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Best Kettle For F

Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 10 October, 2020
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They also have their handle on the side and will generally hold a larger volume of water. If waiting for your kettle to boil isn’t a major issue for you, a lower wattage will work just as well.

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It’s worth bearing in mind though that these models can take much longer and use more energy to make your cuppa. It’s a handy feature if you like to drink more delicate herbal and green teas, which should be brewed below boiling.

For every milliliter of water you add to your kettle, an extra gram is added to its overall weight, meaning they can get quite heavy. It's also worth checking the position and shape of the handle, which may affect the balance when pouring and filling.

Most kettles have removable, washable anti-scale water filters that sit at the base of the spout. These collect pieces of limescale from the water to prevent them from being poured into your drink, and they stop scum forming on the surface.

It is equally important to check the water gauge to make sure your kettle hasn’t been overfilled, which could boil over and be a safety hazard. Some bases also have an additional cable storage feature underneath for tucking away any excess cord.

The outside stayed cool, reaching just 35C with the kettle freshly boiled, but be wary that the stainless steel elements get hotter. It’s also worth noting that the water level gauge is inside the kettle.

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We like that it’s easy to fill through the spout, pours accurately with no splashing or spitting and is lightweight, weighing just 680g when empty and 2.4 kg at full capacity. The minimum quantity is 280ml, enough for a large cup of tea, and it takes a speedy 45 seconds to boil.

The maximum 1.7-litre capacity is also quick to boil, taking just three-and-a-half minutes (only 30 seconds more than the winning kettle). The casing temperature after boiling reached 63C, hotter than we'd like, but the handle remained cool and safe to touch.

4Swan Symphony Collection 1.7L Jug Kettle SK31050amazon.co.this kettle is among the most compact we’ve tested and the wide, rounded spout makes for fast filling, providing a clean and accurate pour. When boiling a full kettle, the external casing temperature remained a cool to touch.

The compact design also means it won’t take up much space on your kitchen counter. It boils enough for a large cup of tea in under fifty seconds and one liter in just over two minutes.

One thing to note is that it emits a lot of steam and wobbles on its base towards the end of the boiling cycle. 6Kenwood ZJP05. A0GY Abbey Grey 1.7L Kettle While it wasn’t the fastest in our tests, it performed well.

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While it took a speedy three minutes and twenty seconds for the maximum capacity of 1.5 liters to reach boiling point, we noticed it made a lot of steam in the process. The detachable lid made it very easy to fill up and empty and the non-slip hand was comfortable to hold, too.

We loved the sculptured resin finish and it’s available in distinctive colors, including bronze and metallic blue. It boils one cup of water in under 45 seconds, so it’s ideal for people who usually only make one hot drink at a time.

Precision engineering, superb functionality, and a simple yet elegant design make the Fellow Stag EKG Electric Pour-over Kettle our best electric kettle choice. It will heat up quickly thanks to the 1200 Watt heating element and by toggling the switch on the base, the kettle will hold the temperature at the desired temperature for up to an hour.

Designed especially for making tea and coffee, it features adjustable temperature settings ranging from 135 degrees F to 212 degrees F to suit different brews of tea and coffee. The design of this high-end electric kettle facilitates smooth and constant pouring at an optimal rate and with no drip back.

A versatile and functional no-frills cordless electric kettle that is suitable for the full range of kitchen hot water requirements. TheAmazonBasics Stainless Steel Fast Electric Kettle comes with a 1 liter or 1.7-liter capacity and has a 1500 Watt element to boil water rapidly.

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As the water reaches boiling, it automatically shuts off and because the heating element is concealed, it is easy to clean out. These models are made from BPA-free materials and have a window on the side to indicate the water level for greater efficiency.

Key Features Transparent design made from borosilicate glass Constructed from food-grade stainless steel and borosilicate glass, these electric kettles are designed so that no plastic comes into contact with the water.

The glass electric kettle is resistant to scuffing and scratching so that it remains clear even after constant use. The COS ORI Water Boiler Kettle brings water to a boil in between three and seven minutes depending on volume, comparing favorably with microwave and stove (stove kettle) heating.

Thanks to the Strip thermostat technology, the kettle shuts off within 30 seconds of boiling. If there is nothing in the kettle, the boil-dry detection will turn it off to protect the concealed heating element.

The cordless design comes with a base allowing 360-degree rotation for pouring precision. Other useful design features include a sturdy handle, a spout, filter, and a wide opening for easy cleaning.

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This stainless steel kettle can hold up to 1.5 liters (8 cups of water) and will bring water to a boil within seven minutes thanks to the 1500 Watt electric element. In common with many of the best electric kettles, it uses Strip thermostat technology to automatically shut off the element at boiling point to maintain safety and efficiency.

The lid flips wide open for easy cleaning. The digital real-time thermal reading display indicates the current temperature and the ‘hold’ facility allows you to maintain the desired temperature for up to an hour.

Once the target temperature is reached, there is a count-up timer to track the tea or coffee brewing process. The casing is made from brushed stainless steel and features a Gooseneck spout to pour-over coffee at a controlled speed.

Pros Heats water quickly to desired temperature Safe, efficient, and aesthetic, the Poll Schmitt Glass Electric Kettle combines high-quality materials and advanced Swiss technology to deliver efficient boiling.

These kettles can boil in three to seven minutes and hold a maximum of 58 fluid ounces. The transparent design crafted from high-grade borosilicate glass allows you to observe the boiling process and is resistant to scratching.

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Other parts are made from stainless steel and no plastics touch the boiling water. The heating element of the cordless kettle is concealed and protected from burn-out by an automatic shut off feature (30 seconds or less after it has boiled) and a boil-dry safety feature if the kettle is empty.

Elegantly designed and featuring finger-tip precision controls, this is arguably the best kettle for tea and coffee brewing. These superior electric kettles ensure no plastic or Teflon comes into contact with the water thereby maintaining the purity of the taste and safeguarding customer health.

The housing, spout, and lid are all made from food-grade stainless steel. In the COS ORI Electric Gooseneck Kettles, electric elements (1200 Watts) can heat the water to boiling within five minutes guarded by automatic shut-off, boil-dry, and overheat protection systems.

Transparent design makes the internal volume visible 7 liters, the Hamilton Beach Kettle can be used for making one coffee for yourself or enough for the whole family by boiling just once.

The transparent cordless Hamilton Beach kettle sits on a secure base and the boiling chamber is illuminated by an attractive blue LED light which clearly indicates that it is operating. There is a built-in mesh filter to reduce the scale and therefore maintain the taste and the lid flips open for easy cleaning.

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Available in three colors and with a modern, minimal design these electric kettles can heat to boiling point in minutes with a 700 Watt electric element. There is a contrasting on/off switch and LED power indicator that also contributes to the ease of use.

These products can compete with the best electric kettles in terms of functionality. They can bring up to 1.9 liters to boiling point rapidly and will keep it warm for up to an hour.

The transparent New House Kitchen Fast Boiling Tea Kettle is made from stain-resistant borosilicate glass and thanks to the LED lighting you can see when it is boiling. You can also directly brew loose-leaf tea as the infuser can be removed for cleaning.

Cons Heating rate is a bit slower than some other models A traditional kettle with a modern Matt silver finish, Outer Metropolitan Electric Kettle also features rose gold detailing.

It can rapidly bring up to seven cups (over one liter) to boiling point in a few minutes and has a transparent window to indicate the water level. The base provides 360-degree movement so it can be grasped from any angle and excess cord is securely wound out of sight.

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Tea lovers everywhere will fall in love with the AicookIntelligent Electric Kettle & Infuser and it may earn the respect of a few coffee lovers too with results comparable to a French press. These compact and transparent kettles take just three minutes to heat up 500ml and reduce the noise as it reaches boiling point.

Inside, there is a tea infuser that has a separate lid which can be taken out for cleaning. The contemporary design of the Mueller Austria Exacted Electric Kettle is matched by its build quality and functionality.

Key Features Ergonomic handle to prevent burning Showcasing ergonomic design and rapid boiling power, the Mario Bono Electric Gooseneck Kettle is our premium pick of the best electric kettles.

The aptly named Nostalgia Retro Electric Water Kettle is a throwback to the glory days of 1950s design. The gently curving stainless steel body finished in a pale aqua color, thermal needle gauge (in degrees F) and chrome handle follow classic retro designs for an authentic retro look and feel.

It also features six programmable presets as well as a 90-second recall to achieve the perfect warmth for your brew. There is a clear gauge to indicate how much liquid it is holding and the 1500 Watt element is powerful enough to rapidly bring it to the boiling point.

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Cons Regular spout delivers liquid quickly But electric kettles come in a huge range of prices, from $15 to over $150, and a dizzying variety of sizes and materials.

We put 15 models representing a spectrum of designs and price points to the test to find the vert best. As a brand, Ox has long proven itself reliable for marrying good design with dependable performance, and this kettle is no different.

First, performance: the kettle brought four cups of water to a full boil in less than five minutes, making it among the speediest models we encountered. We liked the pleasant beep that reminded us that the heating cycle had ended and the convenient hold setting that kept the water up to temperature for 30 minutes.

The backlit dial on the base is clear to read and makes it easy to program in the temperature of your choice (between 170° F and 212° F). We loved that the heat-safe glass carafe made it easy to see what was going on inside and that the rubberized no-slip ergonomic grip felt great in the hand when filling or pivoting to pour.

A whisper-soft, slow-open lid on the carafe lifts with a push and reduces risk of scalding from a splash or a quick release of steam. The size of the whole setup is generous: The carafe can hold 60 ounces, a bit more than the 1.7-liter capacity that is average on most models.

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And Ox's satisfaction guarantee, which allows customers to return problematic products for replacement or refund at any point, offers another layer of reassurance. It's arguably even easier to use than the Ox, since it has clearly labeled temperature buttons for a wide variety of functions like green, white, oblong, black and herbal tea, as well as coffee and hot cocoa.

And the optional clear plastic “commercial cover” that is included for the base is a nice add-on if you expect your kettle to get a lot of wear and tear. We also appreciated the extra generous hold setting that, when activated, can maintain the water temperature for one hour.

The kettle felt good in our hands and had a comfortable molded plastic handle and ergonomic finger rest. The long, slender pour spout performed exactly as a gooseneck should: emitting a fine, even stream of water that's ideal for precision tasks like pouring steady circles into a pour-over or Chem ex coffee filter (or just avoiding splashing hot water all over your countertop).

If you are at all finicky about your coffee or tea, get this barista-quality gooseneck kettle that offers superior temperature precision and ease of use. We were impressed with the speed at which it brought water to a boil (4:45 minutes to be exact), and tests with our Therapy confirmed the reliability of its thermostat.

The water had no “off” flavors; the carafe is compact; and the base has a nice long cord for flexible countertop placement. The narrow spout pours cleanly without dripping and, though not as precise as a gooseneck, offers a fair amount of control for a conventional kettle.

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This kettle elicited audible sighs of admiration when we unboxed it in the test kitchen, and there's no doubt about it: the Fellow Stage EKG is a fine piece of industrial design. Of course, all that polish comes with a price tag: At about $150, this kettle costs 50 percent more than even our (relatively pricey) top pick.

That said, we loved the sleek, matte black finish and the minimalist, turntable-esque design of the square base with its smooth radial knob and bright digital temperature readout. The kettle performed consistently and accurately during temperature tests and the slender spout yielded a nice, even pour.

We particularly liked that the touch-sensitive temperature preset buttons are labeled with suggestions for use (pour-over coffee, white tea, etc) and the smooth, easy-pouring flow of the gooseneck. Still, the Cuisinart Perfected Stainless Steel Electric is an effective, fast kettle with a variety of preset, one-touch temperature controls, a high-quality finish, and a great pouring mechanism.

The other model we tried from Fellow, called the Core EKG electric kettle, looks identical to the luxury one featured above except without the gooseneck spout. Instead, it features the standard pitcher spout, which makes it easier for filling up pots of water but harder for precision pours.

Like all products made by the iconic Italian company, the Meg 50s Retro Electric Kettle is super cute and comes in eight colors. But the body of the kettle is a little bulky (not heavy, but slightly awkward to maneuver) and the pitcher spout wasn't as easy to control as some other non-goosenecks we tried.

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Not only is it easier, it's safer, because sometimes I let myself get back in bed and fall asleep after getting up to boil water, which would be a serious hazard if I were using the stove,” says Senior Food Editor Anna Stockwell. My morning routine starts with a hot cup of coffee, along with some blank papers for writing.

Coffee gives me a burst of energy and makes me feel energetic early in the morning. Then, during the next two hours, the water is still hot thanks to the keep warm mode of the kettle.

Or, you can pour the hot water into a big thermos for the whole day without any electricity. The automatic switch off and boil-dry protection will prevent more incidents like the stove top kettles.

Sometimes, you place the kettle on the stove top and forget its existence until you smell the smoke. Electric kettles are classified into four main groups: stainless steel, glass, ceramic, and silicone.

Electric glass kettles look more elegant, but they are heavier than stainless steel models. Silicone is used in electric travel kettle because it is foldable for small storage space.

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Cuisinart appeared in the market in 1971 which made its name by selling food processor. Cuisinart electric kettles usually have large viewing window with removable filter.

This American home appliance focuses on stand mixer with elegant appearance. It features large window with water level, boil-dry protection and auto shut off function.

Hamilton Beach focuses on America, Canada and Mexico markets with many home appliances and commercial restaurant equipments. There are glass, and stainless steel kettles which offer cordless pouring.

It integrates the water level window and protects the kettle with auto shut-off and boil-dry functions. However, its water boiler can also function as electric kettle with large capacity and energy-saving keep warm feature.

The best electric kettles are mainly made from stainless steel, which are at the top of the list. If you are tea or coffee lovers, pay attention to the temperature settings on the right end column.

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The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip along with effortless pouring, which requires no cord. When the electric kettle finishes boiling up to 1.7 liters of water, it will automatically turn to keep warm mode with alarming sounds.

Water level windowYesBuzzerYesFilter typeRemovableIndicator liftable LED lightsCordless PouringYesWarranty3 years Pros Accurate temperature Fast boiling Cool to touch handle Wide spout for fast pouring Sleek stainless-steel appearance Although the handle, spout, and body are made from stainless steel, the plastic parts are around the mesh filter.

Cons Expensive price No temperature settings Plastic parts inside Russell Hobbs is an attractive electric kettle with classic retro design to match with your traditional French vintage decor.

Seville electric kettle has so many exclusive features that you guys will love. The downside is it doesn’t have memory function so you need to turn it on if you remove the kettle for pouring.

Watch video: Seville Variable Temp Kettle | Crew Review AmazonBasics Portable electric kettle offers the most affordable price in the market with basic functions for boiling water.

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The cordless design for easy serving and automatic shut-off function similar to other models. One advantage of this kettle is the cord storage space under the power base.

Water level windowYesBuzzerNoFilter typeRemovableIndicator lightNoCordless PouringYesWarranty1 year Pros No alarming sounds Storage space under the power base Fast boiling The kettle is made from stainless steel except the silicone handle and the top as insulation against heat.

Water level window No, only the max lineBuzzerYesFilter typeNoIndicator lightNoCordless PouringYesWarranty2 years Pros Thin gooseneck spout Built-in timer Great temperature control in quick time Silicone handle Wheel controller Different from Ox electric kettle, the temperature range in Laban model is wider from 104-212 with 2-degree increments.

Water level window No, only the max lineBuzzerYesFilter typeNoIndicator lightNoCordless PouringYesWarranty2 years Pros Quick boiling with great temperature range Useful display Small gooseneck spout Temperature gauge for precise readings Coffee Dipper and scoop included The 100% stainless steel interior keeps the water warm longer than any other models.

This electric kettle from Pick has 6 different temperature settings for tea, press coffee and instant noodles, which is suitable for many purposes in the office. The interior is made from 304 grade stainless steel, which distributes heat effectively.

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The digital display on the body of the kettle indicates the current temperature of the water. The blue LED lit display also shows four presets for milk, green tea, French press coffee and boiling temperature.

What set this Zojirushi models from others are the swivel base like electric kettle, the push button, and 4 presets. To keep water hot for a long time without electricity, the insulated double wall is so effective.

Watch video: Zojirushi CV DCC40XT VE Hybrid Water Boiler and Warmer This electric kettle for baby formula has two colors: pink or blue.

Water level windowNoBuzzerNoFilter typeNoIndicator lightNoCordless PouringYesWarranty1 year Pros Heats the water fast Long keeping warm mode Precise temperature Sets the temperature manually The Pasco 304 stainless steel tea infuser, which comes with a separate lid, can be easily removed with the wide opening.

The removable kettle lids provide enough space for cleaning inside. The keep-warm mode lasts for 2 hours and the memory feature is within 10 minutes which is the longest time among all the electric kettles.

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Water level windowYesBuzzerYes/filter typeNoIndicator lightNoCordless PouringYesWarranty2 years Pros Super easy to use and clean Fast heating Accurate temperature settings Durable and stable kettle The Hamilton Beach kettle is a glass model with blue illumination during boiling process.

The heating time is pretty quick, which takes 5 minutes to reach the precise boiling temperature. Don’t worry, the sturdy and robust body is designed to stay firmly.

I’ve compiled the top 5 basic features you should look for in the best electric kettle. You don’t need to spend time opening the manual instructions or searching online for the right temperature.

The removable lid would be your top priority if you worried about cleaning the bottom of the kettle. Therefore, if you are a tea lover, choose an electric kettle with high temperature accuracy.

Otherwise, kettle for simply boiling water doesn’t feature this function The LCD shows the current temperature which is an additional feature but not compulsory for every model.

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Normally, an electric kettle will last for a long time, which is worth every penny you spend. Regarding all the models available, I pick Cuisinart Perfected Cordless Electric Kettle.

The listed additional features also beneficial for boiling water for coffee or tea. These small electric kettles are great for travel and for personal use, when you want your kettle to have a small footprint on the kitchen top, or when only enough water for 1-3 cups is needed at a time.

While small cordless electric kettles are indeed handy, many of them pass up on advanced features like a programmable brewing temperature and a keep-warm timer. Instead, they stick to basic heating and auto-shutoff functionality in a smaller exterior that makes for easier handling.

Furthermore, to keep the weight to a minimum, most mini cordless kettles have a plastic finish instead of the stainless steel or glass that is more common in bigger, high-end models. Given its compound ranking of 93%, we determined that the AmazonBasics MK-M110A1A is, as of now, Alpha chooser's best small electric kettle 2020/2021.

With its star rating of 4.5 averaged from 2947 reviews, here is second best small electric kettle. * BTW, our choices are based on an in-depth analysis of hundreds of small electric kettle reviews from across the web.

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Small Gooseneck-spout-equipped 1-liter electric cordless kettle with a LED temperature indicator. The Balanced Living Kettle has its temperature control on its side for easier adjusting.

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Even kettles that simply boil water without any extra features vary considerably in terms of size, speed and lid type. A kettle is something most of us use several times a day, so it’s worth thinking about whether you prefer a flip-up or pull-off lid, if you want the water scale to measure in cups or liters, and whether the weight of the kettle matters to you.

A smaller kettle may be good for a single person or small household to avoid the temptation of overfilling. Classic or multifunction If you just want a kettle that boils water, you’re spoiled for choice.

If you like to operate your kettle with one hand, you might prefer one where you just press a button to lift the lid. Speed If you want a quick break from work, you might appreciate a kettle that is a minute or so quicker.

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Noise Some people want their kettle to be as unobtrusive as possible, and certainly not loud enough to drown out the radio or music. But if you like to flick on the kettle, then go off into a different room while it boils, you might like one that’s a bit louder, so you can hear when it clicks off.

To avoid getting limescale in your tea, you want a kettle that has a robust and finely meshed filter inside the spout that’s also easy to remove. As well as being suitable for people who enjoy teas that requires a different temperature, it’s ideal for parents making hot-but-not-too-hot drinks for children, or those using warm water for other purposes, like cooking.

Light in weight and quick on its feet, the Teal Loft (KO250840) is a good mid-range option that does what it needs to without making any fuss. We particularly like the wide pull-off lid, which comes off easily and gives a good space to fill it.

This is pleasingly quick, boiling at an average of 2 minutes 14 seconds, though it is a little on the noisy side. The kettle was one of the speediest we tested too, boiling water in an average of 2 minutes 14 seconds.

This kettle is a traditional pyramid shape with a bright, modern polka dot pattern (it’s also available in a pink heart design). In terms of performance, the kettle is no slouch either, boiling a liter of water in 2 minutes 16 seconds.

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Read our full Russell Hobbs Emma Bridgewater kettle review. Clear cup markings on the body of the kettle mean you can easily see exactly how much water you are putting in.

Read our full Stellar glass filter kettle review. The Verve is averagely speedy, coming in at around 2 minutes 23 seconds for a liter, and it isn’t one of the noisier models either.

Holding 1.7 liters of water, it’s ideal for a bigger family, and there’s a matching toaster available. Read our full Morphy Richards Verve kettle review.

This Bosch cordless kettle offers great features for tea aficionados. Although it’s not the smallest or quietest model we tested, the Bosch is the quickest, boiling water in just 2 minutes and 6 seconds.

The shiny stainless steel Duality Domes kettle doesn’t come cheap, but it’s brilliantly designed. Boiling in an average 2 minutes and 26 seconds for a liter, it’s a great little kettle for households.

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The wood-effect handle is made of rubber and easy to grip, but obstructs the water level gauge behind it. However, the upright design of this kettle means that despite its 1.7 litre-capacity, it doesn’t take up that much space on the worktop.

It’s also fairly efficient, taking 2 minutes and 24 seconds to boil a liter of water. We looked for kettles that were simple to fill and pour, with a good grip and easy-to-read water levels.

If you have any questions, suggestions for future reviews or spot anything that has changed in price or availability please get in touch at goodfoodwebsite@immediate.co.uk. Find more top kitchen kit by visiting our review section, plus share your kettle recommendations with us in the comments below.

Specifications Dimension : 9” in height, 8.7” in diameter Weight : 3 pounds Finish : Polished satin Accessories : 2 premium tea infusers Capacity : 3 quarts Stove type : Gas, induction, electric 5-layer base : Whistle : Handle material : cool silicone It offers you protection against heat, as it will always remain cool to the touch, therefore safe to pick it up as soon as you’ve turned the stove off.

PROS Strong and durable Innovative 5-ply capsule bottom design cool handle technology Large capacity Whistle Verdict Made with heavy-duty stainless steel, it will not only last you a long period of time, but it will also prevent any rust from appearing.

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Additionally, the handle has been ergonomically designed, to offer you comfort and a steady grip, while the spring-loaded lever will easily access the opening mechanism for the spout. It features a whistling cap which will alert you when the water is boiled, and it can be used on induction, gas, electric and halogen stove tops.

Verdict Made with a beautiful as well as functional design in mind, it offers you a strong and durable kettle which will boil water fast. Thanks to its 5-ply capsule bottom design the heat will be evenly distributed, while its silicone, the non-slip handle will allow you to maneuver it around effortless.

Specifications Dimension : 7.7” in diameter, 9.1” in height Weight : 1 pound Finish : Brushed Accessories : None Capacity : 2 quarts Stove type : Gas, electric, glass, induction 5-layer base : Whistle : Handle material : Anti-slip plastic Its handle has a round, scoop-like shape, with an ergonomically placed button to release the whistling lid from its short straight spout, for an easy serving.

Specifications Dimension : 9.4” in height x 9” in diameter x 8.7” in width Weight : 2.2 pounds Finish : Mirror Accessories : Tea infuser Capacity : 2.75 quarts Stove type : Gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, and induction 5-layer base : Whistle : Handle material : Cool-to-touch silicone Sturdy and durable, it is made from 18/10 culinary grade stainless steel, iron, and aluminum, thus it will protect your health, as it won’t rust or corrode with time.

It also sports a compact form, measuring 9.4” by 9” by 8.7”, therefore it won’t become a storage problem, while its light weight, 2.2 pounds allows you to easily maneuver it around even when filled with water. It has an ergonomically designed silicone handle, which will stay cool-to-touch, it's round form promoting a tight and secure grip over it.

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The lid is tight, therefore it won’t fall off when you pour, while its knob is also made from silicone, allowing you hassle-free removable at any given time. You won’t have to wait long for the water to reach the boiling point, as the kettle is equipped with a wide base, made from 5 layers.

It is made from sturdy, 304 stainless steel, which makes it highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and scratches, thus allowing you to use it for a prolonged time period. Additionally, it features a heat-resistant, high-placed, round-shaped handle, which will not only prevent you from getting burned, but it also is mobile, allowing you to fill and clean the kettle easily.

PROS Large capacity Mobile and heat-resistant handle S-shaped spout for drip-free serving Elegant shape and beautiful design Verdict It provides you with an elegant, fast and efficient way of boiling water for your tea, offering you a large capacity so you can easily serve your family and guests.

Specifications Dimension : 8” in height, 9.8” in diameter Weight : 2.45 pounds Finish : Brushed Accessories : None Capacity : 1.7 quarts Stove type : Gas, glass, electric 5-layer base : Whistle : Handle material : Silicon Its handle is made from silicon to prevent it from getting hot, and it has a high arch to increase your safety while using it, as well as the ability to rotate to permit you to get it out of the way while filling the kettle with water.

Specifications Dimension : 21” length, 18” in height, 13” in width Weight : 1.44 pounds Finish : Polished Accessories : None Capacity : 1.2 quarts Stove type : Gas, electric, glass, induction 5-layer base : Whistle : Handle material : Heavy-duty plastic Featuring an elegant design, made from top to bottom from stainless steel, it will keep rust and corrosion away, providing you with a hassle-free cleaning, as well.

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It will undoubtedly integrate seamlessly into your kitchen decor, while its large 1.2-liter capacity will provide plenty of hot water for you and your loved ones. It measures 21” in length, 18” in height and 13” in width, thus it won’t take too much of your stove space, while its light weight, 1.44-pound, will allow you to maneuver it around with only one hand.

The handle features a smart design, as it is placed away from the hot body, offering you plenty of leeway to grasp it. Thanks to its elegant, supple, S-shaped spout, there will be no water drop spilled, which makes it ideal if you want to use it with a Dipper when you prepare your coffee.

It is made from food-grade, 18/8 stainless steel, which provides you with a rust-free and corrosion-resistant kettle, and thanks to its satin finish, you’ll be able to easily clean it up. It has a large capacity, as it can hold up to 3.9 quarts of water, and it has a wavy, wide base, which, thanks to its composition, will provide you with quick and even heating.

It comes with a short, straight, large-caliber spout, for increased precision and a drip-free pour, and it has a whistle cap to alert you when the water is boiling. It is compatible with several stove types like gas, electric, ceramic, induction and halogen, and it comes with a limited 3-year warranty from the moment of your purchase.

Verdict Lightweight and compact, it will provide you with increased storage space, as well as a fast way to heat the water for your tea. It comes with a wide base, which will make sure to spread the heat evenly, while thanks to its large capacity, you will have plenty of hot water left for a refill.

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Specifications Dimension : 10.1” in diameter, 8.9” in height Weight : 3 pounds Finish : Shiny Accessories : None Capacity : 2 quarts Stove type : Gas, glass, induction, halogen, ceramic, electric 5-layer base : Whistle : Handle material : Stainless steel It has a short, straight spout, for increased pouring precision, and it comes with a whistle cap, to alert you when the water has reached the boiling point.

Verdict It is made entirely of stainless steel, thus it will provide you with a quick way to have boiled water for your tea or coffee, but you will have to use potholders while using it, as it can become quite hot. It comes with a wide base, which will facilitate an even heat distribution and faster boiling, and it comes with a whistler which will alert you when the water is ready, so you don’t have to supervise it all time.

Specifications Dimension : 8” in height, 8” in diameter Weight : 1.28 pounds Finish : Brushed Accessories : None Capacity : 1.75 quarts Stove type : Gas, glass, electric, ceramic, induction 5-layer base : Whistle : Handle material : Bakelite It measures 8” in height, and 8” in diameter, and it weighs only 1.28 pounds, making it extremely compact and easy to store.

It features a wide base, which provides faster heating, as well as better warmth distribution, so you won’t have to wait too long for the water to boil. It will keep the whistling lid open for as long as you maintain a tight grip on the handle, thus providing you with hassle-free pouring.

It has 4 colors available for you to choose from to match it with your kitchen’s style: stainless steel, white, silver and black. It is made from T304 stainless steel with a mirror finish, and it features a unique, fast water boiling cooper capsule bottom.

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It is designed with a robust thermal conductivity that allows the boiled water to retain its temperature for a long period of time. Additionally, it has a fixed riveted handle which has a heat-resistant grip to allow you to easily lift the kettle up when the water is boiling.

PROS Strong and time resistant Unique copper capsule bottom Can work on several stove tops It alerts you by whistling Well-balanced, this kettle features a round shape, made entirely from 18/8 culinary grade stainless steel, making it resistant to rust and corrosion.

Its base is wide to provide quick boiling, while its 5-ply capsule design will keep rust and corrosion away while saving energy and retaining more heat. Thanks to the base material composition, it is compatible with several types of stoves including induction, ceramic, electric and gas.

Verdict Don’t let its compact form fool you, as this kettle is capable of holding up to 3 quarts of water, ensuring you can serve all your guests with a delicious tea. Its always cool-to-touch handle will allow you to easily grab and move it according to your needs, while its whistle will alert you when the water has reached a boiling point.

Specifications Dimension : 9” in height, 10.1” in diameter Weight : 2.4 pounds Finish : Brushed Accessories : None Capacity : 3 quarts Stove type : Gas, glass, electric 5-layer base : Whistle : Handle material : Bakelite Verdict Thanks to its wide base it will lessen the time you have to wait till the water boils, while thanks to its whistle, you will know when to take it off the stove.

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Specifications Dimension : 8.66” in diameter, 8.85” in height Weight : 2.86 pounds Finish : Mirror Accessories : Bird-shaped whistler Capacity : 2 quarts Stove type : Gas, electric, glass, induction 5-layer base : Whistle : Handle material : PU resin and stainless steel Its wide base provides even heat distribution, so you won’t have to wait too long for the water to reach the perfect temperature.

PROS Colorful whistle and handle Fast water boiling shape Wide base Sturdy and durable Verdict Fast and easy to maneuver around, it features a wide base for even heat distribution.

The whistler and handle will bring a spot of color, as they come in 3 different schemes, and it is made from stainless steel which will offer you rust and corrosion-free experience. It won’t cause problems if it is in small quantities, but once the amount of nickel in your body grows, you might be prone to metal poisoning.

To care for your item, make sure you won’t use any kind of abrasive sponge when cleaning it, nor any type of material that might scratch it. All the above models are extremely useful in any kitchen, as they will not only be able to integrate seamlessly with your decor, but they will also provide you with a quick and safe way to boil water.

Made entirely from stainless steel, it will provide you with a long-lasting use, while its large capacity will ensure there is always plenty of hot water for a refill. Compatible with several types of stoves, including induction, it’s 5-layer wide, flat base will maintain the water temperature, as well as evenly distributing the heat.

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It also comes with a 5-ply base for fast and even water boiling, and its capacity allows you to quickly prepare your favorite type of tea blend. The handle is ergonomic, offering a tight, secure grip, with stay-cool features, while the whistler opening mechanism is conveniently placed right at your fingertips.

Focus 289833 is equipped with a capacity of 3.9 quarts, which makes it more than capable of preparing enough hot water for at least 3 people. Whether you’re a tea fanatic or not, these convenient devices are essential to the modern kitchen.

The Consort electric kettle is a glass and stainless steel boiler that lights up with blue LED when your water is ready. The borosilicate glass is scratch- and scuff-resistant, and allows you to watch the surprisingly gratifying process of water boiling.

The Secure electric kettle comes with a completely stainless steel interior: pot, lid, spout, rim, and all. It comes in a range of shiny bright colors, from glossy black to a pop of orange or red.

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