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Best Kitchen Knives Block Set

Maria Garcia
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
• 38 min read

A quality knife block set eliminates the effort and guesswork involved in researching and picking each blade one by one. All celebrated cutlery brands offer versions of a block set, from German-made Willing and Author to Japan’s Global and Shun.

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What’s more, the wooden, glass, and metal stands are not only a safer place to store our slicers but also a gorgeous statement on the countertop. From blade materials to cost to personal cooking style, there are tons of factors to consider when selecting a block set.

So to help you find the best one for your needs, we’ve done the research and combed through thousands of reviews from real shoppers who have tested out these sets for themselves. No matter if you’re looking for a compact collection for small spaces or a professional-level block filled with beautiful blades, these best -selling options have near-perfect ratings and rave reviews describing why they’re so great.

Then get ready to revel in the ease of chopping, slicing, and dicing in the kitchen with your new collection of blades. The people have spoken: With more than 7,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, this Cuisinart collection is the best -rated block set we found.

Shoppers love and respect the brand, which made its name by introducing the world to food processors back in the ’70s, but the high carbon stainless steel set stands on its own merits. Designed with hollow handles and precision-tapered ground blades, the knives are lightweight and easy to hold.

The sturdy, streamlined block contains 15 pieces, including six steak knives, kitchen shears, and a 7-inch Santos knife. Cooks of all stripes rave about this Cuisinart block, with some saying it’s a great step up from entry-level sets.

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They’re designed with a full tang and taper-ground edges for extra stability and feature easy-grip Hubbard handles that won’t slip when wet. But don’t let the low price fool you; the knives are made from professional-quality stainless steel and feature a full bolster to protect fingers while slicing and dicing.

The set boasts a wide variety of blades, like a 6-inch boning knife for breaking down poultry, a 7-inch Santos for mincing, and eight micro-serrated table knives for slicing steaks. The AmazonBasics Premium Block Set is so popular that it’s earned an excellent 4.6-star rating from more than 2,300 reviewers who say it’s durable and a great price.

Designed by the first Master Blade smith to specialize in kitchen cutlery, the collection is a true blend of Eastern and Western craftsmanship. Each of the ice-hardened blades is formed from a powerful core of FC61 steel that is then covered in 100 layers of nickel and stainless Damascus.

Additionally, they feature comfortable D-shaped Lakewood handles outfitted with a decorative pin handcrafted in Kramer’s Washington workshop. Reviewers on the manufacturer’s site gush over the set ’s beauty and balance, saying it is an heirloom that will last generations.

“The one-of-a-kind Damascus detail on the incredibly sharp blades paired with the unique comfortable handles are like no other.” As one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of cutlery and cookware, Willing is famous for its classic designs and razor-sharp edges.

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Part of the brand’s success comes from its proprietary Sigma forge process, in which each blade is precision-forged from a single piece of ice-hardened stainless steel. This block set is part of Willing's Four-Star line, which was designed in collaboration with professional chefs to bring expert-level tools into home kitchens.

The German-made knives also have virtually indestructible handles with just enough texture to guarantee a stable grip. One drawback of many block sets is that the beautiful blades are sheathed inside solid wood.

The sleek stand is pared down to the bare essentials, giving teasing looks at the gorgeous blades inside. Made from high-alloy Swedish steel, the full-tang blades go through a multi-stage heating treatment to ensure stability and durable, keen edges.

While slightly softer than its Japanese counterpart, it holds its edge longer and is easy to sharpen. That makes the Western-style knives ideal for heavy-duty tasks like splitting bone-in chicken breasts or hacking through a squash.

Outfitted with five hand-honed high-carbon steel blades and precisely balanced handles, the knives undergo the brand’s unique sharpening process for an even longer-lasting edge. This Author block set is popular with Amazon shoppers, earning a 4.8-star rating and reviews saying how sharp and well-balanced its knives are.

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“We never knew how much difference a quality knife can make, but now I apologize to my wife constantly for not buying these sooner,” a customer wrote. Japanese knives are typically thin and delicate, perfect for precise cuts that preserve and enhance a dish’s flavor.

This handcrafted set includes five blades, notably a 5.5-inch Nair knife designed to chop and slice vegetables, nestled inside a bamboo and stainless steel block. Global’s knives are constructed from a single piece of stainless steel, and the edges are sharpened with a 50/50 symmetrical bevel for extra-thin cuts.

The hollow handles are dimpled for easy gripping and filled with sand to keep the knives balanced yet lightweight. You’ll find tons of happy customers who’ve left reviews on SUR La Table, including one who said, “I really appreciate the clean lines of the knife block and the great quality of the knives.

Whether you’re cutting into seared steak, roasted vegetables, or comforting baked pasta, a sharp table knife is essential. This stainless steel set comes in a beech wood box and features slightly curved blades with serrated edges to cut effortlessly through meat.

For the perfect gift for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and holidays, opt for Material’s Iconic set. Users love their Material Iconic set for its versatility and high-quality build, saying it’s a “game-changer.” It’s no wonder it’s earned a cult following in just over a year.

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No matter if you’re tight on kitchen space or don’t want to clutter your countertop, this streamlined block set is a great get. Additionally, the stainless steel slicers have a nonstick silicone coating for easy cleaning and are designed with weighted handles to keep the blades from touching your work surface.

Whether you’re prepping for dinner, grabbing a snack or carving a roast, you’ll need a sharp tool to get the job done quickly and neatly. When you go to shop, you’ll be confronted with a variety of knife styles and a wide range of prices.

A chef’s knife is the workhorse you’ll use for chopping onions and celery, slicing tomatoes or eggplant, and mincing garlic and parsley. A long thin slicing or carving knife is another good tool to have in your kitchen, and we like sets that include one.

It is a useful tool for storing your knives where they’re easy to access, their blades don’t get nicked or damaged, and you can’t accidentally cut yourself. To select our best knife sets, we relied on our years of experience testing knives and using them both in the test kitchen and in our own homes for a wide array of tasks from dicing veggies, to hacking up chickens, to carving roasts.

We scoured review sites to see what recommendations were made by other sources and also pored over user comments to find out what home cooks have to say. Although carbon blades are easy to sharpen and maintain their edge longer, they also discolor and can even rust, so they need special attention.

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The addition of stainless steel makes blades easy to keep looking good with minimal upkeep. They have comfortable handles with a bolster, or a band of metal, to ease the transition to the blade and provide protection to your hand.

In addition, they have a full tang, which means the blade runs all the way through the handle to give you good control. Some people prefer lighter weight stamped blades which are easier to maneuver, especially around bones or a small item like a mushroom cap.

On a German knife, there’s a bolster and a curved blade to make it easy to glide and rock when you’re cutting and mincing. Designed to prep delicate foods like fish and tender vegetables with an up and down motion, they’re lighter and thinner and have blades with less of an angle.

The most popular Asian shape in American kitchens is the Santos, which has a long wide blade. The most well-balanced, comfortable to hold, expensive knife in the world is pretty much useless if it doesn’t have a sharp blade.

You can bring or send them to a sharpening service once a year or you can buy a countertop or electric model and do it yourself. Before becoming a cooking tools expert, she spent seven years working as a professional chef in New York City restaurants.

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In her free time, she's busy baking sourdough bread and rustling pots and pans on her own stove. Cuisinart amazon.comrade of stainless steel, these knives are strong, durable, and sharp enough to cut through the toughest steak.

“It is a larger set so the bigger families that need more steak knives are covered.” New England Cutlerywayfair.comRose-gold colored knives will instantly level up any kitchen, but these aren't just pretty to look at.

AmazonBasicsamazon.coma $50 bargain, this knife block set from Amazon comes with 16 weighted knives, a pair of kitchen shears, and a sharpener to help you maintain your set. The knives are lightweight, yet heavy enough to help you establish balance and control as you cut into your favorite foods.

The knives handles are cushioned to provide a smooth, but secure grip when cutting. The rubberized coating also adds another touch of security said one Amazon reviewer.

“I can cut virtually anything with ease and precision thanks to the amazingly sharp blades, the perfect weight of the knives, and the design of the handles. Cuisinartwayfair.Comte knives in this Cuisinart set are made with a non-stick coating that keeps food from getting stuck on the stainless steel blade.

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To put into context just ow sharp these knives are, one Wayfair customer said that they “cut like butter.” Jasmine Gomez Editorial Assistant Jasmine Gomez is the editorial assistant at Women’s Health and covers health, fitness, sex, culture and cool products.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. If you’ve never had to experience that annoying moment when you’re trying to cut into steak, but your knife just won’t slice through, consider yourself blessed.

But there’s one sure way to avoid that embarrassment: invest in a good kitchen knife set. The best knife block sets don’t consist of knives so dull you question why you bought them after just two weeks.

Instead, they come with sharp knives that can cut through anything, and maybe even a knife sharpener to keep them in tip-top shape. Remember a knife can become a dangerous tool in a split second if you can’t get a secure grip on it.

Block kitchen knife sets come in a ton of styles, so you should pick something that’s going to instantly upgrade the vibes in your kitchen. If you don’t know where to start here’s a list of the best kitchen knife block sets that are both sleek and useful.

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The three winners earned points for great maneuverability, aesthetics and included extras. The Chicago Cutlery Fusion 17-Piece Knife Block Set sets you up to easily take on almost any cutting job and is a heck of a steal at just $106 (originally $119.99).

The knives stayed sharp through our multitude of tests, and we were big fans of the cushion-grip handles that kept them from slipping, as well as the classic look of the chestnut-stained wood block. If you’re looking for a complete knife set you’ll be proud of at a price that won’t put a dent in your savings account, this is the clear winner.

If you’d like to step things up a few notches, it’s hard to go wrong with the Willing Pro 7-Piece Knife Block Set. Complete with four knives all forged from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel, the precision-honed blades are extra-sharp, stylish and just feel really nice in your hand.

We were blown away by the sturdy construction, comfort of use and reliable execution that came with each piece in this all-inclusive set. True, there were sharper, higher-quality knives in several of the other sets we tested, but when it came to overall rankings, performance and consideration of cost, the Chicago Cutlery Fusion 17-Piece Knife Block Set was the clear champion.

At first blush, we didn’t think we’d like the poly padded handles, but they were actually extremely comfortable and kept the knives from slipping, even after they had just been hand-washed. Plus, it is exceptionally sharp and took practically zero effort to drag through a few-days-old loaf of crusty bread, take the rind off a cantaloupe or slice berthing pieces from a tender tomato or peach, earning it more points than the Willing or Author versions.

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After plenty of chopping, slicing and dicing, the Chicago Cutlery knives remained as sharp as their brand-new counterparts. Also putting Chicago over the top were all the extras: The steak knives performed great while slicing through grilled filet Mignon and the two Santos knives were handy for slicing cheese, mincing garlic and scooping everything off the cutting board.

They’re great for chopping soft or sticky things like meat, veggies, herbs and cheese and for scooping food off your cutting board, thanks to their wide blade.) When you’re seeking out knives that are super sharp, durable, ergonomic and will last a lifetime, we highly suggest you stop and give this standout set a good look.

Heckles, which was founded back in 1731, also takes into account the benefits of both Western and Asian knife design. For example, the chef’s knife blade has a broad curve to allow for a Western-style rocking motion, but a straight back that aligns with the Asian chopping style.

They’re forged from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel, making them harder and sharper than many other models. Lasers are then used to angle the edges of the blades for precision sharpness, and the process seems to have succeeded.

The chef’s knife, which was our favorite from the Willing set, for one, practically dropped through a head of lettuce, and easily sliced through carrots, onions, herbs and more. In fact, it seemed more like a utility knife, and the oversized blade, while very sharp, made it difficult to core a tomato or hull a strawberry.

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It’s got history, a classic design and high-tech, high-quality craftsmanship that comes with a lifetime warranty (on workmanship and materials under normal conditions). Thinner than other knives we tested, the handles fit perfectly in a woman’s hand, but our male tester wished they were a smudge more substantial.

It glided through onions, potatoes and tomatoes, took the corn off the cob with ease and sliced through the tough rind of a pineapple like it was nothing. The paring and utility knives fit comfortably into our hands and easily sliced everything we tested them on: limes, oranges, strawberries, carrots, zucchini, radishes, you name it.

The serrated bread knife drew right through our baguette loaves, making us dream of a second career as an apprentice in a French boulangerie. We couldn’t suss out any difference in sharpness by touch, performance chopping up onions, carrots and tomatoes or from the paper test, of which both used and new Author knives made mincemeat.

We spent weeks testing these knife sets, comparing each model by the same criteria, including overall performance, build quality, added accessories and warranty, taking detailed notes on how specific knives functioned based on everything from sharpness and materials to heft and hand-feel to how they looked and the usefulness of any included extras. We ordered two of each set so that after spending several days slicing and dicing our hearts out, we were able to compare the used knive’s sharpness to their just-out-of-the-box twins.

As avid home cooks, we already spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen, but as our dining room table became overtaken with woodblocks filled with knives to test, we quickly found ourselves continually looking for things to chop. Chef’s knife: This standard tool is made to take on most of the bigger jobs in the kitchen.

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Its weight makes it easier to chop uploads of ingredients in one go, say, for a big pot of soup or to roast a bounty of potatoes and vegetables. We tested chopping through meat, onions, carrots, herbs and more, noting the knife’s design, grip, weight and general feel.

We noted the ease of drawing the blade through different food items, and also whether the knife glided through paper or snagged. So, for this knife, we cored and peeled apples and tomatoes, and minced shallots and garlic to evaluate its performance and feel.

Too many items to list, including tomatoes, hard cheese, oranges, carrots and salami, were used to test how easily this knife could live up to its name. We looked at ease of cutting through difficult foods, as well as how thin we could slice something softer, such as a tomato.

Forged knives, for example, are typically stronger than stamped, which are cut from a flat metal sheet. Full tang, meaning the blade extends through the handle, helps create balance and overall heft.

Feel: So much of handling a kitchen knife rests on how it feels in your hand, so we paid special attention to the heaviness of the blades and handles, maneuverability, weight distribution and ease of sliding the knives in and out of their blocks. While we realize taste is subjective, we noted our general reaction to how nice they looked.

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Build had a maximum of 35 points: quality (15); knife feel (10); room for knuckle clearance (5); appearance (5). Handcrafted in Semi, Japan, the durable, beautiful and razor-sharp Damascus stainless steel blades had us oohing and aching at their ability to perfectly slice through everything.

The paring knife, for instance, was so sharp that as we used it to core a tomato, we found it was shaving skin off our finger from the slightest touch. Admittedly, we thought the claim that the block ’s built-in ceramic sharpeners would work with each use was a gimmick, but we were quickly impressed that the knives really did seem to get sharper every time we chopped and sliced.

As far as performance, the all-stainless steel, full-tang knives handled well and felt balanced, although they did feel overly heavy in our hands. These knives scored lower on performance than most models: They weren’t as sharp, the hollow metal handles felt too light, causing an imbalance, and they tended to get slippery when wet.

We must admit, when we unboxed this midnight black set noted by the company for its “menacing design,” we were prepared to be underwhelmed. Our aesthetic biases had us thinking these would prove to be more flash than performance, though we know some will dub the highly stylized look as awesome.

The geometric design of the military-grade G10 handles actually fit really comfortably into our hands and their slight texture made slippage a non-issue. The full-tang titanium nitride-coated German steel blades were razored sharp and excellent at chopping and slicing everything we threw at them.

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The curved blade of the chef’s knife was helpful in chopping, but its thinness made it feel a bit light. In fact, the heavy handles, paired with thin blades, seemed to affect the balance of the knives.

And, at a rather hefty price, it includes just five knives (chef’s, paring, utility, serrated and Santos) plus a honing steel. Then again, if your home decor is Kylo Men meets Jacques Pepin, put these on your wish list immediately.

If you know a college student who has made the move from their dorm to their first apartment, this colorful set of kitchen knives would make a fine housewarming gift. They’re BPA-free and come with matching sheaths, so they can be easily stored in a drawer, saving precious counter space.

They didn’t feel especially sharp out of the box, our fingers smashed against the cutting board as we chopped and the blades felt heavy compared to the plastic handles, which threw off the balance of the knives in our hands. Its unique, vertical tempered glass block had one family member wrinkling his nose with distaste, two teenagers dubbing it “sick” (a good thing) and one who kept waffling between “so cool” and “trying too hard.” But whether you like the looks of the glass block, no one can argue that these are great knives.

Nice and sharp out of the box, they’re made using high-carbon German steel, a bolster for support and neoprene handles with full tang, offering fairly even weight distribution. With the set, you get five knives : 8-inch chef’s, 8-inch bread, 6-inch boning, 5-inch utility and 3 1/2-inch paring, plus that controversial holder.

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Made of honed, stainless steel blades and plastic curved handles with full tang, the chef’s knife was our favorite, although it felt a bit light in the hand. Overall, the knives were sharp out of the box, look nice in their wood block and come with an affordable price tag when on sale (which seems to be most of the time at most retailers).

Also, the handle is super ergonomic, And The Blade is precise and sharp. The knife blade is made from Stainless Steel material, and it provides the ultimate amazing trip to the user with the plastic handle.

This 11 piece is a knife set is definitely the perfect option for all those professional Chefs who made a versatile range of knives while working in the kitchen. Also, with this 11-piece Knife Set, there is a wooden block for the knives storage.

You can store around 22 nice in this wooden block because of the various slots available. The best part about this knife set is that you can easily handle these knives because of the ergonomic handle, and also, these knives are moisture free for excellent comfort and usability.

This knife set is made of high-quality stainless steel. For a comfortable grip, a knife handle is made of cushy polymer.

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Author Classic Iron knives are fully made of high carbon stainless steel blade with l bolster for balance and weight gain Precision Edge technology increases the sharpness of the blades by 20%. If you are looking for a complete kitchen set, this set comes with an amazing collection of 14 knives.

This is the perfect 23 pieces of set for the fully loaded kitchen. These are stained resistant easy to wash. Each knife has its own spec to cut different things.

Sharp edges provide a smart cut for the food. This is what actual people look for amazing and smart design of each knife.

I personally recommend these knives for you to make your kitchen more efficient. Mercer Culinary knives are highly used by the chefs as well.

These knives are made of high carbon stainless steel It has a strong stamped blade for a lighter weight better than ordinary blades. Heckles TWIN Signature knife set will fulfill your kitchen requirement for cutting foods.

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With serrated edges, you don’t need to sharpen it every time. Handel's design is exquisite, easy to grab while cutting foods, even heavy meat.

An elegant design perfectly shaped handle made of imported black Hakka wood. Strong and flexible fast cutting knives, you will love it.

If you are going to buy one of these knives, then you should read all of these points. If your grip is not good on your knife, you will definitely not cut food properly and fast.

It might be you will cut your hand too, so consider this factor in your mind before buying a knife. If poor-quality iron is used for blades, then rust on it, and the knife will be useless after some time.

We suggest you always buy stainless steel or any other good quality material. If your knife is not sharp as much it needs, you will not cut food easily.

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Pick a knife that you don’t need to sharpen its edges always. Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Block Set Author Classic Iron 14-piece Knife Block Set Tangshan N1 Series German Steel Forged Knife Block Set Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set Willing J.A.

Yes, it does; when you buy a cheaper one, it does not remain sharpen longer. On the Other hand, if you buy expensive, its quality will better than the cheaper and stay sharpen long lasting.

A good, sharp knife can make quick work of meat, vegetables, fruits, or whatever you need to slice. Using this guide, we'll walk you through and help you find the best kitchen knife set for your culinary needs that can be found on the market in 2020.

Cuisinart has long been a mainstay of kitchenware, and their 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set measures up to the standard of quality we've all come to expect. Coming in at a rather hefty but worthwhile price tag, this set of 15 knives is crafted from high carbon stainless steel for precision and accuracy.

This set is built for stability, and therefore safety, not to mention it's equipped with a comfortable, ergonomically friendly grip. While many customers appreciate the inclusion of a built-in sharpener, they also say they go weeks without needing to use it because the knives keep their edge and sharpness for quite a long time.

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The steel can also scratch if not washed carefully, but the knives remain excellent even if there are a couple of scuff marks here and there. Overall, while the price point can be high for some budgets, Cuisinart is always a good choice, and this slick, comfortable, and sharp knife set is an excellent addition to any kitchen.

Pros Good weight and balance Stays sharp for a long time Built-in sharpener is a bonus While this set ’s price point is on the higher end versus its competition within our guide, it's well worth the investment just for the number of knives you get, alone.

Pros Great for beginners and veterans in the kitchen Balanced for safety and precision Lightweight enough for anyone to use In general, items sold through this line are often more affordable than their competition, and while these knives are excellent and exciting, that remains the case with the AmazonBasics 12-Piece Colored Kitchen Knife Set.

This stainless-steel knife set has the added advantage of a nonstick coating, making cutting protein, fruit, and vegetables a breeze. The ergonomically designed handle helps you keep your hand steady and out of the way during any kind of food prep.

Specifications Quantity: 12 Included: Paring, Utility, Santos, Carving, Chef, Bread Material: Stainless steel Brand: AmazonBasics High-quality and low maintenance, this Cook 14-Piece German Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set is a cut above the average for sure.

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They're built to last in the face of your culinary needs, and they'll look good for weeks and months to come. Cook knives go through a rigorous test before reaching the market, running through at least five checks before they're shipped.

The block, while attractive, can get scuffed or scratched, but a minor cosmetic issue is hardly worth declining giving this set a try. As a result, you’ll have to spend a bit more than with some budget brands, but what you get for the money is very much worth the investment without breaking the bank.

All the knives are made from laser-finished stainless steel, coated with nonstick paint for a nice, clean, sharp cut every time. The sharpener has two stages and keeps knives steady and at the right angle to ensure a proper edge for long-lasting sharpness and precision.

In addition to loving the look of the knives and the attractive clear knife block, customers really liked the price point as well. Thanks to the functionality of the set, these knives stay nice and sharp and can serve you well for many years.

Unfortunately, the paint job can suffer over time as sharpening is needed, but wear and tear is to be expected with any knife set. Overall, the Home Hero 7-Piece Chef Knife Set is a great choice for those on a budget, just starting out, and those who have a small kitchen.

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Look no further than the Cuisinart Advantage Color Collection 6-Piece Ceramic Coated Steak Knife Set. These knives can be cleaned in the dishwasher as well, and unlike their stainless-steel counterparts, they don't necessarily need to be dried immediately because the ceramic coating prevents rust.

The coating also prevents even the most superficial cosmetic wear and tear, keeping your knives feeling and looking sharp and performing with excellence for a long time to come. As a note, the colors may not be as bright as online pictures seem, but in the end, that's a minor point against what is otherwise a high-quality product.

Specifications Quantity: 6 Included: Steak Material: Ceramic coated steel Brand: Cuisinart The blades of this set are made from high-carbon stainless steel and feature sure-grip, triple-rivet handles for added sturdiness and safety.

The Santos knife is of particular interest to some customers, with its nonstick nature and sharp edge that cuts through even the stubbornest of foods out there. There are a few customers that note these knives don't hold an edge for a long period of time, but others seem to be happy with the way they are, requiring only a few sharpening sessions here and there.

Heckles International 12-Piece Statement Knife Block Set is a pretty good “go-to” option on a budget for a worthwhile starter set of knives. The set consists of the basics, including a chef's knife, utility, paring and Santos knives, as well as measuring spoons, three spatulas, and aforementioned cooking shears.

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Pros Excellent price point Bonus measuring spoons and spatulas Great gift for housewarming or grads These knives are made of durable, high-quality stainless steel, and the handles are designed for maximum maneuverability while still being comfortable and solid.

Even the most amateur chef can feel confident that their fingers will be safe with these knives in hand. The knife block is compact yet attractive, ensuring you'll have plenty of counter space to work with as you're using your knives, even in a smaller kitchen setting.

It should be noted that these knives should be hand washed and dried quickly to prevent rusting and undue wear and tear. The lack of an instruction manual is a bit odd, but this set should be pretty easy to get the hang of with a little research and time.

Built from titanium-coated stainless steel, these knives are not only durable and sharp, but also resistant to pesky corrosion and scuffing. These knives also boast long edge retention, and the lightweight feel of each knife makes it easy for just about anyone to handle with care and precision.

The use of individual sheathing cases over a knife block may not be for everyone, but these guards are included, which makes it easier to store them safely just about anywhere in the kitchen. This can be an added bonus for those working with a smaller kitchen and not wanting to take up counter space with a knife block.

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The sleek, modern build is an added bonus for those who are a bit fussier about the way their knives look. This knife set falls under a very affordable price bracket and provides most kitchens with what they will need without going too fancy.

Pros Very attractive aesthetic Flexible metal prevents breakage Excellent price point Purchasing the knife set of your dreams is one thing, but getting to know what your new knives can do is a completely different animal.

There are a number of essential knife skills you should have some working knowledge of as you embark on your culinary adventures. This gives your hand stability and maximizes the weight of the knife without putting in unnecessary effort, preventing undue fatigue.

Adam Louis (28 Articles Published) I am a writer and editor living in British Columbia, Canada. I love learning about new products, sharing my knowledge, and helping as many people as I can through the written word.

A beautiful knife set not only serves the purpose of cutting your stuff; it also acts as a countertop decorator. The thing about owning a set is that it offers you a variety to choose from, so whether you are cutting up your veggies, a nice steak, or fending off that home invader, there is that paring knife or chef’s knife that will guarantee an overall smoother experience.

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A good knife selection can be the difference between that joyful 5 minute prep time and a 20-minute major chord. To help you in your quest, we have reviewed some of the best knife sets you can find out there today.

Knife Set for the Home Cook Cuisinart doesn’t just make brightly colored kitchen knives. This high carbon stainless steel hollow handle knife set offers a variety of knives to help you perform every task in the kitchen (that requires a knife, of course).

Knife Set for the Home Cooker a little over $50, AmazonBasics offers an 18-piece knife set that includes 15 high-quality stainless steel knives with triple-riveted handles, one pair of kitchen shears, and one 8-inch sharpener. The handle provides a very secure yet comfortable grip but what we really like is the presence of a bolster which helps protect your fingers from getting sliced as well as adding weight and stability to the knife.

Very expensive Some may prefer a longer bread knife Doesn’t include steak knives (though the block has slots for them) Made in Germany, these knives are constructed out of a special formula high carbon no-stain steel known only to the manufacturer which is Fríður ice-hardened to 57 Rockwell Hardness.

This means that this hand-sharpened and polished knife can withstand lots of abuse and still retain its laser-controlled edge. The handle features three rivets, ensuring the full tang blade will remain in place.

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Knife Set for the Home Cooker its price (currently $145), the Mercer Culinary Renaissance knife set only offers a very small collection of knives, especially when you compare it to most of our other picks. The 5 knives are forged out of high carbon, no-stain German X50 Cr Mo V15 cutlery steel.

Only 5 knives for this price plus there’s no sharpening tool Requires frequent sharpening The glass knife block requires you to pull out knives straight up, not at an angle For less than $100, you get 17 high-carbon stainless steel forged knives that have a black comfort-grip poly handle.

Some users have reported rust and/or broken blades Doesn’t come with scissors Manufactured in China The ergonomic handles feel balanced and comfortable when you grip them.

Plus, the company actually started out as a cutlery workshop back in 1884 so you know they mean business. Two, this Fischer cutlery set features high-carbon stainless steel blades that are hand-finished in Switzerland.

Knife Set for the Donate Ginsu Chiara kitchen knives have been are forged from premium Japanese Stainless Steel. The handles are made of heat- and water-resistant resin which look sleek and feel smooth in your hand.

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Requires more frequent sharpening than some of our other picks The bamboo block is poorly made The kitchen shears don’t come apart for washing which could lead to rust in the future The knives are one solid piece of steel which makes it more resistant to handles breaking off.

And there’s absolutely no way to get gunk stuck between the handle and the knife which increases its longevity in your kitchen. If you want to buy a collection of knives for your kitchen that is high quality with a good variety of blades, then we’re just the people to help you.

Below is a short but informative guide in choosing the right tools for your food prep. It’s used for most food prep tasks such as chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing.

This knife is utilized in performing smaller precision tasks such as slicing small fruits and veggies, peeling, and trimming. Unlike the chef’s knife, the Santos does not utilize a rocking motion when chopping food.

It’s flat cutting edge is perfect for chopping or mincing food quickly and easily. The Author Classic Iron 7-Piece Walnut Block Knife Set is very sharp and has good edge retention.

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It doesn’t really matter if a knife is forged (heated and shaped from one piece of metal) or stamped (sort of like using a cookie cutter on steel) from one large piece of metal. Basically, it should fit your hand well and not slip or twist even when the handle is greasy.

This is because you will need to counter the effect of the heavier side of the knife in order to control it. Our top pick Author Classic Iron 7-Piece Walnut Block Knife Set, on the other hand, has a limited lifetime warranty because the manufacturer expects these knives to stay with you until you can’t chop, slice, cut, dice, and mince anymore.

Before we end this guide on buying the right knife set, we’d like to give you one last tip. Thus, it is only imperative to have a proper knife set with different knives for varying requirements.

PreviewProduct Cuisinart C77SS-15PK 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set Buy on Amazon. A. Heckles International Statement Knife Block Set, 15-pc, Light Brown Buy on AmazonMcCook MC29 Knife Sets,15 Pieces German Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Block Sets with Built-in... Buy on AmazonKnife Set, 22 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set with Block Wooden, Germany High Carbon Stainless Steel... Buy on AmazonFarberware Stamped 15-Piece High-Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Block Set, Steak Knives Buy on Amazon19-Piece Premium Kitchen Knife Set With Wooden Block | Master Madison German Stainless Steel Cutlery... Buy on Amazon Chicago Cutlery Malden 16 Piece Knife Block Set Buy on Amazon Cuisinart C77SS-17P 17-Piece Artiste Collection Cutlery Knife Block Set, Stainless Steel Buy on AmazonKnife Set, 22 Pieces Kitchen Knife Set with Block Wooden, Germany High Carbon Stainless Steel... Buy on Amazon Cambridge Silversmiths Nero Cutlery Set with Block, Stainless Steel,12-Piece Buy on Amazon.

Even the plastic that is riveted on the steel to make the handles larger feels top of the line and helps you get a good hold on the knife. Thus, it lets you take care of the packaging of your food and eliminates awkward troubles.

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Budget stainless steel block knife sets offer you low quality riveted handles, poorly crafted knives, and a subpar block that can be barely classified as wood. Cook, on the other hand, gives you a premium set of single body knives with blades that are extensions of the handle and a woodblock that looks impressive on its own.

These knives are made from a type of stainless steel that isn’t just resistant to rusting, but also against tarnish. Set of 6 sharp steak knives let you socialize with your friends without the distraction of the blades struggle over the meat.

Unlike other sets n this price range, these knives are full tang and made from German steel so that they can accompany you in your kitchen for decades. Furthermore, it lets you cut the thinnest slices of meat and vegetables with the utmost precision.

Finally, the storage case of the knives is from durable natural oak that will safely keep everything. Comes with free apron and shredder claws that let you shred meat with fun.

If you want excellence that can be held with your own hands, then this set from Freeware perfectly suits the description. The set has a total of 15 pieces with a standard sized 9-inch chef knife that will be more than enough for most of your kitchen work.

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The knives are so well crafted that Freeware even offers you a lifetime warranty on their products for a worry-free purchase. Each and every knife block set ’s blade you get in this set has been made with time, devotion, and high carbon stainless steel.

Master Madison offers you one of their bestkitchenset that contains every knife your home kitchen needs. You can achieve culinary excellence with this set since it is created from German stainless steel.

Its superior quality makes the knives much more durable than the competition so that you can sharpen your skills without any worries. Reinforced end caps add a beautiful design element to your knives.

Chicago Cutlery has a finely serrated knife block set for you at an unbelievably low price. It is a single piece of stainless steel that looks wonderful, sharp as the best knives in the market.

Lastly, the extended ergonomic handle allows you to cut ingredients for a long time without experiencing hand fatigue. Blades are taper ground to 26 degrees that allow you to achieve easy sharpening and precise cutting.

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Cuisinart has another fantastic knife set that will arm you with the finest tools to work within the kitchen. One of the greatest perks of buying high-quality kitchen tools from Cuisinart is most of them come with a lifetime warranty period and it’s certainly true for this knife block set.

That means you can cut away veggies, protein, and other ingredients to make the best dishes you want without any worries. Also, the metal brush finish provides the knives with great looks while increasing their longevity.

Finally, the contoured stainless steel handles let you maintain a firm grip. It includes an 8-inches knife that will beautiful chop and minces whereas the 3.5-inches one will do the minor cuttings.

With its white ergonomic handle and blade made from special high carbon stainless steel, you get a dazzling combination of beauty and practicality. Moreover, the knife set has been created with taper grind technology that can be accessed by a few companies.

Cambridge Silversmiths set themselves apart with their premium quality and meticulously crafted knife block set. Hence, they can maintain their sharpness over a long time and prevent sharpening troubles on your part.

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When you use the knives you would instantly feel the difference with cheap knockoffs since these are machine balanced. The hammered black matte finish on the handles will attract the attention of anyone who visits your kitchen.

Block set stands on raised small circular discs for more stability. Japanese Santos knife in this set has hollow indents that prevent your food from sticking.

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