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Best Kettle For Camping

Ava Flores
• Tuesday, 06 October, 2020
• 42 min read

If you are planning to enjoy the scenery of the outdoor together with your loved ones, family or friends, it is best to get already with your pieces of stuff. Truth be told, it is never easy to look for a good quality camping tea kettle for a price you are willing to pay.

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Likewise, so you can have a better grip about the essentials and benefits of having one, I have included a quick buying guide about it. As you go along my list of the best camping tea kettles out there, I hope you can find a good one that meets your requirements and budget.

Pros Highly durable material and great resistance against rust Light on your backpack Easy to use and clean Reasonable price As I scan through its features and benefits, I chose this camp kettle as my top pick for the article.

It is made from stainless steel, so the material is impeccably good when it comes to heat resistance and anti-corrosion property. This outdoor kettle comes with two portable cups made from quality ceramics.

I find this Aka kettle for camping and hiking worthwhile and durable for all-around heating and cooking. It is made from fine-quality and durable aluminum metal which makes this kettle lighter than your typical steel counterpart.

The handle is insulated with hard plastic with good heat resistance, thus, no worries about getting burned. In terms of capacity, it can heat up to 2 liters of water which is enough to make your noodles and paired that with coffee or tea.

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Dimension3.1 × 2.3 × 3.5 inherited weight1 poundVolumeNot indicatedMaterialSteelHandleSteel The kettle is made from three-ply steel Resin cap handle on the top cover Blue colored enamel finish with white specks The enamel blue colored finish of this camping kettle has specks of white which creates a nostalgic appeal on its design.

Pros Excellent heat dissipation for even boiling and cooking Easy to wash and pack Highly portable and resistant to rusting The space-saving design of this stainless steel kettle makes it truly ideal for camping and other outdoor activities.

This portable kettle is made from durable and quality stainless steel, thus, better hardness and resistance against rust and dents. The glass top has good resistance against heat, thus, no worries about burnt hands or fingers.

This Turkish kettle is made from Server a stainless steel chrome-plated alloy that has impressionable durability against the Wildwood fire in the camp. You can use charcoal or wood fire to heat this little monster in boiling water for your tea or coffee.

When you want something historical but with good durability against flames and dents, then this cast iron kettle is right for you. Its spout has enough opening to allow an effortless flow of hot water for your coffee and tea.

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Pros Fast boiling of water Handy and lightweight for camping Compact and durable material When you are on camping, time is most critical, thus, you need to have a reliable kettle that can boil water fast.

Pros Reliable resistance against melting and rust Reasonable price and compact built well for camping Hassle-free pouring of hot water Low cleaning maintenance It is made from solid stainless steel material to ensure it has enough strength to resist abrasion, melting, dents, and corrosion.

Aside from its polished stainless steel material or body, I also like its whistle spout and hinged handle because it is insulated with hard plastic making them more durable and appropriate for heating water. The overall aesthetics and functionality of this kettle are good for indoor kitchen and camping or hiking.

When you are on a slim budget, this camping kettle still has the credibility it deserves while offering you an economical price. Inline, here are the important things you need to look for in securing a good quality kettle for your camping experience.

Oftentimes, aluminum can be a good choice because it is significantly lighter than stainless steel. So now, we are done discussing the important features of an excellent camping tea kettle, then we are going to go for the common questions asked by customers about it.

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This will help you arrive with a sound decision in selecting a durable coffee and tea kettle. This kettle has a double walling and letting your water come to a boil will depend on the kind of fuel you will use for heating it.

It was Patrick Kelly who first invented this kettle in the 1890s and it was done in Lough Conn, County Mayo in Ireland. Stainless steel is the top choice when it comes to durability and impervious resistance from melting.

Afterward, put back the lid cover and place your kettle on top of the stove or wood fire. Make sure the hinged handle does not fold on the side as it can be melted when you use a wood fire.

There are plenty of things I like from this portable kettle and that includes snug fit lid cover (with breather), solid stainless steel body and handle, two cups together with this kettle, and low cleaning requirements. It allows you to easily and hassle-freely make your favorite morning cup of tea, coffee, chocolate, soup, or prepare ready-to-eat just-water foods.

After analyzing multiple camping kettles’ key features, user reviews, and sales stats, we have concluded that these are the best models you can get on the market today… This is an excellent choice for camping for anyone looking for a long-lasting kettle for making coffee, tea, soup, hot drinks, and more.

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The tea kettle is made to withstand the tough camp kitchen lifestyle. It’s constructed from GSI’s halite material, a proprietary alloy that has great heat-conducting capabilities than titanium, so you don’t have to bring extra fuel.

If portability is what you’re looking for in the best camping tea kettle, then you’ve just found the Do cooler camping kettle. Featuring a compact and exquisite size, this kettle is designed to offer great convenience to people who like hiking, camping, mountaineering, traveling, and so on.

This is a small camping kettle that will let you heat water and make instant coffee in your tent. It features hard anodized aluminum make, giving it both a lightweight and durable design.

Check its spout… it’s short, easy pouring, and allows you to pout boiled water easily, without dripping or leaking. The backpacking kettle comes with a compact and portable design, and you’ll like how it easily fits in the nooks and cranny of your camping bin.

Because it can hold up to a liter of water, it’s the perfect choice for going camping with your small family. Forget about the pots that feel too flimsy and start weakening after the few uses…this campfire kettle is made from hard-anodized aluminum, making it extremely tough and long-lasting.

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This is a cute-looking kettle that you can use on various outdoor occasions, including traveling, camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing, and more. This makes your kettle stay free of scratches, while easily overcoming the easy wear defects associated with most aluminum products.

For your own safety, the kettle ’s lid is armed with an innovative fin at the top made from silicone. With its exquisite smooth flow spout, you don’t have to worry about the dripping issues.

A stainless steel camping tea kettle is also durable but feels heavier. This material also has excellent heat conductivity properties, allowing you to boil your water quickly.

It’s lightweight and robust but sits on the higher end of the price spectrum compared to stainless steel and aluminum. If you’re hiking or camping with your family or a large group of friends, you should consider a bigger capacity.

Remember, you’ll be pocking it alongside other gear, so it should be pretty easy to pack and carry to your camping or hiking destination. Other features that contribute to the portability of a camping tea kettle include a folding handle and carry bag.

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It should feature some rubber or silicone coating to insulate your hands and keep them safe from burns. Kettles that feature a spout that starts dripping after you have poured tea or water can be a mess and quite frustrating.

A versatile kettle that works with a variety of heat sources is a great solution. Also, models with special features and extra accessories might require you to dig deeper into your pockets.

Though all the materials used to make these kettles are pretty tough, stainless steel has shown to deliver greater durability. It has excellent resistance to melting, and you can use it for countless camping trips without signs of wear.

This type of kettle is slowly gaining popularity due to its ease of packing and high portability. It usually comes with a metal base and silicone body, making it less durable than the traditional camping kettles.

But be sure to give it the extra care and attention it requires, so it doesn’t get burned down when in use or get torn by other gear during transportation. All these kettles are made from durable materials and will let you prepare your morning cup of coffee or tea in minutes.

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Having the right gear can mean the difference between a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor vacation or a miserable, regrettable one. The Fire-Maple Tea Kettle is made from anodized aluminum and has a stainless steel handle.

This kettle can boil water within minutes, uses natural fuel, and can even re-hydrate or cook a meal. Like the travel kettle previously mentioned, the material is also anodized aluminum, making it durable and able to withstand a variety of cooking surfaces.

The Do cooler CampingKettle is one of the best camping kettles because of its affordable price tag and special oxidation film coating that helps protect it from heat and abrasions, helping ensure it sticks around for a long time. The Do cooler CampingKettle is a great pick if you want to bring a kettle along on your next camping trip but don’t want to spend too much money.

The Do cooler CampingKettle is about half the price of other similar kettles, but it doesn’t skimp out on quality. The oxidation film coating on the outside and inside assists in increasing the strength and resistance to heat and abrasions.

The design is standard for most camping kettles and features a rubber coated handle to prevent scalding. On top of using it while camping, this travel kettle can also be used on gas and induction stoves, so you can use it at home if you love it enough.

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Collapsible design saves space while packing Heats water fast Induction or gas cooking Made from BPA-free silicone This electrical kettle self-heats water automatically whenever it’s plugged in, and it offers a compact design and functionality for multiple voltages.

Easy to use Convenient and portable Adjustable dual voltage Can be collapsed to save space From the materials they are made from to the size to how they’re heated, each one is a bit different, and it can make choosing easier to consider these options separately.

However, some campers choose to forego strength for one that is light and small instead, so they prefer silicone instead of aluminum or another metal. Try to find a kettle that has a coated handle to shield against the heat to protect yourself and the other campers you’re with from injury.

Campers will be able to boil collected water to ensure its cleanliness, make tea or coffee to pour into their camping travel mugs, or to provide hot water for cooking with a quality backpacking kettle. There’s nothing quite like a hot drink on a chilly morning in the campsite, and finding the bestcampingkettle can make that a reality.

Coupled with a water storage container, a camping kettle can help you make hot chocolate, tea, or coffee with ease. A camping kettle provides hot water campers can use in a number of ways to enjoy their camping trip.

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If you have kids in your campsite, make sure to keep them away from the fire, and advise them in the use of potholders, so they can safely handle the kettle. The bestcampingkettle practices center on allowing water to boil, then to cool to an acceptable drinking temperature before serving.

If you still don’t know which camping kettle is the best option for filling your camping mug and want one last recommendation, in our opinion, it’s the Fire Maple Tea Kettle, hands down. We love durable kettles, and the anodized aluminum and stainless steel this one features were big pluses.

If so, there’s only one viable way to get your hands on your morning cup: prepare it over the fire! Topping our list is the Silvering Titanium Ultralight CampingKettle.

Made out of heavy-duty titanium, this product is built to thrive through years of consistent wear and tear. This kettle is capable of holding up to 1.4 liters of liquid, or approximately 6 cups.

This enables it to make a reasonable amount of coffee for the entire family. Equipped with a small-lipped spout, it’s designed to facilitate spill-free pouring.

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This kettle is similar to the Silvering kettle reviewed above, differing only in the fact that its spout isn’t as functional (it dribbles a bit, creating the potential for mess). This kettle is exactly the same size as the Silvering, capable of holding up to 1.4 liters or about 6 cups.

As such, it’s able to accommodate solo individuals, large groups, and everything in between. It almost equals the Silvering kettle reviewed above, and is actually a little cheaper.

So, if you’re looking for a great long-term option (we’re talking decades) on a budget, you should give this one some serious consideration. In terms of capacity, it’s superb, capable of holding up to 1.5 liters of liquid, or 6 cups.

This kettle doesn’t quite possess the heat retention possessed by titanium and stainless steel models, but it will still work to keep coffee and tea warm for 30 minutes to an hour. So, if you’re making cowboy coffee for the entire little league team, this is a good one to have on hand.

If volume is your main priority, it would be a very solid choice for you. It provides reasonable durability and heat retention at an affordable price, making it a good buy for those who are pinching pennies.

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It holds up to 1.6 liters, or approximately 6 cups of liquid. Compared to other stainless steel and aluminum options, this is standard.

We’ll round out our list with this kettle from Linda. It’s just that, in terms of construction and functionality, it pales in comparison to the others.

Not to mention, it’s smaller than most, capable of holding only 1.2 liters, or 5 cups. But if you only go camping sporadically, there’s really no reason to spend a bunch of money.

We’ve listed our top choices below but you can read the full lowdown on each model below. We’ve reviewed and recommended models from £30 up to well over £100, to ensure we hit cater to every budget and requirement.

However, the speed at which a kettle turns off once the water reaches boiling temperature is important. For that reason, we test all kettles to review the time it takes to boil 1-litre of tap-temperature water.

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While your choice of kettle may largely come down to style, having a water boiler that functions well is exceptionally important. For every model we test, we examine how easy it is to fill, whether you can easily see how much water you’re putting in, and how well it pours.

We also evaluate other features such as whether it’s possible to set target temperatures for different drinks (water to make coffee shouldn’t be at boiling point, for example). The Meg KLF03 kettle is one of the more expensive models around, but it’s also one of the quickest to reach boiling point and most classify designed.

In line with the Italian company’s other appliances, the KLF03 is available in a variety of pastel shades and features a raised Meg logo on each side. The handle feels solid and comfortable, and the kettle pours well through a removable limescale filter.

A 3kW-rated kettle, the Meg KLF03 managed to boil 1-litre of water in just 2mins 5secs, making it one of the fastest models we’ve tested. If you want to kit out your kitchen with matching small appliances, the Morphy Richards Accents range is probably on your radar.

As well as the Accents Traditional Kettle on review here, the range also includes a mug tree, knife block and toaster among other items. As with the other products that make up range, the Accents Traditional Kettle comes in a variety of colors including white, black, cream, red and blue.

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On the side of the Accents Traditional Kettle is a water-fill meter, measured in cups, with a line indicating the maximum 1.5-litre level. Unfortunately, condensation inside the kettle can obscure the view, and as a result it can be difficult to work out how much water you’ve put in.

Pouring using the well-positioned handle is easy enough, and it’s good to see a replaceable limescale filter inside. A clearer water level would have been welcome, but for the price, the Accents Traditional Kettle is a well-made and stylish addition to any kitchen.

Pouring is easy, with the kettle ’s weight evenly distributed and the large handle. Our only minor complaints are that the cable could be longer (it’s just 70 cm) and a pop-up lid would be a neater way to fill it.

Decked out in the company’s familiar metal body and color scheme, there’s no denying that the Kitchen Artisan 1.5L Kettle is one good-looking hot-water boiler. It’s also a quick kettle, taking 2 m 24s to reach 100C; after 10 minutes the water temperature was still a usable 86C.

Without this turned on, the kettle tended to lose temperature faster than other models that we’ve reviewed. Boiling performance, at just under three minutes to get 1-litre of water to 100C, was a touch off the pace but not enough to put us off this model.

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If there are two things that you want from a kettle, they’re the abilities to boil quickly and keep water warm for a long time. Comfortable to hold and easy to fill, the Morphy Richards 108010 Metro Kettle gets all the basics right and it’s well-priced, too.

The kettle connects to your Wi-Fi and you’re then free to control it via its iOS or Android app, which will let you adjust the temperature to fit your beverage. The kettle 3.0 is a little heavy and there are some minor annoyances, such as there being no external indicator for how much water is inside.

Converting electricity into heat is extremely easy, so all kettles will have similar efficiency figures. And since UK plugs house a maximum of a 13-amp fuse, the most energy a kettle can draw is 3kW.

The main differences are in regard to how quickly a kettle takes to boil, which is defined by two factors: power usage and the auto shut-off. The automatic shut-off has a part to play: the faster the kettle can recognize that it has hit the boiling point, the quicker it will shut off and stop using power.

To that end, our reviews list how much power a kettle draws and the time taken to heat 1-litre of water. As such, a kettle that has a clear window and water scale makes it easier to fill to the level you need.

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Starting life on the consumer PC press back in 1998, David has been at the forefront of technology for the past 20 years. In that case, you might need to consider a suitable kettle for coffee because the water temperature is also an essential factor for a good cup of pour-over.

To save you some time, I've covered the 15 best electric kettles for coffee in this review to help you find your new beloved equipment. Ox, Fellow Stage, and Bonita are top-notch brands of the best electric kettles for coffee thanks to functionality, ergonomic design, and aesthetics.

Besides, Breast, Cuisinart, and Secure are also great electric kettles for coffee, which are favored for unique features and powerless. Before going into each product carefully, I would like to give you the necessary information about the dimensions, weight, material, capacity and power of the 15 best electric kettles for coffee.

Item Weight 1.13 pounds Dimensions 11.4 × 6.3 × 8.07 inches Brand Ox Color Black and silver Hold Time 30 minutes Warranty 2 Heiresses more about this useful product below: This Hamilton Beach 40998 kettle could be an affordable and effective solution to heat water for your morning coffee cup.

On top of that, due to a powerful heating system, it could boil water very fast and helps you save a lot of time, especially when you're in a hurry. What is more, easy-pour spout allows you to control water speed when pouring to the coffee and contribute significantly to your cup's quality.

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This kettle has a striking balance between aesthetics and functionality while also is considered one of the best options for brewing coffee. It's the fact that depending on each coffee brewing method, there will be different water temperature requirements.

The kettle comes with a large capacity of 1.7 liters and 6 preset temperatures, two of many features of Cuisinart CPK-17 Perfected, and might be the reason why numerous customers favor it. The simple control panel with LED light indicator enables anyone to work with it for the first time.

This compact and portable electric mug kettle is one of my favorite gadgets I often carry with me on the way to work. Tech Tools Heated Retro Style Electric Kettle comes with an 12V adapter which is compatible with your car’s charger; therefore, you can easily plug in and start warming up your coffee for long commutes or road trips.

Item Weight 0.8 pounds Dimensions 7.3 × 5.1 × 4.1 inches Brand Tech Tools Color Black Warranty 1 YearUnboxing the self-heated coffee mug for car: Featuring high watts of heating power, this cordless Seville USA BKE595XL is able to boil water as fast as you can imagine.

Notably, it's made of high-quality German Scott glass and BPA-free plastic, so it appears not only lovely but also safe to drink from. This kettle is equipped with boil-dry protection and a soft opening lid, which slowly releases steam and prevents splashing.

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Item Weight 3.31 pounds Dimensions 11.8 × 8.9 × 7.4 inches Brand Willow & Everett Color Silver Warranty 1 Rewatch this for more useful information about this kettle : Furthermore, this kettle comes with trendy color and smooth design which makes it really stand out no matter where you put it.

Not to mention, the double-wall construction also contributes to quick heating and keeps the water stay warm for a longer time. In terms of hygiene, this product with a large opening allows you to access easily clean the inside buildup.

Item Weight 3.25 pounds Dimensions 11 × 8.6 × 7.7 inches Brand Secure Color Black Warranty 2 Years It's made of brushed stainless steel with a cool-touch plastic handle for easy pouring when the water is hot.

If there is power supply at your destination, you might want to bring a convenient electric kettle for making coffee. First and foremost, thanks to a BPA-free silicone body, this kettle can be folded to a smaller size so that it can fit perfectly into your travel bag.

Item Weight Not specific Dimensions 6.69 × 5.2 × 4.92 inches Brand LSI Color White Warranty 1 Year Besides, it's made of durable stainless steel and smooth aluminum, which are able to stay like-new for a long time if you handle it with care.

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Item Weight 2.5 pounds Dimensions 7 × 8.9 × 10.3 inches Brand Kitchen Color Empire Red Warranty 2 Years The gooseneck spout allows you to control the water flow rate when pouring to make a perfect coffee cup easily.

The Bod um Mellor Goose Neck Electric Kettle features a stainless steel design with a beautiful matte black finish. It's worth noting that Bod um Mellor comes with natural and renewable European cork used to produce a handle and lid.

Pros User-friendly operation Able to make good coffee and tea Durable and sustainable material Comes with many useful functions If you intend to buy a kettle not only for coffee but also for other cooking options, you might want to consider a larger capacity.

Many customers love silicone kettle for travel reasons because you can easily fold it to fit in your baggage. So buying a kettle with a temperature control system will help you get the perfect cup of coffee.

Alternatively, you can choose a kettle with variable preset default temperatures for different beverages, including coffee. Also, modern kettle often includes a keep-warm function to keep water at the targeted temperature for 30 to 60 minutes if you brew more than 1 cup of coffee in a short time.

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To avoid accidentally pouring too much water into coffee at a time, gooseneck spout design will reduce the risk of that action. In conclusion, my above article is all about the 15 best electric kettles for coffee, and I hope you find the list insightful enough to decide the best product for yourself as soon as possible.

Cons: Material feels flimsy Some wish the whistle was louder Prone to rust Another highlight is the Bakelite handle, which offers a comfortable grip and is designed to stay cool even the kettle is hot.

Pros: Distinctive two-tone harmonica whistle Flat, smooth base for rapid boiling Extra-large opening You can expect quick and even heat distribution with this ceramic tea kettle, which also includes stainless steel components.

You can use this 1.8-quart kettle on ceramic, induction, and glass stove tops because of its magnetic carbon steel construction. In addition to blue, this Chantal kettle also comes in red, onyx, and stainless finishes.

It might not be the flashiest on the market, but this 12-cup tea kettle features a generous capacity with ample room for making larger batches of your hot beverage at once along with a durable shock-resistant borosilicate glass material. Those with electric range coils will find the included metal heat diffuser particularly useful.

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Pros: Spout flips open Single-tone whistle when water is boiling Wide base Some kettles let you know when the water is boiling by emitting a harsh shriek.

Cons: Handle is fixed in place Spout is a bit short A few mentions high heat can damage the bottom Users appreciate the ergonomic loop handle, which lets you get a secure grip and simplifies the pouring process.

Cons: Relatively small fill opening Can drip a bit when pouring Handle can’t be moved aside for cleaning The result is simpler and more efficient handling when you go to make your cup of coffee or tea.

A full stainless steel handle and trim band gives this Kitchen kettle an upscale appearance. Aside from boiling water for coffee and tea, this kettle is ideal for preparing soup, hot cereal, and more.

Another highlight is the polished stainless steel thumb-press spout that lets you pour in a single motion. This stove top kettle also features a removable lid for simpler filling and cleaning.

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Cons: Can take a while to heat up Doesn’t whistle when water boils Some complain of exterior stains over time This Mario stove top kettle is a popular choice for its generous 1.2-liter capacity and its distinctive low-mounted spout, which ensures a more comfortable pour with ample control over the water flow.

The thin spout and long travel distance equals a small and smooth stream of water. A flat knob lid lifts off quickly and provides a generous gripping surface.

It doesn’t really count much whether you are a zealous tea drinker or if you just love boiling water up. This modernly designed tea kettle reminds me of my youth camping days.

With a capacity of up to 6 cups and designed with a steel long-lasting body, I could use it up but it would never tire from fulfilling its duty. Often whistling pleasantly when the water boils, you can’t stop but admire its bright exterior which is stain resistant and very easy to clean.

Whenever you feel thirsty for a cup of tea, why not try out this stainless steel, high grade kettle that doesn’t rust. As a plus, you only worry less about ever been burnt up because the handle and spout touch points are made of silicone.

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High-grade stainless steel construction guards against rust Large lid opening for convenient filling and cleaning Loud whistle signals when water is ready Silicone touch points on spout and handle Made with high quality five-layered surgical-grade stainless steel, the kettle withstands rust, scratches and even dents other than heating up your tea in no time.

It simply whistles when boiling and it’s fused with a nice trigger mechanism on the handle for a convenient pour. Designed with safety and durability in mind, the Sonya kettle is totally free of Teflon and BPA in addition to having a food grade stainless steel body that is rust and corrosion resistant.

You can use it over many heating platforms including, electric, gas, and halogen stoves, ceramic, and induction heaters. With a porcelain exterior that is vivaciously colored, it also features an easily removable lid and a simple thumb-press spout.

Other than being BPA-free and dawning a high 12 cup capacity, the kettle can be used on various electric and gas stoves and heaters. It is fitted with brew range thermometer and high precision pour spout for optimal flow.

Albeit a simple reminder of what a basic design of a kettle is, this cast iron teakettle has a beautiful basket weave on the body that simply connotes a skilled artwork. To end with, you need a marriage of beauty, simplicity and functionality in every tea making kettle out there in order to enjoy your moment.

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There are numerous options for heating water on a camping trip, and many more choices for kettles that can get the job done. Choosing the ideal kettle for your particular camping needs is partially personal preference and partly application driven.

Match your needs to the kettle's capacity, construction and your design preference and you'll have many happy days of enjoyment in the great outdoors ahead of you. If you appreciate the look and feel of vintage cookware, this Sierra enamelware 10-cup kettle just might trip your trigger.

The construction is heavy-gauge steel topped with a classic speckled enamel finish that has been kiln-hardened twice at 1,400° F. This twice-fired technique stands up to scratches and chipping. Reviews on Cabala's website indicate that customers find the finish to be attractive, the pieces to be lightweight and the material to hold in heat.

Coffee loving campers with a demanding passion for this brew will appreciate the advantage of a large hot water producer with stylish looks and a percolator to boot! The unique design utilizes a fire base which can be filled with a handful of tinder and kindling gathered wherever you happen to be.

Choose from six sizes, ranging from a small 17-ounce unit designed for one to two people, up to a large 50.7-ounce tanker that would serve well for family trips or base camps in the mountains. Double-walled construction produces boiling water very quickly because the center of the kettle is actually a chimney.

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Kettles used on open campfires become covered with soot pretty badly and the soap lets you wash it off easily. Price around $35.00 it's in the reasonable range for a high-tech type of cooking pot, but may be more than the average two trips a year family would care to spend.

This is a very lightweight pot that would work well as a kettle substitute for hikers heading deep into the high timber. Dedicated backpackers will appreciate the weight and construction of the GSI Halite Tea Kettle, manufactured of scratch-proof and burn-proof Halite.

It weighs in at a scant 5.8 ounces and the extra wide lid makes it possible to store other items such as an ultralight stove or alcohol cooker to maximize space utilization. The spout is a bit shorter than some campers may prefer, although the compact size and the fact that it's light may offset this factor.

However, one reviewer at Back Country.com commented that the plastic coating on the handle and lid melted when she left it on a campfire, and that it would be best used on a camp stove. Another lightweight option for backpackers and solo campers would be the Optimum Terra Kettle, available at CampSaver.com for just under $20 it won't bite into your camping budget badly.

There are a number of important factors to consider when deciding what type of kettle will best meet your needs. Once you've determined the size required for your camping inclinations, you'll save time by not looking at those options outside the realm of possibility.

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For example, the capacity of a kettle for a family of four would be excessive for a single backpacker concerned more with weight and space issues. If you find heavy weights challenging, try filling a cooking pot at home with an equal amount of water as the kettle you are considering holds and see how well you can handle it while kneeling and standing as if you were placing or removing it from a fire.

If you're cooking over an open fire you can simply put another log on the smoldering coals and you're back into maximum output business. Camping kettles made of very thin materials don't fare well when used over the intense heat of an open campfire.

Aluminum is the lightest option, but keep in mind that very thin, lightweight metals dent very easily. Titanium is a very popular choice for backpackers due to its excellent strength to weight ratio and extremely durable finish.

Design is the final factor to consider when narrowing down the prospective kettles on your list. While the material used is largely a personal and sometimes price-point driven element, it's important to consider how the kettle is made.

Pots can be pressed from one continuous sheet of metal, or made from two or more pieces that are joined together with seams. When using a kettle on an open fire, placed directly on burning coals, keep in mind that the weight of the pot will cause it to tip as the wood underneath is consumed to ashes.

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At £59, it’s by no means cheap but if you’ll value the extras that come with this and the carefully thought-through design, it’s worth every penny. The sturdy stainless steel and plastic cordless jug sits on a square base unit, which has four settings for different temperatures (100, 90, 80 and 70 degrees) and there’s also a keep-warm function so you don’t have to reboil.

Capacity: 1.5L Wattage: 3,000 Integrated filter: Yes Multiple temperatures: Yes Matching toaster: Yes Warranty: Two years Russell Hobbs is always a reliable port of call for kettles and the plastic Textures model (available in black or white) shouldn’t disappoint.

If you want a bit of the iconic Kitchen aid style (in a range of colors) in your kitchen but can’t quite stretch to the stand mixer, the Artisan Kettle might fill a hole on your work surface and in your heart. The kettle is double-walled so it’s never hot to the touch, which is a boon in a kitchen with children about, and its safety credentials are good all round.

“We have a Seville Holdup for single cups of tea, and a kettle on the hob for bigger brewing jobs. The Holdup does take up space, but is easier than a hot water tap if you're just making a single cup of tea.

You just push a button and then come back in a couple of minutes to a brew (and the water is freshly boiled).” It’s also significantly cheaper than a built-in boiling water tap which would set you back a few hundred pounds.

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It takes up slightly more space on the work surface than a standard kettle, but looks very sleek and unobtrusive. It would go particularly well in a modern kitchen with its blue light-up feature when in boiling mode, and a permanent limescale filter means it’s suitable for hard-water areas.

This may not matter too much if you don’t need water to be at boiling point for tea or coffee, but if you’re fastidious about your cuppa, it’s worth opting for a more traditional kettle. Otherwise, it’s a great option for making a quick tea, hot chocolate or even a mug of super-fast noodles.

Capacity: 1.5L Wattage: 3,000 Integrated filter: Yes Multiple temperatures: No Matching toaster: No Warranty: One year It has traditional good looks and a charming whistle which lets you know when your water has boiled.

Capacity: 2.1L Integrated filter: No Multiple temperatures: No Matching toaster: No Warranty: Five years You fill the kettle at the top and a blue light glows through the glass, getting brighter as it boils, which is a nice touch.

We like the cord storage, which makes it safe for a family kitchen, and a concealed element, meaning it’s that little easier to clean. The filter does make it heavy to lift, which is worth being aware of, and you can’t boil very small amounts either.

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Otherwise, if the flavor of your hot drinks is important to you or you know you live in a hard water area, this is a great buy that will transform your brew. For those who take their tea (and coffee) to another level, this model by Sage offers something a bit fancy.

It has five different settings from 80 to 100 degrees at five-degree increments, specifically for black, green, white or Oblong tea, and French press coffee. Cord storage and a 360-degree rotational base mean it’s easy to use anywhere on your work surface, and it includes useful safety features such as auto shut-off and boil-dry protection.

In brushed stainless steel, it looks incredibly smart in any kitchen, and the ergonomic handle and soft-open lid make it feel lovely to use too. It’s at the expensive end of the scale, but for those who like top gadgetry in their kitchen and a truly posh cuppa, it’s a good buy.

Capacity: 1.7L Wattage: 3,000 Integrated filter: Yes Multiple temperatures: Yes Matching toaster: Yes Warranty: Three years As well as being able to boil the kettle from afar to be ready for you as soon as you walk through the door, you can also choose the temperature of your water and use the keep-warm feature if you’re not there immediately.

While all the bells and whistles are impressive, reviews have expressed worries that, in theory, you could boil this kettle dry while not in the house. Parents would definitely want to be sure that there was no way it could be switched on remotely when a child was messing around with it, or boil dry when you’re not there.

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Capacity: 1.8L Wattage: 3,000 Integrated filters: No Multiple temperatures: Yes Matching toaster: No Warranty: One year This fetching kettle with textured jug in six lovely colors would be a centerpiece in any kitchen.

The filter works really well to reduce limescale and the slightly ‘tilted’ design makes it very easy to handle and pour. The textured surface looks stunning, but also stays cool to the touch even when the water inside is boiling.

Capacity: 1.6L Wattage: 3,000 Integrated filter: Yes Multiple temperatures: No Matching toaster: Yes Warranty: Three years through Curry's First, decide where your kettle is going to live in your kitchen as size will dictate your product choice.

But if you regularly get a whole pot on, you’ll want to go for a decent capacity to avoid having to boil the kettle twice. If you have young children in the house, it’s also worth checking that the kettle you choose has good grips on the handle so it’s less likely to slip in your grasp.

Overall, £50 should be able to buy you a really decent kettle with a few fancy features that will make brewing a lot more pleasurable. We also like the Kenwood Mesmerize Jug Kettle which, although pricey, will deliver a cup of tea or coffee in under a minute.

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Russell Hobbs is a leading kettle brand that has landed three models in our top 10 list, which we think says a lot about their reliability. Seville kettles also come highly recommended and, while none of them made our final cut, we also heard lots of good things about De’Longhi during our research process.

It’s also worth checking out some premium kitchen brands that are better known for other appliances but are now breaking into the kettle market, such as Sage and Kitchen aid. Some brands that have done very well in reviews elsewhere have not impressed Musketeers, with several saying they’ve given up on Duality kettles, which once graced the worktop of kitchen gadget fans up and down the country.

We checked the specs and features of all the kettles and compared them with others on the market to see which offered the best value for money. And the Good Housekeeping Institute who have spent weeks and months putting kettles through their paces.

Musket carries some affiliate marketing links, so if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of the sale (more details here).

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