"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
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Best Kettle For Pour Over

Christina Perez
• Friday, 23 October, 2020
• 43 min read

The Gooseneck Kettle would fall under “other coffee hardware.” It’s not essential, elements such as the quality of your coffee beans combined with timing and technique are far more important than whether your kettle has the correct pour spout. I would recommend prioritizing your coffee brewing equipment to the basics when just starting out.

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However, the thickness of the metal and the quality of the seam weld is a good indicator of the durability. However, the flow rate is a minor issue in comparison to pouring consistency.

Keep in mind that you’re going to be holding the kettle for minutes at a time, which when full can be pretty heavy. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the kettle you purchase has a good handle and is comfortable to hold.

The pour control with the Mario is excellent, and the long-distance the water has to travel through the pour spout gives you a consistent, small, smooth stream of water to pour over your coffee grounds. You can find the Mario Bono Gooseneck Kettle at Amazon if you cannot source it elsewhere.

This is my personal favorite, the Fellow Stage PourOverKettle is a classic looking Gooseneck Kettle with a sleek modern Matt black finish. A neat feature of this Gooseneck Kettle is the integrated thermometer on top that helps you to keep track of your water temperature, ensuring the best temp at all times.

This tiny powerhouse of a kettle is actually not all that expensive, sitting just about in the middle of the price range when compared to others that made the list. What makes this coffee kettle so appealing is the built-in thermometer that’s part of the lid design.

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A classic gooseneck “S” forms the curved pouring spout which flows water at a slow and steady rate. Cons If the kettle isn’t dried after each use small rust spots could appear inside.

You have a great coffee maker and now you want a gooseneck kettle, but you’re having a hard time choosing one. Some lack pouring control, some burn your hand, and a surprising number of them leak strange, and possibly toxic, chemicals into your brew.

It's the preferred choice of world-class baristas thanks to the sleek design, built-in precision features, and its FULL 1-year warranty.

Although it is possible to make a delicious cup of coffee with a standard hot water kettle, having a gooseneck can certainly up your game. There are many filter coffee recipes that require a methodical attention to detail, like Blue Bottle’s New Drip (1).

When it comes to mastering manual pour over coffee, even extraction is crucial, because it leads to improved flavor and aroma of your brew (2). A gooseneck kettle lets you control where your hot water falls on your ground coffee, allowing you to more easily achieve a balanced saturation (better extraction).

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A gooseneck kettle is for the barista what a fine-tipped brush is for the painter: a perfectionist’s tool. A gooseneck kettle makes it much easier to avoid the pain of under-pouring or over -pouring each round.

Given that these funky metal kettles are the tools of a connoisseur, it’s absolutely worthwhile to be a little persnickety. For this reason, we are going to touch on some fine details to pay attention to when shopping for your own pouroverkettle.

Although a relatively quick poorer may take some practice to get used to, its purpose is wasted if it can’t pour evenly: (2) Obviously, you want a gooseneck that doesn’t pour too fast, but speed is the lesser issue in comparison to consistency.

Those cheap unknown brand kettles you may see on Amazon for very low price points often suffer from quick wear and tear as well as cracking along joints as they use low-quality metals and too many plastic parts. Keep in mind that you may be holding this kettle over your brewer and out away from your body for minutes at a time, gradually pouring in repeated increments.

However, there are variations, and a few decimal places to the right or left can make a big difference, depending on how you brew. If, for example, you’re the barista of the family, a large size kettle will allow you to keep on brewing without constant refills of unheated water halting your stride.

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Here’s why so many customers, including us, love this kettle : It has a built-in thermometer (no need to spend extra money on an external one). The gooseneck spout makes it easy to achieve the pour over coffee, and it comes with a strong 100% money-back guarantee.

The Mario gooseneck kettle is trusted by professional baristas and at-home enthusiasts alike. Despite this devotion, the Bono doesn’t offer as much control over water flow as some other goosenecks.

Finding the exact angle to achieve a slow, steady pour requires practice (but so does pour over coffee brewing, in general). The Bono is a capable little dude holding a bit more water than others which would make it a good choice for someone who brews in large batches.

It offers you an amazing degree of flow control, its angled spout allows hot water to flow smoothly, and the cleverly angled handle makes pouring much more convenient.

Its sleek and elegant design, and affordable price, makes it worth your money. The Kali ta kettle gives a very steady and predictable pour, and aiming is relatively easy.

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Modern styling and a matte-black finish (among others) make the Fellow Stage EKG Electric a natural choice for the kitchen fashionista. Great for those times you’re going to be making multiple carafes of pour over throughout the morning (or the evening).

Digital control panel offers 1 degree temperature increments Auto -start feature lets you set a time for the kettle to start heating Select from 6 common preset brewing temperatures The Breast splits the difference between the convenience of a programmable drip coffee maker and the beauty of this style of brewing.

The Willow & Everett is a simple electric kettle that boils water quickly and shuts off automatically. Its 1000-watt element provides quick heating, but it lacks the temperature control offered by pricier gooseneck electric kettles on the list.

And the mirror-finish stainless steel exterior gives it a different look from the usual brushed-stainless construction of so many kettles. There’s a spill-proof lid so you don’t need to worry about water gushing out the top if you pour too quickly.

Most impressively for this price point, you get stainless steel, automatic shut off, and the precise water flow you need from a gooseneck kettle. For the best intersection of price and quality (and for beginners), try The Coffee Gator Kettle.

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A gooseneck kettle is better because it allows for more precision when brewing coffee manually. The specially designed kettle lets you control the water flow (amount + speed) to achieve the best possible results for your pour overs, consistently.

A close second in our- over kettle collection, the Bonita with timer and digital thermometer is a powerful and pocket-friendly model with requisite gooseneck spout. This fixed thermometer stove top kettle from the stellar Coffee Gator is our standout pick for best gooseneck with an integrated temperature gauge.

The timer means you won’t need yet another separate piece of kit in your busy kitchen making this kettle effectively a 3-in-1 appliance. The kettle will keep the water warmed and ready for another brewing session for up to a half-hour after which point it shuts itself off for safety’s sake.

When you fire the kettle up first, you’ll appreciate the raw firepower of the 1000-watt unit and you won’t be waiting around long. The timer is a count-up style so you can keep precise notes of how your coffee turns out then, once you’ve got it dialed in, you can replicate the brew with ease.

With a generous 1-liter capacity and occupying a fairly small footprint at 11 × 7 × 7 ½ inches, the 1-year warranty removes any reason not to buy. Pro-grade stainless steel combines insulation with long lifespan in a unit built to withstand a few knocks.

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This Coffee Gator gives you the reach and accuracy you need for optimum results with minimal fuss. The fixed thermometer is a nice touch and gives you the ability to get the heat just the way you want it whether for coffee, tea or any other drink you care to make.

There’s a crisp LED display showing you the temperature and the element lights up to keep you visually abreast of progress. If you’re looking for a pout- over kettle that makes a real conversation piece but also does its job across the board, the Fellow Stage is well worth the investment if you’re serious about your coffee and you have a more flexible budget.

The 1000-watt base ensures your water hits the temperature you want quick-smart and auto shut-off is a nice touch so you won’t need to worry about monitoring proceedings. As with most of the better kettles you get robust stainless steel build along with no BPA's, Teflon or any other contaminants to taint your drink and give you health concerns.

Whichever style and size you choose, you’ll get the same high-grade stainless steel and a slimline and elongated spout to promote the most controlled and precise pouring whether you’re making tea or coffee. The stove top models all work on any type of hotplate including induction cookers so you won’t face any limitations at all.

Leading the charge is the long and slender gooseneck that serves up the control required for precise pouring. The base packs a double layer of material, again rust-free, so you won’t end up with damage building over time like on many inferior kettles.

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The onboard thermometer is a nice touch and stops you needing to pick up yet another separate piece of kit. For a gooseneck kettle that looks great and delivers fully on the performance front, this was among our favorites of the bunch we tested, and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Some kettles won’t work well on induction cookers, for example, so check closely before committing to purchase. Electric kettles offer you the safety feature of a shut-off mechanism, and they also routinely come with temperature control.

Since you’ll be taking your time to pour slowly and precisely, you should focus fully on a kettle with an ergonomic handle that will make your life easier in this regard. While a kettle with a thermometer onboard is not mandatory, you’ll certainly find dialing in the brew a lot easier if you’ve got one in place.

So check these issues carefully before buying to avoid the kettle not working properly on the induction cooker. If you pour the pot manually, you need something to heat the water.

Depending on the brewing method, a small deviation on the right or left may make a big difference. If you are a family barista, the large kettle allows you to continue brewing without having to replenish unheated water, which can take a big step forward.

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The length of the gooseneck and its diameter will determine the speed of flow. Smaller diameter Spout will flow faster than the larger one.

A regular Drip kettle cannot give you the control or precision you need. With a slender Spout, you can comfortably pour in the required circular motion with much higher accuracy than what a conventional one allows.

Check the design and make sure you don't find any negative reports of water leaks or rust. The spout is a more important part of the pot, which actually determines whether the best effect can be obtained.

This will ensure greater ease of use, as you must reduce the angle at which you pour the kettle so that hot water flows out of the spout. When you are brewing coffee, you will take the time to pour the water slowly and accurately.

Wooden handles have better heat insulation and comfort than other materials. Of course, it is a relatively subjective thing, but you should pay attention because if unstable or too hot to hold when brewing, your fingers feel tired and touch the kettle body suddenly, will burn your hand.

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So Beautiful and comfortable handles are not a guarantee that you won't make mistakes. Due to the thin nature of stainless steel, water is boiled quickly in an energy-efficient manner.

And we want to make sure that any kettle of interest is free of BPA or any other potential contaminants. You’ll get the good spout correctly when you’re pouring coffee.

If there's a professional kettle that works conversation to you, it's talking about Fellow Stage, because investing in it is a good way and it will show that your serious attitude about your coffee work and on a high budget. The clear LED display will show the temperature, and you can see the progress intuitively.

The Spout is very thin and controls good for the flow of water. The kettle is very easy to operate and can reach the optimum temperature for making coffee for people.

The overall design of the interior and exterior is made of superior stainless steel, so it will not easily rust. When you boil the kettle, you will enjoy the original power of the 1000 watt equipment and will not have to wait long.

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Each small parameter is important when brewing coffee, and with the ability to change the heat by 1 degree (plus or minus), you have all the options at your command. If you examine it carefully with an infrared thermometer, you will find that it is very accurate.

Like Mario Bono and Breast was on the bigger side. The Drip kettle enables us to do this without the flow being restricted by the nozzle, allowing the barista to choose the dumping speed without having to correct the flow less than the vertical direction.

It is lighter than its opponent because it is comfortable with a lightweight wooden handle. Other jugs can be too heavy and unbalanced, causing unnecessary pressure on the wrist.

To be honest, price is the reason people buy BaristaS pace in the first place. It looks really high-Class, The second reason is the special spout, which adds to the magic of the kettle because the water can run straight down without tilting the body too much.

On the other hand, many people like the overall design because it is easy to clean. You just need to wipe it to keep it shiny and fresh for a long time.

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The wooden handle of the kettle can avoid scalding the hand due to the temperature of the water, and it is comfortable to use. The product is more solid and carefully built, in terms of quality will not let you down, also won't rust with time.

Electric kettles, which plug into a wall outlet, generally boil water faster and are more energy efficient than their stove top counterparts. Smaller kettles are also available, which are convenient for those with limited kitchen space or who rarely need more than a cup or two of boiled water at a time.

Tea kettles most commonly contain glass, stainless steel, or plastic, which offer different aesthetics. Stainless steel kettles, whether electric or stove top, can be used on any type of cook top, including induction.

Most stove top models are built to whistle once the water has begun to boil, acting as an alert to take the kettle off the heating element. LED lights offer extra visual appeal to electric kettles and indicate that the water is heating.

With the key factors and considerations in mind, these top picks reflect some of the best tea kettle models available. The Cuisinart CPK-17 Perfected electric kettle might suit tea connoisseurs and coffee aficionados who want their water heated to a precise temperature.

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It offers a variety of presets to boil water or set the temperature to 160, 175, 185, 190, or 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Made from stainless steel with a clear viewing window, this kettle includes a washable scale filter, a cool-touch, non-slip handle, and a 36-inch cord.

This no-frills, well-priced electric kettle from AmazonBasics is made from stainless steel, has a 1-liter capacity, and boils water quickly. It has a 1,500-watt power capacity and a viewing window with volume markings to show how much water is inside.

Renowned for enameled cookware, Le Crest enters the kettle market with a classic model. This electric kettle from Mueller holds up to 1.8 liters of water and is constructive with borosilicate glass.

Interior LED lights indicate that the water is heating while providing a neat visual effect. The 1000ml Hi ware Glass Teapot contains an ergonomic handle and a spout designed to avoid dripping.

The Mr Coffee Clare dale Whistling Tea Kettle is a solid choice for households with several hot beverage drinkers but limited kitchen storage. Mr Coffee’s Clare dale Whistling Tea Kettle has a brushed stainless steel finish and a classic dome-style shape.

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For more information about tea kettles, keep reading to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Consider whether you prefer a glass or stainless steel model (most popular), which capacity would best suit you, and if you’re looking for a particular color or aesthetic.

If you’re interested in advanced features, keep an eye out for models with temperature control, built-in filters, keep warm functions, and water gauges. Tea kettles made from glass are best for health because they limit the risk of releasing any metal or other toxins into the water as it boils.

Stainless steel kettles offer optimal heat resistance, making them the best choice for a gas stove. Try to boil just the amount needed at a time, and empty any remaining water to avoid oxidation.

It’s best not to leave water in a kettle for more than a couple of hours to avoid buildup of limescale, a hard chalky deposit consisting mainly of calcium carbonate, which can be difficult to remove. Electric kettles, which can achieve a boil in just minutes, aren’t just a faster way to heat water.

So pay attention to the product description and reviews if your primary goal is to whip up your morning drink in record time. Here are our top picks for the best electric kettles on the market right now, based on excellent online reviews.

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This high-end Seville model has high ratings on Amazon and Williams-Sonoma, and customers love it for its versatility, consistency, ease of use and sleek, modern look. One five-star Williams-Sonoma reviewer writes, “stylishly designed and heavy duty.

A glass electric kettle is most appealing when a pure taste is a top priority, but users also appreciate the water level visibility and a modern aesthetic. This one from beloved kitchenwares brand Ox wins big points for accuracy and ease of use.

It signals when it's up to temp, and again when the keep-warm function times out,” writes one five-star reviewer. If you’re willing to compromise on bells and whistles for speed and value, you’ll like this AmazonBasics option, which boasts close to 30,000 4.5-star reviews.

It’s slightly smaller than other options, with just a four-cup capacity, but its ability to quickly boil water (in fewer than 4 minutes) more than makes up for it. It has saved me the problem of worrying about whether I remembered to turn the stove off in the mornings when I leave for work,” writes one five-star reviewer.

After you achieve the perfect temp, keep your water hot for up to 30 minutes with the built-in Keep Warm setting. Williams-Sonoma buyers say it’s easy to clean, heats up fast, and stays cool on the outside.

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Another ultra-fast pick, this Hamilton Beach model isn’t just speedier than competitors. “I would say this kettle is the most used gadget in our kitchen... or a close competitor to the microwave.

With extremely accurate temp control and a Keep Warm setting that preserves your preferred temperature for up to an hour, you can have as many cups of coffee as you’d like. It heats a full kettle of water to a boil in 3 minutes.

Tea Basket cycle that automatically lowers and lifts This pricier Seville model allows users to brew their preferred tea leaves at the ideal temp for a perfect cup, every time.

Just press the button and watch the basket lower into the water. Prevent over -steeping with the help of the Time Since Brew display, and keep your water hot for up to an hour.

“I love this tea maker and can't imagine going back to a world before it. If you are someone who loves the ritual of tea making, this will of course not really be up your alley,” writes one five-star reviewer.

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“I even moved some stuff aside to let it permanently live this winter on our precious counter space.” I’ve met people who spend hundreds of dollars on a perfect burr grinder, dozens of hours researching different trippers, and a few days scavenging for the beautiful glass carafes and enamel mugs, only to discover that they’re boiling their water with a $20 plastic kettle they bought from Amazon five years ago.

It’s not that it’s impossible to get a good cup of coffee with one of those (as long as you’re cleaning it regularly), but they do present an obstacle to truly excellent flavor. But it’s possible to do even better, to get a cup that’s so perfectly clean, balanced, and flavorful that it’ll have you floating through the rest of your morning like a cartoon character sniffing a just-baked pie.

That way, when you’re trying to pour perfect spirals into your small Dipper, you won’t accidentally dump a ton of extra water and splash your coffee onto the counter. After a few weeks of research and testing, we’ve found three excellent kettles that’ll be automatic upgrades to your coffee game.

The handle is basically just a rod enveloped in a squishy rubber, but it has slight grooves for your fingers and a natural place for your thumb to rest on top. This means you can get a really secure grip as you pick up the kettle, which allows you to feel more in control of your pours through the Ox’s gooseneck spout.

Thanks to this balanced design, I never found myself accidentally flooding my Chem ex with too much water too quickly, and potentially messing up my brew. The first time I saw a Fellow Stage EKG Electric Kettle was on the shelves of my favorite fancy coffee shop.

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I was struck by its unique shape, which kind of resembles an Erlenmeyer flask from Chemistry class, and matte black finish. Of course, there are many products, especially in the home kitchen space, that might look more interesting than a classic cast-iron skillet or a sheet pan, but don’t do their job nearly as well.

The kettle immediately begins heating whatever water is inside, which’ll save you a few seconds or so as you adjust the dial to your exact temperature. Once your water is heated, you can hold the dial down for two seconds to start a stopwatch, which’ll help you keep track of how your brew is going.

The Fellow kettle ’s handle isn’t as comfortable to hold as the Ox’s, since it doesn’t have squishy grips. If you need a larger kettle, for a big French press or to batch brew tea, the Ox or the Bonita are better options.

Until the Ox was released in late 2017, the Bonita Digital Temperature Gooseneck Kettle was the one most often recommended by coffee professionals and editorial publications. Still, at this price point, it’s difficult to find anything that is as effective at heating water and has a track record of good performance.

One thing is consistent around the world and it’s that, to make a good cup of coffee you need hot water and that’s where pour over kettles come in. While you can still brew coffee using a standard tea kettle, it will take time and patience to get the best results.

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In the end, it’s not worth the hassle, especially considering that there is a specific tool designed for that kind of brewing. Pour over kettles range in terms of prices and the one you get will solely depend on your budget as well as personal preferences.

Gooseneck kettles have an off spout shape that most people assume makes them hard to use. These kettles are designed to give you total control over the strength as well as the speed of your pour.

One of the major problems with regular kettles, when used for pour over brewing, is that they inconsistently pour water and while some are much better, in the end, control is what they lack. When you use a regular kettle, there is a chance that you will never use the same water amount, speed is never consistent and you don’t hit the coffee grounds evenly.

You can either pour slowly to extend the brewing time or quickly which affects the flavor of your coffee. The main item used in this form of brewing is a gooseneck kettle that works well with pour over dippers.

While it may not seem as crucial in the brewing process like a bean grinder or a Dipper, in the end, it affects the taste as well as the consistency of your cup of coffee. A gooseneck kettle, on the other hand, is unique in that it gives you total control over the amount of water distributed on the coffee grounds.

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If you want to make the world’s best instant coffee, the brewing method matters a lot. Pour over brewing is one method that gives you control over the taste and strength of your coffee.

The fact that you have total control means that you can make a consistent cup of coffee every time. Takes time and practice to master the perfect pour for a consistent cup of coffee.

Some people prefer the convenience of an electric kettle while for some the manual one works just fine. With an electric kettle, you can easily try out new recipes and experiment with what you have, giving you the freedom to customize your cup of coffee.

When you are buying a manual product, one thing you need to ensure is that the kettle you get is compatible with your type of oven. This is because some of these products don’t work so well on induction cookers hence the reason why this is an important factor to consider before you make a purchase.

The gooseneck kettle is the best for a pour over brew and gives you total control, allowing for consistency in every cup of coffee you make. With these kettles, speed is of utmost importance since it determines not only the strength but the quality of the brew as well.

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The most important factor that you need to consider is the flow rate since it determines the strength and taste of your coffee. To be on the safe side, avoid cheap, unknown brands because they wear quickly since they are made of poor quality materials.

It is designed to allow you to consistently pour, no matter the amount of water you need and to maintain the pace. You either pour in a swirl, through the middle or some other fashion, all to saturate the grounds evenly to get the maximum flavor from the coffee beans.

This precise water placement is difficult with a regular kettle since the spout is usually far from the grounds due to the short neck and you can’t control where it pours. Gooseneck kettles have different designs and the one you choose is just a matter of personal preferences.

The only thing you need to ensure is that the neck is long enough to give you control over the water flow when you are making your coffee. When you are buying a gooseneck kettle, one thing to keep in mind is that you will be holding it over the brewer for minutes away from your body, hence the reason why comfort if very important and that lies in the design of the handle.

If the handle is plastic, ensure that it is BPA-free and doesn’t burn your hands when you are making coffee. The quality of coffee, as well as the taste, is determined by the temperature of the water which is why you should rather buy a product that has a thermometer.

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Another feature is a limescale filter which is a protective mesh in the spout that allows for a clean brew. Blooming is a process that involves releasing carbon dioxide to create a blossoming effect that makes brewing possible.

For a good bloom, wet the coffee ground and ensure that they are all saturated and make sure that you don’t pour too much water. Begin by pouring water on the outer filter rim moving inwards in a spiral motion.

Using the kettle, pour the water slowly in a circular motion starting from the outer edge of the filter moving towards the center, making sure that the spout is close enough to the coffee grounds. If you have a glass or ceramic brewer, remove the filter and toss it together with the coffee grounds.

Shake the kettle over the garbage to remove any ground or other debris that may have accumulated and then use warm water and soap to clean the kettle. This is because cheap kettles are usually made of low-quality metal that will crack or rust after a short time.

In as much as you want to spend as little as possible, avoid those overly cheap kettles from not so well known brands because chances are that you will be buying a replacement soon. Don’t buy kettles from cheap and unknown brands since these are made of low-quality materials.

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Yes, you can but you will have a hard time controlling the speed and the amount of pour leading to inconsistently tasting coffee every morning. This is a type of manual brewing method that involves pouring hot water over freshly ground coffee to extract the flavor of the beans.

Most people’s morning routine starts with a good cup of coffee or tea. There is no better way to beat the morning drowsiness than by wrapping your hands around a warm cup.

In this article, we have reviewed and compiled a list of the 10 best electric kettles for coffee and tea available right now. It is equipped with six preset heat settings for steeping tea at a specific temperature.

This electric kettle offers a one-touch control panel with blue LED indicators, a start button, and a 30-minute keep-warm cycle. It has a memory feature that allows the kettle to be lifted off base for 2 minutes without shutting off or losing its place in the heating process.

This electric kettle comes with a 100% 18/10 stainless steel interior with 1500 watts heating power. It features a locking lid that reduces accidental spills and a rubber foot pad that prevents unexpected tipping.

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Inexpensive Suitable for college dorms, kitchens, and offices Water-level window Illuminated on/off switch Push-button lid This electric kettle boils water quickly and has a smooth aluminum handle with a stainless steel body.

Ergonomic design Single-wall construction Stainless steel body Easy to fill 1-year replacement warranty It runs on 1000 watts power and heats water quickly to a precise temperature.

This 2-quart kettle has 5 preset brewing temperature options for black, green, white, and oblong tea and French press coffee. The Kettle IQ features exact temperatures to enhance the optimal taste and quality of the tea or coffee.

The precise and elongated spout features a curved opening for a steady flow. The temperature guide on the base shows the best programmable settings for brewing coffee and tea.

It has a 360° swivel base that lets you remove the illuminated cordless kettle for easy pouring. This glass kettle has a blue light around the rim that provides a visual delight while boiling water as it heats up.

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Portable Durable High quality Ergonomic design Food-grade material Heat-resistant Scratch-resistant Thermal shock protection Easy to use BELLA 1.2 L Electric Tea Kettle is the perfect decorative piece to add to your kitchen.

This electric tea kettle boils water faster than a microwave and safer than a stove. Its ceramic body combines versatility and undeniable style to deliver a great taste to your coffee or tea.

Ideal for controlled pours Gorgeous design Versatile High-quality Easy to use Available in multiple colors and patterns Then, pick your favorite product from this list and try it out to brew the perfect cup of coffee or tea.

She has hands-on experience in writing articles and press releases on Life Sciences and Healthcare, Food and Beverages, and Chemicals and Materials. There are lots of high quality kettles available and the good news is, most of them aren’t too expensive.

See the price on this stylish precision electric stainless steel gooseneck kettle. I like to hold a kettle that is comfortable in my hand and well-balanced when I’m making pour over coffee.

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Call me silly, but I also like my kettle to look good in my kitchen. Some coffee-drinkers aren’t so concerned about the appearance of their kettle but it still rates highly with me.

To find the best gooseneck kettle, stove top or electric, you need to know what you like. If you want to truly enjoy the pour over coffee experience, you need the ideal gooseneck kettle that suits you.

Whether you need electric or a stove top kettle, you’ll find one calling your name. The spout is a special design and gives a smooth water flow.

This Coffee Gator pouroverkettle features a double layer metal base. The heat diffuser helps to stop the flames damaging the handle and spout of your kettle.

If you have a small burner on your gas stove top then your kettle should be fine without using a diffuser. If you’re looking for an electric gooseneck kettle, you really can’t go past the Bonita brand.

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This electric gooseneck kettle gives you the convenience of choosing the temperature you want the water to be. One of the reasons this is the best electric gooseneck kettle is because it will stop boiling at the correct temperature and hold the water at that temp for up to 1 hour.

Tired of keeping an eye on the temperature gauge on a manual kettle ? You can even pour some water out of it and replace it on the base and keep the temperature holding for an hour to use again later.

The actual water temperature is shown on an LED display on the base sitting under the kettle. Both kettles are provided a good balance in your hand for pour over coffee.

The precision spout gives you a steady, slow, even pour perfect for pour over coffee. The specially designed Fellow Stage handle is counterbalanced to move the center of gravity back towards your hand.

This is the ideal gooseneck kettle for pour over coffee or tea where you want to use variable temperature. The kettle heats water fast and holds it at the temperature you choose to make it the bestpouroverkettle for anyone with kids or pets who am likely to get distracted before they get a chance to make their coffee.

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If you’re looking for a kettle that is used in barista competitions across the USA, this is the best gooseneck pouroverkettle for you. This black stainless steel Gooseneck Kettle from COS ORI is electric and comes with 5 variable presets.

The exterior is a Matt black (you can also get it in silver here), it has a 0.8L/27oz capacity and a 1200 watt quick heating element. The kettle takes 3-5 minutes to boil a full capacity amount of water.

The advantage of this electric kettle is that it offers the 5 presets for coffee and different types of tea but it also has a keep warm function that automatically keeps water at the same temperature for 60 minutes. The COS ORI electric gooseneck kettle does have a tone that beeps 3 times when the water has reached the preset temperature.

And you get the choice to hold the Temp button for 3 seconds to turn the beeps off (or on again). This is a handy feature for those of us with kids or pets who don’t want a beeping noise disturbing them.

The kettle is made with food-grade stainless steel in its housing, lid and spout. If you’re trying to avoid ingesting plastic or plastic-leeching substances, then this kettle is perfect.

kettle pour stagg coffee uncrate matte handle ergonomic read fellow gessato
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Quite a few electric kettles that are stainless steel still have plastic inside their lids. Not only do you avoid any plastic-leeching chemicals, but you also get pure coffee or tea with the taste you want.

Inside the kettle there is an easy to see interior maximum water line. If you’re looking for a kettle that is fully stainless steel and completely plastic-free internally then this is great.

The buttons for the presents are a flat touch sensitive plastic on the electrical control base. While this won’t worry many people, because of the preset choices available, it may be a problem if you’re specifically buying a kettle for this purpose.

The balanced handle and the slow- pour spout really are offering you more than just the temperature presets. This modern stainless steel gooseneck kettle is stylish and functional.

If you’re looking for the perfect gooseneck kettle to match modern decor, this is it. The handle is specially weighted to shift the center of mass closer to your hand when you pour.

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The spout is designed to pour at the optimal pour over flow rate. The thermometer sits flat on the top of the lid and doesn’t interfere with the stylish appearance of this gooseneck kettle.

The thermometer is accurate and includes a red zone as an optimal brewing temperature range. The Fellow Stage is the perfect gooseneck kettle for modern style but it also offers great features with the weighted handle and precision pouring spout.

A heat diffuser is only a few dollars but will give you peace of mind when using smaller pots or a kettle on your stove. This Well stainless steel gooseneck kettle is a timeless design making it perfect as a gift.

This kettle is perfect for pour over coffee with its thin gooseneck spout. There is a large stay-cool handle with slip-resistant grip to make pouring effortless.

In addition, throw in a packet of coffee beans and you can make it a complete set. Enjoy choosing a coffee gift for all your friends and family.

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If your kitchen has decor touches of copper in it, you’ll love this kettle for making pour over coffee. This is the ideal gooseneck kettle to make a relaxing cup of pour over coffee in a stylish kitchen or office.

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