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Best Juicer For Vegans

Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 24 December, 2020
• 23 min read

Nutribullet Check Current Price Smoothies are the right choice if you want to up your daily intake of fruits and vegetables but can't stand the thought of eating another broccoli Florence. I’ve made a list of my favorite products so you can choose the best juicer blender for you and not repeat my mistakes.

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Nutribullet may be a good option if you’re on a budget but still need a blender for juicing, making chunky dips, and salsas. The Pro Plus is more powerful than the original Nutribullet and extracts even more nutrients from the ingredients.

PROS Maximizes the food’s nutritional potential Shuts off automatically after optimum extraction Pulverizes even the toughest ingredients It crushes, blends, and pulverizes ice, fruits, and vegetables quickly and quietly, so you might want to check it out if you have a baby who doesn’t need waking up every time you’re making smoothies.

PROS The auto-clean option makes the blender spotless in no time Pre-programmed settings for easy blending and chopping Handy safety features prevent overloading This blender has dull but durable stainless steel blades that’ll prevent you from hurting yourself while cleaning it.

PROS Blunt blades for safe cleaning Powerful enough to obliterate fresh and frozen fruits Has a touch panel with variable speed control You may want to check it out if you're looking for a blender with the capacity to make beverages and sauces in smaller batches.

PROS Simple and easy to use blender No complicated features 10-year warranty for lasting durability It was designed primarily to blend raw fruits and veggies and turn them into delicious smoothies.

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PROS Smooth juicing and blending experience Handles heavy everyday use Quick and easy to clean The thing that makes Nutria Ninja one of the unique blenders is the Antonio technology it uses for juicing and extracting nutrients from ingredients.

Their primary purpose is to remove the fiber and pulp to enhance better digestion. Juicing has become quite popular over the last couple of years, not only in the fitness world.

Consuming apple and pomegranate juice can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels , . You need to take into account tons of factors that will make or break your juicing experience.

However, if you like blending tougher veggies like kale and carrots, or you like chilling your drinks with crushed ice, you’ll need a powerful motor that can handle it all. Once you become a juicing fanatic variable speed control will come in handy for experimenting and creating drinks and sauces with different textures.

Many blenders already come with programmed speed settings, and you'll only need to press a button to start juicing. But, you may also opt for a blender that has speed options like blend, stir, pulse, grind, chop, crush ice, liquify, or even grate.

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If a blender can crush nuts and ice, you can rest assured it's equipped with the best possible blades. A large pitcher can save you lots of time if you need to make juice in big batches.

Some blenders come with a single-serve or a travel cup, while others come with a pitcher large enough to make juice for the entire family. You can also opt for a blender that comes with an entire set of different pitchers and cups and cover all possible situations.

Washing dirty cups and pitchers is never fun, especially when you’re late for work or a gym session. That way, you can chuck the pitcher and cups in the machine and spend that time doing something more constructive or relaxing.

They typically require putting some water and dish soap into the pitcher and cleaning themselves in minutes or two. Another handy feature is overheating protection that will shut down the blender when the motor starts heating up and avoiding burning.

They’ll crush all the ingredients properly, but they won’t cut or hurt you while cleaning the appliance. However, different features, speed, and additional cups, lids, and pitchers can also influence the price tag.

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A blender isn’t something you buy every day, so you might want to choose quality over saving up a few bucks. However, juicers are better at producing clear, fresh juice, while blenders are better suited for making smoothies.

A blender chops up and retains all the pulp, seeds, and fiber from fruits and vegetables. At the same time, juicers come with attachments that separate the juice from fiber and pulp.

Steel blades endure perfect and even chopping, and they’re strong enough to pulverize even whole fruits. Variable speed control will allow you to make a smoothie, juice, or chop up veggies for food prep.

When attempting to extract their juice, you’ll find that leafy greens like to put up a decent fight before they give in. Some of the best juicers for leafy green use a spinning mechanism, and they’re able to extract more juice than alternative products.

Masticating juicers are good at getting every drop of juice out of your favorite leafy greens, and with help from a spinning auger, they can effectively grind and chew your produce. When they’re finished extracting the juice, masticating juicers eject the pulp and leave you with nothing but the good stuff.

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For example, one type of juicer might work well for citrus fruits, but when used for leafy greens like juicing spinach or kale, it’s almost completely useless. Every type of juicer comes with benefits and drawbacks, and if you’re going to be working with leafy greens, then you have several options to consider.

With a powerful motor, it quickly grinds through leafy greens, and it operates at a low speed of 80 Rpm. An additional benefit of the reduce speed is a longer shelf life, which allows you to store fresh juice for up to 72 hours.

When compared with some other products, the Omega J8006 has a much stronger auger, and the processing system extracts all the nutrients from your leafy greens. The Omega J8006 is ideal for juicing pine tree needles, spinach, cabbage, kale and wheatgrass, and it can help you access more nutrients from every piece of material.

Here we have another great masticating juicer, and with a wide feeding chute, it’s ideal for converting leafy greens into healthy, tasty juice. The Kings B6000S is made of Ult em Titan ABS, and with a simple design, it has no trouble fitting into a cramped kitchen.

With its patented features, it works well for juicing leafy greens, vegetables and fibrous fruits. Since it operates at such a low speed, this juicer preserves more nutrients, and it also reduces prep time.

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The Kings B6000S can effectively squeeze the juice out of leafy greens, vegetables and whole fruits, and it also includes a special component for making sorbet. It features a centered knife blade assembly and uses a 700-watt motor to slice through leafy greens.

After the powerful motor cuts the material into pieces, the spin chamber extracts juice with speeds up to 14,000 Rpm. A three-inch feed tube is designed to take large amounts of fruits or vegetables, and a stainless-steel mesh filter delivers fresh, clean juice.

The cutting disc is made of durable titanium, and a stabilizing knife helps to keep the machine working properly. The Gourmet GJ750 is great for fruits and vegetables, but it can extract more juice from leafy greens than many competing models.

The size of the feed tube is large enough for whole fruits and vegetables, and the 8.5-cup pulp tank is removable, which makes juicing faster and easier. The Essential Professional juicer is another top product, and it uses a 700-watt motor to slice through fruits, vegetables and leafy greens.

Since it uses a stainless-steel cutting disc, it’s easy to clean, and the durability of steel ensures a long lifespan for the product. The two-speed motor can extract juice from hard and soft produce, and with an extra-wide chute, you don’t have to spend hours prepping your fruits and vegetables.

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The safety locking arm adds an extra layer of protection against injuries, and the parts are dishwasher safe. Herbs and leafy greens are very important for your health, and if you’re not getting enough of them, your diet could be lacking essential nutrients.

There is nothing wrong with feeding hard stems into your juicer, and since they’re packed with nutrition, they shouldn’t be wasted. It’s a good idea to give your body some time to get used to the potent juice from leafy greens.

When your body is forced to detoxify itself too quickly, there is a good chance that you’ll end up feeling nauseous. A lot of people like to start with cucumbers or celery, but you can use almost any fruit or vegetable to hide the taste of the bitter greens.

It can also grind coffee, create nut butter, mince garlic, and churn out baby food. While it specializes in making juice from fruits, veggies, greens and wheatgrass, it can do so much more.

You’ll be able to produce butters, pastas, milk alternatives, herbs, baby food, frozen desserts, and a variety of other foods. From the time you turn on your juicer, up until break down and clean up, this option is the most convenient.

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This juicer runs at less than 60 decibels, making it super quiet, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your upstairs neighbors or your sleeping baby. The parts are all dishwasher safe, so you can clean up in a snap, and assembly and break down before and after each use is easy for any user.

We highly recommend this option for individuals or families on the go. This juicer is half the cost of comparable appliances, and it’s a quality pick for sure.

The juicer is easy to disassemble and clean, which is so important if juicing is part of your weekly routine. If you’ve been intimidated by the fancy juicers and have yet to take the plunge into the world of juicing, don’t wait another day.

Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press, Black When people start looking for a juicer to buy, they are often overwhelmed by the number of choices that they have.

For the novice juicer, there are simply too many technical terms being used to make a good decision. The vast majority of people have no idea what masticating means, and they just see an expensive juicer.

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Many people buy cheap juicers at the store only to find out that they are not suited for juicing hard or fibrous vegetables that they like. Centrifugal Juicer : These machines work by first cutting the fruit or vegetables up with a super-fast spinning blade, and then using centrifugal force to separate the pulp from the liquid juice.

Instead of relying on speed to mince veggies and fruit, they have either one or two shafts that turns around to crush whatever you put in there. Since they run at much slower speeds than the type mentioned above, you can even get a manual wheatgrass juicer that you crank around by hand.

For faster and more efficient juicing though, an electric masticating juicer is best. The ones mentioned above aren't wonderful for citrus, since you don't want to be drinking the juice from the peel.

Many juicers have a hard time juicing wheatgrass, and will crush it up into wet pulp leaving you with just a few drops of its precious liquids. Below, you’ll find our recommendations for the best manual and masticating juicers for wheatgrass.

We’ve given an overview of each model, and broken down exactly how they’re superior when it comes to juicing wheatgrass. After the reviews, you’ll also find some tips for growing and juicing wheatgrass, as well as helpful hints to guide you as you shop.

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Many dedicated manual juicers for wheatgrass are actually more effective than motorized models! Manual juicers are also a lot less expensive than electric, masticating models.

This budget priced manual juicer (about $40 at the time of writing) is specifically designed for wheatgrass. Pulp is dry and the juice is without froth.” We love that it’s super compact, and incredibly light.

This makes it so much easier to clean than models with a tricky pulp screen! If you expect it to work on wheatgrass and leafy greens, and only juice the occasional juicy fruit or shredded carrot, you’ll be more than pleased.

Handy Pantry makes two different manual wheatgrass juicers, the Hurricane and the Tornado. Priced at about $110 at the time of writing, it’s a bit less expensive and gives you pretty much the same quality.

This lets you use it on fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens in addition to wheatgrass! There’s a built-in gauge for adjusting pressure, and a simple assembly system for putting it together and taking it apart.

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We also love the sturdy metal clamp, complete with rubber feet, so it won’t damage your counters. We think it’s a great all-around manual juicer, and should serve all but the most perfectionist wheatgrass drinkers.

As their new, improved model (about $135 at the time of writing), it’s designed specifically for wheatgrass and barley grass. In terms of its overall design, the Hurricane is much the same as the Tornado, with an improved feed chute and drip nozzle.

Instead of the tapered nozzle you’ll find on the Tornado, the Hurricane has a pretty constant width and can handle more grass at a time. All the parts are again made from stainless steel, including the feed chute and plunger.

It’s a bit less versatile than the Tornado, since it doesn’t have the pressure adjustment knob. Some reviewers found that adding a washer into the auger setup helped everything work a bit more smoothly.

The Hurricane does provide better efficiency for wheatgrass, but you’ll sacrifice a bit of versatility. We’d recommend the Hurricane for dedicated wheatgrass juicers who don’t mix it with anything else.

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We also love masticating juicers for their ability to juice all sorts of produce. They can also process meats, tofu, and grind dry grains and nuts.

This is great if you have any special dietary needs, and need to watch which ingredients you are putting into your body (making gluten-free flour, for instance). Priced at about $300 at the time of this writing, it’s a full-size masticating juicer with a motor that packs the equivalent of 2 HP, thanks to a special gear system.

The auger is made from a special plastic compound which is tested to be 8X stronger than other materials. After wheatgrass goes through the auger, the pulp is squeezed a second time to make sure you’re not wasting any valuable juice.

The motor is ultra low-speed, which is perfect for preserving the delicate nutritional content of wheatgrass. It’s also a very versatile choice, with attachments for making pasta, sauces, nut butters, and more.

If you’re looking for a motorized juicer for wheatgrass, the Omega is a capable option for a reasonable price. At around $550 at the time of writing, it’s one of the lowest price titrating juicers on the market.

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Like the Omega, it’s versatile enough to grind spices and grains, and you can also use it for making nut butters and sauces. It does an even better job on wheatgrass thanks to the special augers, which have a “complete mastication” system.

There are sharp blades, wider grooves, and long channels to thoroughly chew up all the wheatgrass you feed in. And because the parts are stainless steel, they’ll last longer than plastic augers.

It’s reliable, highly effective, and can handle wheatgrass better than masticating juicers. It’s an incredibly versatile appliance, and will end up serving many functions in your kitchen.

It’s a titrating design, with double augers equipped with teeth and grooves, much like the Green Star, and it’s priced higher at around $1,700 at the time of this writing. The Super Angel uses a special gear system to generate the torque you need for pushing wheatgrass through the machine.

Plus, the system automatically keeps itself (and your juice) cool with an internal fan and sensors. For wheatgrass, we especially love the special augers with deep, angled grooves.

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It’s also ideal for wheatgrass, given its special teeth and low gear settings. This model is best for the most dedicated home juicers, or people who juice as part of a business.

You’ll get all the essential amino acids, and in a more digestible form than meat or soy. The wide variety of nutrients found in wheatgrass naturally boost your liver’s detoxification process.

Its high enzyme content makes it a perfect supplement for your body’s natural defenses. Nutritionists are quick to point out that the benefits of wheatgrass really depend on how it’s grown, and how it’s consumed.

By growing wheatgrass yourself, you can make sure that every ounce you drink is optimally produced. It’s a supplement which can be very useful in small doses, but shouldn’t be consumed in large quantities.

To combat this, it is recommended that you start slow by only drinking an ounce at first, and gradually adding more to your diet. These side effects are usually due to the detoxification that begins immediately after your first green beverage; they will pass in a couple of days.

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All you’ll need is seeds, a growing tray, and a warm, bright area. Wheatgrass and other sprouting greens can develop mold around the roots, so you’ll want to be careful of that.

Studies have shown that the nutritional profile of wheatgrass juice starts to degrade after just 15 minutes. You can also freeze wheatgrass juice, if you’ve got a big crop and need to process it all at once.

Many health institutes recommend consuming wheatgrass juice on an empty stomach for best results. They are called slow juicers because they take in smaller pieces of food, and process them a bit more slowly to ensure a dryer pulp, and a fuller glass.

Remember to cut your produce into small pieces (this includes wheatgrass), and feed the machine slowly, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Be on the lookout for specific features, and check to see what people who have juiced wheatgrass with a given model are saying online.

They tend to leave very wet pulp, and can waste up to half of the juice from wheatgrass. Several of our favorite models have special pockmarks in the augers, or metal teeth to help them really chew into greens.

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You will be able to make more types of juice from them, and combine wheatgrass with other fruits and vegetables. Some manual models aren’t meant for larger fruits and vegetables.

Masticating and titrating juicers also cover more ground in the kitchen, and can double as grinders and food processors. Before we discuss cortisol levels, I am excited to announce my latest passion.

This past March I attended a week-long cruise devoted to plant-based nutrition. They had an entire bar and lounge where they created all kinds of juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Because in the past I didn't believe that pure juice straight from the fruit or vegetable would satiate me. About 10 minutes after consuming the juice, I felt a strong boost of energy.

What I discovered is Juicing allows you to consume a high percentage of nutrients in just a matter of minutes, because it takes your body less energy to digest food in liquid form. Juicing keeps the nutrients from escaping and allows your body to receive a larger dose of them.

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A friend of mine told me she had a juicer made by Champion for more than 25 years and still loved it. It grates, masticates and then chews the pulp to further break down the flesh leaving no nutrients behind.

So after learning everything I could, I wanted to create juicing recipes to help lower cortisol levels that cause anxiety and depression. There is a steroid hormone in our body called cortisol, and it doesn't react well to anxiety.

When cortisol levels build up, you can feel anxious, irritable or depressed. Cortisol also prepares the body for a “fight-or-flight” response by flooding us with glucose causing an acute stress response that can cause an increased heart rate and faster breathing.

So I have created two cortisols lowering recipes to alleviate some of that stress in your life. Each recipe includes an adapted herb and fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C.

Foods rich in vitamin C have shown to lower cortisol levels. German researchers tested this by asking 120 people to give a speech, then do difficult math problems.

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There is a long list of adapted herbs but I like the ones that are easy to use and find like rosemary and holy basil. As a matter of fact, I always recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

I like to go heavy on the veggies and light on the fruit and I always include a leafy green like kale or spinach. The views and nutritional advice expressed here are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service.

3 Granny Smith Apples, quartered, cored, seeds removed 2 lemons, peeled 4 cups chopped Tuscan kale leaves 1 cup parsley sprigs 1 celery rib 1 x ¼ inch ginseng slice Wash and rinse everything thoroughly and cut off any damaged sections or tough ends.

1 red beet, peeled and cut into chunks 1 cup blueberries 1 celery rib 1 Granny Smith apples, halved, cored and cut into chunks Large handful of kale or spinach ½ tablespoon of rosemary leaves 1 lemon, peeled Wash and rinse everything thoroughly and cut off any damaged sections or tough ends.

From a summery strawberry peach beverage to a post-workout peanut butter banana protein shake, this smoothie shop has served up millions of fruity concoctions since it opened in the early ‘90s. Its vegan options have expanded rapidly, with non-dairy milks and snack items hitting its menus, and vegetarians lining up for more.

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Choose from Mega Mango, Peach Perfection, Pomegranate Paradise, or Strawberry Whirl to quench your thirst.• Fruit & Veggie Smoothies : Pack in the plants with one of these sneaky vegetable blends in flavors like Apples ‘n Greens, Berry Upbeat, and Orange Carrot Karma.• Strawberry Surf Rider Smoothie : This creation will make you feel like you’re sipping on liquid summer. Substitute one-part almond milk and one-part lemonade for the lime sherbet, and add two scoops of ice to keep up the frosty texture.• Cookies ‘n Crème Protein Smoothie : If you’re craving something a bit more decadent, opt for this milkshake-esque blend.

Swap the milk for soy or almond milk, ask for no honey, and switch the whey protein for soy protein in order to get the ultimate nutty and buttery plant-based beverage.• Mango-A-Go-Go Smoothie : Substitute two scoops of frozen pineapple for pineapple sherbet and instantly have your taste buds transported to a tropical island. Request it slightly warmed for an irresistible cinnamon apple scent.• Steel-Cut Oatmeal : These extra creamy oats are cooked in soy milk for an added punch of plant-based protein that will give you a boost of energy to get through your day.

Request toppings like fresh blueberries, juicy strawberries, or crunchy coconut to really elevate your oatmeal. Skip the brown sugar crumble and apple topping, as they contain butter.• Açai Prime Bowl : Açai juice, soy milk, blueberries, strawberries, and bananas create the thick base of this nutrient-packed bowl, topped with organic granola, fresh bananas, fresh blueberries, and coconut (simply request to have the drizzle of honey left off to make it completely vegan).• Island Pita ya Bowl : Get transported straight to a tropical exotic locale when you taste this refreshing blend of pineapple juice, frozen pineapples, bananas, frozen pita ya, frozen strawberries, and frozen mango that crafts the base of this mouth-watering bowl (again, simply request to have the drizzle of honey left off to make it totally vegan).you can also frequently find Cliff Bars, dried fruit, and vegan-friendly chips offered in various Samba Juice locations for quick grab-and-go options.

Sarah McLaughlin is an assistant editor at Renews who loves to grab an Orange Carrot Karma smoothie from Samba Juice in the summer.

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