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Maria Johnson
• Friday, 16 October, 2020
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Editors' note, Oct. 16, 2020 : The Cuisinart CPK-17 electric kettle has been removed from this list due to customer feedback and Amazon reviews stating that the auto shut-off feature is defective and poses a potential fire hazard. I use mine regularly to brew French press coffee and to add boiling water to a simmering stockpot.

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There are a wide variety of options, from the most basic models to kettles with specialty features such as hold temperature buttons and dedicated tea-steeping baskets. A button on the top of the handle makes it easy to open the lid safely so you won't get hit with any steam.

A digital display gives you a readout of what the brewer is doing and it has a keep warm button that helps your water stay hot for up to 60 minutes. In addition to that, the BTM800XL comes with a basket for your loose-leaf tea that automatically lowers when you select your options, as well as a teaspoon measuring spoon.

The $80 Kitchen KEK1222SX looks the most like a classic stove top kettle, but its on/off-only functionality seems limited for its high price. The $100 Cuisinart kettle has the largest capacity at 58 ounces, or 7.25 cups and nearly as many options as the very pricey $250 Seville BTM800XL tea maker.

Both of these kettles have custom heat options for the perfect cup of tea, whether it's green, black, herbal -- or another variety. The Event KG83B electric kettle has a great price and it's easy to use, but it didn't particularly stand out during my testing.

Sensors attached to this Riser thermocouple thermometer helped me track water temperature. Megan Fullerton/CNET To test our batch of eight electric kettles, I used a Riser thermocouple thermometer.

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For the boil test, I watched the thermocouple display until the sensor tracking the temperature inside each kettle reached 209 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that the thermocouple readings aren't exact and that there will be slight variation based on placement during testing.

The Seville BTM800XL, Cuisinart CPK-17 and the Ox 8717100 each offered keep warm or hold temperature functions, so I did extra testing with these models. The Ox kettle was the only model of the three that allowed you to select a set temperature for it to hold.

The other two simply had “keep warm” options that prevent the water from cooling down as quickly as it might otherwise, but don't let you customize the temperature setting the kettle maintains. As soon as the temperature began to drop, the kettle would turn back on and heat the water up to around 205 degrees.

Regardless of the specific model you buy, start by thinking about how you plan to use your kettle -- are you a pour over coffee fiend? Electric kettles, which can achieve a boil in just minutes, aren’t just a faster way to heat water.

So pay attention to the product description and reviews if your primary goal is to whip up your morning drink in record time. Here are our top picks for the best electric kettles on the market right now, based on excellent online reviews.

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Soft-open lid to prevent hot water splash and steam release This high-end Seville model has high ratings on Amazon and Williams-Sonoma, and customers love it for its versatility, consistency, ease of use and sleek, modern look.

A glass electric kettle is most appealing when a pure taste is a top priority, but users also appreciate the water level visibility and a modern aesthetic. This one from beloved kitchenwares brand Ox wins big points for accuracy and ease of use.

It signals when it's up to temp, and again when the keep-warm function times out,” writes one five-star reviewer. If you’re willing to compromise on bells and whistles for speed and value, you’ll like this AmazonBasics option, which boasts close to 30,000 4.5-star reviews.

It’s slightly smaller than other options, with just a four-cup capacity, but its ability to quickly boil water (in fewer than 4 minutes) more than makes up for it. It has saved me the problem of worrying about whether I remembered to turn the stove off in the mornings when I leave for work,” writes one five-star reviewer.

After you achieve the perfect temp, keep your water hot for up to 30 minutes with the built-in Keep Warm setting. Williams-Sonoma buyers say it’s easy to clean, heats up fast, and stays cool on the outside.

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Another ultra-fast pick, this Hamilton Beach model isn’t just speedier than competitors. “It boils fast, looks good on the counter and is well priced.

With extremely accurate temp control and a Keep Warm setting that preserves your preferred temperature for up to an hour, you can have as many cups of coffee as you’d like. It heats a full kettle of water to a boil in 3 minutes.

Tea Basket cycle that automatically lowers and lifts This pricier Seville model allows users to brew their preferred tea leaves at the ideal temp for a perfect cup, every time.

Just press the button and watch the basket lower into the water. Prevent over-steeping with the help of the Time Since Brew display, and keep your water hot for up to an hour.

“I love this tea maker and can't imagine going back to a world before it. If you are someone who loves the ritual of tea making, this will of course not really be up your alley,” writes one five-star reviewer.

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“I even moved some stuff aside to let it permanently live this winter on our precious counter space.” However, the best tea kettle options do the job quickly and efficiently, and have additional features for precision, safety, and convenience.

When shopping for a tea kettle, key factors and features to keep in mind are style, design, material, finish, and safety, among other characteristics. Electric kettles, which plug into a wall outlet, generally boil water faster and are more energy efficient than their stove top counterparts.

Smaller kettles are also available, which are convenient for those with limited kitchen space or who rarely need more than a cup or two of boiled water at a time. Tea kettles most commonly contain glass, stainless steel, or plastic, which offer different aesthetics.

Stainless steel kettles, whether electric or stove top, can be used on any type of cook top, including induction. Some models feature long gooseneck spouts for slow, precise pouring, a plus when brewing pour-over coffee.

Most stove top models are built to whistle once the water has begun to boil, acting as an alert to take the kettle off the heating element. LED lights offer extra visual appeal to electric kettles and indicate that the water is heating.

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With the key factors and considerations in mind, these top picks reflect some of the best tea kettle models available. The Cuisinart CPK-17 Perfected electric kettle might suit tea connoisseurs and coffee aficionados who want their water heated to a precise temperature.

It offers a variety of presets to boil water or set the temperature to 160, 175, 185, 190, or 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Made from stainless steel with a clear viewing window, this kettle includes a washable scale filter, a cool-touch, non-slip handle, and a 36-inch cord.

This no-frills, well-priced electric kettle from AmazonBasics is made from stainless steel, has a 1-liter capacity, and boils water quickly. It has a 1,500-watt power capacity and a viewing window with volume markings to show how much water is inside.

Renowned for enameled cookware, Le Crest enters the kettle market with a classic model. This electric kettle from Mueller holds up to 1.8 liters of water and is constructive with borosilicate glass.

Interior LED lights indicate that the water is heating while providing a neat visual effect. The 1000ml Hi ware Glass Teapot contains an ergonomic handle and a spout designed to avoid dripping.

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The Mr Coffee Clare dale Whistling Tea Kettle is a solid choice for households with several hot beverage drinkers but limited kitchen storage. Mr Coffee’s Clare dale Whistling Tea Kettle has a brushed stainless steel finish and a classic dome-style shape.

Consider whether you prefer a glass or stainless steel model (most popular), which capacity would best suit you, and if you’re looking for a particular color or aesthetic. If you’re interested in advanced features, keep an eye out for models with temperature control, built-in filters, keep warm functions, and water gauges.

Tea kettles made from glass are best for health because they limit the risk of releasing any metal or other toxins into the water as it boils. Stainless steel kettles offer optimal heat resistance, making them the best choice for a gas stove.

Try to boil just the amount needed at a time, and empty any remaining water to avoid oxidation. It’s best not to leave water in a kettle for more than a couple of hours to avoid buildup of limescale, a hard chalky deposit consisting mainly of calcium carbonate, which can be difficult to remove.

Perhaps not, but nothing beats the calming routine and sweet whistling of heating water in a kettle. So for the design-minded and slow going among us, I found 15 kettles that’ll look great on your stove top and make brewing your next cup of tea a little more poetic.

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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. Some are electric and can be programmed to specific temperatures, others have handy features like gooseneck spouts, trigger-action lids, and more.

To inform our picks, we read customer reviews, consult third-party articles, and test many products ourselves. The perfect cup of tea starts with a kettle that’s convenient and reliable and that even comes in a design you love.

Made from high-grade stainless steel that will never rust or stain, this kettle will last a lifetime, and it’s designed for ease of use. Our product tester reviewed the item and wrote that the swinging handle makes it very easy to fill and clean.

The large capacity and ease of cleaning make it a great option for families and frequent users. And while its stainless steel design may not be the most stylish, the material is durable enough to withstand years of heavy use.

Luckily, if you want to store the item away, its handle sits low enough to fit inside most cupboards. The company known for its cast iron Dutch ovens also has a line of stunningly colorful tea kettles (among other kitchen goods).

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It holds nearly 2 quarts and comes in nine stunning colors, including black, Caribbean, chassis, cherry, flame, Marseille, palm, white, and stainless. But it’s a good idea to give it the occasional hand washing as well, even if you’re only boiling water inside.

This classic stainless steel tea kettle is affordably priced and comes with a modern upgrade thanks to its ergonomic, Bakelite handle. Not only does the handle offer an eye-catching silhouette, but customers say it's extremely comfortable and easy to grip.

The Clare dale holds up to 2.2 quarts of water, which is close to average capacity if not slightly on the larger side. Even with its reasonable size, the item only weighs about one pound, and users give it glowing praise for its lightness.

Another key feature is the spout cover, which flips up easily with the touch of the trigger button. The kettle also emits that signature whistle when the water is ready, whether it be for tea, hot chocolate, or more.

Customers give it high marks in several areas, with many particularly raving about its sturdiness and high-end feel. Other perks include a convenient spout cover that stays open and doesn't wobble when pouring, and the fact that the kettle can be used on all cook tops, from gas to induction.

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Built to last, with a design that will look good on the counter or table, this electric tea kettle holds 1 1/4 liters of water and heats it in under five minutes, so it’s faster than a microwave. There’s a removable lime scale filter in the pouring spout for folks with hard water.

The lid is removable for easy cleaning and the opening is wide enough to get your hand in to scrub it well. While this is expensive for a device that will only be used to heat water, it’s great for someone who drinks a lot of tea and who appreciates the aesthetics of a well-made design.

This 1.7-liter unit has a modest price tag and offers cord-free serving, auto-shutoff turns on after 30 seconds and has a wide opening for easy cleaning. The handle is slip free so you don't have to worry about spilling and is heat-resistant so no need for a pot holder.

This model is a bestseller online and customers comment that it is fast, easy to use, and makes a tasty cup of tea. With their sloping and narrow spouts, gooseneck kettles offer added control when pouring.

With the simple use of a dial users can set the kettle to boil to a specific temperature anywhere from 135 to 212 degrees. The item has a fairly small capacity at just under 1 liter, but this helps it brew quicker.

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It's available in a number of stylish designs, and it is easy to find at a variety of sites online. Available in Capri turquoise, kiwi green, or stainless steel, this kettle has a compact build, but will hold enough water for most households.

The kettle has a textured handle that has a one-touch lever to open the spout for easy pouring over loose tea or bagged. And the stainless steel lid fits snugly to prevent steam from escaping and burning your hand.

It is a bit on the heavier side thanks to the enameled exterior, but it’s not too heavy to lift even when filled to the brim. Circular offers a lifetime limited warranty, so you can rest assured that you’re covered if anything goes wrong.

And lest you think it won’t have all the features you’ve come to expect from a tea kettle, it does still have the characteristic whistle that signals when your water is boiling. This kettle holds a full 12 cups, and doesn’t require a spout to be opened in order to pour.

Final Verdict Ox Stainless Steel Kettle takes our top spot because of its convenient rotating handle and precise spout. At a slightly cheaper price, the Total Stainless Steel Kettle is also worth consideration, especially for families due to its large capacity.

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Anthony Primary is a New York City-based freelancer who writes about home and kitchen products for The Spruce. This piece was edited by Derek Rose, the coffee and tea expert for The Spruce Eats.

He researches a variety of coffee products, from measuring scoops to commercial espresso machines, and interviews field experts for their insight. He typically uses non-electric coffee makers at home, alternating between the Dialect Mona Express and the Bod um BRAZIL French Press.

Size: If you usually make a single cup of tea or fill a small French press, you might not want a large kettle taking up space on your stove top or in your cabinets. If you often entertain large crowds, however, it’s nice to be able to serve everyone without waiting for a second batch of water to boil.

The Cuisinart's pre-set temperatures for different types of tea are a nice bonus to overall stellar performance and attractive design. I’ m Meghan Kavanaugh, the managing editor of core content here at Reviewed, and an avid tea drinker.

After I grew frustrated with how long it took my standard kettle to boil water on the stove top, I made it my personal mission to find an electric kettle that both performed well and looked nice enough to leave out on the counter. Previously, electric kettles were tested by former Reviewed editor Jessica Each.

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Does the kettle look nice, like it's worthy of gracing your kitchen counter on a day-to-day basis? If you start with warmer tap water, or set your temperature to lower than 212 °F, your boiling time will vary.

We paid particular attention to how much control the user had over the pouring speed and water distribution, and we paid attention to how the heavy kettles felt after holding them above the dropper for minutes on end since making pour-over coffee can take some time. The Ox Brew Adjustable Temperature Electric Pour-Over Kettle, our best gooseneck, clocked in with the fastest time of 4 minutes, 12 seconds.

ADVERTISEMENT When making pour-over coffee, you need to have control over the rate at which the water pours onto the grounds to guarantee consistency. Pouring slowly helps water and gravity work together to extract the best, balanced flavor from your beans.

It offers you protection against heat, as it will always remain cool to the touch, therefore safe to pick it up as soon as you’ve turned the stove off. Moreover, it has a soft coating to ensure easy gripping, while its ergonomic button-pouring mechanism will allow you to release the whistling lid from the short straight spout for a drip-free serving.

Verdict Made with heavy-duty stainless steel, it will not only last you a long period of time, but it will also prevent any rust from appearing. It has a 5-ply capsule bottom which will ensure your water heats up evenly thus it boils faster, while thanks to its cool handle, you can easily lift it off the stove without you needing a cooling pad or a mitten.

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Specifications Dimension : 10.1” in height, 9.6” in diameter Weight : 3.9 pounds Finish : Mirror Accessories : Tea infuser Capacity : 2.75 quarts Stove type : Induction, gas, electric, halogen 5-layer base : Whistle : Handle material : Non-slip, sot-to-touch silicon Additionally, the handle has been ergonomically designed, to offer you comfort and a steady grip, while the spring-loaded lever will easily access the opening mechanism for the spout.

It features a whistling cap which will alert you when the water is boiled, and it can be used on induction, gas, electric and halogen stove tops. Verdict Made with a beautiful as well as functional design in mind, it offers you a strong and durable kettle which will boil water fast.

Sturdy and durable, it is made from 18/10 culinary grade stainless steel, iron, and aluminum, thus it will protect your health, as it won’t rust or corrode with time. It also sports a compact form, measuring 9.4” by 9” by 8.7”, therefore it won’t become a storage problem, while its light weight, 2.2 pounds allows you to easily maneuver it around even when filled with water.

It has an ergonomically designed silicone handle, which will stay cool-to-touch, it's round form promoting a tight and secure grip over it. The lid is tight, therefore it won’t fall off when you pour, while its knob is also made from silicone, allowing you hassle-free removable at any given time.

You won’t have to wait long for the water to reach the boiling point, as the kettle is equipped with a wide base, made from 5 layers. The fourth and last layer am also made from 18/10 culinary grade stainless steel, thus keeping corrosion and any type of heat damage away from the kettle.

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PROS Cool-to-touch handle Whistle 5-ply bottom for fast water boiling Compatible with several types of stoves Stainless steel tea infuser included It has a large capacity that allows you to boil plenty of water to serve tea to your guests, while its whistle will alert you when it’s time to take it off the stove.

Specifications Dimension : 23” in height, 22.9” in diameter Weight : 2.20 pounds Finish : Brushed Accessories : None Capacity : 2.3 quarts Stove type : Gas, halogen, induction, electric 5-layer base : Whistle : Handle material : Heat-resistant, rubber-like It is made from sturdy, 304 stainless steel, which makes it highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and scratches, thus allowing you to use it for a prolonged time period.

Additionally, it features a heat-resistant, high-placed, round-shaped handle, which will not only prevent you from getting burned, but it also is mobile, allowing you to fill and clean the kettle easily. It has a capacity of 3 quarts, thus providing you with plenty of tea for your family and loved ones, and it comes in 3 colors: red, silver and stainless steel.

PROS Easy to fill and clean Large capacity 5-layered encapsulated base Whistling cap and removable lid Verdict It offers you a large amount of water, fast and quick, for you to be able to serve tea to your family and loved ones.

Featuring an elegant design, made from top to bottom from stainless steel, it will keep rust and corrosion away, providing you with a hassle-free cleaning, as well. It will undoubtedly integrate seamlessly into your kitchen decor, while its large 1.2-liter capacity will provide plenty of hot water for you and your loved ones.

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It measures 21” in length, 18” in height and 13” in width, thus it won’t take too much of your stove space, while its light weight, 1.44-pound, will allow you to maneuver it around with only one hand. The handle features a smart design, as it is placed away from the hot body, offering you plenty of leeway to grasp it.

Thanks to its elegant, supple, S-shaped spout, there will be no water drop spilled, which makes it ideal if you want to use it with a Dipper when you prepare your coffee. It features a wide base that will help distribute the heat evenly, while the seal-tight lid will stay in place as you pour.

Specifications Dimension : 7.9” in diameter, 9.6” in height Weight : 1.85 pounds Finish : Satin Accessories : None Capacity : 3.9 quarts Stove type : Gas, electric, ceramic, induction and halogen 5-layer base : Whistle : Handle material : Anti-slip, cool-to-touch plastic It is made from food-grade, 18/8 stainless steel, which provides you with a rust-free and corrosion-resistant kettle, and thanks to its satin finish, you’ll be able to easily clean it up.

It has a large capacity, as it can hold up to 3.9 quarts of water, and it has a wavy, wide base, which, thanks to its composition, will provide you with quick and even heating. It comes with a short, straight, large-caliber spout, for increased precision and a drip-free pour, and it has a whistle cap to alert you when the water is boiling.

It is compatible with several stove types like gas, electric, ceramic, induction and halogen, and it comes with a limited 3-year warranty from the moment of your purchase. Verdict Lightweight and compact, it will provide you with increased storage space, as well as a fast way to heat the water for your tea.

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It has a short, straight spout, for increased pouring precision, and it comes with a whistle cap, to alert you when the water has reached the boiling point. Verdict It is made entirely of stainless steel, thus it will provide you with a quick way to have boiled water for your tea or coffee, but you will have to use potholders while using it, as it can become quite hot.

It measures 8” in height, and 8” in diameter, and it weighs only 1.28 pounds, making it extremely compact and easy to store. It features a wide base, which provides faster heating, as well as better warmth distribution, so you won’t have to wait too long for the water to boil.

It will keep the whistling lid open for as long as you maintain a tight grip on the handle, thus providing you with hassle-free pouring. Verdict Compact and lightweight, it won’t take too much of your storing space, but it will provide you with plenty of hot water for you and your loved ones.

Specifications Dimension : 9 ½” in diameter, 9” in height Weight : 3.4 pounds Finish : Mirror Accessories : None Capacity : 2.75 quarts Stove type : Gas, electric, induction, ceramic 5-layer base : Whistle : Handle material : Silicon It has 4 colors available for you to choose from to match it with your kitchen’s style: stainless steel, white, silver and black.

It is made from T304 stainless steel with a mirror finish, and it features a unique, fast water boiling cooper capsule bottom. It is designed with a robust thermal conductivity that allows the boiled water to retain its temperature for a long period of time.

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Well-balanced, this kettle features a round shape, made entirely from 18/8 culinary grade stainless steel, making it resistant to rust and corrosion. Its base is wide to provide quick boiling, while its 5-ply capsule design will keep rust and corrosion away while saving energy and retaining more heat.

Thanks to the base material composition, it is compatible with several types of stoves including induction, ceramic, electric and gas. Verdict Don’t let its compact form fool you, as this kettle is capable of holding up to 3 quarts of water, ensuring you can serve all your guests with a delicious tea.

Verdict Fast and easy to maneuver around, it features a wide base for even heat distribution. The whistler and handle will bring a spot of color, as they come in 3 different schemes, and it is made from stainless steel which will offer you rust and corrosion-free experience.

It won’t cause problems if it is in small quantities, but once the amount of nickel in your body grows, you might be prone to metal poisoning. To care for your item, make sure you won’t use any kind of abrasive sponge when cleaning it, nor any type of material that might scratch it.

All the above models are extremely useful in any kitchen, as they will not only be able to integrate seamlessly with your decor, but they will also provide you with a quick and safe way to boil water. Made entirely from stainless steel, it will provide you with a long-lasting use, while its large capacity will ensure there is always plenty of hot water for a refill.

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Compatible with several types of stoves, including induction, it’s 5-layer wide, flat base will maintain the water temperature, as well as evenly distributing the heat. It also comes with a 5-ply base for fast and even water boiling, and its capacity allows you to quickly prepare your favorite type of tea blend.

The handle is ergonomic, offering a tight, secure grip, with stay-cool features, while the whistler opening mechanism is conveniently placed right at your fingertips. Focus 289833 is equipped with a capacity of 3.9 quarts, which makes it more than capable of preparing enough hot water for at least 3 people.

We’ve got 10 of the strongest options at your disposal today along with the usual handy hints to make your life easier. A close second in our our-over kettle collection, the Bonita with timer and digital thermometer is a powerful and pocket-friendly model with requisite gooseneck spout.

For precision pouring with the ability to dial in the brewing variables for the perfect pour-over, this kettle punches above its weight. This fixed thermometer stove top kettle from the stellar Coffee Gator is our standout pick for best gooseneck with an integrated temperature gauge.

Rock solid build and striking aesthetics along with a lengthy spout and a base making it suitable for any stove top: what’s not to love? We tested the adjustable temperature version which allows you to manipulate the heat in 1-degree increments between the ideal operating range of 140 to 212 degrees.

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Whether you’re making regular coffee, pour-over or tea, dial in the temperature to your precise requirements for consistency every time. The timer means you won’t need yet another separate piece of kit in your busy kitchen making this kettle effectively a 3-in-1 appliance.

The kettle will keep the water warmed and ready for another brewing session for up to a half-hour after which point it shuts itself off for safety’s sake. Stainless steel build gives you a great lifespan, remarkable durability and perfect insulation.

Crowned with a dependable 2-year limited warranty, this kettle is a masterpiece and a true essential if you fancy starting out with the pour-over method without needing too much separate equipment. When you fire the kettle up first, you’ll appreciate the raw firepower of the 1000-watt unit and you won’t be waiting around long.

The timer is a count-up style so you can keep precise notes of how your coffee turns out then, once you’ve got it dialed in, you can replicate the brew with ease. With a generous 1-liter capacity and occupying a fairly small footprint at 11 × 7 × 7 ½ inches, the 1-year warranty removes any reason not to buy.

Pro-grade stainless steel combines insulation with long lifespan in a unit built to withstand a few knocks. If you’re looking to get started with the pour-over method of brewing coffee, you’ll find a gooseneck spout on your kettle is an absolute must.

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When it comes to pouring the water, you need to use a specific and very slow circular motion simply impractical with a standard-issue kettle. This Coffee Gator gives you the reach and accuracy you need for optimum results with minimal fuss.

The base of this stove top kettle is triple-layered ensuring you can use it on any kind of cooker and you won’t get any rust or taint either. The fixed thermometer is a nice touch and gives you the ability to get the heat just the way you want it whether for coffee, tea or any other drink you care to make.

While it’s not exactly cheap, this stealthy matte-black kettle from Fellow Stage is a standout weapon if you’re looking to make pour-over coffee in fine style. The onboard stopwatch provides the other crucial element you need for proper pour-over, and you won’t have a kitchen overflowing with too much kit.

There’s a crisp LED display showing you the temperature and the element lights up to keep you visually abreast of progress. If you’re looking for a pout-over kettle that makes a real conversation piece but also does its job across the board, the Fellow Stage is well worth the investment if you’re serious about your coffee and you have a more flexible budget.

The rugged stainless steel gives you all the insulation you need in a compact unit built to stay the distance. For a perfect example of Japanese aesthetics and simplicity coming in at a very keen price-point, you can’t beat this kettle if you’re looking for performance on a budget.

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Back to an electric model next with an inexpensive multi-purpose kettle from Willow and Everett with the requisite long spout ideal for pour-over brewing. The 1000-watt base ensures your water hits the temperature you want quick-smart and auto shut-off is a nice touch so you won’t need to worry about monitoring proceedings.

As with most of the better kettles you get robust stainless steel build along with no BPA's, Teflon or any other contaminants to taint your drink and give you health concerns. 1-liter capacity should give you ample hot water whether you want a large pour-over brew or a full pot of your favorite tea.

Where many of their products are fairly limited in terms of choice, you can pick up this kettle in multiple variants. If standard silver is not to your liking, the stove top also comes in an understated matte black perfect for a minimalist kitchen.

Whichever style and size you choose, you’ll get the same high-grade stainless steel and a slimline and elongated spout to promote the most controlled and precise pouring whether you’re making tea or coffee. The stove top models all work on any type of hotplate including induction cookers so you won’t face any limitations at all.

If you want a kettle that’s strikingly designed without looking overly fussy and capable of delivering the finesse you need for pour-over, it’s got to be Mario. If you’re looking for that rare beast, a kettle that makes a real conversation piece, this Kali ta manages to pull that off while still remaining subtle.

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If you’re prepared to make a modest investment, this Kali ta will return many years of happy service from a brand you can rely on. For drip and pour-over coffee brought to life, the aptly named Barista Warrior offers the complete package.

Leading the charge is the long and slender gooseneck that serves up the control required for precise pouring. The base packs a double layer of material, again rust-free, so you won’t end up with damage building over time like on many inferior kettles.

While this brewing method requires some initial experimentation and fine-tuning, the beauty is that, once done, you can replicate results with the minimum of fanfare. The onboard thermometer is a nice touch and stops you needing to pick up yet another separate piece of kit.

For a gooseneck kettle that looks great and delivers fully on the performance front, this was among our favorites of the bunch we tested, and we can’t recommend it highly enough. Rounding out our look at the best gooseneck kettles for pour-over coffee, we’ve got a classic set from Segovia coming in at a remarkably low price considering what you get thrown in.

The 1.2-liter capacity translates to about 6 standard-sized cups so it’s great for the whole family and cuts down running around refilling on busy mornings when you’re all crying out for coffee. The thermometer comes built into the lid so you won’t need to rely on guesswork or find your coffee spoiled by water that’s just off the mark temperature-wise.

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The kettle is expressly designed to work on any kind of stove top whether gas, electric, or induction. Aside from a timer, scale and, of course, beans, you’ve got all you need to start making pour-over coffee straight out the box.

While buying a kettle might seem like the easiest thing in the world, you’ve got a few considerations if you’re looking for one to make pour-over coffee with. Check for the positioning as well as the design and make sure you don’t come across any negative reports of leakage or rust.

Some kettles won’t work well on induction cookers, for example, so check closely before committing to purchase. Electric kettles offer you the safety feature of a shut-off mechanism, and they also routinely come with temperature control.

Since you’ll be taking your time to pour slowly and precisely, you should focus fully on a kettle with an ergonomic handle that will make your life easier in this regard. While a kettle with a thermometer onboard is not mandatory, you’ll certainly find dialing in the brew a lot easier if you’ve got one in place.

Making pour-over coffee might seem like something of a chore but, once you’ve tasted it, you’ll appreciate the fact it’s time and effort well spent. Many of the better kettles on the market are capable of keeping your water heated at the desired temperature for anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes so ask yourself if this feature is one you’d be prepared to pay for.

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