"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Best Kettle For Pour Over Coffee

Paul Gonzalez
• Tuesday, 20 October, 2020
• 48 min read

When choosing between manual and electric pouring kettles, when you want to make a choice, it depends on each person's likes and preferences. So check these issues carefully before buying to avoid the kettle not working properly on the induction cooker.

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If you pour the pot manually, you need something to heat the water. Manual models may also need to use a thermometer to check the temperature.

Electric kettles are generally heavier, and they will be more tired after you hold it for a long time. Depending on the brewing method, a small deviation on the right or left may make a big difference.

If you are a family barista, the large kettle allows you to continue brewing without having to replenish unheated water, which can take a big step forward. The length of the gooseneck and its diameter will determine the speed of flow.

Smaller diameter Spout will flow faster than the larger one. A regular Drip kettle cannot give you the control or precision you need.

With a slender Spout, you can comfortably pour in the required circular motion with much higher accuracy than what a conventional one allows. Check the design and make sure you don't find any negative reports of water leaks or rust.

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The spout is a more important part of the pot, which actually determines whether the best effect can be obtained. This will ensure greater ease of use, as you must reduce the angle at which you pour the kettle so that hot water flows out of the spout.

When you are brewing coffee, you will take the time to pour the water slowly and accurately. Wooden handles have better heat insulation and comfort than other materials.

Of course, it is a relatively subjective thing, but you should pay attention because if unstable or too hot to hold when brewing, your fingers feel tired and touch the kettle body suddenly, will burn your hand. So Beautiful and comfortable handles are not a guarantee that you won't make mistakes.

Due to the thin nature of stainless steel, water is boiled quickly in an energy-efficient manner. And we want to make sure that any kettle of interest is free of BPA or any other potential contaminants.

If there's a professional kettle that works conversation to you, it's talking about Fellow Stage, because investing in it is a good way and it will show that your serious attitude about your coffee work and on a high budget. The clear LED display will show the temperature, and you can see the progress intuitively.

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The kettle is very easy to operate and can reach the optimum temperature for making coffee for people. The overall design of the interior and exterior is made of superior stainless steel, so it will not easily rust.

When you boil the kettle, you will enjoy the original power of the 1000 watt equipment and will not have to wait long. Each small parameter is important when brewing coffee, and with the ability to change the heat by 1 degree (plus or minus), you have all the options at your command.

If you examine it carefully with an infrared thermometer, you will find that it is very accurate. Like Mario Bono and Breast was on the bigger side.

The Drip kettle enables us to do this without the flow being restricted by the nozzle, allowing the barista to choose the dumping speed without having to correct the flow less than the vertical direction. It is lighter than its opponent because it is comfortable with a lightweight wooden handle.

Other jugs can be too heavy and unbalanced, causing unnecessary pressure on the wrist. To be honest, price is the reason people buy BaristaS pace in the first place.

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It looks really high-Class, The second reason is the special spout, which adds to the magic of the kettle because the water can run straight down without tilting the body too much. On the other hand, many people like the overall design because it is easy to clean.

You just need to wipe it to keep it shiny and fresh for a long time. The wooden handle of the kettle can avoid scalding the hand due to the temperature of the water, and it is comfortable to use.

The product is more solid and carefully built, in terms of quality will not let you down, also won't rust with time. We’ve got 10 of the strongest options at your disposal today along with the usual handy hints to make your life easier.

A close second in our- over kettle collection, the Bonita with timer and digital thermometer is a powerful and pocket-friendly model with requisite gooseneck spout. This fixed thermometer stove top kettle from the stellar Coffee Gator is our standout pick for best gooseneck with an integrated temperature gauge.

The timer means you won’t need yet another separate piece of kit in your busy kitchen making this kettle effectively a 3-in-1 appliance. The kettle will keep the water warmed and ready for another brewing session for up to a half-hour after which point it shuts itself off for safety’s sake.

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When you fire the kettle up first, you’ll appreciate the raw firepower of the 1000-watt unit and you won’t be waiting around long. The timer is a count-up style so you can keep precise notes of how your coffee turns out then, once you’ve got it dialed in, you can replicate the brew with ease.

With a generous 1-liter capacity and occupying a fairly small footprint at 11 × 7 × 7 ½ inches, the 1-year warranty removes any reason not to buy. Pro-grade stainless steel combines insulation with long lifespan in a unit built to withstand a few knocks.

This Coffee Gator gives you the reach and accuracy you need for optimum results with minimal fuss. The fixed thermometer is a nice touch and gives you the ability to get the heat just the way you want it whether for coffee, tea or any other drink you care to make.

There’s a crisp LED display showing you the temperature and the element lights up to keep you visually abreast of progress. If you’re looking for a pout- over kettle that makes a real conversation piece but also does its job across the board, the Fellow Stage is well worth the investment if you’re serious about your coffee and you have a more flexible budget.

The 1000-watt base ensures your water hits the temperature you want quick-smart and auto shut-off is a nice touch so you won’t need to worry about monitoring proceedings. As with most of the better kettles you get robust stainless steel build along with no BPA's, Teflon or any other contaminants to taint your drink and give you health concerns.

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Whichever style and size you choose, you’ll get the same high-grade stainless steel and a slimline and elongated spout to promote the most controlled and precise pouring whether you’re making tea or coffee. The stove top models all work on any type of hotplate including induction cookers so you won’t face any limitations at all.

Leading the charge is the long and slender gooseneck that serves up the control required for precise pouring. The base packs a double layer of material, again rust-free, so you won’t end up with damage building over time like on many inferior kettles.

The onboard thermometer is a nice touch and stops you needing to pick up yet another separate piece of kit. For a gooseneck kettle that looks great and delivers fully on the performance front, this was among our favorites of the bunch we tested, and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Some kettles won’t work well on induction cookers, for example, so check closely before committing to purchase. Electric kettles offer you the safety feature of a shut-off mechanism, and they also routinely come with temperature control.

Since you’ll be taking your time to pour slowly and precisely, you should focus fully on a kettle with an ergonomic handle that will make your life easier in this regard. While a kettle with a thermometer onboard is not mandatory, you’ll certainly find dialing in the brew a lot easier if you’ve got one in place.

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This is made with surgical grade stainless steel and is the first model with a triple-layer based, which means it can be used on all types of stove tops. This kettle also comes with a built-in temperature gauge which means that you won’t burn the coffee or try to make it with lukewarm water.

The Coffee Gator will give you the optimal temperature water to pour on your grounds. While gooseneck kettles aren’t aesthetically popular with everyone, but this long, slim spout is what allows you to pour the water at a steady, controlled flow rate.

The OAM CEG CoffeeKettle is very similar in design to our best choice from Coffee Gator, except it has a slightly larger capacity and has a lower price point. This kettle has a built-in thermometer on the top of the lid, a plastic ergonomic handle, a long, slim spout, and can be used on any heated surface.

This means you will be able to brew your beverage at an exact temperature according to the type of coffee bean you are working with. Once the desired heat is reached, this kettle will maintain that level for an hour.

This model has a beautiful ergonomic design, one of the best gooseneck spouts, and is available with a silver, bronze, or black Matt finish. The Fellow Stage EKG is considerably more expensive than many other models, but the brew timer, hold function and precise thermometer settings make it a kettle worth considering if you are after precision.

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The Copper Gooseneck Kettle from Barista Warrior is another option that has a 1.2litre capacity but comes with a recommendation only to fill it to 1litre. Equipped with a built-in thermometer, a heat-resistant handle, and a slow pouring gooseneck spout, you will be able to produce a great cup of coffee at home.

An e-book of tips is also included to assist you in achieving the perfect brew, This kettle can be used on a variety of stove tops except for a gas burner. The Color Electric Gooseneck Kettle is an affordable electronic option with a relatively small capacity of 0.8litres.

The Color has a safe-touch handle, a non-slip base, a safe to touch stainless steel lid, and boil-dry protection, so if you are looking for a kettle with all the necessary safety features, then this is one of the best gooseneck options. You now get a hinged lid which makes it easy to fill with one hand, and a 360 thermometer which gives you more accurate temperature readings of the interior.

The silicone insulating cover also protects you from burns and helps to retain heat even when removed from the stove. One of the best features of this Coffee Gator gooseneck kettle is that it is compatible with all stove tops, from gas to induction and everything in between.

The gooseneck spout is quite short, but it still gives you control for slow, precise water flow and the heat-resistant handle is well positions for easy use. There is however no thermometer included, so you will need to acquire one that fits through the hole in the lid to check the water temperature, so you might not get the most accurate readings in comparison to other models.

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The Chef bar is a nice looking, stainless steel pot that can also be put in the dishwasher so very easy to clean. This Bean Envy Gooseneck PourOverCoffeeKettle has a triple layer bottom, so it is compatible with all types of heat sources, be it kitchen or camping stoves.

If you are looking for a product that is easy to clean, especially if you are in hard water areas, then this gooseneck kettle should be considered. The base of this kettle has five presets to give you the ideal water temperature for different teas or a particular cup of coffee.

Made from steel but with a black Matt coating, this kettle is beautifully designed and only the size of regular drinks can, so is highly portable. There is no lid and no thermometer on this miniature kettle, and it seems that you get the best results if you add hot water directly to this, rather than heating it from cold on the stove.

You can then get the water to your preferred temperature and pour it with the long spout onto your tea or coffee. The Olivia and Widened & CoffeeKettle works on all stove tops, including inductions, and has clear markers on the interior so you can measure exactly how much water you are heating.

As with all other gooseneck kettles, you get the thin spout and a thermometer for accurate measurement of the water temperature. This model also includes a complimentary coffee scoop and drip cup to help you create the perfect brewing experience.

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According to a few customer reviews, the temperature gauge is a little loose on some of these kettles although it still works as intended, so it is best to handle with care. While this is a very elegant design, it is also quite expensive for such a small capacity, with the ability to only hold 350ml of water.

This kettle works best as a container to hold hot water until it reaches the desired temperature to pour over your coffee. This is another kettle variation from Soul hand, with an advanced triple-layer base of steel and aluminum that makes it compatible with all types of stove tops and rust-resistant even after multiple uses.

The Bonita PourOverKettle heats up quickly and gives you the ability to program the water to exactly your required temperature, with increments of one degree. With a range of 140-212 degrees Fahrenheit, you can easily get the perfect water conditions for your tea or coffee.

The heat and hold function can also retain your desired temperature for 60 minutes, and the digital display is very clear to see. With this electric kettle, you get great pour control with the long spout, and the manufacturers include a one-year guarantee.

Well no not really it’s not an essential piece of brewing kit if you’re just starting out on your home barista journey but it’s sure nice to have. The Gooseneck Kettle would fall under “other coffee hardware.” It’s not essential, elements such as the quality of your coffee beans combined with timing and technique are far more important than whether your kettle has the correct pour spout.

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Whether this is to keep the cost to a minimum or just poor planning, unfortunately, it is the case, even with some top brands. However, the thickness of the metal and the quality of the seam weld is a good indicator of the durability.

As silly as it sounds just how comfortable the kettle is will have an impact on your pouring technique. Keep in mind that you’re going to be holding the kettle for minutes at a time, which when full can be pretty heavy.

Another popular feature that many of the new gooseneck kettles are now coming with is a built-in temperature gauge. The Bonita lets you choose between six temperature settings, or you can simply add your preferred temp.

The pour control with the Mario is excellent, and the long-distance the water has to travel through the pour spout gives you a consistent, small, smooth stream of water to pour over your coffee grounds. This is my personal favorite, the Fellow Stage PourOverKettle is a classic looking Gooseneck Kettle with a sleek modern Matt black finish.

A classic gooseneck “S” forms the curved pouring spout which flows water at a slow and steady rate. Cons If the kettle isn’t dried after each use small rust spots could appear inside.

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You have the best coffee beans, the perfect coffee maker, and now you’re stuck with finding a gooseneck kettle. The gooseneck kettle is a classic symbol of manual coffee brewing.

Their beautiful swan-like necks, tapered sprouts, and ergonomic handles enhance your brewing methods. Although you can brew a cup of coffee with a regular hot water kettle, buying a gooseneck will undoubtedly improve your game.

Many people believe that the gooseneck kettle is just a gimmick, but only a true coffee -aficionado can tell you why they’re essential. In this article, we’ve rounded up some answers that will cater to all your doubts regarding the best gooseneck kettle.

It’s not easy to buy a gooseneck kettle, given the saturation of products in the market. For many, even the thought of purchasing a gooseneck kettle can be perplexing.

Worry not, this article will help you to pick the best gooseneck kettle. A good gooseneck kettle can make or break your cup of coffee.

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To make sure you have the best product in your hand, consider the following features while hunting for a gooseneck water kettle. Some gooseneck water kettles pour slower than their counterparts, while the others are more responsive.

If you’re a barista of a large coffee -drinking family, then a big size gooseneck water kettle will be much better. A bigger kettle will eliminate the need for refills, which can break your stride.

Refrain from buying unknown brands that come at very low price points. The best gooseneck electric kettle should have a stainless steel construction.

A gooseneck kettle that is causing trouble while holding can be difficult for delivering a consistent pour. You don’t want to be grabbing a piping hot cookware for a long time, especially when your focus is on maintaining the right consistency.

Many people suffer from poorly structured handles, and we don’t want you to make the same mistake. For many coffee lovers, a standard gooseneck kettle will do the job.

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However, manufacturers are equipping an extra set of unique features to stand out in the competition. Features like temperature control, digital panels, and electric heating can be costlier, but they are worth the extra amount.

The gooseneck water kettle is not an essential piece when it comes to coffee -making. The kettle offers greater comfort for very slow percolation methods.

Since these kettles offer great control, it is easy to replicate good coffee brews. If you are particular about your coffee type, it’s best to invest in a gooseneck water kettle.

A lot of recipes require a specific flowing rate for pouring. Preparing these complex recipes can be frustrating with a standard kettle.

Though there are no significant pros of using a gooseneck for immersive brewing, the Progress recipe is an exception. The recipe can have vigor amount of stirring, and the agitation of the grounds can also be a concern.

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For this reason, several people depend on gooseneck electric kettle for immersion brewing. A gooseneck kettle is not a hip accessory that the baristas own for keeping it as a showpiece.

An excessive agitation due to heedless pouring can result in an unevenly-extracted coffee. A gooseneck water kettle, when used correctly, can offer you good control of the flow.

The next time you run over a recipe that calls for a specific pouring method, you know what to do. This is the more conventional gooseneck kettle and usually cheaper than electric ones.

You have to be more cautious as you have no temperature control on manual gooseneck kettles. This reduces the risk of accidents and also makes the brewing process easier.

The electric kettles are also great for brewing a cup of tea. Since the electric kettle requires lesser attention, the brewing process has less chance of human errors.

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To ensure that your freshly-brewed coffee tastes great each time, you have to clean the kettle regularly. When it comes to gooseneck kettles, we recommend cleaning every couple of months to prevent a limescale build-up.

We’ve listed some simple steps which you can follow to keep your gooseneck kettle clean. The last step is to discard the solution and rinse the kettle with cold water.

For the outside of the kettle, we suggest that you use antibacterial wipes or a damp cloth. After you give a read to the reasons mentioned below, we’re sure you will rush to grab a kettle today itself.

This cookware may look funny to you, but it’s a powerful addition to a coffeehouse’s gear arsenal. Since the coffee kettle gives you a high level of control, you can take advantage of it to achieve better consistency.

The fact that these kettles allow you to pour the water evenly is a big advantage itself. The grounds result in the same amount of flavor; it reduces the bitterness and sourness.

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Though you may require a bit of practice, nothing can stop you from brewing a great cup once you get the hang of it. The long neck of the kettle is designed to deliver better control over the pour ’s strength and speed.

Pouring water from a regular kettle is equal to chaos. With a gooseneck kettle, you can pour evenly, slowly, and exactly where you want.

The additional controls result in a significant boost in brewing consistency. Similarly, the pouring speed and balance is a big miss with standard kettles.

You’ll be able to make a more precise extraction with the help of coffee grounds. Extraction is one of the reasons why you should buy a gooseneck kettle for your kitchen.

There are a countless number of gooseneck water kettles out in the market. It’s difficult to choose a perfect kettle that does not only fall under your budget but also serves the purpose.

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To assist you in buying a gooseneck electric kettle, we went through some of the market’s top-rated products. The design and structure of this gooseneck kettle may look oversimplified and minimalistic at first.

A gooseneck kettle with so many features and so less price, jackpot, isn’t it? The Coffee Gator is extremely efficient in pouring the water precisely.

The tapered tip makes sure that your countertops are not left with coffee stains. The Bonita Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle has a 1000W fast heating function.

This feature lets you the desired water temperature for a perfect cup of coffee. The variable temperature settings give this product an edge over its competitors.

The display of the Bonita Gooseneck Kettle deserves a special mention. The Bonita gooseneck electric kettle gives a great degree of control to the user.

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The pour has a satisfactory consistency and good even with shaky hands. This Breast Smart Pour Variable Temperature Kettle is the best in design, structure, and style.

The matte-black and modern finish are some of the strongest points of this gooseneck water kettle. It is great for people who drink lots of coffee throughout the morning hour.

The brew stopwatch is another great feature that adds utility to the kettle. The Kali ta Stainless Steel Drip kettle deserve brownie points for their ergonomic and stunning design.

The stout neck in Kali ta makes a stronger flow rate. The graceful and classic wooden handle makes it an ideal piece for contemporary style kitchens.

We are assuming that the quality and style are the reason behind the hefty price tag. We can’t imagine making a list of the best gooseneck kettles and not having the Oval ware RJ3 in it.

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Though this product claims to work great on all heating tops, its efficiency on the induction base is doubtful. Willow & Everett has bought one of the most inexpensive electric kettles on the market, and that’s something great.

It is a minimalistic electric kettle that heats the water quickly and turns off automatically. We would’ve like to see the temperature control settings that are missing in this kettle.

The handles of the kettle are had been placed at the correct angle to offer ergonomic support. We would light to highlight the spill-proof lid that is one of the major pros of this kettle.

Though it lacks temperature control, you can’t have complaints considering the price and the rest of the features. Cons The electric kettle lacks temperature control.

There is a high chance of spotting the Mario Bono V60 Drip Kettle in your neighborhood barista or café. The Mario gooseneck kettle is one of the most preferred pieces of cookware by professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts.

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Most users will be a tad disappointed with the pouring flow of this kettle. It is difficult to find the exact angle to get a steady, slow pour.

The beehive design of this kettle is compatible with almost all of Mario’s coffee products. Though it does not offer the same versatility and flexibility of costly electric kettles, the features are unbeatable.

The triple bottom design and high-quality stainless steel assure the durability of the kettle. This kettle features a BPA-free plastic handle that has an easy and comfortable grab.

These kettles are a great appliance that deserves a place in every coffee lover’s kitchen. A freshly brewed, strong coffee is a great start to anyone’s day.

It provides you with the alertness you need for the ample activities you need to carry out for the rest of the day. Let alone a good extraction of coffee, poor quality kettles will contaminate your brew with toxic and harmful chemicals and might even leak.

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Therefore, you can use this guide to find yourself the bestpouroverkettle that is simple yet strong and will only make your morning coffee ritual twice as pleasurable. This model has strong stainless steel construction, which means it is simply unbreakable.

A stainless steel body also means that it can warm up its contents within minutes once it is put on the stove top. The shiny, silver kettle also adds to the beauty of your kitchen when placed on your countertop.

Furthermore, the ergonomic design of this coffee pot only makes usage much easier. The kettle is difficult to clean because of the narrow opening that does not allow getting your hand inside and the very thin spout.

Moreover, stainless steel ensures a strong, sturdy body of the item. Thus, it will last you for a very long time with you using it every morning for that perfect cup of coffee or tea.

Also, stainless steel makes sure that it heats up quickly and prepares the drink in a short amount of time. This sleek, shiny piece also looks stylish when sitting on your countertop or stove top.

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To ensure safety, the kettle comes with a rubber cap for the spout to prevent spillage or any burning hazard. Made out of premium-grade stainless steel, this pouroverkettle is bound to satisfy your coffee needs in the best way possible.

It has a strong stainless steel body, which means it is practically unbreakable and will last in your kitchen for ages. This is another feature that guarantees this pouroverkettle by Coffee Gator, a permanent home in your kitchen.

Moreover, it has a thin, gooseneck spout that directs a steady flow and provides hand drip perfection. This kettle comes with a triple-layer base that makes it useable on any surface, be it a gas burner or an induction.

A great unique feature of this pouroverkettle is that it comes with a built-in temperature gauge. Lastly, the shiny steel and the layered pyramidal design of this kettle also add to the beauty of your kitchen countertop.

Equipped with a built-in thermometer to measure temperature and prevent burning beans or weak drinks. The kettle is difficult to clean because of the narrow opening that does not allow getting your hand inside and the very thin spout.

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Bonita brings for its customers a high quality pouroverkettle to satisfy all their morning coffee urges. This kettle has a body made of strong, brushed stainless steel while the handle, the base, and the lip are of BPA-free plastic.

Thus, kettle makes use of the correct materials for optimal function as well as maximum safety. Moreover, the kettle features a powerful 1000W heater that heats up the contents quickly.

In addition, the kettle also makes a clicking noise to indicate the user when the contents are hot and ready to go. The auto shut-off system is also of great use as it prevents unnecessary usage of electricity as well as guarantees safety from short-circuiting, overheating, etc.

To ensure a precise flow of water, this Bonita Electric Kettle also has a gooseneck spout. Therefore, it allows greater control and makes sure that the hot liquids do not spill and instead go straight into the mug at a steady pace.

Also, a 1L capacity is also a decent amount for making 2-3 cups of tea or coffee. It has a strong, stylish stainless steel body and BPA-free plastic handle.

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This pouroverkettle by Oval ware carries important features that make it a great product. The stainless steel ensures quick heating of water while also being stylish and shiny to use.

Meanwhile, the gooseneck spout makes sure of a steady flow of water into the cup with no spilling. In fact, it is also fiber-infused and heat-resistant to provide a firm grip as well as no burning.

The handle is also away from the kettle body to keep fingers from coming into contact with the hot steel surface. The Oval ware RJ3 Drip Kettle is also compatible for use on gas, induction or electric stoves, which you have at home while the stylish body complements any countertop.

Moreover, this pouroverkettle comes with an easy-clean seamless bottom that also dries fast. Therefore, it is resistant to rust and molds and will stay on your kitchen counter for a long time.

Finally, you can use it for a variety of purposes, such as brewing coffee, teas, boiling water, and so much more. The kettle also has an easy to clean base that also dries quickly to avoid the buildup of mold.

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A 100% food-grade stainless steel body with no chemical lining on the inside ensures that your coffee is brewed in just a few minutes. In addition to that, the unit has a great earthy taste, pure from any chemicals or contaminants.

The handle of the kettle itself is made of BPA-free plastic that is big enough to fit the hand of the user comfortably. This ergonomic design ensures safe use of this Willow & Everett pouroverkettle.

The kettle also has a long, slender gooseneck spout that pours flavor-enriched coffee precisely and steadily. Furthermore, the airtight lid makes sure that no messes are made, and hands remain safe from burning from the hot water.

This ensures a high quality product that will last you long while providing you with steaming hot cups of rich coffee every day. The base consists of a double layer metal to make sure that the kettle is not prone to leaks or susceptible to rust, unlike other poor quality kettles.

The kettle also consists of a heat-resistant handle to make sure that the users’ hand remains safe during use while also providing a firm grip. A unique feature of this kettle is that it comes with a built-in thermometer that ranges from 195 to 250 Fahrenheit.

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This is an optimal temperature to extract flavor from the coffee beans, yet keep them from burning and spoiling the taste. Lastly, this kettle is compatible for use on gas, electric, induction, and even halogen stoves.

The kettle has a good capacity of 1.2 L. The airtight lid and heat-resistant handle ensure the safety of the user during use. The lid is made of steel as well that tends to heat up and poses potential burning of the hand.

Ox BREW introduces an innovative pouroverkettle to the otherwise very simple and basic world of pour over kettles. This item has a built-in thermometer that allows you to monitor the temperature of your coffee, thus keeping it from burning and spoiling the taste.

In addition, Ox BREW PourOverKettle makes things better with its powerful 1500W heater that boils liquids in no time so that it is all ready to go. The kettle heats up water or brews coffee or tea in no time due to its strong stainless steel body.

Meanwhile, the gooseneck spout ensures a steady, precise flow of the contents straight into the cup, thus preventing spills or burning the users from the hot water. This Coffee’ electric kettle has a strong 1500W heater that does its job extremely well.

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Moreover, the auto-shut system is of extreme help to keep accidents from taking place. In addition, it comes with a 360-degree swivel base and has a long manageable cord that does not get in the way during use.

The handle and the lid of the kettle are made from BPA-free plastic to ensure hand safety during use. Also, this electric pouroverkettle boasts a 1.2 L capacity, which is enough to make 3-4 cups of flavorful coffee or tea.

It has a strong, stylish stainless steel body and BPA-free plastic handle. Although the kettle is made from stainless steel, it has a classic black exterior that looks simply chic when placed on your countertop.

The stainless steel warms up the water really quickly while the gooseneck spout ensures a steady, precise pour. Moreover, it has an insulated handle to prevent burning and other hazards during use while the base consists of triple-layer metal.

The stainless steel, aluminum, and another stainless steel layer at the base ensure that the kettle stays protected from rust and leaks and lasts you a long time of regular use. It gets the job done and prepares a delicious cup of coffee in no time.

pour tea pot coffee kettle water stove pots stainless steel gooseneck 2l percolator
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It has stainless steel construction and a thin gooseneck spout. Although electric kettles are much easier and convenient, it all comes down to the personal preference of the user.

Examples of such features include a built-in thermometer, suitability to use on all surfaces, etc. All these additional features help you achieve the perfect cup of coffee.

A pouroverkettle is a great item when it comes to satisfying your coffee needs. Unlike coffee makers, a pouroverkettle is able to extract the full range of flavor from the coffee grounds to give you the strong, delicious taste that you crave.

It is a simple, traditional kettle that has the sole purpose of boiling its contents to extract every last drop of flavor. It also has a strong built, which means it will have a home in your kitchen for a long time.

The main appeal of the Coffee Gator PourOverKettle is the fact that it manages to deliver high quality at a relatively affordable price. Design Whether you’re talking about kitchen appliances or people, it is always important to remember that looks aren’t everything.

kettle tea pour coffee pot stainless steel gooseneck hand drip 650ml kettles
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The brushed metal finish on its stainless steel body gives this gooseneck kettle the appearance of a high-end appliance, even though it is relatively affordable. Starting at the bottom, the first that you will notice is that this gooseneck kettle has a triple-layered base that manages to be incredibly durable without having to sacrifice its heating ability.

This thermometer is easy to read and even has a “green zone” which denotes the ideal temperature range for brewing. However, we really can’t hold that against the Coffee Gator PourOverKettle because temperature control is a feature that is often reserved for pricier (or more complex) kettles.

All of this is primarily due to the tapered tip of the spout and its carefully configured angular design. Features It’s there in the name, the main draw of this gooseneck kettle is the fact that it has variable temperature capabilities.

This means that the Bonita BV382510V gives you the ability to be as precise as you want when you’re deciding on the temperature of the water that you’re going to use for your coffee brewing. This is great mostly for convenience’s sake because it allows you to easily grab the kettle and then put it back when you’re done.

The Bonita BV382510V gives users a significant amount of control over the speed of their pour and even us coffee lovers with shaky hands can still get a good flow going. However, that being said, if appearance is a factor that isn’t of great importance to you, the straightforward design of the Oval ware RJ3 may be just what you’re looking for.

coffee stainless kettle gooseneck drip pot steel pots tea hand maker 350ml hanging barista cafe 600ml water ear ml aliexpress
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Features One of the primary ways that you can easily tell if a gooseneck kettle is good or bad is if you observe its flow rate. The tapered spout has been designed in such a way that it creates a perfect pour, no matter how fast or slow you want to go (within reason of course).

The lovely stainless steel design of the Kali ta 52073 seems to seamlessly blend the best of both worlds. All in all, we have to assume that it’s the stylish design that has largely contributed to the price tag of the Kali ta 52073 because it is relatively expensive for a non-electric kettle.

Features The Kali ta 52073 doesn’t have the bells and whistles that a lot of other gooseneck kettles have nowadays. Comparatively speaking, this gooseneck kettle has a significantly stouter neck that most of its competitors.

Don’t let this deter you too much because if you have a fairly steady hand, then maintaining a slower pour is definitely possible. With metal cookware (like pour over kettles) the two main thing to keep in mind are a materials durability and it susceptibility to rust.

This obviously isn’t a try before you buy scenario and that’s why we’ve provided you with a selection of gooseneck kettles that will pour nicely. However, it is understandably hard to be patient and have a consistent pour if the kettle that you’re holding is causing you a considerable amount of discomfort.

pour tea kettle coffee drip steel gooseneck
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Don’t be surprised if you find a gooseneck kettle that has the perfect spout but also an atrocious handle that was just slapped onto the design as an afterthought. Thankfully, a lot of manufacturers nowadays are including ergonomic handles on their gooseneck kettles.

No one wants to be holding a piping hot kettle handle for an extended period of time, especially while they are trying to maintain a consistent pour. However, in an effort to stand out from their competitors, many manufacturers have included additional features in their products.

Electric kettles, which plug into a wall outlet, generally boil water faster and are more energy efficient than their stove top counterparts. Smaller kettles are also available, which are convenient for those with limited kitchen space or who rarely need more than a cup or two of boiled water at a time.

Tea kettles most commonly contain glass, stainless steel, or plastic, which offer different aesthetics. Stainless steel kettles, whether electric or stove top, can be used on any type of cook top, including induction.

Most stove top models are built to whistle once the water has begun to boil, acting as an alert to take the kettle off the heating element. LED lights offer extra visual appeal to electric kettles and indicate that the water is heating.

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With the key factors and considerations in mind, these top picks reflect some of the best tea kettle models available. The Cuisinart CPK-17 Perfected electric kettle might suit tea connoisseurs and coffee aficionados who want their water heated to a precise temperature.

It offers a variety of presets to boil water or set the temperature to 160, 175, 185, 190, or 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Made from stainless steel with a clear viewing window, this kettle includes a washable scale filter, a cool-touch, non-slip handle, and a 36-inch cord.

This no-frills, well-priced electric kettle from AmazonBasics is made from stainless steel, has a 1-liter capacity, and boils water quickly. It has a 1,500-watt power capacity and a viewing window with volume markings to show how much water is inside.

Renowned for enameled cookware, Le Crest enters the kettle market with a classic model. This electric kettle from Mueller holds up to 1.8 liters of water and is constructive with borosilicate glass.

Interior LED lights indicate that the water is heating while providing a neat visual effect. The 1000ml Hi ware Glass Teapot contains an ergonomic handle and a spout designed to avoid dripping.

The Mr Coffee Clare dale Whistling Tea Kettle is a solid choice for households with several hot beverage drinkers but limited kitchen storage. Mr Coffee ’s Clare dale Whistling Tea Kettle has a brushed stainless steel finish and a classic dome-style shape.

For more information about tea kettles, keep reading to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Consider whether you prefer a glass or stainless steel model (most popular), which capacity would best suit you, and if you’re looking for a particular color or aesthetic.

If you’re interested in advanced features, keep an eye out for models with temperature control, built-in filters, keep warm functions, and water gauges. Tea kettles made from glass are best for health because they limit the risk of releasing any metal or other toxins into the water as it boils.

Stainless steel kettles offer optimal heat resistance, making them the best choice for a gas stove. Try to boil just the amount needed at a time, and empty any remaining water to avoid oxidation.

It’s best not to leave water in a kettle for more than a couple of hours to avoid buildup of limescale, a hard chalky deposit consisting mainly of calcium carbonate, which can be difficult to remove. When it comes to pourovercoffee, without a doubt gooseneck style electric kettles are your best options.

Truth be told, any kettle will work, some will require a little more care when pouring. When purchasing a coffee electric kettle, here are some buying tips to keep in mind.

If you can control the kettle temp regular down to 1 degree increments, it’s ideal. Some kettles will continuously heat the water to a specific temp of your choice.

I wanted to add the Coffee Gator PourOverKettle on the list mainly because of the price + quality aspect. When it comes to look, features and quality, it’s hard to beat the Fellow Stage PourOverKettle.

I personally own one of these Fellow Stage PourOverKettle and I can attest to the quality of this product. But electric kettles come in a huge range of prices, from $15 to over $150, and a dizzying variety of sizes and materials.

We put 15 models representing a spectrum of designs and price points to the test to find the vert best. As a brand, Ox has long proven itself reliable for marrying good design with dependable performance, and this kettle is no different.

First, performance: the kettle brought four cups of water to a full boil in less than five minutes, making it among the speediest models we encountered. We liked the pleasant beep that reminded us that the heating cycle had ended and the convenient hold setting that kept the water up to temperature for 30 minutes.

The backlit dial on the base is clear to read and makes it easy to program in the temperature of your choice (between 170 °F and 212 °F). We loved that the heat-safe glass carafe made it easy to see what was going on inside and that the rubberized no-slip ergonomic grip felt great in the hand when filling or pivoting to pour.

A whisper-soft, slow-open lid on the carafe lifts with a push and reduces risk of scalding from a splash or a quick release of steam. The size of the whole setup is generous: The carafe can hold 60 ounces, a bit more than the 1.7-liter capacity that is average on most models.

And Ox's satisfaction guarantee, which allows customers to return problematic products for replacement or refund at any point, offers another layer of reassurance. It's arguably even easier to use than the Ox, since it has clearly labeled temperature buttons for a wide variety of functions like green, white, oblong, black and herbal tea, as well as coffee and hot cocoa.

And the optional clear plastic “commercial cover” that is included for the base is a nice add-on if you expect your kettle to get a lot of wear and tear. We also appreciated the extra generous hold setting that, when activated, can maintain the water temperature for one hour.

The kettle felt good in our hands and had a comfortable molded plastic handle and ergonomic finger rest. In end, we had just a few small quibbles: the cord on the base is annoyingly short, which could be an issue if your kitchen doesn't have a surfeit of outlets; the lid opens manually and sometimes feels a little sticky; and the company's one-year warranty seems a little stingy for such a complex piece of equipment.

We were impressed with the speed at which it brought water to a boil (4:45 minutes to be exact), and tests with our Therapy confirmed the reliability of its thermostat. The water had no “off” flavors; the carafe is compact; and the base has a nice long cord for flexible countertop placement.

The narrow spout pours cleanly without dripping and, though not as precise as a gooseneck, offers a fair amount of control for a conventional kettle. This kettle elicited audible sighs of admiration when we unboxed it in the test kitchen, and there's no doubt about it: the Fellow Stage EKG is a fine piece of industrial design.

Of course, all that polish comes with a price tag: At about $150, this kettle costs 50 percent more than even our (relatively pricey) top pick. That said, we loved the sleek, matte black finish and the minimalist, turntable-esque design of the square base with its smooth radial knob and bright digital temperature readout.

The kettle performed consistently and accurately during temperature tests and the slender spout yielded a nice, even pour. Our commerce editor Emily Johnson has had it in her kitchen for the past few years, and reports that it holds up well even with frequent use.

The other model we tried from Fellow, called the Core EKG electric kettle, looks identical to the luxury one featured above except without the gooseneck spout. Instead, it features the standard pitcher spout, which makes it easier for filling up pots of water but harder for precision pours.

Like all products made by the iconic Italian company, the Meg 50s Retro Electric Kettle is super cute and comes in eight colors. But the body of the kettle is a little bulky (not heavy, but slightly awkward to maneuver) and the pitcher spout wasn't as easy to control as some other non-goosenecks we tried.

Not only is it easier, it's safer, because sometimes I let myself get back in bed and fall asleep after getting up to boil water, which would be a serious hazard if I were using the stove,” says Senior Food Editor Anna Stockwell.

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