rubber feet for extra stability Height wise, it won’t take a lot of space It has an integrated handle which helps to move around The feeding chute is more considerable and more prominent than other units.

You can enjoy the comfortable cleaning with automatic pulp ejection This Juicer is quiet Cons You can see that the rubber gasket of the juicer filter is weak and can tear easily.

For those who want to make juice regularly and efficiently, the Omega NC900HDC is the perfect choice for them. This multifunctional appliance can handle different types of juices and drive nuts, coffee, and seeds.

Using this appliance, you can get the maximum amount of enzymes, minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and taste from all kinds of vegetables and fruits. The chute is more extensive than other models, so it will take less time to prepare the items before juicing You can extrude pasta, baby food, make juice from fruits and leafy vegetables and citrus.

Specification 15 years coverage on parts and also on the performance The weight is 13 pounds The model now is NC900HDC 150 watts Due to the slow process, the minimal nutrients and oxidation lose.

Cons Sometimes unusual smell produces due to the excessive heat and smoke. Ans: The people around the world are enjoying the health benefit of drinking celery juice every day.

The reason is, they can extract every single drop of juice from the long stakes without passing an excessive amount of pulp. Ans: Celery is very healthy and beneficial, so I prefer to keep all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in the juice.

The centrifugal or high-speed Juicer produces the juice quickly but makes lots of heat responsible for wasting the nutrients, taste, color, and vitamins. When you buy a juicer, you may consider the two most important considerations: retaining the nutritional value and achieving a good yield and the celery color.

To discover a suitable product, you need to waste your valuable time and money as well. Masticating juicer ’s trend is cruising the fruits and extract the juice slowly.

Centrifugal juicer has a blade that spans more than a thousand times within a minute. However, the heat produced during making the juice decreases the vitamin level inside the centrifugal one.

The leftover juice can cause damage the machine, and the device becomes sticky and creates a terrible smell. Size and Weight Premium and vertical shape juicer is best for you if you want to save your space.

Noise Level When you want to make your juice early morning, it’s better to choose the quieter Juicer. Narrow and short type chute needs smaller pieces of products.

So, there is a substantial impact on the preparation time, depending on the chute size. The high-end Juicer offers multiple accessories like filters or screens most of the time, which is essential during making juice.

High fiber vegetables as celery can create lots of strings, which blocks the outflow. You have to keep in mind that you need a Juicer to extract the juice ’s exact amount from the celery without decreasing the nutrient value.

If you are a beginner, take time to decide to invest appropriately and change your lifestyle. I hope this article will help you a lot to get clarity on the different types of juicers available and which one is right for you.

We just want to inform you in advance that, if you buy anything that we recommend here, then we may get some share or compensation from the links on this page.) He wrote in his Medical Medium Book series that if celery juice consumes in the right way, it will cure acute and chronic illness.

Millions of people get benefited from the celery juice and cure their health problems. In a nutshell, celery juice is the best answer to thousands of health issues.

So, here I am going to reveal you best juicer for celery juice with a comprehensive buying guide. Before dive into the best celery juicers, read our buying guide that helps you to choose your best one.

Celery juice is juice extracted from celery stalk as well as leaves which are packed with tons of vitamins and minerals. In fact, celery juice filled with phytonutrient that gives you a lot of heart and health benefits.

It can reduce inflammation, improves skin health, control blood pressure. If you want celery juice, then blending celery in a blender is a bad idea.

You need to add liquid in a blender to properly blend the things. Due to high speed of 20,000 to 30,000 RPM blender, you will lose all nutrients and anti-oxidants.

Then when you sieve the juice, you lose the most important that is fiber content. Actually, the final produce from blender you will get is celery smoothie, not a celery juice.

According to Anthony William, you need to consume celery juice not a celery smoothie for the best results. It helps to preserve the nutrients and minerals due to slow speed.

I recommend using organic celery to make juice for optimum benefits. Don’t mix other vegetables to get a pure form of celery juice.

Celery juicer extracting from centrifugal juicer will last for 24 hours if you store in a refrigerator. If you are using a masticating juicer, your celery juice lasts for 48 hours or for 2 days in a fridge.

Celery juice will last up to 4 to 5 days in a fridge if you are using twin gear juicer. Twin gear extraction process slows down the oxidation of juice.

Due to the high speed of centrifugal juicer, the final juice extracted is aerated. So, here are top 10 juicers that juice celery with ease and you will get optimum nutrition from your celery juice.

It operates very slow 80RPM that prevents the heat buildup and oxidation of the juice. Slow rpm helps to preserve the antioxidants and phytonutrient which is an essential factor while juicing celery.

It comes with the large feed chute, so it minimizes preparation and saves your time too. Now you don’t need to cut down the celery, you can insert it wholly to make a juice.

Stylish and modern design Ult em augur Automatic pulp ejection system for continuous juicing 5 adjustable speed settings The large feed chute saves preparation time Simple to assemble, disassemble and use Quiet while in use The gears constructed of bio ceramic and magnetic technology which helps to extract maximum nutrient and enhances juice shelf life.

It can also make frozen fruit sorbet, pasta, baby food, nut butter etc. If you are looking for powerful commercial grade juicer, then this Tribes Green star pro is worth to buy.

Motor equipped with a cooling fan that prevents overheating Plastic parts are BPA-free Dishwasher safe parts Quiet in operation Easy to clean 15-year warranty Watch the below video that shows demo of this juicer for efficient juicing.

The interior includes the stainless steel and bio ceramic gears which are the most durable. It’s unique magnetic and bio ceramic technology prevents oxidation of juice.

This is a versatile juicer comes with homogenizing accessories to make baby food, nut butter, frozen fruit sorbet, pates, and many more recipes. You don’t need to cut celery stalk while processing which is the plus point of this juicer.

Omega VSJ843QR Juicer comes with slow masticating technology with vertical design. The juicer comes with automatic pulp ejection system which helps for continuous juicing.

Now, you can make your celery juice in your busy morning without disturbing others as it is a super quiet juicer. The juice extracted has 3 days’ shelf life without changing its color and taste.

You need to cut large carrots and celery into pieces before inserting in a feed chute. But other than that, this is one of the best juicers for celery which extracts dry pulp and gives you silky smooth juice with its optimum nutrients.

Difficulty in juicing citrus fruits You need to chop celery into 2inch pieces to avoid clogging The juicer made up of high-grade stainless steel that is corrosion resistant.

It is equipped with a 3hp motor which operates at a slow speed of 86 RPM. Due to slow speed, final juice has long shelf life i.e. 48 hours.

This is a twin gear juicer which can grind foods into a fine powder. In the first stage, you need to insert produce from the top into the feed chute, stainless steel gears grind it slowly.

All metal housing Automatic cooling system Easy to use with one touch button Self-adjusting speed control Can be used for commercial purpose Covered with a 10-year warranty on motor and parts If you are on a budget, then Pick slow masticating juicer is best for celery juice.

It operates at slow 80RPM that extracts high and pure yield without oxidation. You can store your celery juicer up to 72 hours as less air added during the juicing process.

It comes with a reverse function that prevents clogging issue for a continuous juicing process. The juicer can make healthy food along with juicing fruits and vegetables.

The juicer needs small counter space to store as it comes with a compact design. It is fixed with 200 Watt powerful motor that operates at slow 47 RPM.

The juicer has BPA free motor housing and casing construction. The augur and juicing screen constructed of GE Ult em plastic which is 8 times harder.

So it is extra durable and long-lasting than normal plastic. So, you don’t need to spend more time and effort in the kitchen as you can make juice fast and easy.

Compact vertical design needs small counter space Convenient juice cap to prevent spillage Low noise level Extracts dry pulp 10-year warranty Check out the following video that shows unboxing and demo of this Tribes juicer.

The juicer yields maximum juice with is dual extraction process. Due to slow RPM, the final juice has 72 hours long shelf life.

It uses GE Ult em augur which is stronger and durable than other plastic materials. It is highly a versatile juicer as it can handle a variety of functions such as juicing, puréeing, grinding, mincing, chopping etc.

It is equipped with an efficient drive system that utilizes 10% less electricity. So, now you can save bucks spent on electricity in the long term.

Its gear reduction equal to 5.4 hp motor which produces 26% more torque. It operates at 57 RPM which helps to preserve the nutrients and vitamins of juice.

It is fixed with powerful intelligent gear reduction motor which operates at 60-80 RPM speed. Juicer augur constructed of Polyethylene that is sturdy plastic material perfect for high-pressure environment.

Celery juice has tremendous healing power as it is full of nutrients and enzymes. According to Medical Medium, millions of people got benefited by drinking celery juice regularly and cure their diseases.

You should drink celery juice early in the morning, empty stomach, 15 to 30 minutes before eating something for the best results. If you feel the taste of celery juice very strong, then add just one cucumber or one apple in it.

Juicing celery stalk and leaves together gives you optimum healing benefits. By juicing the nutrients can get absorbed into your body easily than eating whole celery.

Don’t leave the pulp in juice as it will refrain from the optimum health benefits. It is better to consume at an empty stomach because the juice gets digested easily and absorb the nutrient and enzymes optimally.

You can get maximum health benefits if you drink it in the morning at empty stomach. Celery juice has natural diuretic properties as it majorly contains water and fiber.

Babies, breastfeeding woman, and children also drink the celery juice. The celery juice helps to detoxify the breast milk and make it pure.

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